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What's the current status of /d/ themed Quest threads? I remember a few being decently popular a while ago, but did they just die off or where they moved elsewhere?

I had a notion to run one (theme related to pic/title), but I wasn't sure where exactly it fit, since there don't seem to be any ongoing /d/ quests at the moment.

Also, public use thread.
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There was a nazimod a little while ago who was banning every quest that popped up, so all the qms either quit or went to akun. Feel free to give it a shot, that was nearly a year back so you might be OK now. And otherwise, just go over to akun or use /the/ and have an outside link to pictures instead of posting straight to the site
According to some mods, /d/ is for pictures only. No text threads.

So if you want to run on /d/ you better have a lot of pics
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Iv'e got a whole folder full with that sort of "pose" but I'm not sure if that would really fall under "public use"
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You should post it.
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it's a site that exclusively does quests. really, really buggy, though
is there any consensual/voluntary public use stuff? I can't get off if the woman isn't into its (and no, mindbreak shit does nothing for me)
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Thanks for the replies folks, I guess I can use this thread to gather more pictures for if I do run the quest on here. While I could go elsewhere, I like /d/'s sense of kinky camaraderie more than most places.
Why does anal always cost more in these?
That same mod chased away all our writefags, as well as Elzi.

They're still deleting caption threads, so I assume quests are still a no-go. Which is bullshit, because there's really nowhere else for /d/ quests to go.
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OP again. Thought I might as well post the premise I'm considering for the quest, see if people like it or not.

In a fetish fueled world a short step into the future, a new law allows people to have themselves be declared as Public Utilities. Public Utilities are no longer considered human, but instead a piece of government property which, if not subletted out for a specific purpose, are to present themselves in public spaces and obey any and all instructions given to them by citizens (Which, given the fetish fuel nature of the world, are primarily sexual).

People become Public Utilities for various reasons. It guarantees a basic quality of life and income, and is one of the only ways to escape crippling debts. Other people accept it as part of a deal to support someone else, or for their own desires. There are stories of those pressured or blackmailed into it, but on the whole, being a Public Utility is at least somewhat voluntary.

In addition to their standard duties, Public Utilities can be rented out to corporations or private citizens for specific uses, which can increase their value, quality of living and income. They can also accept any number of surgical or behavioral alterations to make themselves a more useful Public Utility. This can range from small things like warderobe restrictions or breast implants to major changes such as the removal of the arms, losing the ability to speak or intelligence reduction for their duration as a Public Utility.

Most Public Utilities are signed up for a specific amount of time, with the promise of a debt free future at the end of their term, along with all the income they saved up during their time.

The Quest would involve making a person who's signed up to be a Public Utility, figuring out who they are, why they're doing it, and what they've had done to themselves to increase their value, then throwing them into the setting and seeing what happens.
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Fucking 9gag ruining everything
I think that actually is because they are in france
aw man, i used to love heelies.
but they did the complete opposite to getting me fucked though.
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Well ok.
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Fuck those streetsign captchas!
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There are a bunch more, but I think it would deviate to much from the given topic.
I really wish there was more consensual examples of this fetish.
sounds like it could be fun. female only, or will traps/futas be a thing? and what other fetishes are you thinking of including, beyond the kinda obligatory BDSm and noncon?
What's the best place to find this sort of stuff? I'm looking for some [spoiler]male[/spoiler] content, but I'm not having any luck.

I figure being a Public Utility is an equal opportunity position, and having your primary or secondary sexual characteristics messed with would be one of the extra value options, so what the character starts as won't necessarily be the form they'll take as a Public Utility.

As for fetishes, I'm open to almost anything. Personally I'm only really turned off by gross out stuff like obesity, all sorts of excrement, farting etc, in addition to the stuff that's straight up banned. I'd try to be flexible and take advice/suggestions from the thread for interesting people and scenarios to mess with the MC and put them in all sorts of fun compromising situations.
when're you thinking of starting this up?

Not sure, still pondering the idea and gathering images to hopefully help the threads avoid getting slapped down. I'm starting to make some notes and do some planning, so I'll likely post a startup thread after all that's done, for making the character, setting up the initial scenario and getting setting details out of the way.
But it makes no sense in french either. It might even be more ridiculous.
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>Putting a grapefruit in her vagina

Goddamn, that's gotta sting.

More please
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Because anal is typically considered "taboo." And taboo = more desirable = more expensive. It is a bit silly (especially when you're someone who considers anal sex normal), but whatever brings in the dough!
my master and i are actually doing this the monday morning in a highway station. He carrya good lot of condom (always do it safe !) and people fuck me, i suck them, they piss on me.
north of france and belgium sometime
Wouldn't you get arrested for public indecency?
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There's a board called /storytiem/ on the other chan that's dedicated to lewd quests. I think it's pretty vanilla but you could always go check it out.
Bad Idea, BAD idea
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I fixed it.
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