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Ok my dear /diyers/ i went freegan, and i am living off the scraps of upper cast since a month. All is fine and dandy, but I can observe that the food has much shorter shelf life than storebought (duh). I assume that the dumpsterdived food, despite looking good has some spores and bacteria on it that i can't remove using normal washing. Is there some sort of food-safe dissinfectant ( like campden tablets for wine making) that i could bathe vegies and frughts after pre cleaning them?
Any ideas how to prolong shelf life of dumpster dived food?
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If there was a way to fo that, the transnational food industries would already be doing it, in order to prolong the food's shelf life.

The reason you're seeing the food go off is because *someone threw it in a bin, because it was about to go off*.

Wouldn't killing spores and bacteriae help? I was considering tablets with silver for water purification. I know that food that is starting to go off more prone to mold, but maybe removing spores could help, a little. I am heart broken when zuccini gets mold after three days of storage and dies on my before i have chance to munch on it.
try a quick dunk in boiling water

Don't know if I should post this on /g/ or here, so I'll try here first.

In this hypothetical scenario, let's say some people do some really bad shit with a raspberry pi. "Bad shit" meaning hack a bunch of banks, remotely set off some bombs, run a massive child porn distribution network, or anything else you can use a small, cheap disposable computer you can buy with cash for.

What are the consequences for the other legitimate users of the raspberry pi and similar tiny computers?

Do you think we'll see some outright bans...
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>sensationalist news articles about the
stop right there. nobody in the news is going to know or care what that circuit board is or does. I think the closest historical analogy is GPS units which what, get banned in 3rd world countries worried about spying? another similar situation is lab glassware: there are a few unenforced restrictions but it's trivially easy to buy whatever online.
The Pi isn't suited to any of those tasked you described. However what it is good for is attacking wireless networks. Get a small container, add a PI and a battery and you have a mobile hacking machine that costs less than $50. Produce a ton of them and drop them all around the target you want to hack. Government has already explored this and as such they're invested in it. They won't place a ban.
let us not forget clockmed. "misunderstood genius" will come to mind. although if they are discovering rpis then I assume that they will go off as successfully as the unabombers many shitty bombs that never did anything or only took a few fingers.

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hey guys.

where do i find free hardwood (oak, maple, walnut etc)

You will not believe how expensive this crap is.
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i'm really just here for the girl

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I found a TV outside and it seemed to be in perfect condition but the power cord has been cut off. I opened up the back of the TV and the remnants of the cord was this connected to a 3 pin connector thing.

How would I go about fixing this? I've read about splicing connectors but I've never done that before and I'm not exactly sure how that works and what cords will work, most of the guides just assume you have the other end but I don't.
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For a test just strip the inner wires and stick them in the end of pic related. If it works then do the job properly.
>perfect condition

Anon, they cut the cord because the TV is FUBAR, they don't want it on their conscience that someone might take it home, plug it in and either zap themselves or burn their house down. Some people waste shit simply because they upgrade to a better model and throw the obsolete stuff out but you really shouldn't fuck around with thrown out electrical goods unless you're a competent electrician and have a barren shed or some shit to test it out in.
Actually a lot of the time people will discard their electronic devices on the side of the road in good working order and people will drive around the neighborhood cutting the powercords off and taking them so they can sell them for their copper.

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I don't know how to wire high and low wires on this motor
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how do I wire the speed wire?
is it neutral or hot?
It's wired in star and its a three phase fan aswell
For low speed I mean you want to wire it into star, what do you mean by speed wire? Do you mean your switch wire?

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>>Also How To Get The HAM Radio License In 7 Days...Like A Boss
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Read for six days, and on the seventh take the quiz.
why do hams get so buttblasted when i fart and burp into my baofang handheld transmitter during their sunday meetups.

Bonus- is there any group of hobbyists more autistic than hams?
4chaners. Read yr post, it should be pretty obvious why....if I was trying to talk to someone and kept getting cut out by some dumb shit....

keep doing it though, fcc might come to your birthday party. I've been listening to hams look for a couple of guys around my city, got a couple last year, turned them over to the fcc.

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diy anons, I need some ideas.

I bought a house with gas furnace and electric water heater
I'll switch to a gas water heater quite soon
The furnace's intake is a short pipe drawing air from inside the house and I'm pretty sure the water heater is based on the same principle
First step would be to route both intakes through a wall to make them take outside air
I'm sure this will improve the efficiency a bit and (lack of) humidity a lot in the winter
Because I have some time before the cold weather comes I started thinking about improving...
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Problem with your idea is it will not pass inspection
don't they make int/exh combo tubes?
what inspection?

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Share your planes, helis, boats, multirotors (quadcopters), cars, hovercrafts or anything else rc you have made.
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old one

also where the fuck do i get batteries now? hobbyking shipping prices are too high.
Aliexperss, lok for the store RC Battery Store. They last like 3 weeks-2months
Does that actually work?

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terrible news gang, i "accidentally" punched a hole thro my wall.

imma gonna hit up the home depot and truy the "California fix" (according to yt)

if anyone has advice or tips on this id apprecuate it a lot
gonna bump with TES morrowind photos for a few post, will dump if yall help me out big time
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File: telvanni.jpg (393 KB, 2024x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gonna selflishly bump with a few morrowind pics
File: hlaalu.jpg (358 KB, 2024x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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c'mon guise

just a little pointers would be appreciated, porb one bump after this then i'll just give up and go to home depot
Cut hole.
Cut drywall same size as hole.
Tape, mud, sand.
Paint when dry and flat.
Watch paint dry.

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Hey /diy/! Any sample code for Arduino light switch?
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Try Github?
>>>/g/ read the sticky

/diy/ is full of retards that can't help you

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Your DIY home security? Not these kits you buy ACTUAL DIY security. I live in a not so great area in Milwaukee and have this on the back door. It's a cane used as a wedge to make it almost impossible to open. I also put noise makers on there of old bottles and spent bullet casings.
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>arduino w motion sensor
>NRA sign in yard
>Open the door
>drill through hinge plate into door frame
> sink in long bolt
> cut off bolt head so it sticks out about 1/4"
> close door and mark where it hits on the door side of the hinge.
> drill that side of the hinge plus a bit so it closes.

Now you can't take the door off even if you take the hinge pins...
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classic sticks in the window frame
great when you want to keep the window open for fresh air

Hey /diy/, how would you recommend I cut this where my fingers are? I have access to a metal shop but haven't been in there for about 4 years. It's stainless steel.
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cutoff wheel on an angle grinder
With a hacksaw.

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Long story short, I burned something and now my entire house smells like a burning mess. I aired the place out but the smell still lingers in certain area's specifically, especially the kitchen. I found out that the smell has especially stuck to certain metallic objects in my home.

Does anyone know of any effective methods to scrubs them down and eliminate them smell entirely or am I just going to have to throw them away? I tried just watching them down with soap and water but it did jack shit.

I heard Ozone Generators can help me clean up the air, but the...
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4chan knows.png
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4chan knows what you did, op
an ionizing fan works well for removing odors. I am moving house soon but my ex used to smoke inside all the time even though I bitched constantly about it and it's a rental. bitch didnt pay bond, I did, she moved out. pics incoming as soon as my tablet finishes rebooting and this optimization shit.

smoke smells are caused by smoke particles. our smell threshold is very low relating to smoke because it's important to not get burnt alive. only a few particles clinging to the walls and roof slowly drop over time, causing the place to stink like fuck.
Depends on what the smoke is made of. Baking soda is good for neutralizing acidic compounds (wood, vegetables, cat pee, etc), vinegar works on alkaline compounds (dairy, meat, batteries)- but those are pretty weak solvents and won't do anything to more, um,
interesting chemical residues. For serious shit you'll have to mechanically remove it, which may or may not be easier to throw out depending on things.

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so.. I just found this but the charger doesn't work and I was wondering if I could make it usb any tips? warnings?
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also this I think it might be important
Probably the easiest thing would be to just cut the wire off the charger and solder it to a male usb to make a cord.
Charger is 5.2v, usb is 5v
Should be no problem with just cutting the lines and splicing them together

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i need a good idea on hween costume for school contest
believe me this doesnt have to be a 100$ + costume all i need is somethign original
the school isnt very original most of the costumes are bought in regular stores
last year a kid that had costume made out of boxes and foil as well as metalic tubes for arms and stuff made out to look like a robot won
so you can see that much materials dont have to be needed like iron man suits and shit ya know?
comment ideas if you can thatd be great
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What the fuck is hween.
how do you not understand that?
>hween costume

its a horse costume.

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