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Ear Cleaning, ASMR, and Sound Fetish
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These are the most god tier fetishes you might not have even heard about. This is a bit unconventional, even by /d/'s standards, but please give it a try before dismissing it.
Every post will contain both an image and a link to a Japanese ASMR recording. Some of the captions in the images I'll be posting aren't entirely serious, but the audio in the Youtube links is way more important than imagery. Most of them are related to ears, but not all. One is even about shampooing, because why the fuck not. And some are more lewd than others. A couple of them were flagged for adult content, so I included the embed links ("/v/" instead of "/watch?v=") because you can view those videos that way without using a Google Botnet account. You'll just have to copy the URLs into new tabs instead of embedding them in the thread.
Starting off:
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That's all for now.
Sir, you are the best.
Can chirbits be in this thread as well?
Sure, as long as it's related.


omg OP you are a god
this is doing funny things to me OP
>not going to youtube and searching for nothingodd

Once you've found it you'll know.

Wow, nice dubs.
Oh man I'm glad I was off tonight to see this thread....magical stuff here (anyone who doesn't believe sounds can be erotic will be changed by this thread)

Just found the shampoo one....so relaxing.
By the way, keep swabs out of your ears in actuality. Shit's NOT hygienic or safe. Just wash them regularly and don't stick anything inside the canal. Not pushing ear wax deeper in like a q-tip will is more important than getting that shit out.
GTFO moralfag
>Hygiene advice

I don't think the word "moral" means what you think it means.
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This stuff is for casuals, I just need to read, think, or be in a slave/Master or D/s situation to get the most intense ASMR ever. it feels like hot pleasurful needles piercing deep in my back and being afraid. I can still get regular ASMR though. my teacher used to trace out kanji on a projecter with her pointer. the rough texture and quick but quiet swipes was awesome. most pointer stroking is too stoccotto for my tastes. I also like the sound of cleaing windows from within a car but no one ever does a video, just a car wash.
I actually use q tips regularly but very infrequently, theres a fine line between the damage they can cause and the damage I will cause from itching at the inside of my ear. Every once in a while I just have to clean house.
ow, fuck! What kind of demons does that video harbor? When will they leave my cranium?
Bump for I want this shit tomorow on /d/ also.

Goodnight op
Q-tips are fine if you have soft earwax. It's dangerous for people with hard earwax. You don't hear companies talking about that in commercials because it acknowledges genetic differences.
That fucking last one. I'd literally be able to carve diamonds with my dick. Also dem nips.

(srsly tho, thanks man, you're the very best kind of faggot there is)
>people discovering ASMR
How unusual. I'll give you small advice: try out "multilayered sounds" one day - few different asmr inducting sounds might give you increased experience. Some RP videos are cool too.
Apparently, I'm unable to experience ASMR. I've listened to several of these and still nothing. Damn.
>Not pushing ear wax deeper in like a q-tip will is more important than getting that shit out.

If you cleaned your ears properly, shit-ears, you wouldn't HAVE so much earwax that it gets "pushed in". You'd only ever have a tiny bit of residual accumulation around the walls that gets caught in the Q-tip.
Thanks for the tip, Waxvac!


I do find it fucking hilarious that Q-tip boxes come with a warning label against the only thing you could ever conceivably use them for. It's like if pencils had a text "WARNING: NOT FOR WRITING OR DRAWING" on them.

Now that thing there actually looks fucking dangerous. Makes me instantly worry about it forming a seal against my canal and the resulting vacuum sucking my eardrums right out.
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Fucking Sam Hyde.
These threads have been around for a while on /h/, good to know its spreading to /d/.

I feel real bad for those of you that cant get asmr. Its the greatest shit ever, even non erotic stuff.
>even non erotic stuff
ASMR is very erotic m8
He's likening it to the argument against anal sex often seen on /gif/.

Since for the purposes of this thread, we're likening ear cleaning and such to erotic penetration, it's actually a quite good analogy.
I prefer stuff of her whispering in your ear to the ear cleaning stuff. Grabbed a nice one from /jp/ a while back but everything's in broken characters rather than japanese so unless "â_â~âwɦözÉM" is somehow helpful, I can't really point to it
the katakana says dummy headmic something shitemita

that might help
Which one is about shampooing, just wondering
should I be concerned if this gave me an erection
you should be concerned if this didnt give you an erection
That reminds me, I've been meaning to do a Judge Dredd asmr as a joke
Fucking hell.
I know i can always expect the unexpected form /d/ but a discussion about ear cleaning?
Holy shit, you guys will never stop to amaze me.

Too bad this whole asmr business doesn't work on me. What a shame.
Holy shit I did not expect that, come to me new fetish and let me lose myself in you.
If you guys are interested in non-"alternative" ASMR, you should check out >>>/h/3863726 for higher-quality stuff.
are these all just ear cleaning? I discovered this fetish a couple days ago and got way into the ear licking ones. I was wondering if there's anything that takes it to the next level. Like a "virtual hair cut", but instead it's "virtual femdom".
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Thread of the year award
File: 1335954749474.jpg (87 KB, 500x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll contribute, prepare to squirm!

this may fulfill your requirements...

>cc on
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Oh my god, I've had this fetish for so long-- having my ears sucked on and gently blown into and shit. I had no idea this stuff existed. I thought it was weird because I didn't know other people liked this.
Is there stuff like this but with audio of guys, too?
well, with the recent events in France...
we really need more subbed stuff, not understanding what the character says in a roleplay video pretty much ruins it
Can someone create a playlist for all these?

Some of these videos get taken to the next level with earbuds. This is one of them. I swear I can almost feel this girl's tongue reaching all the way inside my ear and it feels amazing.

>that sound at like 3:30
What is this? What keywords would I search to find an hour long track of this?

This recording isn't quite as good. Even with earbuds on it doesn't really sound like she's in my ear. The subtitles more than make up for it however. It kind of sucks though because she's all like
>wear this blindfold
>raise up your arms
I can't play along and also read the subs. I also Ideally would like to listen to this stuff in bed and I can't be holding a screen in front of my face all the time. That breaks immersion. At least I can usually get by without subs with a limited Jap vocab of "kimochi" and "hentai".
Good fucking thread.
I've been using q-tips after every single shower for years and years since I was a kid.
>never hurt my ears
>have great hearing
>doctors always say my ears are super clean when I go to check-ups

Nah m8, clean them regularly so you don't build up so much that they get pushed in deeper.
post it here if/when you do

That is dick sucking and you can't tell me otherwise.
I use an ear pick once a week, and q tips when I get out of the shower. It feels so fucking good. I taught my sister to use the pick on me when I was home, in exchange for brushing her hair. Best thing in the world.
if they put that as the title it'd get removed from youtube
How would someone know if they were going to deep/hard. I'd rather just clean my own ears TBH.
Okay I listened to some of these while high, and holy shit... would recommend.
bumping to keep here
I sure am glad i'm a god tier ASMR user, and can and always have had the capacity to fill myself with it at will.

Not like you weirdos that need ear cleaning and soft rustling to trigger it.

Focus on your 3-4th vertebrate bitch niggers, i'm going to blank my mind with golden light and magic fingers until one pupil ends up bigger than the other, because I can.
Sissy faggot checking in, q-tips are actually really useful for makeup. I wouldn't use a cotton swab for my ears, those flusher bulbs that come with ear care kits work just as well.
Thread replies: 90
Thread images: 37
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