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Itt work clothes
Winter is coming and I've out grown my old carhart. What's a good coat?
Also, the double layered riggs jeans are amazing
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get another carhartt, i replace my 10 year old one last winter. also i like the Duluth jeans for working around the house, they're thick material and roomy.
Like a bunch of fags would know

Staining and finishing wood :

Does anyone has a practical guide for this ?

I just build a very simple chest with pine, I want to stain it but I have no clue where to start. I would like to get it a nice "character" so the veins pop out with some deep dark color.

Is there a guide for staining?
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There's not much to it, OP
i recommend using some spare wood leftover from the project and trying different things and seeing what you like. the process itself isn't exactly difficult.
1) sand the wood to a certain grit. (the finer the grit, the less stain gets soaked up, but the more you can see the fine grain features.)

2) wipe the project down with a scotch bright pad to pick up any dust. (more important for final coats of clear coat, epoxy, etc...) Or just use a rag.

3) get some stain on a rag. Wipe it on the piece. Try to get the whole thing covered in a reasonably short time, so you don't end up overlapping an area that's more or less dry.

4) wait XX time. (entirely up to you, the longer you wait, the more time the color...
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Building an architectural model out of Basswood

not entirely sure where to start, has to be a partial, setting up the bass and getting a good outline for the proportions shouldn't be too difficult, but what i'm more concerned about is how to get the detail. more specifically for the transept to the left.

out of basswood, or what would be more appropriate?

tl;dr how do i go about details for a basswood architectural model?
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laser is the only way really
No access really, what about a dremel? Would I be better on gluing the details on? Or carving it into the center pieces?
I wouldnt trust my hand or any bodys hand

glue what?

again, not trusting any hand

look, unless you have laser or cnc machine, this type of detail will take forever to make by hand, it is not worth it, it is 2015

I need a knot that can carry out this function below. Can anyone point me in the direction of the type of knot it's called and a guide to do it?

>one end of the rope attached to something to be pulled
>middle of rope fixed/coiled to something solid
>second end of the rope loose, and can be pulled on to cause the first end to contract, without having to tie the second end in a knot or anything to stop the pulled object returning back to its position (i.e pulling the second end...
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not without some kind of ratchet device in the middle.
like a sprung pawl that is at an angle and sprung so when you pull it one way it moves but pull it the other way and the pawl clamps the rope.
but just a knot? no i don't think so.

unless you count a taut-line hitch, a truckers hitch, a munter hitch or a guarde knot.
Google "exploding knots" and see if that helps at all.
Interesting cordage problem. Here's what I found. Your solution will probably have to be some variation of one of the following.



You basically need to make a block & tackle using only rope.

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Hello DIY.

i dream of some day being able to run a business selling a product to either consumers or manufacturers. i do not yet have a product in mind, however i have recently abandoned a bachelor in health and nutrition in favor of chemistry (chemical engineer), it is my hopes that this education will give me the tools and inspire me to design a product in the likes of chemical compounds for medicinal, construction materials, or even the food industry.

Even though i do not have a product yet, i still feel like figuring out what it takes to start a business,...
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>don't have a product
>don't even have an idea what to sell
Fix both before you start thinking about starting a business.
if running a business is the dream that drives my motivation and pushes my ambitions forward, what harm can it do to research ahead?
First of all congratulations for not being another wageslave just like all other so called STEM geniuses.
You really need to do market research, dont bother trying to manufacture anything that is already being done startup costs are too high. If you aim for new stuff startup costs will be lower simply because you have no competitiors. For example my first (failed) business was 3d printed statues. If Kodak were doing it Id have gotten nowhere but they werent so i had a foothold. Now ive moved on to delivery drones...
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File: RadialFantipede.png (70 KB, 753x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't expect that anyone here has done this before, but I want your opinion on this anyways.
If I were to stage several radial fans as illustrated in the pic would it actually increase the maximum pressure on the output end by a non marginal amount?
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It would increase pressure but not as efficiently as selecting a way higher rpm radial fan. Cascading fans works okay with radial fans but is not the most efficient means to increase pressure. Without knowing the fan specs it would be hard to give any figures as to pressure gain.
Fans like that don't compress air to any reasonable extent. This is why strapping a big electric fan to the intake of your car does absolutely nothing, but attaching a supercharger or turbocharger that has an impeller rotating at several tens of thousands of rpm does.
Lets say we talk about the 2W version of http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/35128.pdf
I am aware of that. I'm more thinking of the ability to push the air trough a smaler channel instead of actual compression.

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I want to make a ring for my significant other for Christmas.

This is far out of DIY realm, I'm use to working with wood, but I would like this to be made out of some type of metal. If I'm able to put sometime of stone in it, than that would be cool. But not a requirement.

Not looking to put a diamond in it, but some stone if that's possible.

I'm looking for someone to point me in a guide or a right direction. Looked through the google helpful links and didn't see anything.
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There are plenty tutorials on how to make a silver ring from a coin. Be creative. Putting a stone in it shouldn't be too hard.
What about a wire wrapped ring OP? you can set stones in it. There's a guy [and ill post a link if I can find it before submitting this.] who does these really neat wire woven rings.. does like Celtic inspired patterns and such. and you don't really need much, just a ring sizing bar doohicky some various pillars an snips. some silver wire, a small torch and some soft silver solder.

then its just youtube videos from there.
>This is far out of DIY realm

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Anyone have experience with this? Is it worth the investment?
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over $100 for a fancy vice?
I'd rather just invest in a DIY reflow setup and have my designs enter this millennium.
A pair of helping hands

if you're making a display to sell them for a business, yes.

looks like a bunch of 80/20, stock set screws, aluminum stock, and some stainless steel rod

File: 20151110_232454_HDR.jpg (3 MB, 4160x3120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I made this cheapo projector lamp thingy.
It's a single high-powered LED and a rolled up transparency sheet with a pattern printed on it.
The main complexity comes from the custom algorithm I made that transforms any kind of image into a projectable version. It's something like reverse raytracing - from a surface to the light source.

The pincushion effect is due to shittily assembled top - it requires pretty tight tolerances for straight projection.
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Shit, no idea why the image appears flipped on 4chan. Oh well.

Here's a shot of the internals - it's a buckpuck driver, powered by USB. I should also probably note that this is babby's first electrical engineering
post algorithm
Can you show how it looks with a "real" image instead of just a test grid pattern? This looks like it could be a really fun thing to mount on a wall and have like a picture you can turn on and off.

File: DSCF0149.jpg (958 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who /silkscreen/ here?
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File: DSCF0147.jpg (990 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry about the terrible pics. I'm not a photographer, but I've got a little empire going in my kitchen if anybody wants tips or tricks to do this efficiently and economically as a fun a profitable hobby.
I'm a relief printer.
I tried screen printing with disastrous results this summer.
File: DSCF0056.jpg (834 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does not take a whole lot to get started, and you can make art prints, stickers, t-shirts, and practically anything else flat, hundreds of copies in the course of an honest day's work.

File: photo_2015-11-10_16-47-44.jpg (129 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bored off day.

Any idea what material I should put these components on? Box doesn't seem like its a go. I'm gonna put the whole thing on a wall. Also, need more spaces cuz I'm fitting in the monitor as well.
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What's it for? Give us more information.
how about you speak english
mirrored plexiglass (aka acrylic)

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Found this key fob from the 70's that matches my car's make and model in an antique shop, but the epoxy emblem is out of place and won't budge.
Safe methods to place it properly?
I don't want to ruin it. I'll never find another one ever again.
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Is it safe to heat it with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive?
filp the coin over,

use a heat gun on low. it will pop off.
the imperfection only adds to its charm. check your OCD, nigger.

File: Railgun_usnavy_2008.jpg (95 KB, 800x577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone on /diy/ know anything about making railguns?
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big ass capacitors look up on youtube
you need an initial force, usually compressed air.
if you load the slug in and apply current you will weld the slug to the rails apparently.
your household power supply will be shit for anything fun. look at diy wind turbines for a generator then connect it to a car engine.
capacitor banks for projects like this will fuck you up. you seriously need to understand the proper procedures and mechanisms for operating, bleeding and grounding capacitor banks before you start building one.
for hv projects you need...
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A basic pulsed power circuit consists of capacitors, an inductor, and a switch. Add fuses and diodes for component protection.

A simple launcher consists of copper rails held in place by dielectic material and it shoots aluminum armatures.

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It's my girlfriends birthday soon and I want to get her some DIY stuff.

She's expressed interest in woodworking (like making tables, chess pieces) and pottery. Is there anything I can get her to go towards this?
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find one with a pitchable headstock and you could do pottery on it too?

Is there anything she'd need in addition to that, or does it cover a lot of projects?

It seems expensive so I want to make sure it'll be suited for her
>It seems expensive

lathes are not expensive anon
women are expensive

a lathe will not do pottery
you need cutting tools for it depending what you want to do with it. they are noisy and messy but you can make round things like table legs and chess pieces on it.

if she is starting out woodworking and you want something cheaper get her an oilstone

can I hardware my smoke detectors like this? or would that fuck up the communication?

this is an older home that I am adding the line to, so its not so easy to line them all up in a row
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are they supposed to communicate with eachother
if that was the most economical way to do it then i would, why not?
but i would also >>899951

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