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cow girls
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been awhile since i've been here but cow girls are always welcome
Yess! Give us more!
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i don't have a lot anymore hard drive with most of this stuff died.
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going to bed soon btw, will post a few more till later.
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err should have been 5 of 16, i just woke up
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9 of 16
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enjoy your doujin
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That's a weird kids' book. "Touch the cow. Do it now. DO ET NOW ZE STATE EZ VATCHING!
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korra milk.jpg
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So, what's hotter - women dressed like cows, or women who have actually been partially turned into a cow?
>partially turned into cows
>bigger tits
>genetically altered to produce more milk, constantly
Why would anyone pick the other option?
Not a fan of actual udders, so I would prefer if they keep their human breasts.

I don't mind horns & tails though
Always teh latter.

Porque no lost dos?
dubs. This is fact. The latter is no longer an option.
>Porque no lost dos?
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Why not both?
leaves that uneasy feeling of more animal than person...so no cool
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Post the specifications of your ideal cowgirl, including but not limited to:

>horns y/n (and how big/long they are)
>cow ears, human ears, or both?
>are the cow ears and horns just mounted to a headband, or are they actually organic and part of the girls' body?
>how many pairs of breasts
>how big said breasts are
>size/shape/number of nipples, if it matters to you
>udders y/n (and how big the udders are)
>preferred style of tail (actual organic cow tail, tail-shaped buttplug, etc)
>regular feet? hooves? human legs or fucked-up-looking cow legs?
>spots and fur - real and actually part of her body, or just clothing styled to look like cow fur? or maybe tattoos?

>and any other details you'd care to provide us with
>Small, stubby horns if any at all.
>Either would do.
>Ears on body, horns on headband
>1-3 pairs, preferably 2 or 3.
>At least as big as her head
>Normal human nipples, perhaps slightly larger/longer
>Organic tail
>Regular feet
>Spots part of clothes
>She should have a big ass and wide, fertile hips.
>Longhorns are pretty rad
>Organic cow ears
>Four breasts, NNs at least
>Long quad nips
>Hefty udder with massive hips to go with it
>Organic tail
>Could go either way on fur, but spot patterns are a must.
>Super sensitive to touch.
>SSBBW Fertility Goddess frame and Amazonian height.

How do your answers change if you're designing a cowgirl virus that - when release - will turn all women into cowgirls?
Tiny, cute lil horns like the one in that picture. Part of her body.

Cow ears, also part of her body.

Four tits, D cups are big enough. Regular nipples on each.

Udder at belly-button height. Swells when it hasn't been milked for a while, but is otherwise inconspicuous and doesn't prevent her from wearing regular female clothing.

Organic cow tail with fur and spots. She has a mini-orgasm and becomes kinda horny whenever I tug on it. If I pull really hard on it she has a full-blown orgasm and her pussy gets wet instantly.

Regular human legs, feet, and hands.

Light but noticeable cow-spotted white fuzz on her body... she's more fuzzy in the middle of her body and she gets progressively less fuzzy around her extremities. No fuzz or spots past the neck, elbow, or knee.

Her top pair of tits produces skim milk. Her bottom pair of tits produces heavy cream. Her udders produce piping-hot hazelnut lattes, because fuck you.
Body-type and horn size would vary, but the basic "four breasts+udder+cow features" body plan would stay consistent. Every cowgirl would produce Milk, but production increases rapidly with pregnancy (and fertility would be high) or general weight-gain.
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The image of a woman (or a pack of women) stumbling into the lab where this cowgirl virus is being designed, with a bunch of diagrams and design documents based off of a random anon's suggestions on blackboards and monitors all over the room....that's pretty fucking hot.

Maybe the virus itself is called "Eve 2.0" or something.
File: milkycowsinyard.jpg (458 KB, 722x909) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Horns? Yes. Small, cute ones unless she's a strong cow
>Cow ears!
>Ideally organic. If human, horns on a headband work too
>One pair
>Big, round, heavy and milky
>One nipple on each breast, ideally 'normal', either somewhat puffy or just plain. Average sized.
>No udders
>Organic tail. If human, then a tail-butt-plug would be lovely.
>Regular feet and legs.
>Styled cow-spot clothing. If there's fur, I'd be OK with small accents, like around her hips/thighs/shoulders.
>Medium, like >>6010560
>Both ears
>Both organic
>1-2 pairs
>At least head size, not larger than her body though
>Normal amount of human nipples, can be larger than usual
>No Udders
>Organic tail, she should be able to move it after all
>Preferably human feet, hooves are fine too though
>Cow clothes

>She should be tall ...and have a dick

Lets see, she should have little horns that are part of her body, not too sharp cause we don't want to hurt ourselves when touching them.

Cow ears are ok with me, the horns and ears are real.

I want her to have four breasts, and they should be d cups cause I like them big.

Nipples could be slightly bigger and longer than usual, seems like it would be fun to stroke and toungue when your intimate with your cowgirl.

I'd be ok with udders, it should be big and fim to the touch, cause to me thats just another boob to play with. Gets larger when its time to get milked.

I guess she would mostly wear long dresses, pants wouldn't work if you have an udder, but I love dresses on girls so thats cool with me.

Organic cow tail, regular human feet for foot fetish play.

I have a thing for cowprint clothing, so she would wear cow print bikinis and dresses to make me happy.

But since this is a cowgirl, she would probably have fur and cowprinting and places like her arms and legs, but areas like the breasts and vagina would be smooth for sexy fun time.

Plus and absolute must for me is milk letdown during orgasms, if shes gets milked regularly the boobs and udders would leak a little, but if you skip a milking session, you end up getting drenched by her milk during sex.
If you like cowgirls with Udders, how do you feel about udder sex?

I wish there was more artwork, but I think this piece by Blyzzarde is the only piece in existance.

It seems like such a fun concept, I want to see cowgirls doing it doggy style with there udders.

Riding an udder in cowgirl position like a human would do a penus penus.

Consensual udder sucking for both cowgirl in 69 position. You could do all kind of fun scenarios.

Plus sometimes udder sex leads to pregnancy, which is also great in my books.
File: 1408582244910.jpg (890 KB, 1218x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Willing cowgirl training/transformation is so goddamn hard to find...
File: 1373641334781.gif (2 MB, 848x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>6010629 (You)

My template for a cowgirl TF virus would be:

- hooves for hands and feet

- 4 breasts (that are 4 cup sizes bigger in their dormant state than what each woman's natural cup sizes started out as, with those tits becoming even bigger as lactation kicks in)

- one nipple on each breast, though the nipples become much larger and softer as they turn into supple 6-inch cow teats

- cow tails

- cow ears

- cow-splotched fur on the legs/arms/back/neck/frame of face

- speech becomes mixed with mooing and bellowing

- gradual corruption of each woman's mind and behavior with the uncontrollable bovine instincts. Women start becoming uncomfortable in clothing of any kind, will prefer to remain on their hands and knees rather than upright on two legs, and will find themselves preferring to chew on grass rather than eat human food, much to their chagrin.

Symptoms from the virus wouldn't make themselves known at least until 2 weeks after infection, so that most of the female population is infected before anyone even knows that anything is wrong.

The first symptoms of infection would be random, though one of the first symptoms is almost always breast growth and spontaneous permanent lactation. Once symptoms make themselves known, it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year for each woman to complete her transformation into a cowgirl.
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not quite so massive mammary wise and i'd be a happy girl.
>yes, small horns
>either is fine
>if she has cow ears, make them a part of her body
>just regular human nipples, only a little bigger
>not a big fan of udders
>organic cow tail
>either regular human feet or hooves
>spots on her butt

>wide hips, thick thighs, a little chubby, maybe cow spotted hair.
>cow spotted hair.

this is a good idea
how come i've never seen this

Would women keeping their pubic hair as they turn into cowgirls be more palatable if their pubic hair turns cow-spotted?
>Small cute horns and ears, on a headband
>1 pair of breasts
>E-F size
>medium size sensitive nipples that you can pull on
>tail-shaped buttplug, definitely
>human legs and feet
>clothing with cow fur patterns, and an earring that looks like the tag they mark cows with
>Don't really care about the horns all that much
>Depends, I kind of like mid-transformation stuff more than hybrids
>Organic definitely, clothing is just vanilla too vanilla for me
>2 is peachy, 3 is fine without an udder, 4 is too much
>As long as they aren't ridiculously big
>Gotta have long thick nipples for sure, occasionally 4 per breast
>Udders definitely, and as long as it's not ridiculously big
>Organic of course
>Like I said, I like straight up cow TF so it depends on the stage
>Cow fur of course
>Gotta have a bit a jiggle, but not fat (expansion is fine too)
Because spotted long hair doesn't really make that much sense.
>only one pair of breasts

Not those guys, but I like my cowgirls to look more like girls than cows. One pair is best.
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>Horns yes, but small
>both ears
>can be mounted or organic
>one pair of breasts
>about the size of her head maybe smaller
>nipples are normally proportioned to breast
>no udders
>real tail
>normal feet and legs
>spotted clothing
Cute little horns a few inches in length, more like hair accessories than anything. Organic cow ears to replace human ones. If not that then fake ears and horns on a headband works too.

One pair of breasts, one nipple each. Must be F cup at minimum and milky enough to feed at least an entire household. Nipples and areola should be proportionate to the breast. No udders.

Organic tail with a fluffy poof at the end, or tailed butt plug if wearing a headband.

Normal feet and legs. No fur except the stuff on the tail and ears, but cow print clothing like bras, panties, and maybe stockings are awesome.

For physical changes cowgirls lose every bit of hair on their bodies except the hair on top of their heads, their eyebrows and eyelashes, their cow ears and tails. Skin becomes incredibly sensitive, so much so that a breeze is like a caress and a titfuck can be just as orgasmic for the cowgirl as it is for whoever has the dick. Femininity greatly increases with female bodies becoming softer and shorter with cute and beautiful faces. Finally, buttsluttery goes through the roof as anal sensitivity and elasticity increases, many cowgirls preferring anal to vaginal. Asses balloon into heart-shaped, cellulite-free, jiggly orbs of pleasure.

Mentally there's no decreases in intelligence but there is a massive increase in submissiveness, libido, and a desire to moo.

Unless I'm forgetting something, behold my perfect cowgirl!!
>>horns: Yes, but small enough to not cause injuries to my crotch.
>>ear type: Both.
>>horn/ear properties: Organic, but she'll have worse hearing than the average human to make up for how sensitive both pairs make her to sound.
>>breast count: 2
>>boobs: Bigger than everyone else's. As of the moment, the biggest here is NN, I think.
>>nipples: One nipple per boob, slightly larger in proportion compared to her breasts.
>>udders: NOPE
>>tail: organic
>>legs/feet: normal human
>>spots/fur: No. I might be okay with the spots if there were a way for vitiligo to look more sexy than a disease.
>>extra: She becomes horny whenever she sees pink.

>>extra: She becomes horny whenever she sees pink.

Like waving a red flag in front of a bull huh?
File: eve.jpg (1 MB, 1190x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1190x2000

Like this?
File: 1402999659679.jpg (426 KB, 1750x1074) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ugh I desperately want to be a cowgirl. it's all so hot. getting milked. feeding people my milk straight from my tits especially while I get fucked..

I'm ok with natural horns up to medium size.
Natural Cowish ears where human ones are, to give them that elven look.
At least two pairs, probably NN cup or there abouts.
Slightly long human ones.
Yes, at least beachball sized.
Well I'm odd, I wouldn't mind hooved feet, but I would rather they kept human hands.
>Spots or fur
Nah, at most they'd have fur on their ears and tail, but otherwise regular human skin.

>>She should have a big ass and wide, fertile hips
>>SSBBW Fertility Goddess frame and Amazonian height
Have to agree with these Anons, gotta have dem hips, and the bigger the cowgirls are the better!

>Plus sometimes udder sex leads to pregnancy, which is also great in my books.
Indeed, which means the species doesn't need males anymore, so we can ALL be Cowgirls!
File: Cow 27.jpg (86 KB, 654x886) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cow 27.jpg
86 KB, 654x886
File: Cow 16.jpg (469 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cow 16.jpg
469 KB, 1000x1000
File: 1421836815705.png (403 KB, 900x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403 KB, 900x1365
File: IYZwTxL.jpg (150 KB, 1050x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 1050x900

I like the sound of a cowgirl virus. Hell, it should be modded into Plague, Inc.

Assuming it takes a while for women to turn into cowgirls, what would the first symptoms of infection be?
>what would the first symptoms of infection be?
Breast expansion probably
File: 1411353266435.jpg (408 KB, 675x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 675x900

Ah, I just re-read >>6011450 and realized (at least in that anon's scenario) that we're talking about 6-12 month transformations of women into cowgirls, so I guess the first symptoms would be incredibly subtle and may take weeks to become really pronounced.

I was originally wondering if a woman is infected, if she sudden'y starts turning into a cowgirl the moment she's infected (with quick BE and whatnot) and the change completing in just a few days - about the length of the average cold.

Either way, it makes sense that the very first symptoms might be breast tenderness and some swelling in every woman. Imagine the panic when all those women realize the swelling isn't stopping, and in fact is getting worse, and is becoming more serious than mere "swelling"....
Long-term "second puberty" style transformation would certainly be interesting.

Most painful part would be probably be the changes in bone and keratin structure. Confined to bed, infectees' would be reliant on others to help them with their rampant milk production, though it'd just as likely result in further growth.

A second puberty would take 2-3 years to complete, right?

Also, changes to bone and keratin structure? You mean horn/tail growth for every infectee, or more basic changes to every woman's skeleton?
Horns, tail and hooved feet. Maybe thickened fingernails as well.
Y. Very Y. Small-to-medium, though.
They need to have cow ears, but whether they have human ears doesn't matter.
Real. That's what makes them a cowgirl and not a cosplayer.
Exactly one pair, that are big enough to get in the way but not big enough to prevent them walking.
Proportional human.
A mild no.
Human legs, and either human feet or hooves
Anything that isn't tattoos.

tl;dr: really-for-real monstergirls.

None at all.
File: 1423282802104.jpg (115 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would be very interesting to see a global pandemic that eventually lays low the vast majority of the world's female population with a slow and disabling transformation into a hooved cowgirl, especially if society figures out whats happening early enough to keep some women from being infected, though it's eventually discovered that avoiding infection forever is nearly impossible, resulting in women everywhere in staggered stages of that "second puberty".
I don't know why people are so fixated on human nipples; one of the main advantages of cowteats is that there's one main duct and a reservoir, as opposed to the jillion little tiny ducts that humans have. This is one of the things needed for realistically fuckable nipples.

Even more reason to transform all women's nipples into soft, supple cow teats that can't be concealed in a bra or shirt no matter how hard they try.
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