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Enema thread
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Anything that goes with liquid sodomy !
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I can't wait for Raidy 3
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What game are these from?
Lightning Warrior Raidy. There are three parts so far, fourth in making.
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What type do you prefer ? Clyster or tube ?
Clyster for quick clean-outs and tube for deep, belly-distenting cleans.
There is so much enema and scat in starless, it's great. Anyone who hasn't checked it out, please do
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Night Shift Nurses also had several enemas.

It may have been the first anime to display them going in and going out.
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Are there any physiologically inert substances you can put up your ass for extended periods of time, say, 30-60 minutes? I know water intoxication is a thing, and it sounds like something I don't want to risk.
commonly known as saltwater.

water intoxoication comes from inbalances in your salt levels because the intestines absornb to much water.
saline keeps the saltlevels balanced
I like enemas but not scat, sadly. It's an awkward combo.
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Same. I love the feeling of being clean and fuckable but the process of expelling is really a hassle.
What game is that from?
It's been driving me mad lately: I can't find doujinshi I saw before, it's about a boy buying water when shopkeeper (woman) suggests that he's gonna stick it up his ass. You can guess where it leads. One of the last scenes is where she gives him an enema and then sticks a water tap in his ass, directs it at his face and opens it.

I've been doing enemas for a number of years, and I've really started enjoying high capacity enemas for long periods of time.

I'm finding that ~1 tbsp of sea salt per US gallon of water is nice and comfy for holding an enema for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour.
Over the years of experimenting I've come to find that there are a lot of ways to do an enema for very different experiences. The retention enema can be for getting a good first clean in a series, introducing drugs or herbs, and for the pleasure or discomfort of distention. If you introduce plain tap water it really should not be held for more than 15-20 mins because you start getting into absorption territory. That's why you use saline, as many here are suggesting, or cap your hold time off. Other great enemas include the cold and soapy enema.
The soapy enema (which you really shouldn't do more than say 2x a week) is meant to be the first in a series for getting nice and clean. You don't need any special soap, Dr. Bonners or Ivory will do (just try not to use soap with too many synthetic ingredients, essential oils are fine). The soap is going to irritate the lining of the colon, as it's meant to, so that you can expel the most waste possible. You can leave a soapy enema in for 15-30 mins, but the cramping will probably prompt an earlier void than you will hope for.
The cold enema can be done with saline for safety in longer holds, but I dare you to hold a truly icy one for more than 20. Cold water (technically anything under 75°F) causes peristaltis in the colon and your body will want to get it out ASAP.
Oof, just writing about it is making my gut ache, haha. But in a good way.
hello my fellow /d/eviants, can any of you tell me what the term is for the large enema syringe like it >>6087968 ?
i cant seem to find one for sale like it.
It's called a clyster I think

I think this is what you're looking for, page 30-47:

http: //nhentai.net/g/37556/
thank you, clyster let me right to it. apparently its called a "Colonic Syringe" in a 100 ml size. thanks again for the help <3.
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argh that bottle wouldn't work at all for giving enemas

this bothers me greatly
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Also, I bought this thing a little while back and it is fantastic in every way. Couldn't recommend it more.

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Whoa, acid citric hurt that much ? Nice caption though, I hope you're willing to write more in the future.
To be honest I'm not sure (and I'm not brave enough to try a lemon juice enema). It's mostly an educated guess based on mucous membranes' sensitivity to acids.
And also yes, I'd definitely be willing to write more. Any requests or questions?
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How about this one ? Auntie didn't want to spend the week end looking after her nieces so she tie them up in the basement, plugs them with enemas bags full of vetetable soups and other cheap nourishment stuff and connect them so they can "feed themselves" (No scat please)
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Something like creepy old psychiatric treatments - a young lady is falsely convicted in an insane asylum and her supposed schizophrenia is treated with chemical hydrotherapies
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Princess threw a hissy fit because her birthday cake didn't had whipped cream on it, so the king, fed up with her bratty attitude, ordered the servants to flood her belly with fresh whipped cream through enemas and prevent her from emptying her bowels until dusk
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I can't write theses myself since english is not my mother language... always end up a little awkward
What type of toilet should we use you as, then?
dunno, but the picture is from Clockup's Euphoria VN
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It feels so nice when getting filled to capacity and bulged... when your tummy starts blubbering and swells. This pressure is so nice. It's the point where you start winding and squirming, solely due to the pressure.

My big girl wants to fill me up. But she would like to have a penis, to fulfil the task. I never told her that she could do it with this. I'm not sure, if she gets creeped out ._.
So, for starters, food cannot be successfully be stripped of nutrients while just in the colon. That means that Auntie would have to have a little more experience with enema techniques than the average klysmo. She would need to run a tube up into their small intestines to "feed". As difficult as that is it's a pretty hot thought. Also that picture isn't going to be fully a fit with the story but I'll make it work as much as possible.

Auntie was never what one would consider a nice woman. She was always very strict and lashed me and my sister for even the smallest of infractions. As we grew her methods of punishment changed too. She would administer us painful and embarrassing enemas in front of one another. She herself had a lot of experience in administering them, hence she knew what compounds in solution produced the most desired effects.
Auntie had long been planning a trip to the coast and my sister and I had begged her to take us along. We only had an idealized picture of the beach: saltwater taffies on the boardwalk, sunshine, arcades, and seafood. Auntie was taken aback with my sister's forwardness, and the next thing we knew she had us bound on our backs, ass-to-ass, our pussies and asses up and vulnerable to her ministrations.
First she applied a paltry amount of lube to our asses and then she disappeared to get her equipment. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen Auntie so furious, so both my sister and I knew we were in trouble.
"I had planned on having you two eat my leftover vegetable soup for most of my absence, but given both of your terrible displays of gratitude earlier today I am going to have to make your feeding and care while I'm gone a painful lesson."
Saying that, she poured vegetable soup from a pot into the reservoirs of two hanging glass enema bottles. She let the soup travel down the tubes until they just reached the ends before sealing them off. Next she catheterized both of us, which stung greatly. (1/2)
After that she ran the thin tubes from the enema bottles deep inside us. She started with my sister who groaned and tossed while the tube was fed deep, deep into her. It first traveled up the rectum, then into the colon, bending over on the transverse, and finally prodding at the entrance to the small intestine. Auntie made sure it was in just the right position before thrusting it in roughly, popping through into the intestine and causing my sister to cry out and begin blubbering.
My tubing came next. It was a very odd sensation to feel Auntie's tube slide deeper into me than anything ever had before. It caused me to cramp and sweat and cry, but finally she had finished me as well. Then Auntie added tubes that connected both of our mouths to each other's asses.
"You had better keep positive pressure or you'll get a taste of your sister's awful cooking. I will have one of my trusted servants come and visit you two to make sure you don't backup and are always supplied with fresh soup."
Then she smiled ever so sweetly before leaving us in this compromising situation for an entire week.
Well, you might be disturbed to know that such treatments were actually implemented on the mentally ill in asylum (and even spanning into the modern hospital) age. It was rather uncommon but not unheard of.

I had never imagined that my life could turn this horrifying. My mother and my new husband both colluded to have me put away in this hellhole asylum because they knew I was onto their secret relationship. All that was needed was his signature and her damning testimony before I was put away, never to experience freedom again.
While it was true that I sometimes saw things that weren't there and heard noises I could only explain as hallucinations, they were always benign and I became very good at ignoring them. At one point I told my mother that I sometimes saw things that weren't there. I'm sure she filed that away as evidence against me to be used at a later time because when I caught her and my young husband together and threatened to tell everyone, she headed the effort to put me away.
Once I got there I was subjected to all manner of degradation. I was told by a fellow patient to obey all orders from nurses, orderlies, doctors, and staff; lest I get the icepick.
One night I had been placed in tight, wet sheets in a room with air flowing from a window with the aid of a fan in the common practice called sheeting. My shivers were visible and the clacking of my teeth could be heard from across the room.
"She is probably dehydrated," said a doctor from the hallway, "Hallucinations can be brought on by dehydration, so we need her to drink."
"We had her drinking water earlier and she can't keep more than a cup or so down," replied a nurse.
"Then colonic hydrotherapy is our next option. Give her a nice soapy one to garner submission and then follow up with a few big plain water ones."
Without question the nurse had me wheeled to a room with hanging glass enema bottles and other colonic accessories. (1/2)
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Wish you had put more details about how awful and humiliating the whole ordeal feels but nonetheless thank you very much for writing this nice story!

Can't wait for the second part
The room that I entered was filled top to bottom with all of the enema equipment you could imagine. Clyster, bags, bottles, and pumps hung from IV stands all over the room. There was an operating table as well as a gynecological chair fitted with stirrups. I was already terrified, on the verge of begging the nurse not to wash out my insides.
"Take off your clothes and lie face-down on the table with one leg hitched up, please."
The please at the end was just habit, I knew I didn't have a choice in the matter. I shamefully disrobed without a barrier between me and the nurse. Then I climbed onto the table into the position described and dropped my head into my folded arms. A finger slicked lubricant across my ass, making me shiver. The finger lingered, running circles around my hole and slowly pushing itself up inside me. The sensation was foreign and made me sick to my stomach, plus the stretching was uncomfortable at best.
"You're going to need to relax for this to work," chided the nurse.
I tried my hardest to relax despite how violated this whole ordeal made me feel. The nurse went to prepare my enema then, turning on the tap to warm and filling a red bag with warm water and a generous squirt of peppermint Castile soap. Then not long after a tube with a stopper was fed into my ass. It stretched and burned and I cried out aloud as it popped in and secured itself on both sides of the sphincter.
Then warm water flowed into me. At first it felt pleasant, but then a pressure began to grow. It felt like the worst constipation she could imagine, but with gurgling and bloatedness that only managed to grow. Cramps set in and I yelled aloud, scrambling against the table. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the nurse silently made to fasten me down with wrist and ankle restraints.
"P-please turn it off... I'm not seeing things anymore. I'm not..."
"You're still dehydrated though," the nurse replied simply and coldly.
(2/woops I dunno)
I felt like I was so full of water that at any minute I would burst. Time stretched out into torturous infinity as I rode out the wracking cramps. Finally I heard a bubbling and a gurgle from the bag-- I had finished it. I breathed a small sigh of relief.
"Agh... Can I let it out now?"
"No, now it needs to sit and work. You're going to hold that one for twenty minutes."
I went pale. The administration of the enema couldn't have been more than five minutes or so, but that had felt like eternity. I waited as cramps hit me in sickening waves. If I had eaten anything today it might have come up then, but it didn't. The pain combined with the shame at my exposure... I felt like I might even pass out.
Twenty minutes finally passed and I was presented a bucket to void in. I felt great relief and by the time I finished I was exhausted.
"One down, two more to go."
Another tube was promptly pushed up inside me, deeper this time. Cold water began to flow up into me, which felt very odd and almost more uncomfortable and cramp inducing than the soapy water had. I swelled with the two quart contents of the second bag. It had filled me sooner than I had realized, and a very large plug was slid up into me to keep the liquid inside. This time I was left for 25 minutes.
Another voiding later, I had finally earned my last fill. This time hot water was pumped up into me with the aid of a bulb that the nurse squeezed. Three quarts of hot water found their way up into my guts, and I moaned the first time since this torture began. The warmth inside radiated to all parts of me. I even felt myself grow slightly wet in response, but quickly a wave of shame overtook me. This enema I was meant to retain for 30 minutes, and I had only just started. It began burning at the halfway mark, leading into a series of mild yet quick firing cramps. My distended belly was loud and angry from all of the foreign stimulation. I could hear my pulse loud in my head. (3/4)
Finally I had completed the series of enemas. I was presented the bucket once more, this time passing water as clear as a spring. I felt a strong urge to pee and the nurse freed me from my restraints so that I could do so.
Later from my bed I would wonder why the last enema had given me so much pleasure. It was not proper to respond that way to a medical treatment. Nonetheless I continued to search for the source. I tried fingering my ass a few times, but to no avail. I even stole a squirt bottle from the mess hall and tried shooting water up inside. Nothing would do.
"Doctor," I said timidly one day, "I think I'm dehydrated again."
With a knowing smile, the doctor led me back to the dark colonic room.
The Princess had never felt so cheated in her life. Her grand ball of a birthday had gone off in almost all respects without a hitch, but there was one crucial missing part. She had made it clear that her cake was to be strawberry and cream, with fresh whipped cream piped generously on every corner. What arrived, however, was a creme cake with plum instead.
"It isn't what I wanted!" she cried shrilly before running out, making a huge scene.
The King felt very embarrassed and apologized to the guests. He decided then that the Princess would have to be punished for this.
The Baker was informed that he needed to make two gallons of heavy cream into whipped cream. A large syringe was provided for the cream to be sucked up into. While curious, the Baker was wise enough not to ask what it was for.
The Princess sulked in her room.
"My darling, please come out," spoke the King from the other side of her door. "I have a surprise for you that will surely make you forget this minor mishap."
She grinned, sure that her pouting had won her a nice prize.
When she opened the door, he father had a guard and two handmaidens waiting. The guard was holding a large brass syringe and the Princess immediately became afraid. Before she could close the door, the handmaidens were upon her, holding her down.
Her father sneered down at her silently.
"I want you to fill this spoiled brat up to the brim. She will only be allowed release at dusk."
Then he sat down and watched while the guard poked the tip of the syringe in without lubrication.
She cried out, struggling while the trigger was depressed and a torrent of whipped cream poured into her. The handmaidens silently massaged her stomach, working the frothy cream deep into her but also attempting to lessen the cramps. If they couldn't get her to hold the cream till dark, they faced punishment of untold horror. The King grinned as his daughter was pumped full. (1/2)
The King found pleasure in watching. Not only because it was a display of his power, but also because it was an exotic sight. The Princess arched and sweated, groaning as she was filled. Gurgles and bubbling could be heard even from where the King was sitting.
The brass syringe was halfway full now. The Princess' belly had begun to swell and distend visibly by now. She began crying and shaking.
"Father... Why are you doing this?" she managed between gasps and groans.
"You need to learn to appreciate what you are given. You asked for cream and by God you're getting it."
More of the foam rushed in. The guard was close to the end of his job, pressing the trigger until it was flush with the opposite end. Then a handmaiden quickly plugged her and secured it in with a few loops of rope around her groin, legs, and waist.
The torturous countdown to dusk began. It felt like forever. She sat on the ground rocking back and forth and sweating. The pressure was immense. Occasionally she would look outside, tracking the descent of the sun fearfully. When it came time for her release, the King had her perch over the edge of the balcony. In full view of all of her subjects, the Princess was ordered to void. She did so with much shame and relief, white cream shooting out of her like the foam from a champagne bottle. From below it looked as if a pure white linen was billowing out of the Princess' ass. The cream fell to the ground below, running in between cobblestones, the Princess pushing hard to ease the last of her unbearable pressure. Finally she slumped, finished with the horribly embarrassing ordeal.
"That's a good girl. I hope you can appreciate the gifts you are so generously given from now on."
She silently nodded, praying she would never incur his wrath again.
Thank you so much anon; I had theses stories in my mind for quite a long time but like I said my writing is crap. Here, have some more pictures !
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I'm going to write the others soon! I'm just eating lunch and a lil too high at the moment to give the writing my best. Check back in and I'll keep adding stuff and responding to more prompt or questions.
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Yup, I edited the picture- added more greenish colors to the tubes (I love enemas and tubes but I hate scat, go figure). Did you play the eroge ? The voice acting, this scene in particuliar, was very good!

Sorry, it seems you didn't understand what I was trying to explain (curse my poor grasp of english language!) - the girls feed themselves by squirting the soup to each other's mouths instead of being feed via their intestines. Don't worry, the story is very good

I certainly would welcome more of your stories ! Especially with this one >>6087988; I love brown elves. Btw did you try milk & molasses enema ? It's one of the most (safe) hardcore solution ever
File: J1AY44I.jpg (71 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If anyone is wondering, the strange pinkish goo in the tubes is minced meat mixed with glycerin (I played the game). How safe is that ? I know it's just an eroge but I'm curious
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Asaka Tamaki Enema.png
2 MB, 1180x1194
I love Tsurumiku's eroges - sadistic as posible (without going into guro and too depressing stuff) Great enema scenes too. (with expulsions noises if you're into that).
In this scene the poor girl's rectum is filled with rice and sushis - because she's the sushi shop owner's daughter.
This time she's the daughter of a rich ranch owner - so her captor decided to fill herto the brim with milk. Kinda ironic
Now this cute girl is Sakurai Natsuki; She fight back a lot but since she's also member of a caligraphy club, she end up taking long excruciating ink enemas.
Probably... not... at all. There are plenty of nasty bacteria and viruses that adore to live on fresh meat. So pumping those organisms into another organisms is likely a good way to kill someone.
Last one, and I'm off to bed; This is Nagata Kanae; An occult magazine editor that went to investigate the strange urban legends about disapearing girls. The captor decide to give her several enemas since he's expecting her to be an"expert in bullshit" (Great pun).

(Please don't mind the purple color; Like I said I don't like scat so I always end up editing the pictures so it looks like they are shitting enemas solutions/&c instead of actual fecal matter. Autistic I know, I know...)
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This doesn't surprise me, this nukige is very stupid after all. (But the voice acting is soo good !)
Discipline. You better don't cheat on you exams, or Leona will have to punish you.
I'll switch up the POV on this one for a little freshness.

The elf girl that we captured from the Wilds would not reveal the location of her people's encampment no matter what we threatened her with. We knew from the few researchers that spoke with these creatures that there was one torture that was considered shameful among their people and might just work however.
Within the tribe, it was called the Spout Torture. It involved a hollow vine that is affixed to a running spout of water. The vine was poked into the anus and the victim filled until they confessed or ruptured from the overwhelming volume.
With no intention of actually doing her permanent harm, we had one of our foremost interrogators prepare an ice cold clyster.
"This is likely to cramp," he explained. She did not understand his speech but grew very frantic as she was stripped and her hands tied behind her knees and ass in the air. In her language she begged that they stop, fearing for her life at this point. She still had no intention of giving up her people, but begged to her gods for mercy as the tip of the clyster was poked into her tight anus. She cried out and tears formed at the corners of her eyes. This was a shame that would even stain her in the afterlife, she thought.
The trigger was depressed and water began rushing in. She babbled back at the interrogator and the others in the room, asking for a warrior's death rather than this. More fluid rushed in and she felt the cramps setting in. Nausea flowed over her in waves and she choked aloud. Water streamed down from her ass following the contour of her beautiful brown ass and legs.
The interrogator knew that arousal was part of the job from time to time but this one perturbed them the most. The girl before them quaked in mortal terror and they could feel a distinct stirring in the loins over the sight.
She struggled as more water was pushed in, finishing. A plug went in and the clyster filled once more with ice water. (1/2)
The plug was removed as quickly as it was introduced and next one was poked in. She cried out aloud and looked at the people in the cell with pleading eyes. No amount of water would cause her to cave but she honestly considered it just so that this torture could end. She felt her insides cramp and even begin to swell. By the end of the second clyster she could have passed as a pregnant woman.
A third one was drawn but at this point the interrogator was beginning to feel unconscionable about their task. She was wild and in panic by now and by the third she would be reaching her body's limit to fluid holding capacity.
The third enema was introduced but she only took about a third of it before the interrogation was stopped. The girl was let go after that, still naked and with water streaming from her.
Someone had realized, evidently, that letting her go and just following her to the hidden encampment was enough.

Yeah, I never know how sadistic to come across when writing these. I know there are plenty of others like me who enjoy the idea of someone who doesn't enjoy enemas being made to take them, I just don't know how common/well accepted that is here.
No, that isn't autistic at all friend. I for one appreciate edits like yours because while I love enemas I do not love scat. It makes half of the enema process kind of awkward but I guess we don't choose our fetishes.
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The combination of being so knowledgeable about the subject and so obviously into it is hot as hell.
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Great story as always- don't feel too bad for this dark elf anyway; She's a sadist little shit in the games !

I like both, but I'm not ashamed to say I like more when the girls hate it. Do you have a blog or something where I can find your stories ?

Thank you; I wonder why I have this fetish sometime but as long as it's just in my fap fortress it's alright.
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If you're willing to write more, I have other stories in mind - Thanks man, you're one of the reasons of why I love this board

Following this story, the party tried to follow the dark elf but they get lost in the forest and picked one by one - Then the dark elf take revenge with the same clyster that was used on her but filled with a strange sap mixed with honey that cause bloatings and severe bowels movements

The wine maker tried to double cross the bandit chief after he attempted to hide stolen goods in her barrels (She usually help him with stolen goods but the baron's treasure are too risky) - so she end up in his den on a crude wooden horse, taking series of cruels grape juices enemas everyday as an example to what happen to snitchers
File: 24663168.jpg (193 KB, 1415x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 1415x1024
To calm her heat, the catgirl is tied to a special table and given enemas while her groin is massaged with an aphrodisiac balm; And all she can do is writhe in a weird mix of agony/pleasure until she calm down
File: EVCG0189.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720
With summer approaching, this little model tried a harsh fasting diet so she could wear her new bikini, but her agency found out and didn't like the idea (that's dangerous and they didn't want to take responsibility) and forcefully sent her to a private hospital where she's rectal fed and watered daily
File: 2DJGAME_0414.jpg (192 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gonna write more tomorrow! I had a long day and I am probably going to pass out soon
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It's alright man; Here, let's have a new batch
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So this thread is still alive ? The stories ideas sound good and I can't wait to see them. Also, bump
File: 17897271_p2.jpg (89 KB, 800x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn I forgot about Honehone, thanks for reminded me
File: 24745245_p1.jpg (73 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Green goop :^)
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Come on man don't make us wait
>enema thread on /d/
>huge amount of content

I fucking love you people
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Do Not Peep
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This thread. Buckets were jizzed.

what game is it from?

I want to make beutiful anime nuns inoi balloons that breathe
Koukai: Makan no Kokuin
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Too bad she's hairy
File: 37.jpg (122 KB, 550x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cant wait for this weekend, my play doctor just got one of those inflatable enema nozzles and we're gonna try it out!
File: 09.jpg (28 KB, 545x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lucky you
I hope he uses a catheter on me too, ive been dying to give that a try
File: 05c.jpg (441 KB, 960x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> catheter
Hey, im a fan of tubes
File: 15c.jpg (423 KB, 960x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can understand that but putting one is kinda painfull no ?
It can be, but if its done right it can be near painless. ive done sounds before and it feels... sort of like cumming in reverse I guess. No orgasm of course but the feeling of something sliding into your cock can be great! Makes you feel all sorts of vulnerable, and the loss of control is a huge turn on for me
>the penis
i have my answer

pic is the only enema i have right now

le bump
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It has continuation. Here you go, anon.
Funny the second one isn't censored
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016 (1).jpg
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Flavor Injector.png
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Is it against the rules of /d/ now to dump doujins?

I rarely ever see them posted in the pee and enema threads any more.
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