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Sup /diy/

I need some assistance making a wallmounted electromagnet, I need 4 of them, and they don't have to be too powerfull, need to carry aprox 5-10kg all together.. Any good suggestion on how to make them?
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The ones in car air conditioner compressor clutches are pretty strong.

>Part 9 right
>I need some assistance making a wallmounted electromagnet, I need 4 of them,
for what purpose?
electromagnets tend to heat up a LOT if you leave them on constantly at all...

can you use toggle magnets? like, the type used for magnetic bases for machinist dial indicators? (This is a cubic base with a flip lever, that [basically] turns an internal magnet "on" and "off")
the base & arms are like $15 on amazon/ebay. I know I've seen places selling...
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I need it to make a hidden stash, behind a mirror.. My english isn't that good, so I'll try my best to explain..

The mirror will have magnets attached it, and when you turn on the electro magnets, they will push away the mirror

First car, trying to decide what I do or dont need in the trunk.
I had a shortbed regular cab truck with not much room so I kept nothing at all in it.

Whats in your trunk?
From tool kits to survival bug out shit, looking for ideas.
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extra jug of washer fluid, extra wipers, jumper cables, and a roll of duct tape for road side auto body.
A fire extinguisher and some gloves.
Tarp, bleach, paintroom plastic, ammonia, gloves, masks, spare license plates, and some handy knives and blades.

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hi /diy/
need to drive an led at various levels, can't have it flash though. even at high frequency.
currently i have pwm into lpf to get basically a set voltage, resistor to get a current then transistor as an output driver. led can eat around 1A@2-4v when hungry.

apparently i'm stupid because i should use a mosfet instead of a transistor to reduce power consumption. I have read about 7 or 8 things about mosfets but they might as well have been in chinese.

apparently i want to give the mosfet enough voltage to get into some transition mode but...
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Why can't you have it flash?
If you're using your transistor as a constant current source, both MOSFETs and BJTs will dissipate pretty much the same amount of power.
PWM (flashing) drive has much higher efficiency.
If you want both high efficiency and reasonably low ripple, you need some variant of a switching regulator. There are specialized ICs for driving LEDs that way.
Not an expert on electronics but you can try using a high pass filter on the drain side of the MOSFET. Most of the heating occurs at the low frequency components of the waveform. The high pass filter also doubles as a current limiter.

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Hey /diy/
Was looking for some guitar pedals to buy at first, but I tought it might be nice to build one myself.
Is anyone experienced with those kinda electronics here or have some tips on where to start?
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are you completely new? as in no soldering experience and no electronics know how?

buy a compete kit in that case.
meaning pcb with components and a detailed guide.
pedalparts.co.uk is good for that.

that said, many effect pedals are stupid simple, many of the "classics" have less then 20 components.

I've built many pedals both on pcbs and protoboards.
many guitarheads learn as they go, but i have an electronics background.
I can solder pretty well, and I've a basis of electronics, but more in the direction of simple circuits to controll dc motors in arduino projects. That's kinda all I made.

Thx for the site btw, the only diy pedal boards I found online where overpriced.
Do they also explain what circuits do what with the signal from the pickups?
I would like to understand how the circuits deform the signal the way they do, haven't found a good source on that online.

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Black and Decker Matrix. Will it fly into pieces of shrapnel when used a lot? Do the snap on tool ends work enough for home DIY and random sorties of light work?
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>Black & Decker
You know it's going to be bad, but it's just so much cheaper that it might be worth it.

Here's the deal, if you buy from a bad manufacture, you are buying bad tools.

If you want quality tools that you won't ever need to replace, don't buy a multi tool system.
>Black & Decker
>bad manufacture
Yeah, buy DeWalts... but don't look up who owns them.
I bought a Matrix corded drill when it was on clearance for 15$, just to have around as a beater drill or to drive light screws.

I test drove some 1 1-2 inch wood screws through cheap plywood into a 2x4. Clutch seemed to work alright.

I will probably never buy any more attachments though.

FWIW the Lithium one is identical to the rebaged Craftsman Bolt On which has been clearanced out. You may be able to find them cheap somewhere.

If you want to use the stupid multi tool thing, youd be...
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Hey /diy/.

I put in some insulation on a sloped potion of my home about a week ago. I was going to finish up the last few spots and put up the drywall, but I noticed these wet spots on once piece.

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File: pulledback.jpg (2 MB, 4320x2432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4320x2432
Just to make sure it wasn't a leak in the roof I pulled back the insulation, as shown here.

It's a sloped roof, as you can see. The portion of roof I exposed was damp, with condensation drops running all along it. Far as I can tell, it wasn't a leak, but just the condensation.
File: drops.jpg (2 MB, 4320x2432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4320x2432
Close up, you cankind of see some of the water droplets.

My question is: how come this isn't happening with any of the other batts, and how do I prevent it with this one? Why is it happening at all?
You should try to reverse your insulation (paper on top).
Otherwise, go buy some specific plastic film against condensation in hardware shop.

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timing vga hsync.png
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so I'm trying to get my FPGA to display with a monitor via a VGA connection
I've read the timing charts on some guides online but I don't understand what the squiggly part is suppose to represent, any idea?
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Probably something to do with the fact that the RGB values are not discrete.
so the squiggles it whatever analog value I have set up?
It's the actual picture you want to display. One squiggle = one line.

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So my washing machine stopped working and my three roommates are degenerates it seems - so it is up to me to fix it, i think either its the belt or the brushes that are defect and need to be replaced. i was wondering if i can replace them while the machine is hooked up to the power or if i'd need to take it out of the power socket(Pick related)
If so do you just unplug it or do i turn the nob on the top(Pic related).
I have a phobia of power, got a crazy ass shock when i was a kid.
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..that's a water inlet anon.

The fact you even need to ask whether you should be disconnecting power (and the fact you think the water inlet is a power socket) before commencing work would suggest that you should stay well the fuck away and call someone who intuitively knows the answer to that question.
File: 20151119_172145.jpg (2 MB, 4608x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4608x2592
Yeai goofed, right image now.
Top wire is wash(brown and blue)

File: ricketyfuck.jpg (431 KB, 1456x1212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/.

I made a long table which I will use in the garage for putting oil cans and other stuff on. It's wobbly as fuck, as you might see from my drawing. How would you go about to make it stronger?

Any ideas are very welcome.
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angled wood support, or if you want to use all that space underneath, shelving brackets from inner side of leg to bottom of table would work. I would also brace the outer angles as well.
Brace it like pic related. Blue lines attach to rear legs, red sit in the middle, take your pick.
File: 1447949362404.jpg (223 KB, 1456x1212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> forgetting pic related

File: planimetria1-Model.jpg (151 KB, 1600x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bought an apartment, it's pic related

current wall partitioning is shit because oldfags lived here in 1900 then split the space (~160mt square) into 2 small apartments to rent so I'm going to remove everything and start over

obviously there's enough space to do what I want but those columns (which obviously can't be removed) are placed in a way I can't get my head around

I'd like to have at least an open space (kitchen+living room) 2 baths, storage room and 3 bedrooms (one with walk in closet)

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shit you are rich anon. where is this, what is north, is it to scale, how tall, what building is it concrete etc

managed to get a huge deal, I live in southItaly and house market here is shit, houses takes forever to be sold and people are going down with prices to cash in

drawing is not in scale though pillars are 30cm wide, it's a 4 story concrete building and north is the upper left corner while south is lower right one
Need some kind of scale to be any help. Are those crosshatched areas doors?

Also, need to know where utility hookups are (water lines, sewer), unless you are skilled enough to install new ones wherever you like.

Post your DIY PCBs in this thread

This one took 40 minutes to expose, develop and etch and 3 hours to drill and solder. It sucks not having a CNC router.
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Can you spot the bridges? I bet you can't. There aren't any.
File: DSCN1478.jpg (545 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: DSCN0039.jpg (995 KB, 2272x1704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
995 KB, 2272x1704

File: covert art outside2.jpg (687 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
covert art outside2.jpg
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Can anyone help me out with what style of hinge this is using? I haven't had any luck finding the one that will sit flush against the wall when closed but opens away from the wall.
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Holy shit this is a good idea
They are just kitchen cabinet hinges.. You might have luck with soss hinges to
I know they are kitchen cabinet hinges but there are a ridiculous number of different styles. I was hoping someone knew which style they were.

File: FWHF88UG0SD2ZKW.MEDIUM.jpg (32 KB, 620x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello! Is there any motor that allows me to move about 0.3 degrees per day?

A servo might be good, but I've heard that those have a minimum movement of half degree. I need it to move both ways, so I don't think a stepper could work.
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Use gears?
>I don't think steppers can rotate in two directions
Sounds like you need to git learn't, sonny.

Do you need a smooth rotation or is stepping what you actually want? What's the application of this?

I want to follow the sun from south to north and the other way around. I dont mind if the movement isn't too smooth.

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Alright, simple as this. Will thermite reaction, produce an almost pure form of iron, or is there aluminum mixed in? assuming I use aluminum and iron oxides.

Today I was sitting around staring at a wall, and thought of this. what happens if you made a simple greensand mold and put a tall cylinder on top of it, and cap off the cylinder with some sort of lid, then packed in tightly the cylinder with thermite and placed the cylinder back onto the mold. and lit it. Would it cast iron?
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It's used at least in railroad welding.

Where do you think the aluminium goes?
Well if it doesn't absorb into the iron, it turns into a slag of sorts.

but asking me questions, based off my question, makes you a huge asshole. you're not being witty or making a point.

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Any diy have experience with mail order wood?

I'm repairing some rifles and need European beech.

I don't want to order from the first random link on google who will send a block of wood still green and cracking.

Woodworkers source has some but its too thin for my needs, other reputable sites don't carry it.

What are your go to sources? Local places only had common construction lumbers.
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maybe a store like woodcraft could sell you some.. or they might even be able to order it for you... but they are gonna be a tad expensive... something you might pay 4 dollars a board foot, you pay 6. a tad expensive....
Best i can say is perhaps call some carpentry specialists in your area and ask if any of their vendors/suppliers might have what you are looking for.

If so they may be able to purchase something for you (because they have a wholesale account) and you just give them the money for it, maybe buy their lunch for doing you a solid.

I'm aware. Most fancy stock blanks run $600-2500 depending on figure and color.

I'm just repairing forends and am having trouble finding 3' sections, even 2' is pushing the minimum.

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