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I'm trying to see if we can define a new fetish out of a trend "bondage fashion"
> Clothes that happen to bind or gag
> Bondage clothes that mimic normal clothes
> or say bondage gear that attempt to blend with normal clothes

My leading example is this swimsuit from MaiMai11 (all glory to him, the guy has a lot like that)
I'll be trying to post other things that are similar. My dream being to see a sub-sub-genre dedicated to it.
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So you know, I'm a writer of sort
If it interest someone I'll be glad to improvise some dreamworld where bondage fashion is considered the next best thing after Nutella.
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imagining this in white... as part of the dress.

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As some other manga taught me, this is a perfectly good way to enjoy a thermal bath
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Might as well post the sauna one, though that's not really what I'm looking for
is regular life bondage in ? you tell me
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I'll be calling this incredible teasing
"What if it was a normal way to go watch a movie with your girlfriend ?"

In any case, I think I'm going to far off the topic, I just don't have anything else picturing bondage as fashionable
Unless you count this, but that's more or less just outdoor bondage
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Shibarikini are cool too.
There should be a lot more of them
ah yes, I remember that.
Image that, for every sort of clothes

A nice way to go to a party
> implying bondage fashion isn't already the next best thing after nutella
>liking shitella more than bondage
I'm afraid the world hasn't caught on yet.

We are not seeing shibarikini or armbinder-swimsuit, nor halter top that bind the arms, nor leotard with no arms, no minidress that restrain the arms close to the body and not even a fashionable ballgag.
Ahh lesbian bondage, the purest form of love

so kawaii goddamn
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Sorry, that's it for my dump. Have some "?" maybe related stuff left, but I only took the stuff that fits the bill
interesting and fairly hot idea, anybody got more?
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So, everybody else feel it's specific enough to define ?
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There's always that guy's work but it hardly count as fashionable.

You could call that a bondage uniform maybe ?
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spider garden.jpg
130 KB, 500x706

Michael Manning's stuff tends to feature this sort of thing a lot. Some kind anon dumped the full thing years ago, but unfortunately I lost it due to computer problems.
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assorted glove
look perfect
Just realized that being bondaged by your haircut technically fit

glad to know it exist, hoping to find more
We can pretend this a swimsuit, it's not like bikini cover more.
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That was part of the idea behind the "/d/ fashion" - "clothing fetish" threads a few months ago but the problem was that the thread was probably not focused enough in that regard.

BDSM outfits often have quite some creativity behind them, be it clever ways to hide/disguise that they are BDSM outfits (like MaiMai11 does) or doing the restraining underneath while covering it up without anybody noticing.

Then there is also just "fashion" designs of BDSM equipment like straitjackets, special types of high heels, etc
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and now more butts.jpg
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>armbinder swimsuit
That's kind of dangerous
Not if you restrain the use to shallow pools.

I guess it kinda adds to the frustration of the wearer to know they can only stay around the "kiddy area".
oh well, maybe in the future it will go in pair with breathing-mask/gag

I'm sure we are missing all sort of fascinating sport
File: 1853369.jpg (70 KB, 450x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...by lack of adapted clothing
File: gomi6894.jpg (67 KB, 808x1143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I do recall seeing some bondage "scuba-diving" outfits posted on /d/ every now and then.

Amiba00 (or B.B. if you recall the time he had his own homepage) always has been quite original with his ideas for implementing Bondage into anything (mostly rope-based bondage but not exclusively).

Shame he seems to have stopped doing new pictures.
Some details might be wrong, but this one count, right ?
new roller fashion
File: 1207225728526.jpg (96 KB, 826x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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indeed this picture for example is legendary to me
(btw, I learned from a diver that you can really go very fast like that)
Well a arm binder with a Fin and a mermaid leg binder/tail like one in >>6483112
with a re-breather/scuba mask would allow fish-like pet-play
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I should only have one left, somewhere.

By the way >>6486023 I'm curious of the scuba-bondage you see here. You saved an example ?
Apparently there are a few people who use fins in real life for that reason though the obvious issue that you kinda have to "learn from zero" to take advantadge of it (like learning Dvorak keyboard typing) but once you do you can get higher speeds with lower physical strain.

The major problem though is obviously that breathing is an issue (your air tank is going to run out at some point) and you will need help to get back to the boat unless you want to make it all the way to the shore.

Also, it's great for underwater swimming but not so much if you want to keep your head over the water.

Yeah, "Mermaid Bondage play" scenarios/outfits always look like fun but because they combine restrictive skintight bondage but the subject is still able to actually move around inside the water as opposed to trashing around on the floor doing not much.

Though you it's not something you can easily recreate in real life without a ton of preparations and failsafes unlike other /d/ fashion in this thread.
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It was mostly stuff like >>6486041 done by artists who used to do the art for the "Chainsman Institute".

Also commander rab on deviantart + amiba00 (of whom we already have pics in this thread).

Sadly nothing you probably haven't seen already.

I also had stuff from Sticky site but my HDD fried a few months ago and I lost the pictures I had saved from the site before it had died back in the day.

By the way, another thing I find interesting is a concept by a western artist called grigbertz (though it can be applied to any wizard/witch) called "bondage witches".
(Mostly female) Magic users that have their power increased if they are wearing restrictive clothing so they are forced by necessity to use their magical abilities to their fullest to defend themselves.
Kinda like the ultimate expression of the "+30 magic skin-revealing bikini armour" yet this idea makes more sense to me as it really forces the mage/witch to rely exclusively on her magic as opposed to being distracted by trying to think of alternatives that rely physical force.
File: 1328918366405.jpg (70 KB, 600x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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must have been that one
Oh I see, I guess that's more latex/straitjacket oriented than bondage "fashion"
Maybe we are lacking a feeling of pseudo freedom, thank for sharing

That grigbertz is very interesting, (just read the dwarf jewelry) as I said (OP here) I got idea to write, and one of my idea was like that. You had female sorceress who needed to feel helpless (globally speaking) to unleash magic (locally). (would be) result being to kidnap sorceress and keep them helpless (when needed)

Alternatively just to babble my inner demon, I've got idea (and even texts) for :
- A fantasy/medieval mech story where a young lady must be bondaged to fit inside a mech made too small.
- Same as above : A adventuress seek the treasure of an ancient temple and fail to evade bondage-trap [spoiler]the treasure is a strapless ballgag that make women love bondage[/spoiler]
- A actress wearing smart-clothes get stuck in them at a party, deny it by proving that in the future you can do everything handless, and thus start a bondage fashion
- A "Bondage-world" theme park where you can roam freely in bondage
- And half-serious, a world where most technology can be used so dangerously it is mandatory to restrain their users (which happen to be mostly women because the author say they have more self-control)

oh and a last idea is a bondage parade, dozen of themed floats (thought for collaborative writing on 4chan, never tried to launch the thread as I don't have the time to follow it)

Somehow I triggered a warning for (trying?) to post western cartoon art. I don't understand the how and why.
So I'll probably stop with this picture
I'm Kinkmander Shepard, and this is my favorite thread on the forum.

[spoiler]Please keep this alive. If someone dumps PunchyKitty I will lose my jizz[/spoiler]
File: 1281500207495.jpg (54 KB, 535x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wow, this new "no western at all" rule is making this fashion fetish lots harder to find pics for.
I kinda like Bondage Under Clothing too

That shit gets me hard psychologically
File: 4290165.jpg (642 KB, 1419x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
642 KB, 1419x2000
That's no kickstarter, that's a kinkstarter !
Too bad we probably depleted everything the world had of fashionable bondage clothes.

The only thing I can do is post (progressively) every Shibarikini I have. (because it turn out this particular one is popular)

BTW : this picture is unique, I shopped it from the naked version and a catgirl version
File: 4285879.jpg (387 KB, 887x1250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oops, wrong file order
File: 4076542.jpg (283 KB, 1300x1442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 4076685.jpg (274 KB, 1400x1546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 1400x1546
THAT is tanline. (will post other just after)
the above go with this one
found it
File: 5038334.jpg (406 KB, 1200x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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can continue with the best of this
File: 10553789.jpg (95 KB, 750x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know there is a few real swimsuit that are more or less like that.
But it never really hit the spot, they are rarely elegant.
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File: 29202818.jpg (487 KB, 720x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's a new uniform trend, I swear
along new gym uniform fashion, really

Better I stop here or I'll slide into outdoor bondage
Last stretch for today : I say that if you are willing to put an assorted cape over it, this is fashion.

For all you lovers of mermaids, I give you a real life mermaid wetsuit, made for both beauty and functionality. That's right, you can look lovely AND go diving in it. For realz.


You're welcome.

God I love shiniez's art.
>That grigbertz is very interesting, (just read the dwarf jewelry) as I said (OP here) I got idea to write, and one of my idea was like that. You had female sorceress who needed to feel helpless (globally speaking) to unleash magic (locally). (would be) result being to kidnap sorceress and keep them helpless (when needed)
I like both his scenarios and his art, the dwarf jewelry is one of his better ones.

>- A fantasy/medieval mech story
Why not just make it a requirement to allow her to "accurately control the mech" but she still feels the "dissonance" between her own body and the external mech body. You could also have it act as a McGuffin that turns her into a sort of superpowered doll (following the idea of magical girls) meaning that if the powers get nullified she cannot move her own limbs.

>- A actress wearing smart-clothes get stuck in them at a party
Care to elaborate?

>- A "Bondage-world" theme park where you can roam freely in bondage
Way back in the ancient internet I read an interesting story on a similar concept. It involved a BDSM casino instead and you got credits based on which (locked) BDSM fashion and/or restraints you were willing to put on. If you couldn't pay back you basically had to pay back by being a sub for corresponding amount of time.
You started out with the simpler restraints/outfits and depending on how the night went (or how big the stakes got) you had to get more restrictive stuff to be able to keep up with the bets or just having a way to keep betting (not just in regular casino games also escapism challenges).

Doing something like that with a theme park should be possible if not easier.
> Why not just make it a requirement to allow her to "accurately control the mech"...

I find magic to be a very poor plot-device and so I'm imagining a mechanical control system (think Escaflowne), here said system is in a mech too small for normal knight/pilot
So to explain the detail without posting straight up the story : The girl have to wear a bondage harness which (surprise from the engineer) put her in a "dogtie" so she can slip into the frame and hook from inside. (the frame superpower is having the same armor thickness for half the mass than other)
For added kink, the designer made it a dragon, walking on all 4. not remembering that Knights would prefer death.

> Care to elaborate?
The actress is wearing a (smart-material) long gown with sophisticated ribbon behind, she tried to put them into form (at the party) but those self-tightened into a armbinder. Since the only way out programmed was to drop the whole dress, she asked a robot-butler to follow her to do everything.

Later, called on it with her image on the line, she demonstrated on video that you could spend a whole day normally with your hand tied in your back.

> Doing something like that with a theme park should be possible if not easier.
Interesting Casino concept.
My idea was a park where : attraction bind you, even transportation reproduce many fetish (ex : tied in the bus), swimming pools are made safe and restaurant allow things you can imagine.
For example, if your girlfriend is waiting for you, she can get herself frogtied in the sand with her summer dress until you arrive with no fear.

Just describing a day here would be exciting.
Yeah, that mech design looks quite nice.

I think the artist/author of Ghost in the Shell has done similar-ish designs in his later works (which are closer to cheesecake and hentai in nature)

>The actress is wearing a (smart-material) long gown with sophisticated ribbon behind, she tried to put them into form (at the party) but those self-tightened into a armbinder. Since the only way out programmed was to drop the whole dress, she asked a robot-butler to follow her to do everything.
I guess that technically counts but makes her dependent on the robot-butler so if it becomes a fashion trend it would basically end up with people purposefully restraining themselves and becoming completely dependent and reliant on the gadjet/robot that helps them.

>For example, if your girlfriend is waiting for you, she can get herself frogtied in the sand with her summer dress until you arrive with no fear.
Well, that still seems still a bit halfbaked. It makes sense for the attractions themselves (as we already do restrain ourselves for security so you'd just yank that up to eleven) but for everything else in the park there seems to be no incentive for the visitors.

I do see a window for the people working at the park to be restrained though, especially the people in charge of entertainment or retail.

From there you can have official park uniforms for sale (or rent during the stay).
Perhaps the problem should be approached from both ends: in addition to bondage that tries to be subtle and/or stylish, not-bondage that tries to look like bondage.
There's a fine line between bondage-as-fashion-statement, and just public bondage.

-A string bikini has a regular bottom, and a top with extra-long cords. It can be worn normally, but is meant to be worn in a box tie
-an otherwise normal pair of boots, which could go with a wide variety of outfits, except for the leather strap seamlessly integrated into them, with about a foot of slack.
-A nightgown that looks like a straitjacket. Despite the pattern sewn into it, and how the sleeves are ridiculously long and sewn shut at the end with cotton "belts," the material is too flimsy to actually be restrained in.
-A blouse with buttons that look like padlocks.
-A new singer swears up and down that wearing an armbinder helps her perform.
-A pair of newlyweds decide on matching collars, rather than wedding rings.
>-A pair of newlyweds decide on matching collars, rather than wedding rings.

For the sake of brevity, that's how I explained my collar on a few occasions : "Think of it as a great big wedding ring that goes around your neck." For me, it symbolized much the same things. Also, it was psychological bragging rights. It made the statement "I belong to her and you do not." I still have it, though she has passed away.

Also, it beats paying a bunch of greedy Jews for a shiny rock who's value comes from artificial scarcity and a decades long propaganda war instead of any intrinsic value whatsoever.

I read a fap fiction once were a woman bound herself up and and wore a burqa over it so she could go out into public. For the added sense of risk and for the lulz, she even had a fake bomb strapped to herself underneath.
> I guess that technically counts but makes her dependent on the robot-butler
I was fearing of lacking place to write but for starter I'm 100% consensual, never forced and reckoning she liked it
And so the robotic is a facilitator, it could be a source of pride to have a boyfriend do thing for you. (without denigrating women into sexual objects)

In my original idea (I summarized) the robot buttler was just a mind-controlled micro-tentacle and the actress would mostly get offered drink by mens.
Women can take pride in both being independent despite being sexily restrained or from having a boyfriend/man to do thing for them... (although on a tight leash). Robot/gadget can be taken away and thing easy to put on are not necessarily "the best".
Also imagining bondage tanning

> Well, that still seems still a bit halfbaked. It makes sense for the attractions themselves (as we already do restrain ourselves for security so you'd just yank that up to eleven) but for everything else in the park there seems to be no incentive for the visitors.

Theme park are also highly rated on how accessible they are and how pleasant it is between attractions. What sub haven't dreamed of being tied up before her/his lover arrive ? Or in open/public space ? in a tour bus/car ? on a boat ? a bath ? a restaurant ? tan tied on a beach ?
Having the worker in bondage is fine too.

In any case, being able to buy and wear bondage-fashion casually is a goal by itself.

>>6488021 >>6487870
Using another logic, it is not bondage if there is no actual restriction.
A clothes that look like bondage gear without being one is no different from a bondage gear that look like normal clothes without being one.

In my mind bondage fashion is in essence, still public bondage, but as if utilitarian and publicly acceptable.
File: HYHH_page_0001.jpg (211 KB, 688x972) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 688x972
>Also imagining bondage tanning
I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
To keep this thread alive :

"In the bus had I met two interesting girls, they had signed for a lot of thing plus a "surprise", they had not expected all of them at once. Someone had a taste for irony. Both were tied together by collars and a spreader bar. Thing is, the one who could talk, couldn't see and the one who could see, couldn't talk. The seeing one had bondage gloves the blind one couldn't move her arms, very funny.

But anyway, I didn' want to make my darling wait too long. She had given me key for her "surprise" : when I arrived she was in a flimsy summer dress ...handcuffed & collared by solid metal to a pole at the sight of everybody (you could get paid to do that), she was even more embarrassed by the wind.
As I untied her (...to retie her hand to her tights), we discussed the last months. We had gone to the "Jungle Dome", she played the Explorer, me the tribal. Then she turned amazon to be tied to frame of bamboo. The "Sci-fi Dome" was great too, I got her to wear bodypaint in the bondage-mecha.

Today we would try go to the aquapark to try out OP's armbinder-swimsuit (we bought ice-cream, that I had to carry for her).
As we arrived a guy had captured his mermaid and tied her upside down for a photo.
Helpless again, my darling got jealous that I looked at another girl, but really that was because a machine had just molded plastic cuffs tying her arms and legs in a doggy style and threw her into the water. So of course I had to throw my darling as well.
The pool was very secure, we would climb and slide together, attempt to swim in the jetstream and walk upon a waterbed soil.

Freed on the way back she still bought herself a trendy sport-jacket which could turn itself into a boxtie at the pull of a string, since at the end of the day she simply couldn't resist that appeal anymore, me activating that restraint was for my protection, really.
You guys might want to check out http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=2960611

Not a great artist but he (she?) has a lot of Bondage Fashion ideas reflected in his pictures.
File: 36391389.jpg (165 KB, 874x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 874x591
File: 52165941_p0.jpg (333 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333 KB, 1536x2048
Source is >>6491285 by the way
bump for interest
File: urushihara satoshi.jpg (1 MB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
urushihara satoshi.jpg
1 MB, 1000x1500
urushihara satoshi is amazing for this sort of stuff
His stuff is more /e/ fashion than /d/ fashion
File: 44308707.jpg (215 KB, 517x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 517x600
Welcome at Kinkyclothes Unlimited

New product on sales :
- This minimalistic tight tube dress have been carefully molded to keep your arms sensually along your body. Not inescapable per see, its hand opening have been thought to prevent you from getting free without revealing yourself entirely ! (material : Polyurethane, Nylon) (self-tying)

- Gotta love this party dress ! This close replica of the one of that famous actress have seen its ribbon loops redesigned to allow a variable set of restrained position, from the notorious linear armbind to the demanding hand crossed high in you back or simply along your body, inviting as ever with its ultra short skirts. (not self-tying)

- Sport women, this new sport jacket (100% self-tying/freeing) will insure you a warm and cozy return from a sport session, the first string will fold your arms-forearms together, still at reach of the second string which bring will fit them along your chest. Free yourself with the third one ! (Just don't let your boyfriend hide the string !)
Do not miss : the Karada Climbing-harness !

- Gymnast : are you flexible enough ? Try out the KITTY catsuit & automated spreader-bar & Rope-roller, 157 training positions, remote control.

- Swimmers, don't miss the Manta-collection, a set of fin-suit top, folded-arms-binder, extended-arm fin, inescapable fin-glove, tightening wetsuit

- The beach lover will certainly embrace the new Shibarikini TAN, a declination made specifically to improve tan-line with its large band.
Do not miss the beach-gear : -75% on the sand-buried anchor for comfy spread eagle (water-is-coming auto-release safety included) & stocks-buoys

- High class womens, this sophisticated long gown is made for you. Its elegant arm-gloves ensemble will keep your arms like a permanent duchess while the leather finery will have you walking like one.
File: 1421487152160.jpg (63 KB, 480x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 480x780
> Kinkyclothes Unlimited 2
What are you ?
- Bad girl ? This denims-short & tank-top with integrated cuffs is for you. Be it with your arms along your body, or stuck in an imposed frogtie, they'll express your untameable nature. (not self-tying/freeing)

- Shy ? Stay discreet yet attractive with this (pictured) longsleeved Faux-Karada and its classical gag (self-tying / not self-freeing)

- Genky ? Show yourself with this near transparent bodysuit, its inner-lace harness dig in your skin to follow any move and make you feel anything you attached to its surface hooks (keys, cellphone, jewelry)

- Rogue wear Spike ! This form fitting jacket with fingerless glove is covered with spike just for this purpose (self-tying/freeing)

- Geeks, the latest in Augmented-Reality head-harness will leave you speechless & trapped in your virtual world ! (Fully compatible with tactile-feedback-Skinsuit, mind-reading-mask and timed-release)

Accessory :
- The iCollar 6S is out ! Now with self-tying voice assistant
- Strapless Ballgag for refreshing breath
- Programmable rope-roller for your bed
- Fashion wristband with integrated rope-roller

New Cosplay :
- "Empowered"
- The bondage-Sorceress set
- Cyber-girls armor with her sleep-mode
- The armless-leotard of the Telekinesic-girls team
bumping, this board is really faster than I expected.
Try bumping with content, even if it's just pictures.

Those are quite interesting.

>- Gymnast : are you flexible enough ? Try out the KITTY catsuit & automated spreader-bar & Rope-roller, 157 training positions, remote control.
>- Swimmers, don't miss the Manta-collection, a set of fin-suit top, folded-arms-binder, extended-arm fin, inescapable fin-glove, tightening wetsuit
>- Geeks, the latest in Augmented-Reality head-harness will leave you speechless & trapped in your virtual world ! (Fully compatible with tactile-feedback-Skinsuit, mind-reading-mask and timed-release)
Those are lovely but sadly underused in stories and pictures (be it western or eastern).

>- The iCollar 6S is out ! Now with self-tying voice assistant
Too vanilla IMHO, the Droid Overlord Choker allows for much more customization of what you want (including what customizable options of how hardcore you want to get and who is allowed to connect to it to take over as the master).
I understand that the iCollar provides a nice and safe golden cage but it's exactly that, just a pretty cage. It might be enough for most people but you'll find soon that it won't allow you to do more advanced things (let alone interact with anything that isn't iBranded)
Forgot my picture
File: 52033062_p0.jpg (275 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 1536x2048
File: 51763746_p0.jpg (198 KB, 1415x1887) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 1415x1887
File: pixiv41087990_14.jpg (468 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
468 KB, 1280x1024
San Francisco?
Go ahead, what is stopping you?

I dunno, Germany and Japan also seem to be on top of their game in that regard (see German highquality chastity belts and general bondage equipment while Japan is the one that does a lot of experimental designs and toys)
File: 137.jpg (481 KB, 1004x1416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 1004x1416
> Try bumping with content, even if it's just pictures.
Unfortunately, I think we posted everything that could be considered bondage-fashion, myself I can only go toward regular bondage, or maybe bondage furniture...

> Those are lovely but sadly underused in stories and pictures (be it western or eastern).
Especially since they are quite hentai-plot friendly. It should be harder to find one not overused (like machine mind/sex-rape). I'm longing for more finess myself. (Nana no Kaoru, Bondage-fashion, WHEN !?!?!?)

> Too vanilla IMHO
Well, the iCollar is made by ForbiddenApple company. But it's sleek, fashion, and it has tons of others apps, like the directional shocker used as a GPS (This, is a Revolution !), road-radar detector, health-fitness tracking, 360° camera, map of all bondage-club around, handless note-taking, taxi-call, connect to slavebook, and it can act as a Augmented Reality beacon (though you had to buy the iGag for it).
Other Collars took years just to offer Wifi Access Point.
Though I agree it's bad to pay $$$$ per added iCuff, let alone compatible iGag or the iStocks.

I don't have more pictures (this one is kind of cheating) and it didn't seem much popular. I was kind of hoping more participation like above.

> I dunno, Germany and Japan also seem to be on top of their game in that regard
I know Japan had 2 "Swimsuit Cafe" (for a day at least), so they might actually do a bondage cafe someday.
Obviously a Bondage Cafe would have tied-maid with tray or stocks serving as tray. And America could have a Bondage Car Wash.

Speaking of America, remember >>6485145 cheerleader ? Well here's a fashion accessory : Bondage-pompom, you simply can't get them off
File: 1387395057437.jpg (160 KB, 713x1233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 713x1233
Just found out I did have that
File: 008.png (519 KB, 1103x1596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519 KB, 1103x1596
>Unfortunately, I think we posted everything that could be considered bondage-fashion, myself I can only go toward regular bondage, or maybe bondage furniture...
That manga looks interesting enough to get a free pass.

>Especially since they are quite hentai-plot friendly. It should be harder to find one not overused
I guess part of it is the logistics involved (the author cannot figure out how to justify it).

A lot of those features have existed in the past though not all of them done perfectly (while others run better on the competition already today). In the past they were trend-setters now they are lagging behind (see them only now implementating smart-ankle-cuffs while others are already have their 3rd and 4th generation versions).
The only real advantadge it still has nowadays are the apps and lately the devs have been getting hammered with arbitrary changes to what is and isn't allowed in the store.

Meanwhile you have water-resistant Collardroids (seriously, this should be standard by now for high-class collars) with high-resolution displays on the remotes that seemlessly connect with not just via wifi but using NFC bluetooth.
Just put any NFC bondage accessory near the collar and it links up instantly, bloody brilliant. To do with iBrand I'll have to spend 3 times as much for a "compatible device".

>Speaking of America, remember >>6485145 cheerleader ? Well here's a fashion accessory : Bondage-pompom, you simply can't get them off
I think that was commissioned by a guy who had several such pictures created.

I remember that the artist is daikinbakuju on deviantart but I don't know if he has those pictures on his gallery or only the commissioner has them

Electrical engineer here. I've made android devices before. Would anyone buy this? If I can get 100 buyers, I think it can get made for $200 each.
File: pixiv39281482_0.png (1 MB, 1000x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x714
No question Germany, UK, and Japan make great gear. SF has a few good makers. As far as bondage being high fashion, SF and Montreal do treat it that way. Most nights there are events featuring bondage, and you can wear it in public without trouble, it's a feature of lots of people's fashion at many non-bondage themed events. I've never been to the countries you mentioned, but I imagine they have areas like that too.

It's not a contest really, most places I've been would give you snide remarks or worse for wearing bondage features. Places that break that trend are refreshing.
Got a market for you

> two girls, two boy, on a SF diving trip.

"I'm telling you, It's easier and traditional for the boy to prep the girls. Now lie down between the boots"
Their were on a long pier of a tropical island.
Nadia had done this once before, but her friend Celine came from a conservative country, so she had warned the boys "that she might give a lot of mixed message and to not force themselves on her as she was not used to give non-verbal cue"
And so both lie down on their bellies, guy1 immediately started pulling the propeller leg, moving to sit on her back to get a better grip, Nadia felt her feet slide into the high-heeled like boot, guy2 had a little more trouble with his partner.

As they tightened the propeller-boots Nadia decided to finally get her swimsuit right.
Celine went for a classical swimsuit. Nadia wore a tanga thong (not the string back of course) and an halterneck top, but she had not put on the 'sleeves' or so to speak.
Like many 'new wave' clothing its sleeves were tight and linked together in her back. As they stretched they were not difficult to put on by forcing, but slippery as they were, you needed an edge to get them off.
As Boy1 was still sitting on her, she arched back to get it right and for him to move closer to her butt, soon enough her arms slid into place along each other.

Darn ! One of her breast didn't slid correctly into place. She immediately asked boy1 to put it right. As her mother said : the more you get a boy to dress you, the best they know how to please you if you get close. Her conservative friend was blushing red. For her it had been a silly battle to convince her to wear arms-fins with closed finger.
As Nadia feared, the way Celine let herself get imposed what she believed to be "normal" was giving a mixed message that she wanted to be helpless. Especially since she probably didn't knew those fins were not flexible at the tip & tightly laced.

"It's done" told Boy1, "Do I lift you ?", "Yes please".
Nadia's top had an handle between her two upper-arms. Boy1 used it to pull her on her knees. The propeller-boots were ready for use (& feet controlled)

Only one things was needed : breathers mask. For Celine they had took the large were she could speak, but Nadia was ok with the harness one. (they weren't going to talk underwater anyway), Celine of course, had forgot to put her hair right before boy2 laced her fins arms.
The two girls got on her feet, of course with the boots their balance was precarious. Nadia gave a deadly stare at Boy2 who was planning to push Celine into water, too bad she forgot to do it for Boy1 who jumped with her for good measure.

After the delightful disorientation, that was it, her propeller-boot now made her in control. Even Celine was having a LOT of fun speeding around, zipping close to the boy and slipping away. Nadia was deliberately flirting with boy1 pressing herself against him.
Still, Celine was sometime hard to get, what did she thought ? From the start they had decided to rent only 2 pair to save money, of course she would have to pull a boy ! Nadia got an handle mostly for that, but Celine had none, no complaining if boy1 tried to grab her shoulder before the tip of her boots.

Of course, the trip was a success. We saw coral, Celine got grabbed by an octopus and I played rodeo with boy1.
In the end, Celine blew her mind when using her fins she grabbed boy2 and dragged him on the beach for him to land on top of her in a decisively Platonic gesture. (she even didn't minded the kiss he stole her)
>Electrical engineer here. I've made android devices before. Would anyone buy this? If I can get 100 buyers, I think it can get made for $200 each.
If you go to some fetish kickstarter page I think you might be able to get that done.

$200 is a bit steep for IMHO, but then again I have no frame of reference of how much computing power the collar would need (I had assumed it would rather work on something akin to a bluetooth speaker/headphone).

Then again, it seems obvious given how much bondage accessories normally cost (especially if it were made out of metal)

Yeah, at this point in time it's more the metalwork than the electronics.

Plus, it's $200 for a hundred. If you were making a thousand it'd be half that each.
Seconding a kickstarter. 100 people sounds easily doable if you can get some interest going and linking it to fetish websites.

>it's a feature of lots of people's fashion at many non-bondage themed events.

I'm from Montreal and this is the first time I've heard about this other than the yearly Fetish Weekend. Can you give any more context?
Great thread, thanks!
File: 1444625773580.jpg (176 KB, 700x1029) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 700x1029
oh wow, if something like this exists irl I want it
damn, dasapointed that the video quality is so low and that it's also plastered with "unregistered" since they obviously used some shareware video editor, wanted to use the footage for music videos... maybe I can find better footage on youtube or something.
also, just noticed this...
> Much fancier, DVD quality and much longer videos of scuba mermaids do exist, but are not suitable for posting on the web.
makes me wonder just how old this site is...
I am surprised it's not offline yet. You'd think it doesn't cover the costs, especially if they aren't producing new content.
Here's another story,
Note : since the topic is very out of the box, any reaction or feedback would help a lot knowing what idea goes great with the topic (or if something sound wrong).

> Bondage Entertainment Center, the jungle biome
> 1/2

The Jungle biome can be described as a 1km2 cosplay-only area with occasional themed or group events. It is usually a mix of tribals, faux-explorer, greek-like warrior, and occasionally "survivor" or SFish.
Visitor are free to roam in this 100% safe environment and can count of multiple place of interest for particular attraction, like the quicksand, muddy forest, swamp, including all sort of old structure (huts, ruins, tree cabana...etc)
Like most biome of the Bondage Center, this is a great place for people who have yet to discover the Culture of Bondae.

Here is a real story of "Leira" (name have been changed).
Leira was participating to the events as an amazon, something which couldn't fit better this exotic girl whose brown skin was soon covered of artful white marking & clothed in white fur.
As half of the participant she had been given the goal of surviving the manhunt or escaping if captured. A goal which as an athlete not raised in Bondae culture she had excelled at. Their group had split quite soon to avoid detection, but when the now female squad was attacked by tribals she fled alone and started a now notorious run across the entire biomes, despite the cheating of our staff.

By the time she was finally captured, everybody else had already been captured, and left in the hand of the one(s) they had selected to have authority over them.
File: 52359741_p0.jpg (368 KB, 2338x1653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
368 KB, 2338x1653
> 2/2

To say the tribal team were happy is an understatement.
When she was finally caught in a net, she had her hands, elbows and feets carefully tied to her lance to be paraded around the other captives and offered to "the king" (which referred here to her chosen).

Quite fire up (to her despair) the "great max" improvised a long ritual to which some other captives were even invited.
This ritual began with a trek to a waterfall for all tied captives to be washed tied in a bamboo-stock and added rope for Leira. The show continued with a sensual remarking from which Leira nearly escaped despite ties, leading to another bath for (to clear the muds) & remarking, this time in a complete bamboo frogtie.
The event concluded in a cave lightened by fire torch on the rhythm of a tribal music with the various captives carried and left alone in private rooms with their chosen.

As a reward (and for the trouble), Leira won the first prize : close fitting metal collar and 4x cuffs ensemble, which she was wearing as she left.
If you managed to eclipse or make discreet the belt in this picture, it would almost look fashionable.
Sounds like an interesting idea for a theme park. People already do Escape Rooms, this would just be a "greenhouse" equivalent (or boyscout version)
This thread is too good to die.
File: 1273204853243.jpg (99 KB, 520x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 520x768
I really hope my story have something to do with that.

> Bondae beach
> 1/3

11h12, I and my gf Julie were the first to arrive. Above her swimsuit she was only wearing her new bright red jacket against the wind, but fully tightened as I hid her release string.
Soon enough we saw Keila arrive, you could not miss this brown girl and her gold-plated jewelry. She was wearing a cutoff denims-short and close-fitting top. Her golden cuffs of the best craftmanship restraining her hand to her hips. Something which didn't prevented her from using her smartphone.

Apart came the wimpy Max, Keila got up to him intimidatingly, almost a head taller and visibly more muscular than him. "Take them off please" she asked. Max wasn't impressed, but probably suicidal as he clipped a leash to her golden collar and brought her forcefully to an inclined wall. As she struggled to stay right Max tied the leash to a protrusion to force her to lean unto the sloped wall. He then proceeded to secure her upper-arm cuffs together, resecure her hips' cuffs together before taking off... her denims-short. Revealing a burning Brazilian bikini. Obviously, she was already fighting and swearing like a beast when he profited of her posture to slowly slide her top off as well.
"What ? You asked me to get you used to bondae cultures, don't you ? It's not my fault you forgot to mention what you wanted off" he boldly say.
It was incredible to think they don't consider themselves an item. My girlfriend was bitting her lip.

As he tried to calm her down after she still managed to pin him against the wall, I and Julie saw Nadia and Celine came back from her early trip. Still wearing fins it seems. Celine seemed puzzled about how to use the shower with those fingerless-fin. Ah of course ! as a stranger it simply didn't come naturally for her to just ask.
And so Boy2 suggested her to do it in a local way. Frankly, she should have knew better than to ask "how ?"
The devils was in the details, he grabbed one of her arms and... clipped the tiny handled at the tip to a pole before proceeding with the other. By the time she understood, a pulled lever had already pulled her into a spread tie.
Naturally, Boy2 picked up a sprinkler. As Nadia was getting mad about her "not being a local" I started wondering if Celine was really okay with it or too stunned to say no. In any case Boy2 cheerfully sprayed her in her high-cut competition swimsuit, playing with the spray force and focus as she roared unconvincingly for him to stop. She was hard to understand, but Boy2 finally delivered her of her fins after that. At least she didn't looked mad.
Nadia followed her to the rental-ship, she was wearing on of those nice boxtie-top which sleeves merged in her back.
"How do you even take that off ?" asked Celine, "Come, I'll show you the secret" answered.

Celine came back with a very bondaean Shibarikini, ecstatic for the tan-line she would get. It's true that only a locally-made skin-digging shibarikini would give those. It was even a nice model with a digging tortoise-pattern and not lousy crossed laces in the back. Nadia had switched suit as well, now wearing a more classical model of her long-sleeved top. clearly this one could link into a linear armbinder.
Next on the schedule was Fries and Burger ! Max was soaked since he foolishly untied Kaila. Nadia shown Celine that "if she wished to" she could have ate in bondage, "but didn't wanted to". And me... I got my fries stolen by Julie because I hadn't untied her hands first.
What she was wearing was surprisingly free right now. It was a bandeau-top that also kept over her forearms. In a way you could still say it was restraining as she couldn't move her arms without making her breast jiggle.
This state of freedom didn't last as she wanted to rush into the waves, Nadia only asked to link her top elbow but Julie, ah Julie... the complicated ribbon knot behind her top was actually to tightly restrain her crossed-hand in the back. She was untirable, but just so you know : Julie is really flexible. She once showed me the Leotard she wore at her Artistic-Bondage-Club.
Celine had planned to tan and this time flat out refused Boy2's spread-eagle suggestion. So did Leika forcefully, however Max did successfully negotiated to let him tie her hands to her collar for him in exchange of ice-scream.
"Not an item" they said. I guess their relation felt more like a proud amazon and a bold adventurer. Though only a lousy adventurer would be kicked into carrying ice-scream for having tied her hands in an unpractical position.

As for me ? Well, I napped for a while in a hammock before waking up with Julie joining me, amazed with the way she kept the balance.
Nothing else particular to tell about this day. Except... except that apparently Celine attempted to try out discreetly a ballgag harness, without knowing you needed one of those universal-key to take them off. I wish I had been here.

Yes, in my world Artistic Bondage Gymnastics exist, and you get points for this.

(I have really run out of more appropriate picture, help me please !)
File: 1297325291389.jpg (50 KB, 425x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 425x553
No story today, just trying to keep the thread running one more day.
It's not that I lack ideas. I could go on a whole bondage parade, expo-girl costume or rewrite the amazon run from Laika perspective (would have made it easier to give details)
But It take time I don't even know if anyone is reading them.
This artist is one of my favourites for this, his stuff is always creatively integrating dresses and bondage.

>Yes, in my world Artistic Bondage Gymnastics exist, and you get points for this.
I actually imagine it more like what we see in Ranma of a combat Bondage Gymnastics, while the single person ones involve combining tying yourself, rythmically dancing while tied and then escaping the tie to the sound of classical and/or modern music (or maybe have those three categories of tying/tied/escape as separate on top of the combined one)

I am just bad at writing stories, much better at writing scenarios (like in the slavery scenarios thread over at >>6454146)

A lot of the better-quality pics I could post are already posted over at the latex thread so until it dies I cannot post them here.
Well, I guess this thread will disappear the next time I don't bump it.

No more philosophizing over the paradigm between clothes, accessory and restraint equipment.
No more barely-fitting-the-description pic
No more kickstarter for fashion bondage clothing
No more crappy author seeking recognition for his glorified fetish

File: 1.jpg (1 MB, 2145x3023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2145x3023
Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Maybe next time.
File: COVER_0001.jpg (339 KB, 1075x1518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 1075x1518
Why the fuck is it dieing?
Its content is glorious.
File: 1444280455764.png (512 KB, 700x851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
512 KB, 700x851
>>6503532 >>6502804
Felicitation, you just motivated the whiny author into rewriting the Amazon Run
Though I still want to know if my story are interesting (I'm not afraid of critic).

> Amazon Run
> 1/3

Leika's reasons to participate to this event was twofold : fun, and a hope to escape suffocating social norms, something which the Bonda(g)e Entertainment Park really didn't seem to have as she was really not wearing much as an amazon, even counting the paint.
The Jungle biome event was midly scripted, one side had to stay free the longest time possible, the other had to capture them as fast as possible. She had not given much thought about the in-between, but knew that Max was the best choice to make responsible of her if captured (fat chance!). As the boy was small & easy to push around he would do play it safe.

In the gigantic artificial jungle the adventure would take place she didn't mind everybody trying to capture her. Pressure is fun when you consent to it, and as a athlete she welcomed the challenge.
Old habit die hard, they did split into male/female-only group, still, it was win win for her. Some girls might have as well beg to be captured, and the others were nice distraction. Saying that she prevailed would be an understatement. She had met Max on a pier and took delightful fun to throw him into the mud, She met big muscular guys and it took adrenaline and a fake-spear to burst through. It's had been two hour and they were getting more tired than her to run.

That was until she met Max again. The fool had gotten his own staff and a tribal hat, he had also been the easiest way out a attempt to surround her.
She was all set to cross spear with him when something snapped under her and she was suddenly propelled upside-down. By the time she caught on what had happened, she had been caught.
> 2/3
Being -seriously- tied up to a staff was an experience she would not have had anywhere. This four points bondage did not let her do more than wobble below.
As it was Max doing the actual ties, she could not resist a cutting remark, but cut herself.
"Hey guys ! Who set the trap ?"
"It's you Max !"
"And made the plan ?
As Max brandished the staff, all erupted in a tribal sheer. She soon was being paraded amongst the captured ones. Max by her side.
It was officially the in-between. Time at which you were free to leave the event at any time.
"I'm not having fight right now" She said, looking for a reason to wait.
Playing safe, Max was tying her hands closely to her neck without letting her any chance.
"You can try to escape, I am the one having fun this time." replied Max
"Fair I guess". She said, seeing no flaw in that logic.

Brought back in a sort of temple, it was now tribal meal time.
It was a surprise to her that she would have to eat tied up. At least she could thanks Max for tying her in a proper way. And not being careless as he grabbed things too far for her. She also had to admit that seeing other girls eat on the floor was dumbfounding her own social etiquettes. She remembered how proud some of those girls were, and still are, even eating with hands tied in their back.

Next, they were spread in several rooms for a "nap time" and Leika discovered it was "Round 2". She could not feel less prepared. Escaping, was, HARD ! Despite her seemingly simple tie she felt like she was the one begging to stay bound. It took her more time to get free than a girl who started in a hogtie with as much rope.
The other team was waiting them at every exit they could think of. Now, she was wary of Max as she managed to find an exit next to a waterfall and a field. She ran to get at forest when she somehow tripped in high grass right into mud.
"Oh hell !"
> 3/3
The whole field was laced with rope tightened between stake, there was no way to run fast and not trip, follow a rope senselessly and crawling in the mud was slow as hell. Then she heard bells, it became a track field for her to run and jump most of the rope.
That's when she saw Max, she was too tired to mock him so she would have to outrun him. And from the way he ran, he certainly couldn't have built more traps. Their run got pretty intense, until the moment he throw a Bolas. She was genuinely impressed as he jumped on her and finally managed to immobilize her.
Collared and tied to a bamboo she could not fight back. But sweaty and muddy, she actually welcomed the shower and bath the Events arranged for them under the waterfall.

She was then brought to a large ritual chamber with all other captive for the last rounds. The captor had to repaint a complex set of mark over their body. All she had to do is screw it up.
As they passed per group of six, there was a lot of time to observe. A lot of paint was wasted. A few captives did not get paint for there was too many ropes.
She could felicitate Max. The bamboo frame she built held her perfectly in place, leaving him freely to access any place of her body, except her face. For some reason, he had not even attempted to immobilize her heads. There was no trick, he would stop every time he seemed ready to try.
> 4/3
After 6 hours, the events finally ended. It was out of the blue that she got freed and out of her own that she walked to one of the dozen peculiar place of the Jungle Biome with her pair, Max. While the jury would deliberate. For them, it was a cave, nicely illuminated by a fire.
For many it should have been the time for her to pound him senselessly. She wouldn't. Instead they would discuss how insane this game look for others. She would snark at how comfy it was for him. He would tell him how afraid he was of hurting her. She would question his motivations. He would then deny seeing her as just a body.

But she simply couldn't let herself be tied. She truly did not liked him. Still, for fun she would challenge him again of restraining her in fair fight.
After multiple mini-round of such hilarity, she became less and less able of winning the next round. Soon enough he'd get her into a frogtied and armbinder. At which point she would attempt to flee. Cornered against a rock, he would slip a hand over her trembling body and finally make a move to her lips, a move she would counter with hers.
Sorry, can't give feedback, as I'm personally not interested in storytime.
I really like some of your stuff. Though the parts I like are the ones emphasizing public acceptance of such things, and even that is only a fuzzy criteria, as I'm not sure why I prefer some of your writings to others.

Some of them also have grammatical/spelling errors, e.g.
>an handle
>breathers mask
>[...]the large were she could speak

Also, I vastly prefer the concepts from >>6494032 and >>6494049. I guess it's because it leaves more to the imagination than fleshed-out stories.
First, thank you a lot for giving me a feedback.
You probably feel a difference between the story because I wrote them differently.
Aside the Shop which is purely descriptive, a story like diving trip >>6496067 or >>6499917 are narrated by non-omniscient characters, The 1st Jungle game was a narrator from outside the show (too little details to my taste) and Amazon Run is a omniscient narrator focused on Leika.
... at least if I stayed coherent.

I like my simple Bondage shop as well, but without a proper context I fear they don't have that public acceptance feel and risk being demoted as simply funny gimp suit. (As purely sexual items, not social ones which is maybe the main drive behind this thread)
File: 1395861068770.jpg (330 KB, 1075x1518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330 KB, 1075x1518
just discovered I had this one.
Don't have the name but the manga was about one of those oriental dancer, the costume long sleeves is used as impromptu bind
Did you delete the picture for some reason?
Nope, it seem I have violated some kind of rules.
Apparently 3D womens aren't allowed at all. A shame because those were really the last had of fashionable bondage. Apart from bumping with lower quality Shibarikini.
>Apparently 3D womens aren't allowed at all
That has always been a rule on the hentai boards, as much as I enjoy your writings.
>Apparently 3D womens aren't allowed at all
>/d/ - hentai/alternative
How did you figure?
>>6506114 >>6506100
Truth I hoped it wouldn't be actually enforced.

btw, I'm not sure what sort of story to continue on. I guess I could mix a bondage-clothes shop with models, or something.
It's a few years old, but seems relevant.
Eh, pretty generic and lacking the artistic dimension of a singular image.
>>6506431 >>6506565
At least one of them was an armbinder "clothes". A pretty ugly one but still.
File: 1407001067858.jpg (121 KB, 714x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 714x816
Since I have at least one reader, another story.

> Bondage Entertainment Shopping
"I told you, I couldn't shop here without a buddy" explained Leika.
"Just what is your relation with Max then ?" asked Julie.
"Mutual distrust and calculated risk" answered Leika, leaving her and Nadia in a state of cognitive dissonance.

All were looking for party dress for them, that's why Julie was trying out a new summer dress, Nadia leggings and Leika an ample pullover.
"Leika ! You are wearing it wrong !" shouted Julie, closing in fast.
When Julie pulled down a ring, Leika froze, expecting to find herself mummified upside down. Instead something was hugging her body, groping her as she moved. In the mirror, the pullover now looked like a form fitting one.
"What...what's that !?" she asked, squirming around.
"That's the Shibari-touch, something similar to this summer dress.
Leika could see through, Julie had just loosened something and inner laces were floating around. Julie showed a ring between two lace. As she pulled it down, the lace tightened to embrace her chest.

Nadia came by Leika and looked at the details. "Look, your pulls also have attach for pants like mine"
Asked for a demo, Nadia put on a more fitting tops in the same material than her leggings. The legging themselves had a rotating ring to tightened the thighs and the crotch, for added blend four 'decorations' on it could be linked with the top's owns, a tops which didn't have a few "Shibari-touch" lace but a thousand of embedded string all around.

"Hey look at that !" said a baffled Leika again. They watched at a TV screen, showing a long gown in which the midriff was a Karada.
"Oh, that's for fancy dinner" thrown Julie as Nadia really wanted one.
"No, no, that one", the other tabs." The screen switched to an ensemble which folded into an elegant four-legged apparel.
"That's what I said" insisted Julie, while Nadia commented how lovely the lace were. Leaving Leika in a stranger's world.

"What ? They have pajama like that here"

Nadia finished showing other pajamas, one which could be self-tightened into a spread eagle, another which -given 4 same anchors- could tighten to forbid more movements.
"My sister found herself a biiiig spider bed to sleep on ! It has an integrated clock-release and all. It is even sturdy enough for two persons." said Nadia with jealousy in the voice.
Leika let herself fall on one of those giant cushion you just sink in. That, at least, she knew... or did she ? Those turned out to be indeed classic.

They drifted toward beach gear, Nadia slid her head and hands what could become inflatable stocks. Leika tried on reluctantly a competition swimsuit (before being told it shrank one size when wet), while Julie was wearing one which turned near invisible when so.

The cosplay area was somehow on the way. Nadia seemed to have fond time from wearing a power leotard which sent jolt of electricity when you stopped moving, and while Julie was trying on a Ring-gag Harness of sorcery (it work with a collar to generate invocation noise) Leika was looming toward some Amazon armor brace.
Oh wow, self-locking dresses, outfits and even beds with timed releases?


I mean damn, son/miss, that's something I should have considered already but somehow had missed.

It's obvious that in such a world there'd be a market for that.

Hell, for cosplay you could probably try on outfits that right now are hard to recreate without major assistance like things involving straitjackets, full-body "mech-suits" (like Samus' Power Suit, including getting stuck in ball mode or the Zero Suit with rocket high heels) or stuff like "intelligent cosplays" like humanoid versions of Pokemon that try to force you to follow the Pokemon trainers orders (and restrict your own voice to the Pokemon's name, possibly through gags), potentially even with Pokeballs using a technology to do the same as Samus' Powerball.
"There ! Party dress"

Inevitably this shop had the original Fashion started "Party Dress" famous long ago. A seemingly normal short dress which ribbons had accidentally tied the actress which wore her, and faced her the predicament of accidentally dropping the entire dress if anyone pulled the ribbon.

Since then, the appeal of such new era of clothing had become obvious to all. And Nadia was now wearing a long azure high-low dress which showed the ribbons keeping her legs together, which she would complete with another hand-tying ribbons worn in the back.

Lucy was ambitiously trying on an tricky ensemble, an artful short white skirt and pleated top, both light as the wind, along separate armbinding-gloves (self-tying no less !) and finishing touch : a pair of "linear-heels" (high-heels with a linear contact with the ground).
Unsatisfied, she eyed upon an assorted head-harness which delicate leather surrounded her lips to keep them close (if so laced), as commonly done late in the night when alcohol make you say the darned stuff.

Leika... found a Valkyrie battledress which included metal protections all around (unaware that those could lock into each other and which helmet hid a folded ring-gag.)
Well, I tried to avoid too futuristic technology or else we could be here all night as a describe the marvel of a nanotech changeform dress, augmented-reality Bondage-sorceress Real-Life game (yes, yes, the ultimate fetish of Role-players) or too-intelligent self-bondage furniture.

And if we get into cosplay... well that's like regular SM clothes but for a smaller public.
File: 1099464245.jpg (79 KB, 840x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 840x800
I want this to be an actual challenge in sport fair.
Also, save from page 10
Is latex sticky or soft like vinyl?
My understanding is that the texture is somewhat between leather and rubber.
Real talk. Where could I buy an outfit like that?
Sounds sticky to me. I'll stick to wet look leggings then.
Those swimsuits can be bought quite easily, the leggins might be harder.

I don't think there exist any armbinder that looks similar to that.
Latex IS rubber. Exactly the material balloons are made from, but usually thicker.
It's not sticky as such, but very grippy unless it's lubricated (which also makes it extra-shiny on the outside and feel awesome on the inside!)

Contact a latex clothing manufacturer such as latexcatfish and describe what you want.
>but very grippy unless it's lubricated
and how is it when lubricated? I like how it looks but I care more about its touch.
Silicone biased shiner (or straight silicone oil is commonly used for cheapness) is VERY slippery, and the latter tends to spread easily (so you'll end up with slidey hands, carpet, door handles)
File: 71020334.jpg (94 KB, 800x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 800x1365
>>6509185 >>6509162
I'm afraid you'll have to DIY such a suit, or wear two separate things.
I've seen armbinder which looked like that, but it will be latex/leather as always and if you really want fine crafting I've seen none that fit as well as those sold here

For swimsuit you can try "Realise" suit, assuming you manage to find them for delivery to your country.
http://www.new-realise.com/ (the japanese website don't even appear on Google)

Or if you do have a way to buy stuff in japan, there's Cosmate & CosmatePlus.
File: new uniform.jpg (79 KB, 641x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new uniform.jpg
79 KB, 641x599
I like underwears, harnesses and chastity belts with integrated dildo/vibrators. Is there any name for that?
File: petplay.jpg (354 KB, 1100x826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354 KB, 1100x826
File: nice setup too.jpg (250 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nice setup too.jpg
250 KB, 640x960
It's unusual to see bdsm gear with a white color theme.
Fashion Bondage idea :
Pant with strap all along, either to tie the legs together, or tie them folded.
I don't even think we have reliable remote controlled vibrators, much less a remote controlled collar. But I would throw my money at one being made.
>I like underwears, harnesses and chastity belts with integrated dildo/vibrators. Is there any name for that?
You mean strap-ons?
Not to mention with golden chains (or at least gold-colored)
File: yes.jpg (149 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 800x600
Strap-ons typically have dildos on the outside.
Oh. Ooooh. I thought you meant the ones on the outside not the ones that have it inside.
File: f-ism is the best.jpg (168 KB, 850x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
f-ism is the best.jpg
168 KB, 850x637
It's alright I should have been clearer. Integrated can mean both inside and outside after all. I think I've seen some strap ons with both.
>It's alright I should have been clearer. Integrated can mean both inside and outside after all. I think I've seen some strap ons with both.
Normally I have seen those called as "plug-in dildos" or similar but I am not completely sure there is a standard name for it.
Once again page 10.
Oh look at that, a picture of bondage-fashion artistic gymnastic or something
Woah, you NINJAed bumped before I did !

Btw, if someone want another story, I take ideas and suggestion.
Right now I can't decide between
> an "Event" at the SF biome of the Bondae Entertainment Center
> Classy dinner for a gentleman and a lady
File: 1441088061392.jpg (83 KB, 639x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 639x1000
Option number three:
How about a full-blown BDSM olympics?
File: 1440557445116.jpg (341 KB, 708x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 708x1000
File: 1437736263641.jpg (473 KB, 1800x2250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 1800x2250
Hum... I'm assuming you mean it with entirely new sporting discipline.
Gotta try, too specific to narrate though, Olympic usually focus on simplistic trial pushed to the max. Hardly creative.

> Running
- track&field with bondage harness
- Blade-running (walking on pointy/ballet boots which disallow equilibrium, with wood-blade as arms, many variation)

> Equestrianism
- (obviously) a Pony-race
- 2-Pony race (with carriage)

> Swimming
- Mermaid-fin race (armbinder have been standardized)
- Artistic synchronized swimming (arm-fin have been standardized)

> Team sport
- TUG OF WAR (8 per team)
- The Three-tie ball (a sort of handball, 3 type of glove-ties with different rules, folded-arm-tie can grab, front-elbow-tie can throw, back-tie can run with the ball)

> Combat
- Rope-jutsu (2 fighter with standard 3m ropes, rules forbid actual knots)
- Blade-fighter (2 fighter walking on pointy/ballet boots which disallow equilibrium, with wood-blade as arms, must hit opponent torso, very energetic)
- Kick-jutsu (arms tied depending of schools, first to hit the ground lose)
- Doggy-style wrestling (push the opponent outside or on its back, ballgag harness were made mandatory to avoid bite)

> SNOW related
- Frogtie Skeleton(sled, can't believe that one came so easily)

> Sport climbing
- standardized cuffs link hands&ankle with specific lengths
Any other pics from the set?
File: 1441817480134.jpg (278 KB, 1024x1349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278 KB, 1024x1349
>Hum... I'm assuming you mean it with entirely new sporting discipline.
You are correct

>Gotta try, too specific to narrate though, Olympic usually focus on simplistic trial pushed to the max. Hardly creative.
Mostly meant that as an overarching theme of "several sports competitions being carried out in parallel", it could be a university campus having a sports festival.

>- track&field + blade-running
There are several things you can do here, the idea with pony-boots and ballet heels is the more interesting one for running competitions (including marathons) but for jumping or hurdles it might be more interesting to be a bit more simplistic and tie the feet together (or more simply, hobble skirts).
I also think there is something to be said about running with the hobble skirts as the stride is significantly shortened (you can still try to run in ballet heels even if it's riskier)

Pony races are fine and dandy but don't forget there are also dressage (horse trick riding) which would also make for an interesting competition, who can "dance" the best as a ponygirl.
Also, race competitions in suits similar to the one you posted there for Saber (is there a source to that)?

Mermaid swimming is great but don't make it just one style for the races (synchronized is fine as you suggested). You can have one race with armbinders so they just use the fins, another with arm-fins and another with "classic mermaids" that still have arms available

Continued in next post
While we are on swimming:
>Water Polo
Again, could be done with the mermaid fins but I think there is also an argument to be made about leaving the feet as is and restricting the use of the arms so they need to use their heads (sometimes literally) for creative plays. You could also incorporate the fins and make it a full "dolphin"-style water polo.

I like all the ideas there. For the kick one I think a straitjacket might be the best solution to completely inhabilitate the arms (with and armbinder you might still swing both arms together around for a surprise knockout).

While we are on sports in enclosed rooms, you could also add the gymnastics competitions.

Oh boy, actually you could have a ton of competitions here, which is why there are separate winter olympics. Just putting a ski competitor in a (reasonably warm and well-padded) straitjacket would make balance much more complicated. Same for snowboarders though the might fare a bit better.

The sled competitions would probably be the easiest as you pointed out.

Speed iceskating and artistic ice skating would also get additional trouble either by getting them into straightjackets or having "ballet ice skates"
Sorry I don't even know where I got it, a reverse image search will probably help you

I oriented my ideas toward something that would still count as (relatively) skills/efforts, rather than "the same but slower, sluggish & boring" as well as within human capability.
Also keeping in mind that the competitors are the ones in charge of their stuff and not suffering someone else sexual fantasy (ok, mostly).

For example, the blade-run/fight basically mean the wearers cannot stand without using an arms as a 3rd point of stability. Every move they do, including rolling on their back after a jump, or deflecting the other's momentum is done with no stability at all.
That's require skills and is actually some sport I would like to see attempted.

Also letting your imagination play is also why I didn't listed every single sort of obvious variation.

For something like a school's sport festival, I think we can focus on low-budget and the social aspect, rather than the innate skills.
3-legged run ** cough cough **, this >>6509052, >>6486001 or this >>6509275, plus the low-cost 3-tie handball >>6485999.
- A roller-skate trial where boy must push a girl with legs tied together (and obviously no balance either above)
- A frogtied girls in swimsuit is thrown on one of those self-made water-slide and must, in the sandbox at the end, catch a ball first.
- Relay race is done with elbow-tie
- Giant balloon ball have to be pushed, I let you get how

..maybe more idea later
I've always liked the idea of slave-sheepdog trials- A group of gagged, blindfolded subs are driven around a course they are unfamiliar with by a dominant with a whip. No verbal commands, maybe just whistling.

Source?I remember seeing the bitchsuit Hatsune in a artstyle very similar
Was it in this very thread? >>6485152 haha. Seriously though. Reverse image search is built into 4chan by default.
awesome. i love stuff like that.
If one falls over the over one will fall too.
You can look for fumi11gou also known as Maimai11 (same creator as the very first post's pict)
On Sankaku Channel or Pivix

I suppose it is pointless to say on /d/ "beware of traps" but I do so
Ayyyyy you're right,I went past it by accident.Mea culpa,I guess lol

I didn't had much luck with reverse search.A shame,the 2 images I've seen look kinky as fuck and I wanna see more of it if it even exists
Dude (or girlz who know), read this >>6516229 that's the very link to whom draw them.
File: 1237169764636.jpg (49 KB, 500x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 500x688
Oh yeah, I completely forgot about this artist (amiba00?).
His stuff was always interesting on that regards, he had several escapism-related pictures and a few of girls and gals swimming while tied up.
File: cream dress.png (336 KB, 629x855) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cream dress.png
336 KB, 629x855
here anon, I tried
File: 52522755_p0.jpg (421 KB, 2480x3507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421 KB, 2480x3507
File: 1202394314285.jpg (70 KB, 450x632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 450x632
I salute your participation to this thread. Beside, going from grey metallic to white/pink look difficult.

Yes it's amiba00. Too bad he has barely drawn one or too picture in several years.
The guys is tasteful in his drawing. That's something rare nowadays.
>Yes it's amiba00. Too bad he has barely drawn one or too picture in several years.
>The guys is tasteful in his drawing. That's something rare nowadays.
I guess he's getting old. IIRC when he was on deviantart for a short time he said that he sometimes had real life volunteer models for some pictures.
I guess that may have been a factor why he tended to be more in /e/ territory than doing hardcore porn pics
Nice shitpost.
File: 1321976794960.jpg (63 KB, 500x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 500x688
I don't get how it can be so hard to find someone not drawing alienbrother-tentacleddick-futagirl-guro-incestrape.

Slightly exaggerating, but consensual romantic bondage is hard to find.
>Slightly exaggerating, but consensual romantic bondage is hard to find.
It's hard to do sometimes, especially outside of doujins.

Not to mention BDSM often involves fantasies that are harsher than what people would want in real life.
How is drawing womens with no dick, no blood, no brokenmind-face and still some clothes on, that much harder than any other doujin ?

We are not asking an essay on inner psychology (though this is what Nana no Kaoru is doing). I think I can say that "we" would just appreciate if abuse, rape or impossible position weren't considered the only aspect of bondage that exist and sell. (like those horrible 50 shade of abuse)

The only explanation I have is that particularly deviant Anonymous are just more likely to take the time to draw and share their inner demons than more reserved artists (which probably don't want to be seen as deviants)
File: 1439582127251.jpg (513 KB, 858x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
513 KB, 858x1200
>How is drawing womens with no dick, no blood, no brokenmind-face and still some clothes on, that much harder than any other doujin ?
I should have specified. It becomes "hard" in the sense that it's easier to just do what everyone else is doing than to go against what is expected of such pictures.

Doujins allow you to set up a context in that regard, while individual pictures will be judged on their own and I think a lot of artists (especially on sites like Pixiv) try to get noticed by cutting corners and just drawing whatever they perceive is popular which, regardless of what we might think, overt fanservice is; at least it Japan.

It doesn't mean I agree with it, I actually think Japanese artist in that regard often go too far by going full fanservice but it is also a reflection of how everything else in their media is (anime, TV shows, comedy, etc more often than not being over-the-top rather than subtle)

I do not necessarily agree with it even if I understand why the artists decide to go those routes.
File: 08.jpg (843 KB, 1411x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
843 KB, 1411x2000
I see what you mean, but I don't think it apply here.
Creating Hollywoodian Blockbuster is hard, because you are already at the top and nothing but a close match of what worked is assured to work with a lot to lose.

But bondage doujin ? That's a niche market which can pick ideas from anything and still work. Hence why I think it's linked to deviant being stubborn and tasteful drawer staying clear of the stuff.

That's my opinion at least. As an author I claim it's not hard to come with new ideas, people just don't for some reasons.
File: 1439503461208.jpg (46 KB, 570x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 570x487
You seem to completely writeoff the cost of publishing a doujin (which is selfpublishing) and/or mixing it up with professional erocomics (based on your pic).
Writing a story or doing a comic you post online is free (besides your time) but most Japanese self-published doujins actually run at a loss and the best the authors can do is hope to build up reputation by garnering attention, meaning they run with whatever is popular within their interests + fetishes, even if it's not exactly what they like.

Similarly, professionally published erocomic authors in Japan are sometimes constrained by what their publishers are asking them to create.
The author might wish to take a more subtle or more original route but be forced to do something "simpler" if they want their stuff to be published in future versions of the publication (this obviously doesn't apply to "star authors" who get carte blanche).

Amiba only published digitally, seemingly as a hobby, rather than as a professional author (maybe he took comission work but I don't recall him doing comics/doujins).
Other artists hoping to get a shot at doing it professionally stick with what they believe is easier to get them noticed, even if it is cliched.
I meant difficulty in term of story/contex/art-making.
Though, I would also doubt there isn't a market since the best seller nowadays are not-pron-we-swear ECCHI manga more than niche public violence.

That's why we have Nana no Kaoru oversea (yes), and innumerable ecchi manga with every sort of fetish, from competition swimsuit (Hantsu x Torasshu) to micro-girl, cat-girl, ghoul girls, boat-girls & other anthro

The mystery (if not explained by observation bias or lack of source) is why bondage seem to be composed at 90% by only the most extreme aspect when it would seem more logical to have something more distributed.

That aside, incoming story.
File: 1440923286086.jpg (384 KB, 600x847) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384 KB, 600x847
>observation bias
More like selection bias.

If you go to pixiv the ratio is hardly 90%. If you are using exhentai you have two biases, that of the artist/publishing platform + that of the people buying/ripping it in the first time and sharing it online.

Art from games and CG collections is going to be slanted in a certain way to accomodate the potential market they are selling to to provide a "value proposition" and assuming that having that there is majority (maybe not a big majority but just simple majority) of people buying the more agressive and overtly sexual stories it'll become a self-reinforcing flow where people who might otherwise draw something more tame and/or tasteful decide to go for the more popular option to sell more.

>Though, I would also doubt there isn't a market since the best seller nowadays are not-pron-we-swear ECCHI manga more than niche public violence.
Again, selection bias. Ecchi stuff can be published on more places. It's the difference between a Mature and an Adults Only in videogames or an R and an NC-17 rating in (US) cinemas which makes the comparison an apples to oranges situation.

And yes, an ecchi BDSM manga will have a lot more chances to get released overseas than a full-on hentai BDSM manga (who scanlators are more likely to pick up is a different matter).

Doesn't mean I personally prefer one over the other though.
> Bondae game expo
"So, still in ? Theese are designer clothes with no self-freeing"
"Of course !" answered a genki Julie "Bound-to-Fight is the show that got me into Artistic bondage in the first place, I wouldn't miss this for anything !"
"Okay then, as we discussed you'll be at the booth and during the two days you'll switch progressively to the girls' newer power-suit

> Day one, morning
The straitjackets didn't really count as iconic
They had only been the clothes our 4 psychic powered heroines wore as they broke free of the labs (with the help of the Evil's doctor son) before trying to get back their lives of normal girls before getting their iconic super costume.
But so wore Julie before "breaking free" and revealing at the conference the design of the first generation powersuit.
The girls had been genetically altertered to have psychic powers, but as a second-failsafe if they escaped confinement rooms those had been conditioned to only activate if the girls were physically restrained, also serving as ON switch for test purpose.

When inevitably arise a need for the heroines to protect themselves, they needed suits they could put on to trigger their powers. So appeared the binding suit and their high-heels.
Julie wore Eva's suits, a leotard with no arms which let her become as invisible.
The other model wore Agane's Cuffs (plus a fitting leotard of power) which gave telekinesis.
Another worn Nelis' locking-hoods, which at the cost of sight and voice made her highly telepathic and able to see through others sight.
The last one was using Kasha's binding-staff. A Staff covered with cuffs which at the cost of the ability to move gave very dangerous Pyrokinesis
> Day one, afternoon
This being the E3, anyone could test the game which used an advanced mind-reading VR Mask.
So was doing Julie as she wore Eva's 2nd seasons costume, a leotard which could turn into an monoglove giving both some psychokinesis along invisibility.
Introducing accessory she was also wearing the (frogtie)leggings which gave anyone hydrokinesis, others accessory were the ballgag used for telepathic communication or the linear-heels which improved kinesis.

Agane's 2nd costume had now a variable stock-collar, shaped by default into a fiddle but could separate into various spreader bars configurations for mental ass-kicking.
Nelis shifted toward a lighter muzzle or ballgag harness which unlocked Aerokinesis or the sacrifice of mind-sight for persuasion
Kasha's staff now got along blade-shoes which allowed a form of levitation as long as the ground was strong enough.

The game allowed a lot of customization, and so a player could fight kinetically using the Staff at two hand(cuffs) and the hoods to fight invisible enemy with fire. Whereas another could wear spreader-bar with linear-heels & fiddle-cuffs to increase psychkinetic to god-like level.
> Day two morning
3rd seasons costumes had introduced combined tactic and made all leotard of power entirely modulars.
By locking their collar together, the heroines could increase tenfold their respective powers. So was demonstrating Julie which had trouble avoiding the impressive rack of one of her colleagues as they both wore hand-to-hand spreaders cuffs in their backs (+10 Kinesis) and Ringgag harness (+10 Pyrokinesis)

At their side, the two other models were even more rigidly tied, collar-to-collar, hand-to-hand, with barely their frogtied leg, in an extremely powerful hydrokinetic/aerokinetic combo.
This seasons had also been nicknamed the Grimdark one for its use of actual blade glove and kinesics-propelled projectiles.

> Day two afternoon
Although the latest seasons insisted on human development between heroines and boys, Julie was now wearing the Nightmare-Suit. A full black leotard which locked her gloved-hands into a reverse prayer, with it the "High Hells", shoes which put her in constant balances (the price for the ability to fly) Still she would not complain, not even if she wasn't wearing the breather-mask of absolute silence & invisibility.
Next to her, someone wore the doggy-suit of mind-control with its "leash of friendship".
In a bikini, another models was showing the new "Espionage" ensemble, a set of discreet jewelry cuffs and collard to be used at moment notice.
The last one, showed the transparent vacuum-bed of omnisight while wearing a ring-gag of fire.


>>6507935 picture very related
Blacked-out sunglasses, anyone?
While it has nice progression this makes me just want to play that instead.

Thanks anon :)
Damn shes cute
I guess we can call it

Strap unders
File: jean_tag.jpg (1 MB, 831x1175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 831x1175
Where do I get something like that, what is it called?
You mean, a grandfather clock? Probably at the antiquity store.
Play what instead ? The Ero-gymnast game ?

Only name I know is shintaisou
UltimateSlut calls it a ballbody. They also have a balloonbody that covers the head as well. And of course a ballhood. And so much more pretty stuff. :)
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