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Hey all. Recently got into the diy world through cheap and creative solutions for my band equipment. I'm trying to figure out a way to attach 2 flight cases together. I could always do the standard casters and cups, but I want to figure out some sort of vaguely quick release system to lock them together for transport, but also be able to detach them without the use of tools once we arrive at the venue. Any ideas on what would be a smart move?
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Locking castors & cups, or ratchet straps. Or maybe both.
Seconding ratchet straps, harbor freight for cheap

The thing is that I'm starting to practice making this rosettes. But I've been searching and searching a lot to find some templates to start carving them, but I just can't find anything on the internet.
They are meant for baroque instruments, and made of parchments or/and quite thin wood.

Any help or idea of where can I get some templates?
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use mandalas perhaps?

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So, I was installing a new thermostat for my girlfriend and when I turned the breaker off, I only turned off the ac breaker, not looking or realizing that her heat was on a different breaker. I just assumed the breaker labeled "ac unit "meant both.

Well, the wires sparked and now neither her old or new thermostats are getting power. I even touched the red and green wires together to try and get the blower to turn on, but nothing.

Have I blown something in her unit? I didn't smell anything.

Any help would be appreciated.
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you need to get a chunkier girlfriend; you can keep warm by sliding into her flaps.
Reset both breakers. Use your meter to check that both units are getting power.

I'm not real knowledgeable about this, but thermostats should be low voltage applications. In the 6v to 36v range, at a guess based on my limited experience.

Other than that, google is your friend.

The lesson you learned here today is to always check for power before you do anything else. You could have fried yourself in your own grease or burnt down your gf's abode. Those are not good things.

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>breaker labeled "ac unit "meant both.
this is for the outside unit -240vac
The furnace and air handler (blower) are on a different breaker -120vac
The transformer for the thermostat is inside the furnace.
You probably blew the transformer (24vac) or the 3-5 amp fuse on the control board inside the blower compartment.
It's usually a two-blade automotive type fuse,

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I just made a cmoy headphone amp and the pot only seems to work for the first 1/5th of its travel. any advice on how to find out what is wrong here? bad pot?
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You probably have a linear taper pot. You need a logarithmic pot (audio pot).
if you mean that the thing goes to max volume at 2 instead of 11, it means your gain is too high, or your input level is too high. (both situations mean the same thing, really). if so, since there are so many 'CMOY' designs, it's impossible to say what needs changing.
i used this guide:
i tested at very low input levels and high input levels it just seems to add about 3db at 1/5th pot travel then doesn't get louder after that. works fine before then.

ill try swapping with an audio pot, not sure if the one is have is linear or not, thanks for the tips.

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I plan on painting my basement, but we have these tiles (which quite frankly I am not a huge fan of). All these "interior design trend" sites only account for rooms that have dark wooden floors and what not. Can someone help me out?
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egg shell white
well damn, that's what color they are now
what if I just got a big rug? Would that be tacky? I really don't like these boring white egg shell walls

File: New-projects-acetate-1.jpg (17 KB, 188x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does anyone know of a transparent material that I can print on to that is water proof and will not bleed into water?

I was thinking acetate printed on with standard ink. Would that bleed off at all?

Basically what I am looking to do is fill a jar with water, and put a transparent material with an image printed on it inside. I was also thinking maybe just laminated paper, which will seal off the water. Any ideas?
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if its waterproof material then obviously a standard orinter isnt going to cut it as the ink wont be able to penetrate the material to stick. best bet it to laminate it after printing. as long as its laminated properly and sealed it will remain 100% waterproof

shit I forgot oto mention you can print images on transparency film.. they make this for inkjets and THEN laminate that. that way you have a transparent everything.
Will look into it! Think I will go with transparency film + lamination. Thanks!

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Let's have a general (subtractive) CNC thread, post shit you've made/designs you've seen/etc.
Mills, routers, laser, and punch presses are all welcome.

In the meantime, my dad is wanting me to help my youngest brother get started learning AutoCAD, and being that I am the resident CNC-wrangler I figured the best way to get him started would be designing something straight-forward that can be made (I'm sure it will be a huge help to stimulate interest in the subject), so if I could find some simple, cool things to get him to design and me program it'd be great.

A tad limited on what we can do though, our CNC machines are geared towards bigger stuff, but we've got a punch press (For sheet metal), a 2.5 axis mill (Metal only due to coolant recirc), and a plasma table (Big and messy)

Gonna start out by posting my little personal project at the moment, machining some aluminum grips for an old pistol I've got. (Will get fancy with engraving/anodizing once I get a set made and verify that's dimensions are good)
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I taught myself autocad in 12 hours and learnt how to write scripts for it.

I have ideas and many many pictures i've turned in dxf's, I want to turn into lights and other arty shit, I might have a guy to build me a cnc, i've been thinking about it for a year or so, i'm just not a precision kinda person or electrical, but he's quoted me £3,000 for a 1x1.5 meter work area cnc miller of plasma.

It would save me spending £25 on N E S W every-time i make a compass
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>12 hours
Hey, back off. This guy is clearly the smartest person you've ever met. He also has 18 confirmed kills and was the captain of his football team.

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masonry heater 05.jpg
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Did masonry for a couple years so id like to build my own masonry heater eventually, but i have a couple questions. I know its supposed to be a really clean fire/burn but do you ever have to clean them out and how would you clean a multiple bell heater? What exactly makes the firebox burn so much hotter than a normal chimney? How do you attach an oven? Any advice to prevent cracking would be appreciated. And i read its bad to have more than 3 fires per day? any one know why? Thanks for the help
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Also if anyone prefers rocket stoves please explain why, other than initial cost
You should always have access ports to clean things even if you never need to use them. You never know when you might need to clear out a bird's nest, scared cat, kid's toys, etc. or even the next owner may have those problems if not you.


Make sure everything is fully cured. It may take a few weeks. Keep the mortar properly damp until fully cured and try to make it cure evenly. Meaning do as much of it as fast as you can in as short amount of time as you...
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I like them and don't like them for the same reasons. Cost and materials. In addition to that, they are extremely limited due to the ratio I mentioned above. Take those rocket stoves in homes that use a 55 gallon drum that has its exhaust snaking through a cob or masonry bench to sit on. That longer pipeline for the exhaust ruins the ratio of the rocket stove. It ends up burner at a lower temperature and you get suet/smoke problems again. Doing it correctly means you'll be venting the heat out of the house...
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Hello, I've been trying to see what's wrong with my rotary tool. It makes a lot of noise on power option 3-4, but sounds healthy on 1-2 or 5-6. I tried taking off all attachments and tighten the spindle as hard as I could and the rotary tool sounded healthy on all power options.

I've come to the conclusion that the diameter of the dremel attachments don't allow me to tighten the spindle lock all the way which makes the sound unbearable at some levels. I've been thinking I might need another collet but would like some information before I buy.

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Whens the last time you changed the oil in it?

It's practically new, and I have a feeling it can't be the oil when it sounds fine without any attachments.

File: IMG_20160213_132735.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys what is this buildup and how do I get rid of it.
It has an crater-like texture. It's only been a week and is been in a clean environment. No water spills or anything of the sort
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Looks like its been sandblasted. Do you live near the beach

My head lights on my car looked the same after 6 months of living 100ft from the beach
looks like fly shit to me, they enjoy the warm transformers
Do you drink a lot of soda?

File: Cringe.png (969 KB, 673x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sup /DIY/nos

Might be the wrong place to ask - but I always end up seeing good tool recommendations here.

Anybody know of a good set of fabric shears for under $30?

Main use is for Cutting 1000D Nylon (Cordura)

Thanks bois

(Sewing is for the MANLIEST FUCKING MEN)
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I have the 20$ Fiskars fabric scissors from Walmart, and I cut a bunch of denim with it. Did pretty good.
(I dunno how thick 1000D cordura is...?)
if you are cutting a lot of heavy fabric, you might look into getting some leather-working shears

the handles are longer than fabric shears to give better leverage for cutting (thicker & tougher) leather (pic related)
This. Fiskars is probably the best brand. With the orange handles, although i think they come in different colors nowadays.

I want to install a new shower head but the threaded male portion of the ball joint adapter is too short.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking a short extension is a good solution but I cannot find one that would work.

This is for my apartment, so I cannot perform any major construction.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
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this sounds more like a job for your landlord. don' t waste your money or time with it
not 100% sure what problem you're describing, but i once had a problem where the thing wouldnt screw in properly until i replaced the washer with a thinner washer, to give it more thread to grip.
There might by a water saver gasket in the female end. It's just a rubber washer, take it out and see of that helps.

File: IMG_0573.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wish I had thought about this board earlier, because /mu/ was of no help whatsoever.

I got this thing new for like $75 and I’m gonna build an EVH Frankenstrat out of it.

I already got the spray cans but I can’t find a Frankenstrat paint tutorial or template that’s simple and easy to follow. Every video just shows a sped up clip of the guy taping the guitar and most templates don’t follow steps, pretty much like “just put the tape and spray, faggot". The ones that kinda do show how to tape it have relicing involved and I don’t want this replica...
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File: SwimmingPool.jpg (56 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 800x600
First order of business is to pull the pickguard up and see how the routing looks.
A lot of those cheap guitars have swimming pool routing which obviously isnt going to work with a EVH replica.

And as for installing a 2 pivot bridge on a 6 screw pivot body, you can just drill the outer holes bigger to install it.

Painting it really is as simple as laying tape and spraying. It cant be that hard to figure out what order of paint to tape to get your desired results.
For paint, the biggest thing I think is the order of the colors.

I'd basecoat it in black, white mid coat, and then red for the top coat.

You'll paint the entire thing black, let it dry entirely, put tape down everywhere you see black/want to see black. Then paint it white and let it dry.. Put your tape down where ever you want to see white (coverage on each of these layers will be a bitch btw...maybe use selfpriming for that extra color thickness?)...then...
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Eddie went Black, White, Red. He made special note to say that it was Red Schwinn Bicycle paint though. If I were you though I'd turn that into Yngwie's guitar Duck, everyone has seen a Frankenstrat, but build a Duck and scallop the fingerboard and you'll have something special.

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Multi-boarder here and my first time on /diy/ I just finished assembling what will become my solder fume extractor, (or whatever you want to call it.) It's not pretty, but it works.

The big thing I did to it was reverse the shaded-pole motor so it pulls air through the front rather than blowing air out the front.

So, my question to you /diy/ what do you use to not breath in solder fumes while working on projects?
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>not getting high off solder/weld fumes

go back to 420chan, druggie... also the smoke will eventually give you cancer.
>what do you use to not breath in solder fumes while working on projects?

I go outside, or I use a small desk fan to push the smoke away from me. I dont do huge solder jobs much.

I plan on 3d printing one like pic related, but as always im having more hardware issues with my printer.

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What is something cheap and something I can paint, and cut with a utility knife to replace the back of my entertainment center? My gfs cat is has started to scratch it

Wat do
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Its called wood filler
It's not wood and not solid. Its like cardboard but with fiber. Not sure what it's called
Nigger, its MDF
And you are going to put wood filler on it, sand it down and paint it.

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