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Looking for a cocktail to knockout.. Any recipes?
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1 bottle of beer

don't drink the beer
hit her over the head with it
1/2 oz Zirbenz
1/2 oz Besk
1/2 oz Campari
1/2 oz Fernet Branca

Garnish with the skin of a kiwi.
1/2 vodka
1/2 Clorox

I call it the an hero and a half!

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Your grass will NEVER be this green.

Your grass will NEVER be this healthy.

How does this make you feel?
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Shouldn't you rake all that dead grass away, if you're trying to impress people?
Like I live in an apartment building.
my grass is greener.
my grass is healthier.
I'm mexican.

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Hi /diy/,

My coworker picked the padlock on my locker and fucked with a bunch of my shit, how can I permanently close his locker (which he leaves unlocked) with all of his stuff inside? I considered using a higher quality lock but I'm pretty sure he'll just cut it or grind it off, which would end up being a waste of money for me. It's just in the basement of a restaurant so I don't think he'd have any problem using an angle grinder or something to get it off.

Should I screw it shut and drill out the heads of the screws/ cover them with...
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Epoxy it on a Friday. Will be solid by Monday.

Weld it.

Just jack off into it.
Rent a small-ish welder than you can bring with you to work in a backpack or something and seal it shut.
Buy a 5 dollar can of expanding foam and fill his locker up

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stone wall.jpg
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Flood prevention

Lets say you live somewhere in the south. Or really, anywhere that could wind up flooding after a Once In 500 Years type flood. Or even an industrial accident, where for some reason your habitat is flooded for a month.

So... how do you keep out the water? And I mean keep it out for about 6 months to a year.

This construction assumes the living space will be higher than the level of the water, but I'm more concerned about the worst case scenario of the land absorbing the water, becoming soggy and it sinking.

What sort of stone,...
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That is a weird way to put things, and a weird question. A place that is flooded for six months to a year is a Lake, not a "your habitat"
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hurricane katrina.jpg
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Maybe I like knowing houses I build are good to live through rain, snow, hurricane or flood, pal.
>live below sea level
>wooooooooooow why did it flood so bad

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What is the ideal oil:gas ratio for a 2-stroke engine (chainsaw)?

Is there a specific sort of oil that is ideal for this, and chain and bar lubrication?
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RTFM, oil mix varies from engine to engine.
I think the bigger question you should ask yourself is "What is google and why can't I look up this simple question myself?"

Just type in the make of your chainsaw and "oil and fuel mix ratio" and you'll get your answer
Don't have the physical manual. Suppose I could look up the model. Doubt the mix is all that engine specific.

I'm really asking for a good heuristic. The internet is largely an advertisement within a mess within an advertisement. I'm drawing from multiple sources.

So this is out of plasticine, what should i do now?
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Throw it away
You cant do anything with it, plasticine is pretty useless unless your sketching or practicing I don now
You could make a silicone mold of it. Unless silicone reacts badly to plasticine?

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hi /diy/

So I bought one cheap stereo a while ago and found out that it didn't have an audio in after it arrived - yes, I didn't check its specs very carefully. So now I'm trying hack one in it.

I have absolutely no knowledge of electronics but I can read and follow instructions.

This unit has an audio in 3.5mm jack on the front panel that ends at a 7 pin connector on its circuit board (hp r_out; hp l_out; hp _det; gnd; line r; line l; gnd (pic related).

As I see it, I have two options to try to connect my MoBo with it:

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I meant that this set doesn't have a RCA audio in at the back panel. And hence it also doesn't have the source selector for such (as with probably every other mini stereo that isn't this particular one from from philips).

But as mentioned, it does have the 3.5mm audio in and the source selector for it.
>it does have the 3.5mm audio in and the source selector for it.
File: serveimage.jpg (6 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 300x300
>But as mentioned, it does have the 3.5mm audio in and the source selector for it.
ok, the thing you're looking for is pic related. Plug male end into your 3.5mm input, plug your RCA cable into female ends.

unless I'm really misunderstanding the problem

This stupid fucking thing doesn't suck up soap anymore should i actually try to fix it or get another one, or make something
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i was thinking maybe just putting a low pressure check valve at the bottom to stop the soap from getting pulled back into the bottle

>Make sure the hose isn't cracked and airtight
>Replace the adapter with a cork
>Check the pump for vacuum pressure by putting your finger over the tube and pumping
the tube isn't cracked, it's just ill fitting, i'll just go and buy a 3/8" id tube and an oring and put it on the outside of the pump and hold it on with 4 zipties 2 above the oring and 2 below and maybe order a 3/8" check valve that i'll put a few stainless steel nuts on to keep it in the bottom of the soap jug

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Looking at relocating to a place like pic related which is not connected to power grid but comes with some sort of solar system. Without knowing the details can anyone point me to reliable information which may help me to understand ways to overcome limitations to the electric power capabilities of such a place as I am well conditioned to relying on the unlimited supplies of grid connected living.

Mostly I;d want to be able to run a refrigerator to keep typical foods and water cold for myself, A 36" TV, DVD player, Possibly desktop computer with cable from Satellite...
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Get a generator.

Turn the generator on when you want to use your electronic toys.
Everything has to be efficient as possible. No desktop PC, just a laptop for example.

Solar is good for these light electrical things, but for a fridge you will have to use a propane one. For heat wood (or propane/heating oil).
Just get a water powered Easicool fridge.

My neighbor has a ton of bamboo sticks on the curb of various lengths and diameters fresh cut. I hate to see it go to waste. Can I get some ideas in how to dry them without cracking and what I can make them into?
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That is, besides fishing rods.
bamboo fountain
Grow bean up them.

File: FH14NOV_HAMDRL_09.jpg (13 KB, 450x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have tried Google to NO AVAIL.

The rotary hammer chisel bit that I am looking for is NOT in this picture.

The one that I am looking for LOOKS LIKE the last one in the picture, EXCEPT it has a V-notch in it.

I have looked up 'V-cut' chisel bits, but NOTHING comes up for what I am looking for. I have seen them in the store, but I'm trying to order one online, but I DON"T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CALLED.

Can someone please TELL ME WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR.
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you're looking for a tool to cut a v notch in a bit

Thanks, but I'd rather just buy the bit that already has the V-notch in it.

Too bad I don't know what it's called.
File: prod_6805454130.jpg (3 KB, 315x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you looking for something like this?
They are called cutter chisels, but I never see them for SDS

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Hi /diy/
I'm working to a simple electronic project with arduino.
I have designed a sample and hold module with adjustable frequency.
The adc is the arduino one, I use a resistor ladder dac and a ne555 as a trigger generator. Everighin run smooth.

Now I have the desire to take a step forward, or maybe backward, doing this only analog. ( I've just a bit of experience in electronics )

I'm studing to make a s&h like the one in the picture, I suppose I can reuse the ne555 design as a gate...
Just someone can give me some general hint?

Then, it's possible to quantize my imput signal? I mean, the adc/dac conversion five me a 0-+5V signal in steps of 0.02 V, It's possible to obtain something like this easelly in analog?

At last, I want achive this goal for a large range of frequencies from 0.1 to 100kHz, I'm too pretentious?

Ty /diy/
I love you
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for simplicity a flash adc will work but is pretty component heavy
if you want something interesting try a sigma-delta adc. the output is digital but its not BCD
>quantizing a signal in analog
quantizing literally means assigning a discrete value to an analog signal
the very act of quantization means that you shifted into the digital domain
You know that the ATMega328 ADC has a built-in S&H, right?
One of the simplest ways to perform AD conversion is the single slope conversion (ramp up voltage at known rate, see when the input voltage is exceeded). There are better versions of the same idea, like dual slope conversion. Google explains it better. You can use ATMega328's analog comparators or even normal digital pins + timer for a crude single slope conversion.
Slope converters are generally slow, though. Typically 100kHz ADCs use successive...
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best way to store cattail fuzz? I'm basically going on a large hunt hitting every local place I know right now that has cat-tails and getting the spring seed shoots. what's the best way to store the fuzz? leaving the tails whole? or can I break the seeds up into their fluff, beat them, and store them in large plastic trash bags? I'm afraid of molding. I'm going to use the stuff as a jacket insulation and play with it a little bit in other sewing related stuff.
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Fuck off
I'd think you're kind of a dick for causing a localized collapse of cattails around the most accessible part of a public river. Did you plant the cattails? You know that's how they make more cattails right, and they are not very successful individually, right?

I would expect there would be very little difference between cotton and cattail. Their seeds operate fairly similarly, it's going to be based on cellulose. You could just buy some cotton batting for $not much from a fabric store instead of trying to setup your own cattail-gin and carding station...
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why are there so much troll's on /diy/ lately.. who the fuck sent you here, actually better yet. why the fuck did you stay.

beating the cattail isn't to remove the seeds, its to break it up making it more fluffy.

cattail works on the same principle as goose down, compressible. yet creating those miniature pockets of air needed for insulation to work correctly. one shoot can effectively fill about four square inches of space. two square...
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how should one use a spore print that's on paper? with glass you're supposed to be able to scrap them off, but with paper it seems like that wouldn't be very effective

I figured I'd just cut it into squares and each time I wanted to use them, simply soak a square in a container of water

I'd really like to try the redneck method; literally putting mushrooms (and or scraps) in a blender and pouring it on the areas to grow in outside

there's plenty of yard junk and old logs, which this varietah seems to like, the only issue might...
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Tissue clone with agar is easier
>use wax paper, as in, baking paper
>bake wax paper on high for half an hour to sterilize
>let cool
>make print

I use aluminium foil though.

glass is easier to get all the spores. but you dont need glass. also it is difficult to store 100 plates of glass and painful to transport. paper or alfoil you can stuff in a folder and its easy to cart.

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You spelled aluminum wrong :^)

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Why does he apply glue to both sides of the wood as if it made his joinery stronger?

Is he just superstitious?
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No, it's because it makes a better bond if you ensure that both faces are completely coated.
Also, a thick layer of glue on one side will be less even than a thin layer, because surface tension will help to distribute the glue.
In woodworking its better to apply more glue and have some squeeze-out then to apply too little and only find out when you start clamping things up.

Also >>987241

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I didn't find a machining general or anything similar in the catalogue and I read all the links already, but what sort of lathes do you hobbyist machinists use?

I am currently changing fields and studying to be a machinist, and what little manual machining we did last year left me wanting for a small lathe that I can just use in my home and I am interested in hearing what machines you use and which one I should look into buying.

I guess my criterias are that it's relatively silent and can machine softer steels, also something that can be shipped to northern...
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File: C2a2pt2u2re.png (1 MB, 1448x1604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1448x1604
The sherline lathes are fucking fantastic, if that's not too small for your needs. They will absolutely handle steels and even cast iron, just don't expect to be taking black-ass-thick roughing cuts at speed.

Pic related
OP here, that looks right up my alley, I'll give it a look, thanks.
forgot to mention, they also sell a similar vertical mill which uses the same motor, DRO, and CNC servos as their lathe, so you can buy one interface box and use both tools by just switching the cables over. Their CNC is based on EMC2/linuxcnc which isn't Mach but definitely enough for the home or hobbyist user.

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cord storage.jpg
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Can we get a cool hiding places thread? The pic is kind of related, but I'm thinking more along the lines of Anne Frank or the Maltese Falcon.
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When you say "hiding place" do you mean "from the cops", "from niggers", or "from family or visitors, aka for fun"?
Either one can greatly affect the result.
If only there was a way for you to hide your autism
The rectum works pretty well for felons.

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i just want to ask if somebody on this board has experience with biohacking and could share his/her knowled.
Excuse my english, please. I´m german.
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I use old ddr2 to help compensate for Alzheimer's.
Also monsanto is helping us with our population numbers, idk if that counts as biohacking or not.
I've done a lot of research into magnetic subdermal implants, they give you the ability to sense electronic devises and others magnetic fields from a distance
I've watched spiderman once

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What is the better method to work?
Doing things faster?
Doing things precise?
Tell me what is your favorite way.
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Would help if you mentioned what job you are talking about doing. Read a book.
Haste leads to waste.

Take your time, think 3 times, measure twice, cut once.
But don't take for ever.
You don't want to be the guy who always posts on youtube videos, "oh you did that nice but when I finally get off my ass to make mine it will be a gullibillion times."

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3 MB,
And what so I do with it? I installed both ends of the lock and it wouldnt lock do I had to undo it and I know the issue is this thing but none of these fucking niggers on their shlage site or youtube cam tell me what the fuck it is or what to do with it
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literally rtfm
I already read the fucking manual and it doesn't say
It's the key is your kid locks themselves in the bathroom or whatever. You jam it in the hole and it unlocks

File: IMAG0184.jpg (1 MB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Hey, so I was tasked with fixing this trimmer, but I have no clue how to at all. The primer bulb is squeaking every time I press it, so I think that it is not getting any fuel.
The person who told me to fix it said that it was because that wire with the spring at the end is loose. Neither of us know anything about it.
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File: IMAG0185.jpg (2 MB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1520x2688
Should I just try to replace the primer bulb? It squeaks and there is bubbles, but nothing actually comes up.
The primer bulb wouldn't stop it from running.
Ok, but it sounds kind of like it's not getting any gas.

File: dump-truck-003.jpg (264 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /diy/kes. I want to build an underground dwelling for bugging out and living in.

I have access to some old dump trucks at my dads work.

I think I can use the dump truck as a secure bunker if I flip the bed over and use the bed as a living space. How do I keep water and bugsout if the bed is burried?

Can i camouflage it in a scrap yard so people think it is junk instead of my secret lair?

Pic Rel8d, plz help
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the first thing i would do is really look into how the thing is made, just because it can carry a lot of weight does not mean its designed to hold the weight of the wheels/axles ect from above. last thing you want is the bucket rusting from above then dropping half a truck on your head.
we can help you make a jump to flip it over with some shipping containers and pallets
Maybe but if somone saw a nice dump truck in a scrap yard they may try to salvage it or maybe even flip it back over to try to flx it up

I have a plastic Darth Vader helmet that I got a very long time ago, around the time Revenge of the Sith came out. I was a kid then, so I played with it and over the years the plastic has become faded and scratched. I'd like to bring the helmet back to decent condition - what is going to be the best or cheapest way to get it to an automotive-like glossy mirror finish? Of course it's not going to be perfect but surely I can get close.

Should I use...
>black spray paint with Rustoleum glossy clear spray enamel and then polish it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Go check out the 501st legions website, they have plenty of tutorials on what to do.

5 seconds on Google
Honestly automotive paint isn't that expensive.
Go to your nearest auto store, get sand paper primer and black or extremely dark blue auto spray paint, rough up the surface, prime and paint it, good amount of clear coat, sand it with fine grain sand paper and give it a quick buff with some turtle wax or something.

in total should cost maybe $50 at most.

My mom cut the tiles and and tiled the bathroom herself. Is this good enough to be justified in charging close friends to do tile work in their house?
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No, not prime time yet. But good for diyer.

You dont need to stagger tiles on a wall that are the same type and size. It makes it look unfinished and uneven.
the border at the top looks strange. if you can take more pics that arn't shit we could give better judgement

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hi , i am trying to learn pic programming and basic circuit. So i am unexperienced. I am using pic16f84a with 4 mhz crystal osillator. Circuit runs on 5 V with 7805 regulator. and this is the code:
include <16F84A.h>

define pir input(PIN_A2) // Switch on RA0

void main (void)
set_tris_a(0x11); set_tris_b(0x00); output_b(0x00);
while(1) { //Forever Loop
I import this file with pickit2.
There voltage supply on pic , i can read it with voltameter but somehow there is no output....
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Well that appears to be C or a variant of C. Every variant I've seen requires includes and defines to be preceded by a #. Have you tried doing #include #define and then recompiling?
sorry my bad. Actually there is . The code is working. BEcause i tested it in simulation protheus 8.

Here is the correct version of the code

#include <16F84A.h>

#define pir input(PIN_A2) // Switch on RA0

void main (void)

while(1) { //Forever Loop
Oh ok, So all I see this doing is setting pins b1 and b2 to high forever. You have labeled pir input on pin a2, which I assume means you are trying to use a passive infrared sensor to trigger events on pins b1 and b2. Is this correct?

File: J2212.jpg (60 KB, 1001x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB,
Looking for a machine for home clothing construction. Doesn't need fancy stitches. Should be able to handle reasonably thick materials, for making pants.

Pic related, considering the Janome 2212. Would prefer to spend less than 1000.
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Anything old from thrift stores, craiglist, second hand shops, yard sales, etc.
Do some test stitches and check if everything works.
Don't spend more than 50-100$.
I forgot, I use the Janome 2212 in a local sewing workshop from time to time (branded as elna something - same model). It's an alright sewing machine, bog standard beginner model.

It works for what it is, but don't expect to have a good time sewing over 3-4 layers of denim (for example when making pants).
I have an old Ideal/Brilliant 137 (again, identical model marketed as two brands) at home which works a LOT better.
Here's a video so you know what I mean when I say "old":
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It doesn't matter what machine you use within reason.

My grandmother can pretty much alter or make anything with any decent machine.

Seaming and sewing is a skill no doubt. Master that and you can make shit by hand.

File: 14626505051511475464557.jpg (653 KB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
653 KB,
Trying to put the plastic rim back into this rubber wheel. It's for a wheelchair. Tried to heat up the rubber wheel and force it in but I can't get it back in there, any tips? Is there a machine that does this?
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Just put it between a vice.
either what that guy said or freeze both components and see if it'll fit
Try a large vice and use it to press the hub on, Use WD40 before you attempt to help it slip on easier.

Or you can take a square of plywood place it over the wheel, and with a rubber mallet bang on the plate which will do the same concept as the vice.

Third place a square peice of wood on the floor, place the tire on the board, Place hub on the tire, Place another board over the hub sandwiching it, Then drive over the plank with you car the weight of the car should be enough force to squeeze and press...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1_ardweenodad_hqwefh.jpg (42 KB, 478x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB,
As I have searched sites for electronics stuff, I notice that there is a lot of different arduino unos around.
I got to wondering, "how many kinds are there?" So just for fun, I collected screen shots of what I could remember, or find easily.
Also if you are not yet into arduinos you might wonder how to into? Welp here we are.

What I looked for:
1. arduino uno copies, mainly with the arduino uno style pin headers that would take uno-style shields (even if not fully functional!)
2. hardware layouts: I notice that many different companies re-arrange the pieces when they do uno copies. I don't know why, but they do,,, ?its not like they aren't capable of doing an exact copy?,,, so some of them are noted. Oddly enough,,,,, NO Chinese companies I saw did this with their Mega copies, at all. The Mega copies are sometimes different colors, but always have all the components in the exact same places.
3. additional features, while still being basically a uno copy. There is a lot like this lurking out there in China-land
4. color variations: because why the hell not? its like /fa/ for geeks
5. oddball machines: not really arduino uno copies, but notable anyway

I did not pay so much attention to manufacturers, because you don't always know that. Some pages just give the english-letter initials of the chinese manufacturer's name, or don't say at all.
Most of these are found on Aliexpress, while some are on DealExtreme. And a couple from other sites as noted.

And away we go!!!!
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File: ard_001_normal_01.jpg (110 KB, 1106x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1106x462
Our first stop is what I would call "the usual China copy". It is a dark-blue SMD chip copy, with no special features added.
It has a SMD chip and a regular USB plug. (Variations of SMD/DIP chips and USB plugs are common, so I didn't get them all)

Note #1: there is two colors of blue common: a dark navy blue and a blue-green color, but I didn't show the blue-green color.

Note #2: I include the store names if you want to go buy one, but I'm not intending to advertise for the stores. I didn't hunt for the lowest price, so you may...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The second pic shows a hardware variation: this model has two crystals (the silver oval things).
I think this has something to do with what USB chip they use, but I dunno for sure. Some uno copies have one, some have two and some appear to have none, tho they may have a SMD version that just looks smaller and different.

This model doesn't appear to have any special features.
Example #3 is the Sparkfun Redboard, on the right. A standard official Arduino Uno DIP is shown on the left (pic taken from Sparkfun's website).
The official Uno costs about $25, and Sparkfun decided to make a copy for about $5 less.
The Sparkfun copy is all SMD parts and uses a different USB chip, but doesn't have any special [functional] features.

I have a Wurlitzer 3400 that wont play side A only B. I replaced the side 1 solenoid that moves the small arm that selects the side but no dice,it moves into place but not long enough for the mechanism to catch the arm and goes back to the resting position choosing side b every time. It seems that everything is working but its like there's a timing issue with that soldenoid does anyone know what my issue might be?
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135 KB, 700x525
op here the pic updated with the small selector arm circled
Are the gears fine?
not really they have good size teeth on them but the gears dont seem to have anything to do with the side selection, that little arm is what really engages everything

File: 20160506_194740.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
First off, i hope this is a good board to post this on, it was either this, or /a/...
DISCLAIMER-I don’t have much experience with 2-strokes, or any small engine OR carbs lol. My last experience with a small motor was atleast 7 years ago, and i couldn’t get the carbs to run ever again afterwards lol.

Anyways… so i just got this thing today for $40 bucks. Was told by the kid that it didn’t have spark, and that i would probably need a new motor.
Long story short, i put gas in it, and it cranked up, lol.
It cranked HARD though, and this is my issue..
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the yellow tube i'm asking about
File: 20160506_194529.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the throttle cable not pulled
File: 20160506_194539.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836

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