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Hello /diy/.

Can anyone recommend me a non destructive way to clean surface rust of items? I have some archaeological finds I want to clean. The only thing I want to do is clean off some of the rust while preserving patina and remaining traces of wood.

I looked at some detectorist sites and the methodes seem shit.

>Wire brush and wd40
>Sand blast it!
>Soak it in Acid.

Doubt that' a good idea. Pic somewhat related.

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I don't think you understand what a patina is. But anyway if the items are valuable don't do anything except maybe clean off the dirt. If they're tools soak in white vinegar or rust off. Probably just do the former if they're "archaeological" and have some significance as it sounds like you're going to fuck them up as you still have to have some preservation plan after you clean them.
If you're just cleaning off some old arrowheads you dug out of a field because you want them to look nicer in a shadow box in your den they make non-acid rust removers intended for restoration of rusty old vintage shit. One example:


If they're more rust than iron you don't clean them at all.

Some light reading on the subject:

>I have some archaeological finds I want to clean

Are you a complete idiot?


you you must do anything use a soft toothbrush to remove loose soil, etc.


doing so you are eliminating all archaeological data. You are making the objects worthless.

Again, do NOT "Clean" them. For the love of god.

Also photos of the objects.

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Hey, /diy/..
Is it possible to make your own homemade printer ink somehow?
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And yes, I know the pic is of a LaserJet printer, my mistake >>1001003
you can get a huge bottle of ink for like $10

I've refilled mine tons of times and I still have a lot left

I got a printer at a rummage sale for $2 and the black ink still worked
It might be possible to farm octopii and/or squid and harvest their ink. Please try it and report back.

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How could I create a cheap metal wood stove + chimney using only hand tools?

I was thinking of buying an ammo box and starting from there, but I was wondering what /diy/ though.
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Unless you have a crank operated welding station that's impossible. Ammo box will get red hot, fume all the paint off, and will rust after a couple of weeks. That's one of the most stupid things I've heard.

The ideal thing to start with would be a thick gas tank, but it would still require some welding unless you want to die of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also recommended to powder coat it to prevent rust and so it doesn't looks like you've stolen it from some inbreed gypsy's...
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55 gallon steel drum - one lid attached, one spare lid. I could build a stove out of these with hand tools.
So you get the drum, preferably one that hasn't housed anything too volatile and preferably with the paint coming off. You have four problems.
1) You want to light a fire in it outside to cook the paint and anything trapped in the pores of the steel off. We'll get back to this later though...
2) The drum will be oriented length-wise above the ground - it needs legs. Source some kind of metal stand.
3) The front opening - to feed in wood. You need...
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woodfag here.

Could op do it with sheet metal, tin snips and rivets?

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I was thinking about how springs can be used to fly, and I realised that a bunch of cups on a spring would squeeze air out in such a way as to create thrust as a compression wave travelled through the spring, and those waves could in turn be created with sound.

I'd try and simulate this but I have no software to do that, so does /diy/ think it'd work?
And would there be a better way than a one-way valve of getting the cups to not suck themselves backwards when refilling with air?
Since the idea of this is to make a strange yet easily built aircraft, and...
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>I was thinking about how springs can be used to fly

Alternatively, it might be able to fly by wiggling if it used troughs instead of cups, but for that the airflow is more confusing so I'd definitely need a simulator that I don't have.
I don't follow. Are we talking about a tension spring here, pulling the cups together?

I don't think your sound idea is very workable.

Peachy Printer Edition

Old thread >>980845

>open source community

>buyfag buyers guide
Any number of Reprap kits out there

>basic 3d printing FAQs
https://opendesignengine.net/projects/vg3dp/wiki (lots of useful stuff)

>what kind of filament do...
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Oh, you were faster. That guy looks like having mild down syndrome in that pic.

I broke the other surface mount LED from my heatbed pcb. Is it ok to replace it with any LED?
He always looked like if he had some kind of retardation or deformity.
why would anyone support peachy printer after those fuckwads embezzled all the kickstarter money

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hardware store.jpg
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Hey /diy/ what is useful knowledge for working in a hardware store?

my local home hardware has a sales assistant position open and I'm hoping to get it so I can pay the bills, but I don't know shit about tools (no dad around to teach me). I googled training videos, but there wasn't much on offer.
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>but I don't know shit about tools
Not a problem, I've never met a hardware store employee that knew shit about anything they sold.
Most of your job will probably be knowing what shit is in which aisle.
So there's nothing I can do to increase my likelihood of getting the job? I'd like to know at least a little, jobs are hotly contested in this small town and I want to be a convincing candidate
It's a sales job, not an apprenticeship mate, just read through some catalogues or something so you at least know an angle grinder from a hatchet.

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I have one of those undersink slide out trash bins, but you have to lift the lid yourself which is annoying.

I'd like to make some sort of rope and pulley contraption, so that when you try to slide it out, it will automatically lift the lid slightly, and then lower it back down when you slide it back in.

I thought about it and it seems like basically my problem hinges on constructing a device that has the following characteristics (refer to pic 1):

R is a weight representing the lid. Q is the device. P is the pulley that will be routed around and tied to the base of trash can.

When the rope is pulled in given direction, both Q and R will be pulled up at first (plot showing hQ and hR). It doesn't matter if R is pulled in direct proportion to Q, hence the several dashed curves, any of which would be acceptable.

After a preset threshold is met, however, Q continues going up but R remains in place.

When the rope through P is slackened back in, the events play out in reverse: First only Q is lowered without lowering R, but when threshold is reached (ie. the trash bin has almost completely slid back in) R starts lowering as well.
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Just to make it clearer, second pic is an example imperfect solution: The threshold is set by putting some barrier in the path of R. After R is snagged on this barrier, it cannot move any more, so further attempts to pull along T1 results in the spring being extended.

The problem with this is that towards the end there will be quite a bit of force stored up in the spring, so the trash can will not slide out easily and snap back when released.

Any ideas?
open the cupboard fully
lift the lid
attach rope to lid
attach other end to inside cupboard

thats it.
that is all there is to it.
I want it to be opened when the trash bin is slid out, not when the door is opened.

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images (71).jpg
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I was wondering how do this Chinese people make this toys?

I mean, how do they put this "fire fire! Gdtyjfd! Fire fire! " sounds in this crap?

This literally cost $1

Is there any specific "magic" components inside this garbage?

I'm a mechatronics engineering students trying to make some cool projects and stuff

I've already done some projects with micro/SD cards and audio file readers, they are not difficult, but they are not easier as I imagine this toy components are (maybe I'm wrong)

Anyone knows...
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The 'magic component' is what we refer to as the 'black dot'. It's basically a micro circuit with a tiny, special purpose chip that can be loaded with very short, low quality audio recordings. The whole circuit costs pennies to buy, program, and mount, then the whole circuit is covered with a single drop of black epoxy.

You can recreate the circuit if you design it yourself, but you will never be able to produce it as cheaply as they can because they are buying bottom of the line components,...
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Thanks anons

Hello /diy/

I just bought my first drill, only cost me $99 due to major clearance sale and i would like to know how /diy/ manages these batteries. The manual says to keep them charged but with Lithium Polymer this would damage them, This drill uses Lion so kinda stumped on how to handle them.

pic related
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Lithium Ion likes being topped off.
I don't understand "topped off"

All lithium Ion batteries including mobile phones like being charged unlike Polymer?
I charge my Milwaukee batteries when the red light indicator has one light left, and I take them off the charger when the charger light turns green. I never run them all the way down.

Has anybody used these things before? Any favorite brands? I've been thinking of picking up a pair, but I don't want to blow $150 on something worse than a regular $20 pair.
Also PPE general, I guess
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Whoa. Normally cheap, non electronic ones are mostly hollow with some foam, so I stuff them with cheap bluetooth and speakers and use the foam to coat it.

it's your time and effort, versus spend some spare bucks. if i wasn't broke I wouldn't do shit with trash I found lying around.

But I guess someone who
...who comes to /diy/ wants to hear about it, so there's that.

I've found the right part of a chinese bluetooth headset trashed, the left is from a philips one and the arc is from an ear muffler, the ear pads and speakers were salvaged too.

I've spent about two hours cutting, soldering and testing, I've stuffed deceased cellphone batteries behind the speaker in the Philips cup, there's a thin wire for the sound and power I had to drill the arc but mostly is pretty solid and comfy...
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And of course, I've said I found it in the trash, right? It was burnt. I've had to remake the cap too.

For some reason the bottom part of a plastic cup fit perfectly.

I think I'll call this the "hoboset".

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Stringing a guitar (its a pita)
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Stringing a guitar is easy as fuck
This is a right handed guitar with a reverse headstock. Those are hipsot open back locking tuners that are staggered. The top two don't have enough space to fit the string through the hole. Is this done correctly?
I understand how to string it. The issue is that I can't fit the strings in. They are .10 to .60. That 6th peg won't fit a .46.

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RF RGB controller.jpg
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I have a 5050 RGB LED strip behind the projector screen of my home theater. It came with an IR remote. I want to change the stock controller that came with it and replace it with an RF controller.

This LED strip I purchased.

A typicla RF controller that I want to use to replace the stock IR controller that came with my LED strip

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The controller's amperage rating is the maximum amount of current you can run through it. As long as the led strip is less than that you're fine. Don't worry. You could actually run two strings off that controller before hitting the wall.
File: output_QQzhUp.gif (3 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x270

Pretty much what this guy said is correct.

You could always make your own with a micro controller and custom code though.
does your phone have an IR blaster? i have a strip with the same remote as the one you linked which I control with my phone (LG G3) using an app called "smartremote"

File: 7UsmgFN.jpg (889 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey everyone, I work in a warehouse and can get free pallets that look pretty good. I'm tempted to make a butcher block style desk with those meme iron pipe legs etc.

Anyone done much like this? My main concerns are:

1. The pallet tops are pretty thin, and will likely need to be planed down to ensure smooth contact for the glue. How much do wood processing places typically charge to push through.. 8(?) pallets worth of top planks so that they are even?

2. Price I'm ok with the elbow grease involved and have most of the tools, but how much is it going to cost me in glue using those thin pallet tops? Any cheaper way to get the Iron pipe stuff? Most people who make desk legs say it cost $200-260 fml.

3. If anyone knows of a really solid somewhat heavy desk that's ideal for computer use and reasonably priced please post it. Ikea kinda stuff turns me off because of its fragile and easily destroyed nature. ATM I use an Ikea Tromso style bed with the under desk and its driving me nuts for gaming. I just want a solid ass desk thats the right height for gaming. Those 1950's style drafting desks are too much of a pain to move and wont be suitable till i own a home.

Anything else I'm not considering?
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Know why /diy/ mocks pallets?
They're the cheapest shittiest wood money can buy. By the time they're thrown out, they're so broken down that even picking them up can cause boards to fall off. The wood you get isn't worth the effort, and you're going to get more waste than usable wood.
They're great for fires though.
Honestly OP, if you're going to put any effort into this, then at least buy semi decent wood.

Surely you don't want to be eating off that wood when you have no idea what they were palleting on it?
Jimmies rustled.
Autism triggered
10/10 will follow thread.
>pallet wood
>pipe legs
>cheap fuck wants real furniture

Oh Jesus help me.

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Hey /diy/, hoping you can give me some ideas of how to do this. Pic related is the room (highlighted) that I need to ventilate/cool, it has no windows and the doorway goes into my kitchen which has 2 windows on the far opposite wall. Does anyone have ideas of how to cool this room? I was thinking of having a duct fan to bring air into the far end of the room, with a fan in the doorway blowing air into the kitchen, but that sounds like a really ugly solution. Any help is appreciated, cheap solutions preferred
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can you put holes in the walls? can it be permanent? do you pay for utilities?
it's a rental so no holes or anything permanent. I pay for electricity and gas
File: image4.jpg (3 MB, 4000x1271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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anyone know how many fans would be necessary to have the air circulate the room like this?

Night shift worker here. Sleeping in the summer is terrible. My house has central air, but the upstairs, particularly my bedroom, barely feels the effects. I use a window unit in my room, but light shines through it whereas in the winter I have a complete blackout. I looked into portable units but they seem too inefficient.

What would be a good way to cover up the holes on a window air conditioner's outside cover to stop light shining in without blocking any ventilation?
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Can you take a picture of it?
File: 20160531_194706.jpg (3 MB, 2120x2120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2120x2120
It's out of my window as I'm going on vacation soon. The front grills let in the light from the vents on the top and side.
Maybe make frame out cardboard that has a hole in it for the front of it

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Hey diy do you think an excado knife is able to cut this plastic bottle
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Please don't cut yourself ham hands

I am building a new shed/shop a few miles from my house.

I have a nest thermostat that I am considering installing. I am not planning on getting an internet connection at this location.

Are there any cheap options for getting this thermostat on the internet?

I am currently considering a few options:
-neighbors unprotected wifi?
-old cell phone plugged into the charger, I would need to add it as a line on my account, and then just use it as a hotspot? I can't imagine I would burn through too much data using just a Nest.
-Is there anyway I could...
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Isn't Nest going out of business or some shit? They've been in the news a lot lately for fucking things up.


>neighbor wifi
Illegal, but doable. You know, you could just ask them. Explain what it is and show them the thermostat.

>cell phone
It'll be expensive as shit. Plans are sold by minimum, not maximum. A basic cell plan with hotspot (you could probably do it illegally...
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>Isn't Nest going out of business or some shit?

No idea, but I have a thermostat already. If they do go out of business I would hope the bankruptcy court requires them to keep their servers on for at least a few years.

>It'll be expensive as shit. Plans are sold by minimum, not maximum. A basic cell plan with hotspot

I was just thinking of adding a line to my existing phone plan. Should be $9.99 or $19.99 per month.

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>contributing to the internet-of-shit meme

Hey /diy/ I made a cardboard desk light. It's adjustable, and the arm and shade is held together by the fixture and the three screws.
My problem is I couldn't make the flat bottom part without glueing. It needs to be a closed box so I could throw in some weight (a handful of coins atm) to prevent tipping.
Any ideas?
Also, I'd be glad to have your general opinion, too.
(I know the cutting looks shit right now, but this is just a handmade prototype, laser cutting is expensive af here, but I already have the plans if you'd like to make one for yourself.)
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also don't mind the shitty scavenged cable I had at hand in my bottom drawer, final version gets some fancy textile-clad stuff
needs an LED bulb tho, 60w bulb set the previous model ON FUCKING FIRE
There is a reason most fixtures you touch are plastic or wooden. Think about it.

File: fawlty cross stitch.jpg (184 KB, 1030x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fawlty cross stitch.jpg
184 KB,
Sup /diy/,

I've never cross stitched before but I'd like to try it and give pic related as a gift. Instructions to make pic related is for sale as a .PDF file, but I'm wondering if I really need the instructions or if I could figure out how to make the design just using the very image attached to this post.

I'm totally green at this so I don't know how important the official instructions are. I think I get the basic idea on how to make and X with thread and count across however many spaces of Xs in whatever color per line, but I really...
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Essentially yes the pattern tells you where the colours to but will provide instruction on how to do different stitches
When you buy a cross stitch it's usually just the pattern or the pattern and the thread and aieda
If won't tell you how to make stitches unless it's an absolute beginners kit.

Here are some tips.
If you have a set of X's to do you can do all the diagonals going one way then all the others going the other way to get back to where you started.
If you want to do the writing or bow tie google things like 'running stitch' and 'back stitch'.
It doesn't really...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks gaiz. So if I wing it on the colors and learn some basic techniques, the instructions should be useless? Would they be useless to someone with your level of experience? Or would they offer some value worthy of having them in front of you?

File: tc2-b.jpg (171 KB, 1200x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright, so I salvaged an Apple Time Capsule yesterday and I want to get it working, but I cannot find any information relating to my specific issue.

When I plug it up, the front LED does not light up at all but the ethernet port lights do (solid green). I'm thinking this is just a power supply problem, but all my searches are either talking about the front LED only or are from the Apple forums where the most common replies are just "don't work on it, just buy a new one".

Any Apple guys know exactly what's going on, whether it's...
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The newer generations (the tall tower) only has a front light.

So check what generation that is, and then make sure you are reading forums from the correct year.

They are not that expensive (I know that is not DIY).

Things that grind my gears
>3 ethernet ports
Open it up and take some pictures. There might be a fuse that has blown or a diode that went causing only some of the circuit to power up. Do you own a multimeter?
File: 20160601_141629.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 5312x2988
I should mention that I don't know the actual model number, as the rubber base was removed way before I got it and the hard drive was missing. I planned on slapping an old one in anyway. It IS one of the flat models though, and not the taller one.

Two pics incoming. I own a multimeter, but not really sure where i'd be testing. I'm somewhat a beginner at a lot of this kinda stuff.

File: Backlight.jpg (2 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, so my lcd monitor screen just recently fucked up, it takes a loooooong time for it to "light up" even though the screen is already on but very dim, it was a few minutes at the beggining now its literally hours. You can still barely see half the screen in a dark room. It also makes a constant high pitched buzzing while on that disapears when the screen lights up.

Its kinda weird, I have to wait for it to suddenly light up, then automatically turn off on its own after a few seconds and I MUST be there to light it up again as fast as possible, 4 or 5...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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its a ccfl screen right (not a led backlight one)? if so you need to get some new lamp(s) for it.
its a pain in the ass to replace since you have to disassemble the panel to get to the lamps and you need to get the exact same lamp or you might need to replace the inverter too (there should be some inscriptions on the lamp or the lamp socket indicating its model)
oh and i forgot to add, the thing with the screen turning off on its own could indicate some bad capacitors (blown or bulged). so you might wanna check that first before tearing the panel apart. (caps are cheap and easy to replace, get the same rating [volts and farads] and line up the negative side and you should be golden)
>Just would be a waste to throw a working monitor for something I could fix
>takes hours and careful attention to turn on

File: 1365476933934.gif (2 MB, 329x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
I need to build a shed for my parents. Our old one is on a concrete slab. The shed dimensions are 10 ft wide by 9 ft long. I've done a bit of construction work before but nothing major. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do? Like shed plans or getting a shed kit or something
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File: shedbooka copy.jpg (138 KB, 911x1215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shedbooka copy.jpg
138 KB, 911x1215
I'm pretty sure this is the definitive work on sheds.

Be more specific once you have an idea.
Be more specific regarding the requirements of space, intended use and budgeting.
it's not that complicated, a few framed walls, flashing around the outside and on the top of some rafters, simple shingling job...boom, done

File: fuck this shit.png (647 KB, 701x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck this shit.png
647 KB,
What is the best way top get rid of one's lawn? I've got no interest in maintaining a lawn, nor do I have any interest in paying someone else to do it. Is there a "proper" way to enact a scorched earth policy on my lawn or should a liberal application of ground clear and salt do the trick?
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>doeant want grass
stop watering it
get grass killer from the store
dig it up with shovel
piss on it daily. that will kill it
Depends where you live, there's a lot of places that will rip it up for you, and maybe pay.
Don't know what else to say, where I live if you stop watering it, the shit dies in a month.
>stop watering it
Cant really keep it from raining, anon.

>get grass killer from the store
That was already pretty much plan A assuming there wasn't a better way.

>dig it up with shovel
If I wanted to toil in the sun, I'd just mow that shit.

>piss on it daily. that will kill it
already happens since the people I live with are the type to take a 10-minute...
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File: 17.jpg (321 KB, 2048x1363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB,
>this is my bicycle
>I made it
>I would like to install an electric motor to transport people from one place to another
>so I would like to work
>someone please can you tell me, that electric motor is best for my bike and also, that is economic
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Really? Didn't get enough information the last time you made this exact thread?
Why dont you just build or buy a motorcycle
Either buy a motorcycle or quit skipping leg day.

File: buttplug.jpg (399 KB, 1000x889) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399 KB,
any crafty ideas from daily junk you wanna share /diy/?

pic related is what i did lately, by shamelessly stealing the idea from internet
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Inb4: pallet furniture
Nice one I might try it. Got nothing better to do
File: F2BLK5PHX1W8PFY.jpg (2 MB, 1456x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1456x2592
Not mine, but I thought this was cool.

File: received_1200093086670250.jpg (110 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB,
I've been ripping my hair out trying to fix this but I'm not sure how. Long story short. I cross threaded a bleeder valve on a brake. I realized it so I tried to loosen it and take it out. It won't even come out now. It just infinitly loosens or tightens. How could I get it out
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replace brake caliper
ideally get a mechanic to do it because you are too fucking useless to be trusted to do it without fucking up

File: sweet.jpg (183 KB, 921x691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB,
I want to go out into the woods and weave a basket with materials I find. I live in Massachusetts and I'm having a hard time finding what I could use.

I was reading that a local Native American tribe would use sweet grass, but that's really about it. Couldn't find out how to make the basket with sweet grass either.

Strictly looking to find the mats in the woods and make on my own. Prefer not to buy anything. Or if you can recommend something that isn't weaving a basket I'd be interested.
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Look into pine straw baskets. They are made with really long pine needles. Easy to find assuming you know what a pine tree looks like. The longer the better.
Good luck!
Grass coil baskets op, thats what you wanna look up, super easy to make and it sounds like youve got the right materials available.
Use twigs. You should have birch saplings around there.

File: c03236580.png (219 KB, 474x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB,
Hi /diy/, I want to mount a 150lb enclosure (with all server stuff inside) to a concrete wall.

I plan on using tapcon screws. I was told it would be good if I drill a hole through a wooden 2x4, then attach the 2x4 to the concrete. Then I can attach the enclosure to the 2x4.

What do you think ? I am worried that the 2x4 may not support the 150lbs.
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to the top!
Use concrete anchors.
File: expander.png (36 KB, 360x87) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just use concrete expander anchors, they are made for this. How many Units is the rack?

File: CjpmPJ4XEAAmPjK.jpg (196 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are some good tips to keep black berries from growing back every year? I've been cutting them down to the dirt for two years now but they just keep coming back.
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Pull all the roots out. Done. Sometimes you also need to losen the soil around them because some can be quite stubborn.
Dis: >>1001378

You can leave no root behind. You gotta rip all that shit out.
There always Round-Up, OP.

Hey there /diy/! I just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with buying, working with, living in, or building any homes made of shipping containers. I'm looking for guides or services that can help me out. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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Nice thread guy.
From what I understand, its cheaper to just make a new structure from scratch. And easier.

As far as I can see, the only point would be to make like a dive office for construction sites that could be transported easily
>For when a single wide trailer is too luxurious.

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