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- All artists welcome!
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drawthread op 2.png
787 KB, 649x635
- All artists welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the Drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Please no coloring or edit requests. Take it to your own thread.
The current color/edit thread is here: >>6033898
- If you would like to make the new drawthread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
The newest pics in there could use tagging, please contribute if you have nothing else to do.


If you're looking for a deleted thread try checking


and enter the post # of the thread or any post you are looking for.

You can also go to http://archive.loveisover.me/d/search/text/drawfriends%2C%20don%27t%20hold%20back/
which has every thread that features this boilerplate.

Last thread >>6062022
File: Anchor.jpg (371 KB, 1623x2021) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 1623x2021
Anchor post, link all deliveries here.
requesting pic related as a giantess on her hands and knees licking the tip of an obelisk
Requesting Rosalina with Daisy stuffed in her Mario Kart outfit. But with Daisy's head between Rosalina's buttocks and her arms and legs encircling Rosalina's belly and breasts.
File: D-drawdrequest.jpg (852 KB, 2860x2208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
852 KB, 2860x2208
Requesting a cute futa Tomoko wearing micro bikini like these being embarrassed and at the same time turned on. She's also thinking to herself "Everyone can still see it".
The background can be a beach with faceless strangers all around, if you feel like drawing it.
File: dicks.png (2 MB, 1938x1732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1938x1732
Requesting either Purple Heart or Yellow Heart with a giant horse-sized futa cock fucking the other Heart with ahegao and visible stomach bulge.
File: a.jpg (25 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 400x240
Requesting a PoV footjob from my Pokemon X and Y trainer! To be more specific, I'd love it if he were to be fully clothed save for his socks and shoes, as well as a very reluctant/disgusted expression on his face. The viewer could possibly be grabbing onto his ankles and putting all the work into them themselves? Haven't put in a request since around this time last year, I really hope this isn't too greedy of one.
File: Marve_img.png (272 KB, 576x741) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 576x741
Counter-requesting some futa love and boob-play between Marvelous AQL and Yellow Heart
Have AQL get fucked so hard that her clothes get destroyed in line with the Senran games
File: naoto-shirogane.jpg (206 KB, 600x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 600x734
Requesting a futa Naoto trying to conceal her boner.
Requesting a chubby futa facesitting a flaccid muscular futa and holding up a victory sign.
Requesting someone fisting a futa's cock, right to the balls.
File: 2015-03-03_00043.jpg (544 KB, 1680x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
544 KB, 1680x1063
Requesting this Buu as a futa getting raped by Broly and used like a onahole/dicksleeve.
File: sento.jpg (259 KB, 700x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 700x1200
Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park as a giantess. Shoving a random girl into her mouth with a stoic face as she does it.
Upper half of other girl is visible, and she is freaking out.
File: 1427058806729.png (172 KB, 824x1441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 824x1441
Requesting Botan with her booty ripping out of her shorts and her tits growing rather massive.

File: Karai.jpg (77 KB, 425x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 425x656
Karai, in her human form as she lays a clutch of large snake eggs.

Good lord, man. At least use an official art reference or something not so amateurish.
Requesting this scenario, but replace the center character with a triple dicked futa demoness (preferably in red). One dick in each of the left and right characters and the center dick beading pre. Same smug look on the demoness. (sorry for a complicated one!)
File: squirt request.jpg (59 KB, 622x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
squirt request.jpg
59 KB, 622x668
In the anime Gantz, the characters wear skintight black suits that give them superhuman abilities. If these suits take too much damage, they leak blue fluid from the metal caps all over and the wearer loses their strength.

Requesting a girl wearing a Gantz suit squirting blue fluid all over the place with an orgasmic expression on her face, as if she's having an intense full body orgasm
File: ff.jpg (751 KB, 1363x1139) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
751 KB, 1363x1139
Requesting a female Lalafell having her way with a male Roegadyn.
Taking Roe dick with a look of S on her face.
A female Roegadyn getting her mind fucked out by a male Lalafell dick, ahegao and the works.
Size chart as a reference.
>>6067806 i thought i would be a good reference image
File: NE.jpg (118 KB, 504x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 504x623
Requesting an immensively muscular Night Elf trying to hide in a bush which is too small for her.
File: Botan.png (236 KB, 275x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 275x500

Hardly, no. It looks like someone took the head from the manga, colored it. Then either they or another drew in a poorly fitting torso, and then a 3 year old added those legs.
>>6067834 shit i fucked rly bad
File: 24.jpg (215 KB, 1200x1700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 1200x1700
I'd like to see some oviposition please
File: 1417355360664.jpg (215 KB, 420x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 420x668
Requesting an extremely fat Athena Cykes with a shocked expression on her face. So fat, that she can't even get up off the ground
Requesting a mother drinking from her son's colossal /d/-sized breasts.


The son giving his mother (a futamom in this instance) a titjob, relishing in the sensation while musing to himself about how messed up this is.
File: 1422098876844.jpg (313 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 800x1200
Requesting her stepping on some 6 inches tall person without killing them.
File: Disgaea d2.jpg (309 KB, 1554x1282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Disgaea d2.jpg
309 KB, 1554x1282
Requesting futa Etna fucking a tsundere Laharl who is wearing Women's Lingerie.
Requesting a succubus and a nun using a double-ended dildo while the succubus sticks her tail in the nun's ass.
I love this artist
All his drawings look soft
File: sketchpage1.jpg (290 KB, 1500x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
290 KB, 1500x681
File: 1424760706597.png (323 KB, 774x1058) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 774x1058
Requesting Princess Peach and Daisy conjoined like this.
Requesting a futa katara with a big long cock, every other detail up to the artist.
File: Reappearance064.jpg (81 KB, 1200x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 1200x675
I wholeheartedly agree, it's one of the reasons I played the games.
File: Image 50.jpg (44 KB, 850x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Image 50.jpg
44 KB, 850x750
/r/ing this girls ass getting bigger
Requesting a normal guy sticking his dick in an invisible girl, and she exclaims "Wrong hole! WRONG HOLE!"
File: Marcia.jpg (216 KB, 636x1228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 636x1228
Anyone up for drawing Marcia and her pegasus having sex? Can just be the horsecock, and larger breasts would be welcomed.
File: symdock.jpg (557 KB, 1668x1596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
557 KB, 1668x1596
Requesting anything with Misha and Purple Heart.
Such as one getting fucked by some bipedal monster while the other is spent from a round of fucking as http://i.imgur.com/L1vwljN.jpg; double titfuck with lactating breasts and mindbroken eyes but with hearts still in pupils
Requesting a futa android or cyborg receiving pleasure from replacing her broken leg. She should be leaking precum while trying to concentrate on her repairs.
File: noire_img.png (928 KB, 1100x1700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
928 KB, 1100x1700
Noire (using her proportions http://i.imgur.com/LKl8FqK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NR4Zgew.gif with big breasts) wearing a film-noir style trenchcoat and being shy, wanting to conceal her huge breasts
I'd be alright if you wanted to do whatever you like with Noire.
File: image.jpg (327 KB, 1455x1022) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 1455x1022
Requesting cartoon Roll (pic related) getting fucked from behind by a futa "Bad Box Art" Roll (http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah243/Shining_Poke_Star/image_zpsdbeg6lo4.jpg)
File: Seth Seth-Rah.jpg (707 KB, 1860x1268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Seth Seth-Rah.jpg
707 KB, 1860x1268
I'd like a drawing of Seth (orange, brown hair) starting to have sex, but then turning into Seth-Rah and dominating her mate, Ein maybe, possibly taking energy from him too.
File: 40418516_big_p0.jpg (1 MB, 1460x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1460x1000
Requesting this giant yeti girl using her tail to catch some guy and force him into her ass.
Requesting that girl wearing a keyhole sweater.
File: lilo-stitch-27.png (782 KB, 1440x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
782 KB, 1440x900
Requesting David kawena From Lilo And Stitch having his head detach from his neck. His body stumbles trying to find it, Nani and Lilo play keep away with his head because they like him better headless do to his muscular body.
File: gentlyitbreaks.jpg (428 KB, 1700x2600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
428 KB, 1700x2600
Good deal. I want to focus on her too(not on anon-kun).
>willy nilly
Well, it means I'll do whatever I want without telling you(heehee) until I have some lineart that's pretty much ready to be colored.

I didn't plan on going out of bounds too much, but if I stuck with milking, I figured I'd just do something with her hooked up to a big ol' milk machine, preferably in a perspective/pose with some more action(and by action I mean boobs).

So if just that along with whatever else I decide on sounds good, I'll get something rough sketched up when I have time later today.
Otherwise, give me some input on how you'd like to see her milked(for what she's worth).

>tl;dr "willy nilly" is a surprise

hopefully that's better(otherwise it's too small to notice, like something else I know). Let me know if that's not enough(sweat), Haseo.

Jokes aside, I'm glad you like it.

Nah, but this was fun to try something different.
File: mosquito.png (3 MB, 1718x1222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1718x1222
Requesting Mosquito girl from OPM absorbing the blood gathered by her mosquitos and undergoing some different change:
>breast expansion
>ass growth
>hourglass expansion
>cock/balls growth
>weight gain
>muscle growth
>size growth
Left pic is her before and right one is after transformation.
File: tekken horse.jpg (298 KB, 994x1002) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tekken horse.jpg
298 KB, 994x1002
Tekken from Neptunia like this, hands tied above head or no
WOW that looks amazing
File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 480x360
Requesting Topaz from Trollz having her mouth removed from her face against her will as punishment for talking too much.
File: Elle large.jpg (58 KB, 248x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Elle large.jpg
58 KB, 248x485
Elle from Terranigma contorted to be a spinner's wheel? Also Elle as a harpy - based on a chicken though.
File: mordessa.jpg (235 KB, 887x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 887x894
Requesting giant Mordessa doing anything lewd.
File: image.jpg (21 KB, 340x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 340x250
Requesting Doris the Maidbot (from Mega Man) lift up her skirt with an annoyed expression and looking away from the viewer). Have someone from offscreen line up dog biscuits on her enlarged dick (it can be as large as the /d/rawfriend desires), as if it were being measured.
File: 1424496499477.png (272 KB, 1000x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 1000x724
how about some bee themed Jinx?
Lava lamp genie request from the previous thread.
File: Toph-Bei-Fong-1.gif (14 KB, 216x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 216x360
Requesting Toph bei fong from Aang the last airbender losing her head and replacing it with a melon crowning herself melon lord.
File: DonJuanArtwork.png (321 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 500x500
I'd like to see Don Juan kicking open a door from the perspective of inside the room she's entering, baseball bat in hand, naked except for her tank top and mask, a gigantic erect horsecock with a huge pair of balls between her her legs.

If you want to draw her with some armpit hair.
Human Duna ready for sex, but when she actually gets dick she reveals the form on the left
Requesting armpit sex with Honda Futayo with her wearing her Swimsuit or Naked.

http://i.imgur.com/D1orXYJ.jpg (embed)

thanks in advance.
File: 45245346265456.jpg (701 KB, 2775x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
701 KB, 2775x4000
Requesting Aigis as a robot naga/lamia giving somebody a tailjob.
My hardrive fried before I could back it up. Lost my entire porn collection. Also laptop totalled. Humble request from a man trying to rebuild. A draenai shemale and angel futa frotting and cumming? It would make this poor fellows heart swell with joy.
File: 2014-09-11-115149.jpg (177 KB, 960x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 960x544
a drawing of a Heal Dogoo (Neptunia) Goddess CPU (skin-tight suit with armour bits) as-is or as a humanoid girl.
also Vert birthing some dogoos/heal dogoos, or violated while wearing a pair of dog ears and tail buttplug
File: chupasheep.jpg (329 KB, 1384x1620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329 KB, 1384x1620
but more like licking/play-biting and maybe fingering please
File: peneloass.jpg (914 KB, 2276x1700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914 KB, 2276x1700
Requesting Penelo spreading her anus with her outfit on, like the image on the left
Requesiting a multi-part request of Aoba docking with Viper in a sexual manner. Where she sits are two dildos on the seat-platform and (1)starts to dock, then (2)they're both penetrating her and when they're(3) both fully in her they very slowly rotate and vibrate, keeping her on edge and in pleasure-awareness but never orgasming? (4)Next should have her having an intense orgasm and the two dick-like dildoes ejaculating inside her. Her nipples should be visibly erect and in the last image the area over her nipples should be wet.
The Last image with the text STAGE CLEAR! over them for the post-orgams scene with a good amount of cum dripping from her pussy and down her legs.
File: image.jpg (695 KB, 2400x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
695 KB, 2400x2400
Requesting futa prof ivy dressed as gyarados banging futa Brock dressed as onyx
Requesting Daphne and Velma experiencing the aftermath of a Headless Horseman attack, leading to them searching for their heads, which are trying to get the bodies' attention.
Requesting Raven like this, but with a futa Starfire teasing her. Bonus points if Star is headless too.
/r/ Link using the Gerudo Mask to turn into a delicious brown Gerudo girl
Double /r/ Gerudo Link being Impregnated.
Triple /r/ Pregnant Gerudo Link.
Quadruple /r/ Gerudo Link as a MILF.
File: Bee-girl.png (456 B, 126x126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456 B, 126x126
/r/ a male adventurer being stung by a bee girl, and turning into a bee girl in result.
Aftermath, the original comforts the transformee, welcoming her to the hive.
File: 1426291797423.png (152 KB, 779x843) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 779x843
Dragon Knight gradually gaining more femdragon traits, but insisting on being male.
ex. Wider hips/fat distribution, female voice. developing breasts, tongue, claws, eyes, tail, scales, attraction/arousal to males...
File: Iris Shares - drain.jpg (597 KB, 1164x2640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Iris Shares - drain.jpg
597 KB, 1164x2640
Requesting Iris Heart fucking her man and draining shares from his body by his cum; shown via Shares chart and xray impregnation (optional)
Counter-requesting with Iris Heart instead of Purple.
File: MdnZldRef.png (1 MB, 1320x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1320x984
Requesting Zelda casting a spell that zaps Midna back into her Imp form, to her dismay.
i like how you think anon
Why are you still making multiple posts?
I only do one, the one you replied to.
Anon, I only requested >>6067761

Arent mine
>4 requests in the last thread link to previous one
>3 are Neptunia requests and one mentions Senran
>1 is Senran
It's obvious they're made by one guy.
You're totally right, wow man my eyes are opened
Only one guy can request it. Fuck off.
a bloody yandere Manaka from loveplus making out with Senpai making her notice him
File: ant.jpg (357 KB, 1530x1366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 1530x1366
Requesting Ant Man and Wasp having sex with Wasp on top. Ant Man accidentally grows into Giant Man, causing Wasp to get stretched out around Hank's dick with the tip coming out her mouth. Like this drawing from xxxx52 but the dick comes out the other way around.
File: 300489735_p0.jpg (383 KB, 600x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
383 KB, 600x808
Tsunade sitting alone in her office masturbating while she has breast pumps hooked on to her breasts. Her office table has several bottles of her milk and sake lying around.
Requesting reverse CTF.
Futa's cock falling off and transforming into small guy/futa. With it's owner thinking about using it as dildo.
File: golemgirl cookie.jpg (185 KB, 1144x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
golemgirl cookie.jpg
185 KB, 1144x598
Can I get a cookie golem monster girl?
Like, a typical golem girl but made almost entirely out of cookies (or looks like cookies anyways) save for the majority of her face, tits, and butt and vagina area
Should have nice blue eyes and big tits leaking milk.
I made a reference, to show what I mean, but more cookie-parts than showing skin
I would like to request Louise getting DP'd by horse cocked centaurs with slight stomach bulge. She can either be sucking a third one off, or have an intense ahegao. Please and thank you if anyone is interested.
File: momo rape.jpg (133 KB, 794x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
momo rape.jpg
133 KB, 794x742
This with Momo please
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 600x600
Requesting a trap Dark Magician Girl.
File: t1k.jpg (81 KB, 959x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Requesting a guy who walks naked into shower and spots a soap. He ignores it thinking it's a trap and starts showering.
Meanwhile that soap turns into futa googirl (either T-1000 style or with anglerfish-like lure) who tries to rape him.
Requesting a Muscle/Futa growth pic, featuring Marie Rose from DOA, blowing a gigantic bubble gum bubble that causes her to inflate her muscles and causes her futa cock to inflate to giant proportions, not stopping to notice that it's occurring while inflating her bubble.
r/ing mario and luigi tgd into MILF bikesuit girls
File: Marie Rose butt.jpg (963 KB, 2084x2396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Marie Rose butt.jpg
963 KB, 2084x2396
I'd like Marie Rose (Dead or Alive 5) getting fucked and impregnated, with handprint(s) on her butt.
She should like not-willing and clenching her teeth with her eyes closed and a bit of tears. I wouldn't mind if you liked to make it more consensual.
File: mecha arc.jpg (239 KB, 1185x1007) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mecha arc.jpg
239 KB, 1185x1007
A humble request: mecha-Arc!
File: 1427021904895.jpg (317 KB, 850x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317 KB, 850x1027
Requesting Ryuko and Satsuki needing to break mid battle to dig out their wedgies. Time to go cave digging.
File: Sonico MChief.jpg (879 KB, 2516x2148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sonico MChief.jpg
879 KB, 2516x2148
Requesting Master Chief Sonico getting fucked by the Arbiter and his two dicks (doesn't actually have dicks, but it doesn't matter).
Make it more like surpise sex with her breast plate broken over one tit and partially of the other, at least to see it.
File: 1427085151292.jpg (3 MB, 3838x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3838x2160
requesting two women being forcibly merged to create a spider mutant from the forest.

requesting miku with her mouth replaced with an asshole
Requesting huge chubby mermaid sinking the fishing trawler by simply lying onboard.
She could be eating the fishermen.
File: 1386961778205.jpg (234 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 1280x1024
requesting a pure sister of battle having to deal with her not so pure armour corrupted by by Slaanesh
Requesting a normal sized girl whose vagina is a outwards facing starship warp gate. Stretching, lotta juices, and totally ignoring how she's living in space. Close up (for expression) and far (for starship exiting a vagina) would be appreciated!
File: Magic_Impregnation.jpg (1 MB, 2564x2436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2564x2436
I would absolutely adore anyone who could do something similar to the bottom sequence, preferably without the udders, but I won't complain if you want to put them in, to my retainer. The one in the middle with her being kissed by the top one and gradually transforming kind of like the sequence and the whole time she's super excited by it even though her clothes are slowly ripping off. Feel free to include the top girl in some of the growing fun if you like her!

A single picture like the third in the sequence with enormous breasts and a big belly bulging against her ripping clothes would be just as good. Thanks for considering my request!
File: Haruka sex dungeon.jpg (106 KB, 1078x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Haruka sex dungeon.jpg
106 KB, 1078x328
A drawing of this, please.
If not just the second or third last line.
Character is Haruka from the Senran Kagura series
Requesting a comic where Fat Princess eats the rescuers from her team so the enemy team can keep fattening her up with cake. She should be so fat that you can hardly see them struggling inside.
File: TristanaMidna req.jpg (414 KB, 1400x1112) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TristanaMidna req.jpg
414 KB, 1400x1112
Requesting Tristana from League of Legends (left) and Midna from Legend of Zelda (right) engaging in some kind of lewd contest to prove to /d/ which one of them is the sexier/hotter/better fucking shortstack.
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 681x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 681x567
Man, so many good requests that haven't been fulfilled for weeks and months even, yet no one's taking the time to come out of their comfort zones and try something new. I know that not everyone has the same tastes on board with everyone else, but with a little practice on the subject, you might learn to draw it yourself, and like it!

And just so that this isn't a shitpost, requesting Rouge after her reverse-transforming into a human (because /d/, if not all of 4chan) hates furries) sans ears and tail. ...And she's a trap.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 500x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 500x455
can I please get a sandwich girl with a happy sexual facial expression that looks more like a cheese or secret sauce slime girl with lettuce tomato and turkey breast, also make her have big tits and some big futa dicks coming out of the sides of her bread.

bonus points if her tits and dicks are shooting milk and cum everywhere
File: 2B9xA5d.png (891 KB, 811x1581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
891 KB, 811x1581
Requesting her riding a dick cowgirl or having sex with tentacles
Requesting giant girls licking popsicles. But those popsicles are actually small guys with poles up their asses and their giant dicks are covered in frozen cum.
File: Odd_1129.jpg (64 KB, 720x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 720x576
Requesting Odd Della from Code Lyoko having his hands switched with his feet and looking confused about it.
In the show Odd's feet smell bad.
Requesting PS4-tan as a regular, non-futa woman. She can be getting gang-fucked if you so desire.
Lightning laying on her back getting fucked by a horse cocked centaur with her legs in the air. A subtle stomach bulge that shows the outline of the horse cock pumping in and out of her is extremely encouraged, and please have her be barefoot. Too much Lightning art has her with her boots on. Ahegao also encouraged, because we all know she’s a slut.
File: parasite tg.png (3 MB, 1778x1464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
parasite tg.png
3 MB, 1778x1464
requesting more parasite pointy eared demon girl tg where the more it feeds the curvier the host gets with their tits ballooning out and popping open the buttons on their shirt so to say. Or even a more friendly symbiotic type of parasitic tg where it transforms a guy into a sexy pointy eared demon girl to help him pleasure his elven girlfriend. would love for her to be hourglass expanded by the pleasure or something that makes them become curvier
Requesting Ulrich from Code Lyoko having his body materialize back into the real world except for his head his headless body walks out of the scanner like nothing happens but quickly freaks out when he realizes his missing his head.
Requesting Gwen from Ben 10 casting a spell on Ben that causes his head to fall off, his headless body is feeling the ground for it while his head yells at it to pick him up, annoyed by him Gwen picks up Ben's head and through's it in a garbage bin.
File: Undine dark.jpg (524 KB, 695x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Undine dark.jpg
524 KB, 695x1024
>Yandere Undine
>Does breathplay by pretending to drown you
>Kisses you to give you "air"
>Sees you try to leave the pool, forms an undertow to prevent you from escaping her love
>Melds into a simple puddle on the floor after you take a bath, uses spatial bullshit magic shenanigans to turn it into a portal into the Elemental Plane of Water
>Where she tenderly snu-snus you, supplying you air with kisses, her form losing its consistency and becoming sloppy and messy
>Nereids laughing at you
Request: A guy just came inside a naked girl. He pulls out to reveal he now has a spiny feline cock, while she just sprouted cat ears and tail.
Pictured are some possible designs for the girl.
File: IMG_009.jpg (235 KB, 1200x867) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235 KB, 1200x867
Requesting Murasaki using her hair to pseudo-tentacle rape another senran girl or herself
Requesting futa with 4 arms who uses top 2 to hold her huge breasts and bottom 2 to masturbate and squeeze her equally large balls.
File: 1420759512277.jpg (1 MB, 2514x1490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2514x1490
requesting big, huge, plump heaving breasts on this girl. like way bigger than the reference.
File: vertpunish.jpg (114 KB, 749x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 749x508
I'd like a drawing (in webcam view) of Vert like in http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=46797520 doing this naked with a really big one, like a 'Naughty Wyvern' or "Awful Wyrm" brand. It's just a rip-off of Bad Dragon. And make her look like she's hurting but enjoying the sensation of something that big going in her.
File: 1424557912542.jpg (620 KB, 1540x2148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
620 KB, 1540x2148
This slut being knotted by a dog with a huge cock.
File: 1423966313826.png (53 KB, 221x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 221x213
Yes, and?
It's not allowed here.
Go to /b/ with this.
You reminded me, I had thought of a character to get fucked by a werewolf of sorts, but I forgot who
Allow me to fix it. That slut being knotted by a werewolf with a huge cock.
I think werewolf counts as furry.
Aw shit. Fuck me. If it does, make it a big burly kemonomimi dogboy.
File: ZeldaRova.png (870 KB, 977x580) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
870 KB, 977x580
Requesting Princess Zelda being possessed by the hateful feelings of Ganondorf/Demise and transformed into a half-Hylian, half-Gerudo women in slutty armor, similar to Nabooru and Twinrova's mixed with her own, laughing evilly as she either fingers herself or jerks off, perhaps sitting on a 'throne' made out of some female Zelda characters.
File: sharing is caring.jpg (661 KB, 1416x1372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sharing is caring.jpg
661 KB, 1416x1372
I'd like Teepo from Tales of Xillia as a tentacle monster restraining, fucking, and probably impregnating Elize and Driselle Sharil (top right, who has pretty big tits). Feel free to include Driselle getting a bit energy drained by Teepo, since that's what it can do.
File: FlnRxnRef.png (120 KB, 586x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 586x478
Requesting Roxanne swapping her figure with Flannery, causing her to grow taller and bustier.
File: 1425713719342.jpg (75 KB, 456x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 456x640
Rapidly shrinking clothes please.
Requesting the Herald Shield maiden, either using the Shield Rod as a dildo or knotted by wolf Alucard/wolf monster dick, or the latter with Maria.
Or something focused on her ass, so big enough the faerie sits on it.
/r/ing the elf from dungeon defenders 2 trying to inflate her balloon trap and ends up inflating herself into a milf or an extreme hourglass maybe ears too though with any of them give her a hand bra or nips barely peeking over her top. a sheepish or silly happy enjoying it kinda. with bow between tits if you want.

included what she looks like in game and what the balloon trap and stand look like. kinda as if she accidentally stepped on it when it was going to inflate the balloon and it inflates her instead? Also a picture on the left showing the kind of size and type of inflation i mean, though not floating away.
File: Venus Weed.gif (6 KB, 190x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Venus Weed.gif
6 KB, 190x138
Requesting her capturing and trapping Alucard in her flower as she forcibly has sex with him or tentacle rapes Maria putting seed(s) in her, either the Venus with a futa cock too or just enjoying the rape and pleasuring herself.
Source is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Everyone knows about this cover by now, I'd like to request something inspired by it. Anything that pushes Batgirl getting traumatized worse than she already is would be great.
File: naga lina busty.jpg (9 KB, 465x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
naga lina busty.jpg
9 KB, 465x208
Requesting Naga the white serpent from Slayers at around 700lbs or so and about to eat a black midget(the midget should be tied up with an apple in his mouth and looking nervous and on a plate in front of the huge, hungry looking sorceress)
File: Lucrezia Noin R01.jpg (382 KB, 902x1104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lucrezia Noin R01.jpg
382 KB, 902x1104
A request, please!

Lucrezia Noin from Gundam Wing, pear-shaped and pregnant to the point of immobility, sucking milk from one humungous boob as the other is milked through a hose. Her belly should have the words "Soldier Factory #9" painted on it.
I'd like to request this character with a big shemale cock and balls, like, lifting up the flap at her waist, thanks.~
File: venus bike.jpg (39 KB, 462x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
venus bike.jpg
39 KB, 462x343
Requesting Sailor Venus with sweat stains on her outfit and her being 500lbs. She's tired and sweaty from lugging her massive weight around and its hot and sunny outside.
File: 1419097600250.jpg (114 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 600x600
I'm not 100% sure, but is age-regression and -progression mid-sex /d/?
I have a request for it, of Kagura from Senran Kagura 2, having sex in her more older body, she cums, and turns to her young form, is deflowered again while the dick is in her, and repeat, until she's a mess of sweat and semen.
BTW the three in the back are Kagura, the middle being the youngest, left middle, and right oldest.
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 333x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 333x503
Pretty much palutena with a big butt.
File: jigokiller.jpg (247 KB, 1544x1030) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247 KB, 1544x1030
a jigokiller flower (as seen in Gatchaman) catching, draining and absorbing a woman and becoming a flower girl/alraune
Requesting an embarrassed mutlicocked futa simultaneously trying to fight an orgasm and cover herself in vain after being discovered jacking off.
Requesting the whitewashing scene from tom sawyer with everyone as futas, and the fence is made of dildos, and the whitewash is a bucket of fresh cum.

Oh, and they're "whitewashing" it using the inside of their butts.

Pretty please?
This must be.
File: ravenprog.jpg (169 KB, 1096x948) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 1096x948

still working on this, just slow going. here's progress.
File: Emeraude.png (117 KB, 560x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i'd like to request emeraude having absorbed lambda(spirit monster from the game) into her body reveling in the power its giving her unoticing that its plumping her body to ssbbw level
File: d85bf54537ee574291a4d2deff6fcc19.gif (65 KB, 441x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Requesting Pearl and Rose Quartz from Steven Universe dancing in Rose's secret cave.
Requesting Super Garlic Jr with a X-ray Uterus (like a see through belly with a uterus inside) zapping Pan from GT with pregnancy waves (rings or waves or a beam coming from his uterus) and Pan looking pained or shocked from her pregnancy and weight gain(with Pan being pretty tubby and her gut bulging out and big breasts just barely covered by her top (no nipples) and maybe a big butt if it can be done.) maybe for an added bonus; adult Gohan looking shocked or mad or aroused in the background. Maybe thinking something about his Pan being a pregnant teen.
File: rosalina.jpg (173 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 1500x1500
Requesting a trap Rosalina with an erection under her(his) dress, creating a bulge.
File: 1.jpg (73 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 800x450
Requesting swapnote Nikki being raped in all holes by Swapnotes with dicks, while thinking Why is it always dicks?!
File: Pamela and Lilim.jpg (40 KB, 828x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pamela and Lilim.jpg
40 KB, 828x662
humble Req:
Requesting the Red head as a oversized dicked futa, fucking the blue haired in the ass. Blue hair not enjoying it one bit, and the red hair overjoyed.
requesting kagome higurashi having fused with an obese yokai and shes now really fat (maybe with messy 80s hair and some wasteland warrior/mad max weird outfit)
File: Spar d.jpg (26 KB, 250x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spar d.jpg
26 KB, 250x510
Requesting futa lewds with mushroom witch Spar from Breath of Fire II. In-game Spar is a genderless plant creature, but it can transform into the mushroom girl. So a dick poking from the skirt would be nice.
File: ushimaru milking.jpg (820 KB, 2944x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ushimaru milking.jpg
820 KB, 2944x1200
Ushimaru, like the right pictures please
File: 1425518727720.jpg (324 KB, 800x1197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Requesting some giant Inklings please. Some vore scenarios would be nice but feel free to explore
File: Velvet.full.602112.jpg (2 MB, 2500x2996) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Odin Sphere girls having sex and draining the energy or whatever using their weapons - which absorb souls - from their mate?
I suppose anything else with her is good.
Taking Star Wars requests. Bonus if they involve alien gals.

/co/ didn't have much to pick atm.
File: padme.jpg (263 KB, 1135x1725) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 1135x1725
Padme getting fucked by a creature of some sort with stomach bulge. Or by a futa Ashoka Tano, also with stomach bulge.
File: ashoka.jpg (95 KB, 660x990) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
File: Yuzuko2.jpg (501 KB, 2504x3348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
501 KB, 2504x3348
Requesting Yuzu from Yuyushiki farting. Preferably with a look of relief on her face.
Req Ashoka mindtricking the viewer into inhaling her fart, or fugging her ass. Yandere eyes, with lip bite.
File: Sexed_Up.png (16 KB, 375x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 375x288
This is Dr. Amanda Rebecca. If it's possible, draw her right after the bra drops.

I wish for the following:
>Sex eye (You know, a very aroused face)
>Erect nipples
>Her skirt is soaked, if you wish to draw her bottom half.

Thank you for your time.
ahsoka with a sable laser clitoris XD
r63 Darth Maul using her light saber as Dildo?

cum string between her lips and fingers would appreciated
I'll write them down and try some sketches. Thanks for the requests.

Humbly requesting an image of Hermione Granger in which her forearms have become big cocks and her breasts have become massive testicles. Thank you!
I think he meant a light saber clitoris.
Thanks for linking to the color/edit thread!

Anyway, rerequesting Ashley (the black haired girl) in the middle of turning into a sheep. A sequence would be awesome, but that is of course up to you. Thanks!
Well, in my mind it's Tuesday night, so here's some rough sketches.

I still more or less remember everything you mentioned for the request, but if there's something specific I'm missing, let me know.

Anywho: Hopefully one of these is on the mark. Let me know which one(s) you like best, and I'll develop 'em more and get some lineart out. Obviously, if you don't like any of 'em, lemme know that too.

Also: I don't remember you mentioning any kind of character, so I just decided to go with some sort of punkish-vaguely-schoolish-thing-girl outfit. I hope that's all gravy with you.
Incidentally, if you do want a specific character, let me know(that too).

And uh
well, I hope you're not dead.
Either way: I'm having fun figuring out out to incorporate instruments.

Also: how did you want the x-ray thing handled?
I've got notes in the image for you, but I'll ask it here in-case you can't read 'em. I just wanna know if you meant like a cross-section sort of thing, or just a shot with some transparency to show you the insides of the instruments.

oh, and of course, if you like a pose but want something tweaked, let me know so that I can fix it sooner than later.

>tl;dr here's some rough sketches Sax Man. Let me know what you think and I'll start doing some line things.
requesting chichi after goku died vs cell. shes stopped caring about her looks without goku around and got into overeating and blimps out and soon shes a 600lb blob in bed with gohan cleaning her and feeding her. gohan feels guilty cuz of his being responsible for cell killing goku and chichi is a messy lardo with stains and filth and sweat and stink and gohan keeps feeding her cuz its all he can do to make her happy now. gohan was wiping her off and shes eating while nearly naked from her clothes not fitting and having ripped off of her and shes getting her sloppy eating spilled on gohan and hes got his arm stuck under one of her huge breasts (no nipple) and he looks stressed and disgusted but he knows he cant say anything as its his fault chichi became this...TUBB!!(maybe him thinking that)
File: Grieve-tan4.png (410 KB, 1065x779) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 1065x779
I told ya, MILF Grieve-tan is the way to go...
File: req.jpg (710 KB, 1854x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
710 KB, 1854x1200
Requesting a giantess True Midna cradling and breastfeeding an obese Link.
dammit, don't second requests. It makes people think i'm a rotten samefagging bastard and it's against the thread rules.
Please do not second posts.
Read the rules of the thread in the OP.
Requesting lilth slurping a shrunken Morrigan. Both are from Darkstalkers/Vampire
Requesting Link playing an Ocarina song which causes Saria,Ruto,OoT Princess Zelda,and Malon to fart uncontrollably.
requesting a futa centauress fucking her human boyfriend and transforming him into a cuntboy centaur.
Requesting Anzu from Yugioh as a really fat chick in a small bikini. (over 660lbs)
Requesting huge futa ogress sitting on a stone throne, towering over village of orcs, who bring her goblin slaves as food.
File: imoen.jpg (28 KB, 360x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 360x568
I'd like to request Imoen as a futa being pleasured by an Alu-fiend (half-human, half succubus) and cumming so hard that she loses her mind.
File: linkcontinued1.jpg (557 KB, 2696x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
557 KB, 2696x2368
I reworked the link rule 63 pic i made a while back
Requesting giant female marine running effortlessly over obstacle course but stepping on her drill sergeant.
Here's a story inspired by an extreme version of the cover drawn by Brent Cherry. Warning it's graphic.

OR here, awesome work, I really can't thank you enough. Top quality and great realization of the request. If I had anything else to nitpick (I don't) it'd just be selfish of me given how good this is.
A lot of artists don't have time/energy to devote to scouring a whole thread constantly for something that MIGHT pique their interest.

It's their free time, and most probably just give it a quick scan while working on other things.

Sometimes it IS best to request directly if they ask.

Even better is to have a really interesting reference set, something that calls out on its own. Changing the reference up, if you can, after a while isn't bad either.
File: Desert139794379973.jpg (2 MB, 2102x1466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2102x1466
Requesting the Desert Sorceress from Dark Souls2 as a giant having her feet worshipped.
File: wedding peach.jpg (54 KB, 690x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wedding peach.jpg
54 KB, 690x567
requesting a weight gain sequence of sailor venus or wedding peach of her being turned fatter and fatter by looking at a fat medusa. she should go from; 1 her normal weight 2 200lbs 3 380lbs 4 530lbs 5 800lbs (this is a guideline and doesn't need to be the exact number of stages or exact weight)
her outfit should stay intact but her spilling out of it is fine
she should be either giggling at or grossed out by the medusa's fatness and shocked by her expansion
I'd prefer it if the medusa is in a really skimpy sling bikini top or has snakes covering her nipples or w/e
File: momo peco.jpg (212 KB, 1072x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tentacle sex and oviposit with Peco
Make Momo actually curvy
this guy knows how we do
File: Witchie better.jpg (2 MB, 2661x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Witchie better.jpg
2 MB, 2661x2000
Witchy drinking freshly squeezed sperm in a tea cup while getting fucked or not
Or done by some animal/monsters
File: 37245411.jpg (457 KB, 760x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
457 KB, 760x1200
Requesting thick, muscular girl in pretty dress beating fat guy with his segway cause he splashed her dress with puddle. She should be big enough for segway to be like hammer to her. Bonus points for tiger-like beast that she was "dog walking".
File: At2-lelina.jpg (64 KB, 400x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 400x1000
Titfucking a monster cock or some tentacle sex - details up to artist (bulge, sperm/eggs, con or non-con)

Could someone please sauce this character? Reverse image search results are really vague.
You have the name and know that she's from anime.
Use google.
Any father and son or mothers and sons?
From Crime Edge
File: ref.jpg (232 KB, 974x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 974x670
Requesting a picture of Amazon Princess carrying carrying Edge Knight between her breasts. Right image is a reference for size difference between them.
Requesting Imp Midna being fucked in ass, but using her twilight power so the dick never enters her ass, but instead Medli (Or Romani) is reacting to have the dick penetrate their ass.
Hate sex, scissors at her throat but she's enjoying it, or cutting her hair while fucking her.
Source is Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Violet and Kiri
Also Witchy fucking Iwai with a large dick.
Requesting huge milf with extreme hourglass figure who sits on the couch to watch TV.
She then starts fucking herself with gigantic dildo which she throws behind her after she's done, unknowingly crushing her son (not shota) who was watching her from behind.
File: angel.jpg (678 KB, 657x890) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
678 KB, 657x890
Requesting a follow-up to an angel draining from a guy she likes http://deviants-despository.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=7215
http://deviants-despository.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=7216 or if someone can color them
after lots of sex and draining she gradually becomes a fallen angel, and still keeps having sex but the guy can't ever die so she's forever draining him, maybe even getting pregnant too.
This is a pic of her corrupted fully https://archive.loveisover.me/foolfuuka/boards/d/image/1418/93/1418930284209.jpg
I'm sorry for your loss.

>every weightgain/expansion post is asking for like a five part sequence

File: HomF.jpg (814 KB, 2894x4093) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
814 KB, 2894x4093
I'd like Hom bondage.
File: 12857643481.jpg (308 KB, 1599x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308 KB, 1599x675
Requesting voluptous Rosalina and Daisy wearing oversized sweaters as their dresses in the similar position as right pic.
Except Rosalina is standing and holding Daisy's legs up by the ankles. And her cock goes under Daisy's sweater and emerges through the boobhole so Rosalina cums on Daisy's face.
File: val.jpg (1 MB, 2654x1284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2654x1284
Requesting adult Valeria Richards (right) working on some complex equation while sitting on a floating chair because her love of ice cream as a child (left) has fattened her to immobility.
I like everything about this idea. I'll try to deliver today or tomorrow.
trying this gonna have her using lumo as cover. if you dont like that, fuck you.
File: 291986.jpg (76 KB, 555x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 555x640
Requesting Ibuki in her giant form fingering herself unleashing a huge wave of pussy juice
Requesting a girl being fucked by giant cake-guy (with bulge). She then starts eating him piece by piece, growing bigger and fatter.
When she's large enough she takes out his dick (now the size of average dildo) and pushes it inside her nipple.
After pulling it out, now covered in milk, she starts sucking it.
File: samusdraeneiprog2.png (1 MB, 1056x1709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1056x1709
A bit o progress on the Samus comic, haven't gotten to the fun bits but its going!
File: WIP4FAG.jpg (62 KB, 1080x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 1080x1224
WIP delivery for a faggot.
Looking awesome badderypak!
File: d34s4k7.jpg (561 KB, 1480x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
561 KB, 1480x1152
Requesting a bubble butt, futa nun, making the Virgin of Guadalupe give her a blowjob.
Requesting tall futa sitting on a bus stop bench watching scantily clad trap reading bus sign. Her balls grow massive and block one roadway making a bus crash into them causing her gigantic cock to erupt cum and flood second roadway.
Bonus point for some biker drowning in her cum.
File: rosafuta.jpg (237 KB, 2250x2550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 2250x2550
Delivery, one Rosalina extra Sausage.
File: rosafutablush.jpg (245 KB, 2250x2550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245 KB, 2250x2550
And a blush version. if you want a textless version, just erase the text.
File: Zelda Cia.png (856 KB, 793x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Zelda Cia.png
856 KB, 793x767
Requesting Cia having used a wish on the Triforce to make Zelda into a drooling moron, lauching as the dumbed down Princess shoves things up her asshole while saying 'I's da keepuh of Wisdumb'
Looks great, thanks anon!
File: griek ciel.jpg (121 KB, 798x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
griek ciel.jpg
121 KB, 798x523
Size difference sex
File: 2013-11-26-152801.jpg (142 KB, 960x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 960x544
Requesting some oviposit/egg laying with Torahime here from Muramasa
cool now draw some more things
Ok, sorry, i'll make sure to not dump any art here anymore.
lol unless it was a delivery, it doesn't belong itt, you know this, cymato
Really? I thought art folk could dump in drawthreads so long as stuff is related in some manner shape or form.
Not with this board's image limit they don't. For real, though, I thought the point of drawthreads was to toss ideas at artists who are running dry on them, or want a challenge, or just want to draw for people. And the result, is what gets posted. Well, that and image refs.
But I could be wrong, I'm not exactly part of the "old guard" here.
Requesting more /d/-tan because why the fuck not.

The board's image limit has been 250 images per thread for over a year now.

It's the 300 post (really OP + 299 replies) bump limit that makes these threads so regular.
Now i know. I deleted it - hope it's enough.
File: PolarisRequest.png (1 MB, 1020x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1020x742
I think I should explain the idea behind my request to give a better idea what I'm looking for.

Polaris is an X-Men character in her late 20s, she was recently the leader of a corporate X-Factor. I've started to like the idea of her demoted, put on a team or forced to attend a class where she's treated like a preteen. This includes the humiliation of her being expected to look up to and admire young teens as her betters, obey their orders, and ask them for help.

The real request is Polaris, clearly an adult, made up like a preteen girl and hating it. I'd especially like to see her with a pair of girly braids.
File: Dinah and Dinah.jpg (215 KB, 784x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dinah and Dinah.jpg
215 KB, 784x699
Requesting angel Dinah from Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 fucking the protagonist while crying and parts (like clothes, wings) turning into her devil form while he cums inside her. Or the devil fucking the angel, futa.
Thanks, and I'm not sure if this is complicated or not.
File: Misha.jpg (34 KB, 409x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 409x800
/d/orse please
Are you asking for her to be horse fucked?
Look up a "Queen's Horse" if that shows up somewhere. It's basically her taking form of a vagina creature with a dick.
Not him, but, why not? Or ar least a disembodied/off-screen one
requesting dana from Robotech in jail as a sweaty 500lb fatty and eating garbage. shes thinking; ugg! I stink! i need a shower! how long are they gonna keep me in here? and why cant I stop eating this garbage?!
and theres a chute with garbage coming in her cell
I have no issue with girls fucked by horses. I actually kinda like it. I was just wondering if that's what /d/orse meant.
Same, but not many are willing to draw it.
This is a /d/orse.


I'm not really into them myself, but it's one of the things that you only ever seem to see in these threads.
Oh dear.
Requesting Motoko Kusanagi from the '95 GITS movie, lying or kneeling with legs open and with a holo-tentaclecock(?) or dildo in ass, with R63 and newhalf versions.

I think they're probably a trolling thing like haigure was
Requesting Aik being used to make Elite Salt
File: 1418138542029.jpg (1 MB, 1261x2096) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1261x2096
Something with stupid sexy Ranko
Maybe oviposition or Rea as a futa fucking Ranko and pumping her womb full of cum
da heck guys??

shame on you!

^This is correct, please don't listen to the anons, ugh, if there is one thing i can't stand... please know that you ARE wanted here and to not listen to the vocal minority

the idea was to have /d/rawbros draw /d/related things, that's it, the requests are just the usual means to an end

this is a place to post stuff you've been working on/get new ideas

(all that is asked is posters be responsible and not dump a ton of old pictures)
File: butterfly mook.jpg (145 KB, 432x866) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
butterfly mook.jpg
145 KB, 432x866
Titfuck or nipple fucking please.
Requesting a espurr admiring serena bare soles while she is in her bed Reading a book and has her feer on the edge of bed
Requesting futa Stevonnie.

I think that its logic since she is a fusion of persons with different sex
File: 1000summers.jpg (345 KB, 1275x3750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 1275x3750
For sax man:
I might as well be persistent.
I put in some more time to tweak a few things about these. Still nothing refined, but just some small changes that I wanted to make.
I decided to work on something else tonight since I'm really just waiting for a green light before I hit the gas.

As soon as I've got a response on any further specifics that you want, I'll be ready to pump out some actual lineart for you.
File: chie yukiko rise.png (542 KB, 715x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chie yukiko rise.png
542 KB, 715x566
/r/ing futa Chie balls deep in either Rise or Yukiko and filling her with cum.
> Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
requesting Rika as a futa getting a blowjob from her naked mother. She's about to cum and her mother is saying "I'll let you cum where you want, but you have to do what I say."
Requesting E HERO Burst Lady as ssbbw(at least 380lbs) theres not enough Burst Lady art out there.
File: boku.jpg (273 KB, 1830x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1830x800
Requesting Frog, Gravity, Ivisible and Target girls comparing their cocks with Target being the biggest and boasting she should be in class A instead. With another shot showing Invisible girl putting on condom so everyone can see she's absolutely the biggest one.
Requesting this girl (or a simmilar looking one) as a futa with about a half-dozen tentacle dicks, giving one of ther tentacocks a titjob as another fucks her throat, while another pair fuck her ass and pussy, the fifth one wrapped around her neck choking her, and the last getting ready to give her a facial
File: 1427010225642.png (983 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
983 KB, 1920x1080
Requesting a continuation for this pic, please.
File: 1427262056450.png (609 KB, 700x1010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
609 KB, 700x1010
To commemorate DMC4:SE, requesting a Demon possessed Lady in lewd BDSM gear getting cummed on, or having a spunk bath.
File: mary-marvel1.jpg (44 KB, 400x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 400x517
Somebody would like to take a TF request?

I want to request Mary Marvel turning into a cowgirl.
Udders or hooves would be cool.

Thanks in advance if somebody take it.
Sax man here, after a long day's work...

That top one, holy shit yeah <3
Absolutely awesome.
I love the boobs and facial expression, and oh man those thighs are godlike... :D

And transparency is fine, or cross-sectional/cutaway x-ray, whichever is easiest to draw. I know both are equally cool looking, I like seeing the futacock <3

yeah, so the top one is fucking perfect <3

I'm gonna go fall into a work-induced sleep now. goodnight.
File: 1422128282332.jpg (223 KB, 850x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 850x949
Requesting huge demon girl sitting on captured guy and fisting him.
File: Nsfwstevonnie_001.png (1 MB, 800x1216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 800x1216
A sketch cause insomnia and no desire to ink and color... Maybe later? >>6070597
requesting mai shiranui as sue ellen mischke and chun li as elaine from seinfeld. mai wearing a bra as a top and chun li not approving.
File: image.jpg (162 KB, 1105x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 1105x1200
Requesting someone groping their thick, newly-expanded lips.
Will the guy who keeps requesting fattened retro anime girls ever stop cluttering threads with a hundred variations of the same request?
what was that program similar to paint but better?(i'ts not sai)
File: 20150326162225679.png (214 KB, 601x977) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 601x977
File: Yo butt.jpg (322 KB, 1174x934) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yo butt.jpg
322 KB, 1174x934
Requesting a pic from the guy's PoV of Yozakura on his lap, grinding her butt (in jeans) against his strained cock, looking back at him with a bit of a happy/confident grin on her face.
Neat. You know I wouldn't mind Yozakura in one of those.
Super cute, thanks Switch~
Her chest size seems to drastically change between outfits, is that also one of her powers?
nah my proportions are just a thing that never have consistency
Fair enough, still good regardless of proportions.
File: amazon_princess.png (108 KB, 808x951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 808x951
Requesting a frog monster girl laying eggs and getting off on it.
Considering I drew an alien/frog like butt the other night, this seems right up my alley.
It's glorious.
Thanks a lot.
Requesting this trap with giant dick failing the height check to ride rollercoaster even though his "head" is above the mark.
Thanks for taking my request so quickly.
File: katara.png (241 KB, 858x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 858x660
I'm wet.
File: 3years.jpg (840 KB, 1896x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
840 KB, 1896x2368
Here's a request:
In-game, these four are trapped for three years by monster and such. Draw what happened to them, maybe a scene or two of each year, all the juices, semen, eggs, babies (if any) and all that.
File: Kurumi brushing.jpg (2 MB, 2336x3880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kurumi brushing.jpg
2 MB, 2336x3880
Requesting PoV of brushing Kurumi's teeth please Make her holding the back of the hand brushing her teeth, and her liking it with a heart speech bubble and bedroom eyes, please.
Hell, it can also be during sex
Isn't she normally a "non-futa woman" though?
Requesting a trap or futa or maybe even a woman (!) with a juicy butt spreading their anus and showing the inside to the viewer. Plot twist: the walls on the inside are lined with the heads of penises leaking precum.
Reference picture to show what I mean.
Also rainbow to catch attention.
You don't have to put a rainbow in the drawing.
File: male-fu.png (416 KB, 507x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I'd really like to have a male no balls futa (see reference) leaking cum from practically every orifice and having an arrogant smirk on his face.
Hard or flaccid, I'm fine with either.
any simple shortstack requests?
short stack taking on an extremely long dildo?
How about some guy being accosted by a group of shortstack aliens?
Shortstack shoving an entire stack of flapjacks up her ass.
Shortstack and a tentacle monster with very short but thick tentacles.
Two shortstacks standing on eachother's shoulders to get into a movie... With sexy complications.
Now i kinda want to see the shortstacks combining (in the secual way) into a mega robot.

They secure each other with fisting.
Playing with her uncut penis and smegma.
A shortstack showing off her ass with large anal beads sticking out.
File: chi_rise_bang.png (174 KB, 525x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

Hope you like it =)

Not the OR, but holy shit that's amazing.
Hold on bro, i've almost finished your request for ssbbw burstinatrix. i'll probably colour it tomorrow ;)

I'll do this one. If not done today, will be done tomorrow.
>family guy
back to deviantart with you

Oh hell yeah Naoto appreciation time.
Requesting a feeble elf getting taken over by a parasite which causes her to transform into a horrific monster.
File: naotosexual.png (7 KB, 250x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 250x269

cant NOT draw the wife

even with a dick
File: d94.jpg (67 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 960x540
Requesting shortstack futa (or trap with very wide hips/huge ass) with huge erect cock riding (reverse cowgirl position) the average cock of tall and muscular futa who's not very interested in sex (may be reading a book or eating instead) and only uses her other hand to give shortstack/trap a handjob.
They could be either generic characters or Daisy/Rosalina with former being shortstack.

I've seen your artwork, and honestly you draw my favorite Naotos.
Requesting Tanya as shown in the MK X trailer as a tsundere, getting fucked and loving it while trying to maintain her composure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgMzil1sfio
File: SashaRef.jpg (2 MB, 1169x872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1169x872
Requesting a hypnotized Sasha Braus grinding herself on a large snake.
I'm going to give this one a try. You still there OP?
File: usagi-drop-2477977.jpg (156 KB, 800x1142) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 800x1142
Requesting Rin masturbating with tears running down her eyes as Daisuke fucks some random person infront of her.
A snake?
Wouldnt a large potato make more sense?

This guy >>6071779
already posted one.
LOL woops im retarded. The MKX link got me to a stream of youtube vids and I lost my train of thought.
OR here

nice... cant wait, bro.
I wanted to post this in the vore thread, but there wasn't a normal sized pred non-incest thread.
Just to say that the NTR vore comic we all talked about ages ago is slowly being worked on. I'll report back to a vore thread when the lineart for the first page is done.
File: pai1x.jpg (333 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333 KB, 1280x960
R'ing a futa pai trying to hide her massive erection
Since you're asking for Mortal Kombat specific requests, I've got one that I never ask because I expect it won't have any takers.

How about one of Kitana with foul breath that comes out like black smoke, flies buzzing around her, and maybe hairy armpits? The idea's that she's been cursed and the curse gives her new powers based on stench.
File: ranma2.jpg (91 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 640x480
R'ing Akane falling into the spring of drowned boy and then girl Ranma finding herself suddenly needing Akane's new cock.
Requesting a guy or a couple in a parked roadster being splashed with cum from much bigger car parked next to their.
Fapping sounds coming from big car and a female leg is hanging outside.
File: tsudere-tanya-mkx.png (439 KB, 936x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439 KB, 936x720

f a t a l i t t i e (like tittie. get it?)
. __________.
File: Crysta_Fern_Gully.jpg (13 KB, 626x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 626x353
This but with her massively long (but not super thick) flaccid uncut penis in one hand and two cherries on a stem in the other.

You can draw Zak with bulging eyes too if you want.
File: smelly-kitana.png (514 KB, 900x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514 KB, 900x650

Cool, thanks! She looks really happy about stinking up the place, the show-off!
File: 2453476324.png (293 KB, 800x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 800x480
Requesting Nita pulling a prank on Morgan by shoving a pokeball up her ass, only for it to unexpectedly release a Voltorb inside of her.
thanks but you linked it to the wrong post dude XD
File: 1231231231432.png (478 KB, 1346x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Requesting a sequence of pictures after this where Roxie has a bunch of eggs in her ass. They grow and she gets a pregnant looking big stomach. Lays giant eggs that stretch her butthole. Then possibly nursing the little cute bugs.

I guess it's a lot to ask but it can just be a sketch. No need to color and all that.
File: Vaiya MD geist.jpg (48 KB, 458x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Vaiya MD geist.jpg
48 KB, 458x338
requesting Vaiya from MDgeist as a 350lb fat chick playing sega genesis with a bag of chips and a 2L bottle of pop next to her(maybe her in her undies or sexy lingerie)
File: IMG_0632-533x416.jpg (10 KB, 533x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 533x416

Requesting a woman or futa force-fed or willingly stuffing herself with a massive quantity of aqua crystals, washed down with water. She is transformed into a lumpy, nearly spherical, squishy beanbag (and maybe lounged on by a dominant looking person?)
I was hoping it would be you that would do my request.
Thanks a ton in advance, Gastric.
Oh god, that looks like Horihone's work. What is this?
Probably Horihone's work, maybe something from the end of Molly House. The beginning was vanilla but I didn't read through till the end yet.
File: 41_Mar26_TwoTipsNaoto.png (34 KB, 450x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]


Not the OR, but I love the P4D attire.
OR here, this is great.
Thanks a bunch again, I love your stuff.
File: Eliza-Filia.jpg (729 KB, 2688x1338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Skullgirls Eliza with a dick fucking and impregnating Filia
OR Eliza with horse/dog/pig or just a dick of them

OR here, I love it. Many thanks!
great job

....though was hoping both parts were of equal rez
File: 1932001.jpg (403 KB, 695x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403 KB, 695x900
Requesting tall, muscular amazon in pretty dress holding parking meter in one hand and dragging some unconscious guy with other.
Not sure if I should go to sleep now or block in colors.
but anywho: that's basically it for the line art.
Let me know if you want anything tweaked, sax man.
also: how do you feel about body paint?
That is really hot, haha, it's looking stellar!
It's awesome, and body paint is cool!

Also, I vote you get some sleep. Sleep is impooortaaaant.
Requesting a disappointed lesbian centaur who tries to put on a strap-on in order to fuck her girlfriend.
File: 24626785795.jpg (550 KB, 1155x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
550 KB, 1155x1600
Requesting her as futa sitting on a hospital cot, wearing e-collar around her huge glans with foreskin trying to encompass it.
E-collar should be large enough to prevent her from touching her penis' head with tag "No shoving things inside urethra!"
It's from Growing Girl by Horihone, or at least that's what my folder is named.
One of my all time favourite hentai mangas.
Requesting a girl undressing from a kigurumi (she's naked under it) and being surprised to find she has grown an animal dick while wearing it.
Dick and kigurumi should be from the same animal.
Make the girl look however you prefer.
Oh hey, I've been checking the filename-search in the archive lately so I wouldn't miss when you started posting it again. Looks great so far.
/r/ing an Orc raping a femboy, and the Orc jizz turning him into a futa Orc breeding sow.
Is that the same as Left Hand, Right Hand from Hole of the Flesh?
No Growing Girl is the name of the Tankoban not the story.
File: XY_Schoolboy.png (57 KB, 134x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 134x374
Requesting BE of the Schoolboy trainer class from Pokémon X/Y
Sheeva (Goro's wife from Mortal Kombat) naked and as a shemale with two sizable (but not gigantic) uncut penises and four balls.

If you want, have her getting a hand-job from both of Sonya Blade's hands, or even two blow-jobs from two random MK women!
File: daisy.png (282 KB, 837x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
282 KB, 837x734
Requesting a followup with Rosalina being chased and caught by giant Daisy. After being shoved up Daisy's vagina Rosalina eats mushroom and starts growing.
It ends with Daisy having her belly bloated like some massive pregnancy but only having Rosalina's head inside her with rest of Rosalina's massive body being forced outside.
Yes I am still here, hope you're game for it.
File: Sexophone.jpg (64 KB, 500x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 500x654
All I can think of looking at this
I'm not sure if you're still hanging around, but I'm here to let you know that everything broke. Tablet, program, computer. So the odds of me fulfilling this request in the near future are slim to none.

I hope some other drawfag fills this request. Sorry for not being able to deliver.
A simple drawing will suffice.
No bumping.