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Noticed the previous thread going into auto sage, so I'll be the one to make the new thread. I collected a hefty amount of sweet, delicious, traps, but I'll start a dump, in a new thread, some other time. For now, I'll just post a few to get this one started.
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Also, can someone help me find a place where I can find cute and/or sexy thigh high stockings. My height is at around 5 feet 10 inches, and my leg length around 30 inches.
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>previous thread on page 8
for what fucking purpose?
>auto sage
and stop being new
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>and stop being new

For fucks sakes. First it was normal porn, then lesbian, then hentai, then tentacles, then loli, then traps....but now my interest is fading again! Help me, I dont want to get into even worse shit like scat, vore or gore!
maybe one day you'll be like me and you'll get hard on everything. then you will be a true A class pervert
Just give into the scat, you filthy degenerate.
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I've been down your path, anon. I like light scat ATM, including some certain forms of vore. But I will never get into guro. It still sickens me to see mangled up lolis, whenever I lurk Pixiv. Lolis are love and need to be protected, damnit!

But anyway. Just accept your urges. I know I had a closeted love for traps the moment I saw that one trap from Rorouni Kenshin. Seeing so many cute images of traps on /d/ is when I finally embraced them. Especially Kei. I love Kei so much.
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scat is disgusting to me and I could never ever get into it, period, but I am into being peed on.
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>I could never ever get into it, period
oh, i've seen this so many times that it sounds like pasta at this point. of course all coming from soon-to-be scat lovers
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the thing is that it's not even possible for me, if I see poo in images, real or drawn i can literally start smelling it and I start to gag.
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and pasta again...
no rly, anon. if you plan to sit in porn for at least half s long as i do then you'll be jacking off to scat
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I'm pretty sure I have seen more porn that you have, also I am 35, stop trying to force you fetishes on other people.
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http://www.sockdreams.com/ free shipping in americlap
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pfff, don't even make me laugh. i've jacked off to shit that would make you run away from your PC screaming. after all these years, i've became completely immune to anything my monitor can possibly display
shipping my be free, but the prices are quite high.
not the person you responded to though.
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what you have jacked off to has no corilation to how much porn you have watched though, this is getting ridiculous and it's obvious you are just trolling at this point.
nigga plz. i'm ripping sites and archiving/cataloguing porn, you haven't even seen tenth of what i went through
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just stop, all you are doing is spreading a negative vibe
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the very fact that you're getting disgusted at scat says that you just haven't seen enough of it. i was disgusted at first too but when you see it over and over again, you stop caring. and then magic happens and you suddenly get a boner. you can get used to anything
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Like I mentioned, I'm only into light scat. Though I do ignore the ones in which they are really detailed. That's when I start to gag. That shit to mouth German stuff is a definite no no. I know because I took at 2 girls 1 cup challenge, back when it was popular, and it still haunts me to this day.

This place looks nice. You're my mistress disguised as a hero. Thank you.

True. But I've been lurking for stockings at my height on ebay, and most of them are way more expensive.
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2 girls 1 cup is nothing. those actresses made A LOT better movie with more people. a true scat gangbang shitfest orgy
stop pushing your fucking scat fetish in an unrelated thread. make a new one just for that. there is a whole bunch of things I am into but scat is none of them.
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do you even read what i wrote?
wait did I reply to the wrong post? if you are that guy >>6521672
I apologize.
meant to reply to this one >>6521664
. I just really dont want to read about scat in a non scat thread since thats a huge turnoff for me. and obviously I am not the only one who thinks that.
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no, i'm the same guy. but do note that i didn't brought up the scat subject. i'm just sharing my years of experience about fetishes
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>Bought panties
>Ordered over the knee socks
>Tempted to buy a skirt

I'm not even trap worthy, stop making me gayer than I'm already am /d/.
i'd make you full gay without all this stuff, you've bought so you can feel like yourself when you go full homo
for christ sake, no one is making you gay, you have been going to /r9k/ too much if you actually care about being "gay".
Geez anon, that was just a way to get the thread going, not an attack. Traps are pretty entry level stuff anyway, I'm far more depraved than that.
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good ;)
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Anyone happen to have this?
You havent been in the same room as me when i've had a shit. I think you would very quickly change your mind.
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Irl trappy femboy here, anyone wanna chat on kik? Hmu LittleLexxie
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you haven't been at the the lab.oratory when they have a scat night
ahhh, magical place...
I've looked all over, and I'm convinced that undies like these do not exist.
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Their socks are really good and really comfy though.
Damnit, I know this one goes to a doujin, but I can't find the name of it. Reverse image search brings me only this thread. Anyone know the name? I can find it in exhentai once I get a name.
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>no pic
>no "please"
read the text and figure it out. first line is enough
File: 49109383_p0.jpg (100 KB, 927x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You know you can do a image search on exhentai, right?
Astroglide is not good anal lube
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"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seems you two found a way to work out your frustrations. I'm sure my invite just got lost in the mail. Oh no, don't stop on my account! Keep doing what you were doing. Which, maybe it's the angle, but it kinda looks like you're playing a game of hide the salami in Sammy's poophole. Is that right, Sammy? Is Blondie slipping you the salami?"
You both seem to be enjoying it.

"Sammy, I hope you don't mind me cutting in with your dance partner. Oh, I'm going to scoop you out good."

"Oh you little slut, you do it just to tempt me, don't you?"
"N-no, I just like doggy style..."
"Yeah, yeah. You like it alright. Right up the butt."
"No, I'm not g..."
"Don't even bother to lie. I'm about to prove you wrong anyway. It's time you embraced your inner catamite. Although I guess in your case that's all of you. Here I come!"
"W-wait! Lube! Condom."
"Oh no. I'm not giving you a chance to finish like last time. And besides, I don't see you wearing one, so if Sammy's getting a love enema, so are you."

"What's the matter? Keep thrusting, or Sammy's gonna get bored. Go on, fuck yourself on me! Mmm... oh shush. I know you. You've got a floppy pool noodle until you've got one punching your girl button. Poor Sammy. You're probably impaling them right now. I guess that's what you call a traumatic insemination."
"I... nngh..."
"Fine, keep yourself in balls-deep. Sammy'll have to get off on your twitching while I pound your butt."

"I'm... gonna cum!"
"Go ahead! I'll just make you hard again! Neither of you are going anywhere until I'm satisfied! I'm gonna breed you so hard that Sammy's gonna get pregnant! Last one to cum three times gets double teamed by the other two! Spitroast or double up in the butt, winner's choice! For the record... I'm about to get to one!"

"Oh... Sammy... was that your second shot? At this rate, Blondie and I are going to find some innovative uses for your holes... but that's what you want, isn't it? Hey, Blondie, how about you and I give Sammy here a good stretching?"

"How do you like riding cowgirl? Wait, you like it from behind, right? Get over here, Blondie. I think it's time Little Miss Sammy got the double stuff."
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