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Hey /diy/, quick question here.

I need to connect a second 3.5" HDD to my cubieboard2 via USB (the only SATA port is already populated).

Power for the HDD is not an issue - I'll hook it up to a 5V/12V dual rail power supply, so I basically need the cheapest USB SATA controller I can get.

The catch is that all the crap on ebay has the combined data/power connector which is a no go because it's 5V only (no good for 3.5" drives).

Rewiring something like pic related seems like too much hassle for something that should be really simple.
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sata cable to hdd
other end to controller
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Can't believe I didn't think of that!
Thanks a million, anon.
there are connectors with TWO usb cables that, combined, power a 3.5"

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So I was looking around online at prefab sheds and got sidetracked and found some prefab dome house kits for sale. This one in particular caught my eye: http://econodome.com/

Their kit seems to be really inexpensive for what you're getting and I was wondering if it seems feasible to build one of these at lower cost than a modular or custom built home and by someone who is not a professional.
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>it seems feasible to build one of these at lower cost than a modular or custom built home and by someone who is not a professional


also, it is a gimmick, nothing more
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But why couldn't you get a bunch of triangles shipped to you and assemble them? The basic concept seems like it should work to me and be cheaper than a lot of current construction methods.
you can, of course

cheaper? lol, no

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Grow lights? I live in a cu.ckshed in the city and need the Oxygen and cheap vegetation. Any thoughts or tips for a noob?
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i just use shop lights, works well if you keep within 8 inches of the plant
Get yourself a few COB LEDs, reflectors, computer heat sink + fans and make yourself a light.
What are you growing?

You can grow plenty of indoor plants without any supplemental lighting.

Spider plants
Snake plants
ZZ Plant

All of these plants are happy to live their life inside with whatever light they're given.

Dracaenas like the Cast Iron plant and Corn plant can only be hurt by overwatering. The ZZ plant is also very indestructable.

Vining philodendrons do just fine in poor soils and need only water and a light feeding once or twice a year.

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This hole and 2 more about the same size are in the mini ramp at my local skate park. I'm not the diy type so I went to home depot and talked with someone who knew as little as I did and ended up buying wood filler which I used to fill one. I think I fucked up, I did it tonight and I will go back tomorrow to see how good it is, but it doesn't look good at all, and I think it will wear away easily.

What would you guys do to fix these holes? It would need to withstand skateboard wheels riding over it and also be able to withstand rain and snow. Any Ideas?
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Best bet would be to fill with epoxy, but you will have to clean the filler out. For a really good repair, fill with epoxy, then add a new board over the top. If you dont fill with epoxy first, it will leave a weak spot and you will go thru the new top board. Epoxy is the way to go, you are right, wood filler will mush the first rain.
Alright, thanks for the help
If I wanted to add more wood to the top, I would have to cut out the bad wood first right? How would I do that?

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How can I keep my cat from scratching my new couch? I work a lot and don't have time to watch her all day with a spray bottle?

>I'm not going to declaw her or spank her or anything that will hurt her

Do any furniture sprays actually work?

Is there something I can wire to a motion sensor that controls a water mist or something? Any ideas?

Pic related
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Buy a scratching post.
they make something called a SCAT! which is a motion activated top for a bottle of canned air.... it's fucking hilarious....

Can someone tell me what the name of this kind of wood flooring in pic related is? I've been trying to find something similar online for hours with no luck.
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Looks like possibly poplar. Nobodys gonna know for sure tho.
Thank you.
Due to the variarions like they are, i would say actually closer to a mahogany.

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Hello friends, I have a pretty weird question about something i want to try. I want to paint a knife like the Doppler knives from CS. There's some attempts to do it on youtube but they always use nail polish and the knives end up lumpy and gross. I'm going to be using Testors enamel paints and actual paint brushes to try and keep it as clean as possible. My question is what order should i pain the knife in? the knife is matte black so im thinking silver base coat, blue coat, then gloss black coat on top of that. should i do a black coat over the silver then a blue...
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more reference material
heat treat

google temper or heat treat colors

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What the cheapest way to get fleas out of my house and off of my dog?? I'm a poor fag and can't really afford the expensive exterminator
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Torch it. That's always a cheap option.
to start with, get either a flea collar or other flea treatment for your dog.

then, treat anywhere the fleas could be with borax, then vacuum.
Vacuum really well, and tie off in a bag so that any eggs don't hatch. keep vacuuming daily for the next week, and possibly reapply borax, and you should eventually kill them all. Obviously, you'll need to wash the bedsheets etc. if they're in there too.

Option two, is wait for winter cold, drain the water in the house pipes and flush toilets empty,...
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I will give this a try, will borax hurt my dog?

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I was wondering if it was possible to edit this pull mechanism to change it to the lever-action, from below. What would be the best approach to such thing?
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Does that nerf gun have a knuckle duster on it? So hardcore.
possible? yes

is it worth it? no

how - put rails along the body, two long pieces connect the pull to the pump action which is cut off and connected to the rail
OP specified lever-action not pump...

OP what's your fabrication skills, my first instinct is a rack and pinion solution. Basically half a cogwheel on the internal side of the lever connecting to a toothed side on the pull.

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Whoever did the plumbing in my flat didn't give enough room for the toilet inlet pipe & after a year of awkward strain it has started leaking. Turns out he'd cut the end of the flidmaster to fit but not left a flat surface and I'm guessing its done some damage to L valve & washer.

Already replaced the fluid master & the leaks still there, should I get a long flex hose & loop it around to avoid any more strain? Don't own the flat so can't do anything about where the pipe comes out the wall.

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what... what country are you in? I've never seen incoming toilet connections like that.

anyhow, you'll need to point out in a picture exactly where the leak is.
File: 1448041162689.jpg (627 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, me neither. Scotland, think the owner of the flat 'finished' up the job on his own. The pipe leading out of the wall is incredibly loose and I've no idea what's going on behind there. I could just replace this setup but it's putting a lot of strain through the wall. Don't want to risk that.

Want to set up a valve & flexible compression hose but there's hardly any room for it to go.

Indicated on the photo where the leak is, cheers!
Sounds like you're a renter of that place, why not contact the landlord and tell them theres a leak in the plumbing system so they can pay to fix it?

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are the two plugs internally wired in parallel or series?
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They are externally linked via a jumper you can snap off. Look on the sides, it will be between the two screws. Also, it's parallel.
All outlets and fixtures on a service branch are in parallel.

Think about what would happen if they were in series. Your reading lamp plugged into one outlet would get no power if you unplugged your phone charger from the other. Hell your phone charger wouldn't work unless you had your reading lamp turned on.
Cont. Afterthought...

A GFCI receptacle plugs are parallel, but they have a line and load side that you have to be aware of when writing it up. You'll know if it's GFCI because it's a fucking brick of a receptical that can be a pain in the ass to fit into the box.

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Has anyone ever tried growing mushrooms before? Seems tricky.
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No, that's illegal.
I meant the culinary mushrooms.
Best place to keep them-basement they will grow faster

I'm buying a trailer. It's about 5 years old and in great condition, but I want to remodel it and make it mine. It's a 60' long Clayton single wide 3 bed 2 bath. What are some DIY things I can do to turn it into a nicer home?

I was thinking of replacing the wood panel walls with dry wall. Replacing the cheap kitchen with IKEA cabinets. Replacing the cheap toilets with water saving ones. Tearing up the carpet and getting laminate. Replace the "boob" ceiling light fixtures with ceiling fans. Build a large deck on it, cover the trailer look...
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Ive qorked on several. Wiring will be a nightmare. Be cautious. Everything is special. You will need to super reinforce the ceiling boxes to be able to handle a ceiling fan, itll rip the ceiling down otherwise. Walls are very very thin. Studs are not home grade. You run riak of breaking wall removing paneling. If you want drywall, buy 1/4 inch and glue to paneling. Its the best option. Otherwise you risk breaking wall installing 1/2 inch. Changing lighting is ok. New kitchen cabinets, be hyper careful, the walls arent designed to hold traditional cabinets without reinforcement, and then only on exterior walls. Your plumbing is nonstandard also. Toilet may be able to be changed okay, but watch subfloor. Generally its particleboard, but on better models may be osb. In the bathroom, ensure its stable. The whole trailer will flex and expand/shrink with weather, up to an inch or better, so when doing walls, plumbing, and cabinets, ensure you are mounting to allow for the atretch and expansion or else it will tear itself apart. There is a reason why trailers are inexpensive. They are engineered to be the least possible material for how they are designed, any changes begins to shorten the life of it. Make sure you are tied down very tight to ground and pillars before you start changing weight around also, ive seen them flex and twist and settle really wierd.

So you would suggest they are a bad idea? I haven't gone through with the sale. My Dad flips manufactured homes and lives in one, and never mentioned any of these issues to me. His trailer is from the early 90s. Looks like trash on the outside, but he's completely renovated the inside and looks like a brand new home almost besides the typical trailer layout and ceilings. He's put in custom cabinets, a dish washer, ceiling fans, new flooring, new walls, new doors, new plumbing, new showers and toilets, etc.

It's not really that bad.

I want this dining set but it's almost $3,000.

Is it possible to build it for less than $500? Can I take the picture to a carpenter and have them cut all the pieces I need? I have zero woodcutting experience.
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The steel frame will be much more complicated then the simple wooden top. You need around $1000 worth of tools to build this.
Yeah, but if op already has a welder, hacksaw, and angle grinder, plus a table saw for the wood, he could build a similar one for ~200, depending on what wood he uses.
Lets not shit on it just yet..

OK, you gonna need someone who can weld, for starters - as >903823 noted, this bit is not for beginners, nor cheap to start with. Then, we need a bill of materials:

2” steel profile

Table needs about 300" ?
Bench (x2) needs about (220" x 2) = 440"

so, 750" 2” steel profile

1 x 60" x 30" Maple (Table top)
2 x 54" x 14” Maple (Benches)

4 rubber (Table)
8 x height adjustable (benches)


- Just getting you started OP, go google up the raw material prices, and, post links.

No finishing costs (wood, metal) there either, mind - maybe, time you are done, $3,000 aint as bad as it looks..

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Sup /diy/

I'm a glass artist specializing in pipes. I'm coming off of a 5 year hiatus, I was legally growing weed in Colorado but that market went to shit and I moved. I have a good foundation in making normal pipes and rigs, but I'm looking for some new inspiration, something awesome that can get me back on top of the game again. Any ideas for cool concepts, shapes colors or anything? Have an idea for a pipe you have always wanted to see exist but lacked the equipment and expertise? If I make the piece you suggest I will post it in this thread.

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That's a mighty fine piece of work anon, but you said the magic word which may result in this getting deleted per the sticky.

Meanwhile, I have always preferred darker, less transparent pipes. I clean out the tobacco residue regularly, but its often hard to scrub the inner walls, meaning I can still see the filth through the glass. I'm sure i'm not the only one bothered by this, something to consider I guess.
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Learn into scientific glassblowing
How is it shit now?

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