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How do you collect your dust in your workshop?

I've been considering buying one. Also considered building a 'cyclone' separator using the thein baffle method.
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I stick a shop vac inlet near whatever's making dust. Literally all you need.
Not really all you need when you have a table saw, spindle moulder and planer thicknesser going. Three vacs would cost enough to pay for a decent extractor.
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Dust Captain (9).jpg
605 KB, 3200x2400
Here's how I do it.


A cyclone separator is definitely a good investment.


File: 1447826147081-2022565739.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
so, ive made a couple of rings for my girlfriend and I and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for a box to present it in. since theyre wooden rings Id like to try something not made of wood, but if there are no good ideas, then ill take some exotic wood and make some small dovetails.
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moar pics

Hard to suggest anything aside from wood, which would make a lovely keepsake. If you don't want the rings to be outshined by a wooden box (hardly an issue desu), maybe use a cream colored ceramic dish and some natural twine/hemp cords, or make up a box with board and covered in burlap for that rustic look? Unless you go really simple and make a paper box out of handmade paper of earthy colors, and some twine as ribbon, done.

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my girlfriend folds paper boxes for me too. mostly small gifts and notes and things like that, i've kept them all, so it's nice that you mention that. if i could find a small, intricate pattern, that would make it perfect

File: cs sweat'.png (857 KB, 2271x2380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cs sweat'.png
857 KB,
Are there any carpenters? Tomorrow is the first day on the job as a Carpenter helper. I've never had a job similar to this and have no knowledge of the trade. I have a proper shirt, pants, and steel toe boots. What else should I take. They never described what to take.
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Have some PPE gear. Safety glasses, hard hat, gloves, ear pro, and a safety vest. May be overkill, but you'll be about as prepared as you need to be minus the tools. Tools being hammer, cats paw, measuring tape, carpenter pencils, speed square, and torpedo level. Basics of the top of my head. Next level is a worm drive skill saw and a nail gun. Then your own compressor. Really you just need safety stuff and basic tools for now.
Good luck btw. It's kind of a shit job, especially this time of the year, but I do remember those times fondly. Work is much more complicated now.
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48 KB, 599x612

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They are just a meme, right?

Is there any real advantage?
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Have you tried using them? They are so much nicer in that they are nearly impossible to strip, and easy to turn.
Pretty much this
Literally no benefit compared to Allen

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Hey man, whats the dumbest thread you've seen in /diy/?
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so far, this one...
Funnily enough, both of them have been yours..

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499 KB,
What could I expect to run off pic related? The inverter has the following specs:

400-Watts continuous power
800-Watt peak power
Provides 3.3-Amp

So I know i could charge piddly crap, like cellphones, but what are some other examples of devices that could benefit from this setup?

Also, with an estimated cost of 400-500$ for such a setup, would it be worth it at all?
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Well, context is everything with these systems.
Where would you like to use it?

400W should cover as you've said, piddly crap.
TV should work, laptops. Smaller things in general.
I guess my reall question is what would I reasonably power off an ac plug car battery, simply to reduce load on my power bill every month.

I am just fiddling around with solar power without go full blown roof panels.

Realistically, I'd probably just use it as a power cube footstool in the living room, for putting my feet on and charging the laptop/cellphone.

Would this be an overkill setup? Or would downgrading to lawn tractor batteries make it more cost effective per functionality.

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>investing in non-grid tied solar
>merely to reduce the power bill

You really need to calculate your Return On Investment first

40/40 keks

File: _20151116_205226.jpg (168 KB, 720x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB,
Hey guys I plan on building a cabin soon. I am pretty lost on what design and such yet but I do have a question that's been bothering me.
On something like pic related, what's keeping moisture from getting into the vertical wall boards?
I would imagine it's insulated inside between another wooden wall.
But wouldn't moisture cause rot and mold and such?
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For vertical wood siding you have to use a moisture resistant and rot resistant wood like treated cedar or redwood. Its more costly, but the look is there for the vertical battenboard siding. But eventurally, it will fail sooner because of the buildup of moisture.

Theres a few DVDs and books out there regarding tiny-house designs. They're essentially light duty trailers as the base built into a house structure. If its for a long term placement, you essentially level it and block it in like a manufactured or mobile home.
Wouldn't horizontal boards run into the same issue? There's no way to leave them exposed and totally sealed right?
I'm not buying this, I have an old cottage (built in 1912) with the original pine siding. By now it's starting to look the part but that's a hundred years later. Possibly in a very humid climate but OPs picture makes me think that's a non-issue.

This said, I have no answer as to why the place hasn't rotted. Some steps on the way to make it work are:
- Locking panels (no gaps for moisture).
- A breathing paint (don't want moisture trapped in there).
- Cutting the planks...
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File: 20151115_125750.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hi /diy/
I have a 2000lbs winch which runs off a 12v, I think it's supposed to be mounted on an ATV.
Is it possible for me to convert it to run off 120volt DC?

I figure if I buy a power converter I could somehow rig it up safely. I'll post some more pics on how the power connection works
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File: 20151115_125704.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
So this is how it connects to the winch, and the other end should attach to a 12volt battery. That's the end I need converted to a plug I could plug into a 120v DC wall socket

Can someone recommend me a product to help me do this? Is it even possible to do safely?
File: 20151115_125731.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
This end goes onto the battery
You need to find how much current it pulls at 12v.

File: driveway.jpg (7 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB,
Hey /diy/kes! I'm finally putting in a proper driveway to my garage instead of just gravel. My question is this: I live in the snow belt, and I've always herd stories of some old plumber putting in tubing in the concrete of his driveway, hooking it up to a small water heater with a pump in a closed loop and using that to melt snow and ice off. Anybody ever really seen this in action, or is it total horse shit? The company I work for used to do everything, but we have gotten out of plumbing and now just do electric and HVAC, so my boss has about a 1000 ft. of pex he...
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basically the same technology as radiant floor heating... some systems use hot water and plastic tubing, some use electrical heater wire
only problem I see is with the extreme cold of the snow on the concrete, chances are the plastic tubing will burst if the system is ever off and filled with water when it snows. the cold will make the water expand when it freezes. so unless you plan to run this 24/7 during the winter, or have a failsafe in case the pump fails or the electricity goes out, it probably isnt a cost...
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Weeelllll, Since it is a closed loop, I was going to use either a methanol/water mix like in geothermal, or just plain 50/50 antifreeze and water so I wouldn't have the freezing problem. I'm leaning more towards the methanol/water mix becuas of better heat transfer.
File: WP_20141228_002.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2592x1456
To add to this, I highly doubt it'd actually properly melt existing snow.
Say it falls over night and you're dealing with a meter of snow.
You ain' gonna melt shit. Atleast not in a respectable amount of time. I'd imagine you'd need to run it 24/7 to melt down snow and ice as it starts to form on the ground.

I would consider a snow blower like the Anon suggested.
I'm considering buying one myself since the ATV has trouble pushing heavy snow.

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94 KB,
I have to pick a platform for a project I want to make. Which microcontroler would you recommend?

I want to develop a custom control board for electric unicycles, currently they all have chinese made ones with no open source software and appalling quality. Most appear to be using a ST 32bit stm32f1 series chip. Amusingly they don't even use this chip to run the motor controller instead adding a second microcontroller to manage the the timings for the 3 phase motor and hall sensors.

Should I stick with the ST stm32 series or is there better options? I don't...
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The good thing about the STM32 controllers is that the evaluation boards have a debugger and programmer on them. You could get a STM32F4Discovery board which has an accelerometer on it. Generally the F4 series have an FPU (great for spatial calculations) and it's fast (up to 168MHz). For control of the motors you could use dedicates ICs (not MCUs). TI and co. have ICs which are 3phase controllers w/ integrated mosfet drivers and they accept a PWM pulse as input. Then you could simply use DMA (or software) for controlling a timer peripheral.
All I can say is Freescale's dev boards are total shit and to not buy shit from them.
File: motorcontrol.png (82 KB, 828x664) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 828x664
STM32 seems like the most popular choice. I'm a little lost on the motor controller though.

None of the controllers go anywhere near the volts/amps I need.
Do I just connect the controller output to another layer of larger mosfets?

If I use a controller like this it handles all the regen braking circuits? All I have to do is pass Engine / Brake and reverse data to it?

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Is there a fish finder that could alert divers to the possible presence of a shark? There has to be something out there that's affordable and would tell divers if there's a large fish around.

Also, if your making a shark suit, what size rings and what kind of metal would work? Larger rings would be easier and quicker to work with.. would copper/bronze/tin work alright? What other options are there besides steel?

And how would one temper the maille? It would basically be made from thick wire... would tempering serve any benefit?
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I'll go with steel.

Cooper and tin are too weak.
Bronze will be very heavy and will rust in green.
If you want a shark suit, you should buy it.
Firstly because time is money. How long is it going to take you to weld each of those little rings together? I realize this is /diy/, but in this case it's much better idea to pay to have someone else to do it.
Secondly because, do you really want to trust loss of life and/or limb to something homemade?
Just so you know, from personal experience(anecdotal, but whatever), I had a small pit bull that could chew threw aluminum cans(and part of a storm door once) and copper pipe like it was nothing. I would diy something like this for the same reason I wouldn't diy a respirator or fall harness or anything of that nature;it may work very well, but if it doesn't you may find out the hard way.

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Sup /diy/

this is my first thread here, so please excuse my stupidity, if any. I tried to search for kitchen thread in the catalog, but couldn't find any.

I'm up to replacing my water-ruined particle board countertop with DIY butcher-block one. I have a circular saw with a decent 40-teeth blade, bought beech countertops from IKEA, 6" and 8" long, planning on getting a router, jigsaw and some stuff, see my to buy list, prices in CAD. The HomeDepot sales dude was trying to sell me a laminated one for the almost the same price.

The plan...
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>to buy list
Whatever you use for a finish make sure you give the underside a couple of coats, not just the top. You want both sides to accept moisture at the same rate. When routing the inside of the sink cut out make sure you go counter clockwise or youll be making a climb cut and risking serious tear out,
Thank you. What should I use for finish btw? Oil, wax, something else?

Also what router bits will I need for the cuts and (maybe) rounding up an edge a bit, like the OP-pic?

any of you /diy/kes do any home demo/renovation work? I have a place built in the 30s that I'm having tested for asbestos (ceiling tile, plasterboard, flooring) and I'm shitting bricks.

aslo, how do all these retards on HGTV rip down walls with out a care but as soon as they hit some duct work wrapped in white stuff they flip out?
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>I'm having tested for asbestos
Best just to keep asbestos covered up and pretend it doesn't exist. You get fucked having to remove and then dispose of it.
Like the other dude said, its really fuckin expensive and just fine if you leave it in place and put another material over it.

If you're removing flooring throughout a small 2 bedroom house, expect a $5000+ bill to get rid of it. Not to mention a few hundred dollars just to tell you what you already know. A special company with special licensing removes it, and then they take it to a special disposal site. Its NOT something the average home-gamer is legally permitted to do. Same goes for any materials testing positive for lead.

For flooring, you're...
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a while ago i had a bunch of electrical work done to replace all the knob and tube. this meant taking down a wall to run wire. I have a bit of experience working for a general contractor so I knew the basics of spotting asbestos (white pipe & duct wrap, floor tile, etc) but I never knew that it could be in the plaster board or joint mud. also, it is plasterboard, not plaster and lath that I have.

Looking back when I was younger, I have gutted god knows how many kitchens and bathrooms in historic homes with...
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The new house I rented has hospital's white floor, bright white walls and bright white cold lamps. I'm trying to improve the mood of the place and since I don't have money to paint the walls, my last option is redoing the lighting.

We don't have IKEA on my country so I tried diffusing the light with cream yellow paper and orange/yellow polyester fabric but they don't give the proper atmosphere.

Any ideas? Do I need to have more than one light source? I'm having trouble finding interior lighting 101 on google. I read that the lighting...
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Lower wattage bulbs or dark lamp shades
..pair of ray-bans, and good is.

You get 'daylight' (light-spectrum emulating) bulbs, but they are really, really fucking white and not what your wanting at all.

Just use a mixture of different sources, lower wattage, proper incandescent bulbs, pref. on a dimmer - maybe, some uplighters, 2nd hand shop will have something old-school with a heavy shade - LED's are really, really, not what you are wanting either, srsly.
Isn't possible to keep the cold lamps but shade them in a way I get the same light from an incandescent bulb?

File: oldbench.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sup /diy/nos?

What did /diy/ build this weekend?

This weekend I had to rebuild my workbench. I bought a house in March 2014 with a tiny side room in the basement that I am determined to turn in to my workshop since I do not have a garage.

I built a workbench right away, but I only had hand tools (poorfag starting off) and I had a lot of beer in me. It was crooked as shit, the screws were fucked up (again, drunk) and over 2 years it was starting to fall apart (not surprised).

Recently I acquired some power tools and decided I needed to rebuild. So...
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I was able to salvage a lot of wood from the original bench, plus what I left from a few months back when I redid my roof with my Dad.

So I compiled the wood. I had the countertop for 5 years. I placed it on cinder blocks back in college as a desk. The desks school gave me were shit with no leg room. So I bought that counter top and put it on blocks. But this time I reused it for a workbench.
I framed this bitch out this time. Honestly, the original build was such garbage. Over the last 18 months with my Dad helping me build shit, I have learned a ton, that and also youtube videos.

My Dad is awesome at construction, but always did things himself and never really wanted help. But now that us kids are older, he is more than happy to help, and I am more than happy to learn.

Here is the frame for the bottom of the bench. before it was sagging in the middle. So I wanted to alleviate that.

My basement floor is not level, so I had to build off of my...
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I grew up in South East Michigan my entire life. My parents took off to the Upper Pennisula in 2011 after the economy shit the bed. When they took off I was away at college and they got rid of most things. One of the things they gave away was the saw that is pictured. They gave it to a family friend.

A few months ago, that family friend moved to Florida. Knowing that I had bought a house, he called me asking if I wanted the saw back. So it was a cool turn of events to get something back from my parents.

he also gave me a Uhaul of furniture since he bought a new...
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