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>Uncle Grandpa was a recent being who...
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the hero.jpg
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>Uncle Grandpa was a recent being who came to existence the way most cartoon character’s do
>One day someone came up with the idea and wrote it, drew it, and birthed it
>This being of mass magnitude came into being for the sole purpose of helping children and teens
>He and his crew of misfits did this for eons, no one knows when it all started
>Uncle Grandpa was capable of amazing feats, bending reality to his wimb with the very movement of his tongue
>He can travel were he wants, when he wants
>A force to be reckon with
>One day however this all changed
>One day however this all changed
What, did the Fire Nation attack?
Theres like three other Uncle Grandpa threads, for fucks sake
>A strange unknown wave of energy shot throughout countless worlds
>Being of otherworldy powers were capable of feeling it, albeit in small doses
>The Grim Reaper felt a small itch on his skull
>Jasmine Lee felt a strong negative force in her meditation
>and HIM felt a tickle
>Uncle Grandpa however felt a shock
>This shock had awoken his slumber
>He was confused
>”Boy what a night” he remarked unaware of any danger
>”Good Morning!” he said to the reader before making his way to the exit
>The exit didn’t take him to his signature R.V though
>He found himself walking and whistling in infinite darkness
>His eyes closed until he felt a cold shiver
>”brrr” did someone leave the fridge open
>He opened his eyes to see he was standing in nothing but darkness
>He looked up and saw countless earths
>These earths began to shatter like glass, there clouds colored red
>UG had a worried expression
>”Uh this doesn’t look good” he said seeing each earth burst into nothing
>Uncle Grandpa yelled as the floor he stepped on began to break as well, and he fell into the infinite darkness
>Once again our hero wakes in his bed

Boo hoo, tumblr universe gets 10 threads a day.
>”That wasn’t a good morning at all” he said rubbing his head
>UG walks into his kitchen shaken in fear
>”Wat up Uncle G!” says Pizza Steve as he enjoys some delicious breakfast.
>”G-Good Morning..” stuttered Steve’s friend.
>Mr Gus glared at UG
>”Yo Uncle Grandpa you alright?” he asked as UG nods
>Mr Gus notices his sweat
>UG then grabs Mr Gus and drags him into his room
>”Mr Gus we have a problem!?!” said Uncle Grandpa
>Mr Gus with his usual expression asked what was wrong
>UG explained to Gus his recent dream, and how he fears the reality of many worlds is at stake
>Gus remarks to UG how he felt a small tingle this morning too, and it didn’t feel good
>Both decide to investigate the matter
>Awhile later UG drives his RV into the sky and tears it like paper
>Pizza Steve confused about whats going on ask UG
>”Somethings whacking up the universe Pizza Steve, and I have to see what’s what!” said UG
>They look through the window and see they are driving in some odd glass like road amidst a strange space like realm

Naaah! UG if anything is more like a cartoon analogue to Eru Iluvatar or pherphaps Tom Bombadil.

Grim would not know how to handle him, HIM would be terrified of something Good being this powerfull (even sent him into an existencial crisis).
wait what are you doing?
A multiversal fanfic?
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>A world is created, populated by mankind, and destroyed... This cycle is what maintains the flow of time: when the cycle stops, so does time. And now, time has met her death. In place of the the creation of the new world, a new power of darkness emerged... reigning over chaos, heaping death upon death.
>UG is the hero
>4chan story
>possible interesting fanfic imminent

yes OP continue
ya know I always wanted to ride that nurse like a horse
Fuck it,go on.
>Seeing this odd world was shocking, only UG was not shocked at the sight
>”Where are we Uncle G?” asked Gus
>”The Nexus of the Universe” said Uncle Grandpa
>”Every neighboring universe is connected here, It’s rarely breached but this is an emergency!” he said slamming his foot the pedal
>GRFT roared in confusion
>”Sorry Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, but we gotta hurry it up!” said UG as they speed through this odd world
>They see other roads leading into odd like portals, the portals looked like tears with Television Satic animating within them
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87 KB, 559x373
>Eventually UG hit the brakes at a shocking site
>One of these portals was blocking the path, but something was off
>It had no static, it was just plain white, the portal looked as if it decayed
>”Oh no!” said UG as he jumped through the front window and examined the broken portal
>The others followed
>”Yo what am I looking at here?” asked Pizza Steve.
>Uncle Grandpa examined the portal, smelled it, touched it, and even licked it
>”This portal was supposed to lead into a world called Problem Solverz, but it’s been cut off?” said UG as the others gasped
>”What do you mean cut off?” asked Belly-Bag.
>Uncle Grandpa looked at the other portals and saw they were safe
>”It means something doesn’t wan’t me going into different worlds?” said UG
>Uncle Grandpa knew it, he knew it was his destiny
>He knew he was the only one brave enough
>Or stupid enough
>To solve this mystery and discover this threat
>The Universe’s are in danger
>Your in danger
>Your shows are in danger
Could UG take on The Gentry?

Sure. Idealistic, kind, good nature, reality warper toon with powers that can alterate the plot of a story... The guy is a huge antibody against the Gentry

I don't see a shitload of them flooding the board like I do this ugly fuck, and don't act like you're above them. You, ST, and SU faggots are all the same.

Go cry me a river, faggot
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>A small red headed child was doing odd experiments in a laboratory
>He looked left and right, hoping something doesn’t intervene
>”Everything is as it should be” he said trying to pour a test tube of purple liquid into a test tube full of green liquid
>As he was about to pour a crash can be herd!
>”WHAT WHO WERE!” shrieked Dexter as an RV crashed into his lab
>”Oh no… “ he said facepalming.
>He looked at his test tube experiment and saw Uncle Grandpa’s head
>Good Morning!
>”Hello Uncle Grandpa… “ said the boy
>”Hey there Dexter ol pal!” said UG as he gives Dexter a big hug.
>”Please refrain from touching me im covered in dangerous chemicals” said Dexter.
>The two were downstairs; Dexter’s mom made pancakes for all and was excited over Uncle Grandpa’s arrival
>They discussed and UG did neat tricks, Dee Dee laughed and shot milk through her nose
>Once the parents left it was just Dexter, DeeDee, and UG
>”Look Uncle Grandpa it’s always a pleasure when you visit but I got important work to be had and I can’t be distracted” said Dexter as he hops off his seat
>DeeDee scolded Dexter but he paid no mind
>UG told DeeDee it was alright and told Dexter there was something altering the many neighboring worlds
>Dexter stayed put and herd UG’s story
>He explained how he travels to countless worlds helping kids with there problems
>He explained how he can simply drive into other worlds using the power of the Nexus
>He told him he usually just teleports to these worlds using his powers, but one of them has been cut out
>He can’t access this world Nexus or not
>”Dexter I need your help, you are one of the most important beings in this world , what I like to dub the main Protagonist!” said UG as Dexter though for a bit.
>“I’ll do it!, for one condition!” said Dexter.
>”You call ahead whenever you visit” said Dexter
>UG nods and shakes his hand as well
>The handshake did some cool effects and teleported them outside of Dexter’s portal
>Dexter was shock to see where he was at
>He looked behind to see a portal full of TV static
>”Fascinating!” he said
>Uncle Grandpa took off his hat and dug in
>”Almost forgot!” he said pulling out Dexter’s sister DeeDee
>Dexter growled

Get good taste and learn how to punctuate, faggot. Just because you like a show about a literal retard doesn't mean you need to type like one.
What's with all the Uncle Grandpa threads on /co/ recently?

Likely the same reason theres a shitload of anti TTG threads every day


/co/ finally got some taste, and realized that UG is a solid show.
File: mad cheat.jpg (139 KB, 666x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mad cheat.jpg
139 KB, 666x666
>/co/ tell me the show is shit
>the crossover happen
>its good
>get around to actually watch the show
>its a bit retarded but good
Do go on op! Go on with your bad mama self bro
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>Dexter examined the dead portal
>Dexter was puzzled, disgusted, and uncomfortable
>Deedee was too
>To a being like UG, he knew how this worked
>Dexter and Deedee with there limited knowledge of things were scared
>”this thing is ugly” said Dexter
>”Tell me about it kid” said Uncle Grandpa scratching his head
>Mr Gus walked to UG and told him to look at a portal close by
>Uncle Grandpa saw a strange darkness began eating away at the TV static texture
>”Uh oh!” he remarked Rocketing his way quickly into the portal

You do realise you are doing what he wants. Right?

Crying like a little faggot
>/co/ finally got some taste

Is the taste shit?
Op is dead
>The world was desolate, dark, and almost dead
>Uncle Grandpa used his eyes like binoculars and looked around
>He saw this worlds inhabitants, who were candy people turned into black statues
>Uh oh!
>UG drilled into the ground and popped up at the statue destination
>”I know you are here weird being!” said Uncle Grandpa as he turns around and see’s a tall hulking red being
>”Ah you’ve found me!” said this strange being
>The being was devil like, with goat head, hoves, and satanic wings
>”The hero of the Multiverse is here, the famous Uncle Grandpa!”
>Uncle Granpa glared at the beast, as if this was the final showdown
>The beast giggles, “I can’t threaten you seriously with a name like that!” said the monster
>”I am Satano the destroyer of worlds!”


I can't breath.

.... and dropped. Come on op...
>UG also giggled
>”What in the name of the creator are you laughing at!” he said with a tone
>”Satano!?!?, I honestly thought you were “satan”, Satano just sound so ridiculous” said UG as he wiped his tear
>”How dare you insult thy name!” said Satano as he charges at UG.
>UG quickly dodges grabbing each statue
>Satano looked at UG escape
>He roared as he pointed at UG
>Strange shadow figures appeared from his shadow and followed
>The sky began to become red, the clouds disappeared
>All felt dead
Friends pls, it's all going as I planned
I trust you.

All I can taste is how salty you are.
>Our hero skipped his way into a cave and dropped each statue off
>”That Satano guy is scary Uncle G, do you know what you’re doing” asked Belly Bag
>”Honestly, I have no idea!” said UG with a smile as he skipped out of the cave
>Unaware to him, shadowy being pranced out of no where and attacked
>Saved by the sword, a young boy sliced each creature
>With him a dog swatted each one with his massive hands
>”FINN!” said UG with a smile
Sure. If it wasn't for the crossover no one would be talking about the show.
>Back at the dead portal
>Dexter tried to touch the portal, but the blackness was hard, cold, and unbreakable
>”This is so uncomfortable!” said Deedee as she decided to back away from the Portal
>”Well I don’t know why Uncle Grandpa dragged me here, this is far too advance for me” said Dexter grumpy
>”Yeah man, I am 10 times smart than you let a pro handle it” said Pizza Steve as he cracks his knuckles
>He walks toward the odd portal and knocks on it
>Dexter ranted at how intolerable Steve was unaware something was shadowing over them
>GRLT roared as the whole crew looked behind to see a giant monstrous floating head
>”What the!” said Gus as the beast examined them
>”Me Am Zamzaxor, he who shalt not exist!” said the beast as everyone shriveled in fear
>”I sense fear in your body, please allow me to kill you know” it said opening it’s mouth
>A strange sci-fi gun popped out of his mouth and blasted Pizza Steve
>He managed to dodge and they all run to the van
>I ment now
sorry, my mistake

>”Please calm yourself, I simply wish to destroy you, for my goals are for peace, this of course is a lie” said Zamzaxor as he kept trying to blast the RV
>Mr Gus was driving in shock
>”Which way do I go!?!?!?!” he yelled
>”UG said these portals go into worlds, why no drive into one!?!?!” asked Deedee.
>”Yo are you crazy, we have no idea were we will end up!” said Gus.
>”It’s worth a try!?!?!” said Dexter as they were hit with a beam
>”Stand still so I can destroy with my lazer!” said Zamzaxor as he charged a lazer
>Gus closed his eyes and steered directly into a universe
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Thread images: 17
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