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I just bought inox handrails and this happend
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is this even inox ? or just a chromium layer
looks like tea leaving. You dont have a chlorine pool, do you anon? Use some stainless steel polish on it and wear gloves.
yes I do thank you for the insight ill get to it

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Pun intended.. not mine. Pretty much just wanna share this build style.. the largest beams in the roof are only 8 inches wide. [measured] the total length of the place is roughly measured to 48x46 feet.

Some back story on the place as I know it; The house was deemed historical to the area, the company who bought the land to build huge ugly apartments was forced to move the building. and so they did... to where it is now. They did the crappiest job ever and didn't really give two flying fucks about the place; before they moved it, all the windows where intact, the...
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Oh god i could jizz in every part of this house
Noice. Reminds me of this guy I saw on YouTube a while back who would drive around the country finding log built homes. He'd buy some, or even be given them, take them down, then reassemble them back on his own property. Saving old homes with a lot of historical value is really badass. You should see if you can do something about it.

Pic: Moving a historical house down the river. House was built in the 1830s and is one of the earliest frame buildings in my county.
Thats cool. But I dont have land.. Otherwise I would give this a go.

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Whats the harm in reheating plastic microwave dinner containers?

If it survived the first time you microwaved it, whats the harm in cleaning it and re-using it as a container?

Surely these things don't become toxic or dangerous after just one go in the microwave
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They degrade in heat and in contact with liquid and other acids in the food, thus releasing chemicals you don't want into the food inside

In simple terms, they are meant to be disposables for one time use only, also, don't be so poorman about a fucking microwave food container
Hey Tom!
They are toxic to start with.

Storing food in plastic with softeners and flame retardants is always a margin game. The stuff seeps into the food and the only reason it isn't considered poisonous is dose per serving. But many of those components are bioaccumulative. So if you have TV dinners every night for 10 years then your blood work will show the chemicals.

Heating up synthetics makes their inclusions much more mobile. Add acids and bases from foods and it gets really interesting.

Heat your...
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File: qnevaWH.jpg (64 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have been working on my own SFF case design for nearly a year, and this is the first prototype. It fits a 240mm AIO cooler, full-size GPU, SFX PSU, ITX motherboard, and 2 hard drives all in about 10L of space.
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File: yg6ct7R.jpg (44 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looks really cute. How're the temps on it?

File: bosch.jpg (42 KB, 276x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I'm looking to get a 10" diablo sawblade on my bed as as that's what I'm hearing is the best.
Looking to go full kerf so there's less flex in the blade.
Ideally I'd like to buy one blade for both crosscuts and rips, as i don't own a chop saw.

What would you guys recommend? How many teeth?
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Diablo is Freud's contractor line, not what you want if you want the cleanest cuts.

That itty bitty babby table saw would benefit from a thin kerf blade.

"Thin kerf is flexy" is a myth. The main benefit from full kerf is longer blade life and it will take more sharpenings before it's toast.

This is what I use and it's the bee's knees. I often hear that Forrest blades are the best, but I can't speak for them and they cost too much.
For a 10" blade, 48 is the usual amount on a combination blade. It's what I have on my saw (same as pic but yurop version) and I never really change it out except for the time I bought a Freud rip and combo blade which brings me onto >>941658
>"Thin kerf is flexy" is a myth.
I can safely say that it is not a myth. I originally bought a very good Axcaliber blade with a 3.2mm kerf and had no problems with it but only...
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huh. were the fence/miter slots dead even with the blade?
I use a skillsaw blade in my tablesaw 90% of the time, deep enough depth of cut to go through 2x4's no problem, which is most of what I cut.

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This is a long shot, but does anyone here work for or have experience with a packaging supplier?

I am in the middle of creating a frozen food product and I am trying to figure out a sleek packaging design that will allow the contents to be easily removed without the chance of the product sticking to the inside.

I can obviously go with a poly bag like a Popsicle is contained in, but that is not modern and sleek enough. It is essentially a cylindrical piece of ice measuring 6" long and 2" in diameter. I have been in contact with silicone and glass bottling...
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Tetra pack or milk in a bag
uhh, holding the package in ones hand for a minute should be sufficient to slightly melt a layer between any packaging and your frozen food. some people prefer to run under water from a tap rather than get a cold hand.

you dont need any special coating.
Right now I am using 250ml and 500ml graduated cylinders as molds and to remove the product I run them through a hot water bath. They don't come as easily as you think. I bought a piece of 304 steel pipe I'm going through the try and use as a mold to see if that works better.

On the consumer end I don't want the costumer to have to run it under hot water.

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I bought this ghetto-ass car amplifier for like 5$ that was broken because one of the resistors was jammed so tight between the speaker terminals that it cracked and shorted out. it has a ton of op amps on it (TL084CN) and a TL494.
Im pretty new at EE, for reference i just figured out the difference between a bipolar and unipolar power supply. What can i build to get the most xp?

Unrelated OC picture
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Build a little inverting amplifier from op-amps. It's fairly easy once you get over the learning curve of looking up the datasheet to get pinouts, knowing what to connect where, making the connections *to match your design* (protip: you'll fuck this part up more than once).

Once you have it built then try rewiring it to make it non-inverting, then differential. They're easy modifications.

Once you have a basic grounding (pun intended) from doing this then try building a power supply - this is a rite of passage for most electronics hobbyists and there...
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How would make a chess board that had squares that would light up with your potential moves every time you picked up a piece?
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Well, I can tell you there would be a computer involved.
I don't usually like bringing arduino and raspberry Pi into projects but I think it will be necessary for this
It would be cool to use nfc tags for this

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I have two teapots (one porcelain and the other cast iron) that I can't use. The porcelain one has some brown buildup of some sort on the inside of the spout and the cast iron one seems to have some other brown stuff coming off of the inside top when I wipe it off inside to dry it off. Any advice on cleaning them or what to do?
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Clean them.
There might be some rust in your water.

Try cleaning the inside of the porcelain one with limeaway or something similar. Alternatively, stop being a faggot and just use a pot.
Muriatic acid.

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How could I turn this into a helmet. Just curious if i could. Also, if not which animal skull would be the best helmet?
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another shot
File: P1050248.jpg (156 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last one i promise
>get twine, leather strip, 550 cord, similar
>tie onto head

File: 91wnGv1ly5L._SL1500_.jpg (285 KB, 1500x1403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I’m looking to make a monitor carrying case and I like this design. I’d just buy this one, but the dimensions are too small for my 27” monitor which is 25 3/4 in by 16 3/8 in, and the reviews all say it falls apart easily.

Currently I just use the boxes it came in, but the Styrofoam and cardboard are beginning to fall apart. It’s also mildly inconvenient.

Mainly I’m looking for suggestions on materials, like something for the front side that will be sturdy and also not scratch the surface. Have any of you ever done anything like this?
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Well, look at your own picture. I think it's called neoprene. Polyester canvas? Denim?
Just use a low-midweight canvas for the exterior and back it with a felted material.
One of those aluminum cases and just cut a hole for the monitor base?

File: IMG_20160204_193849.jpg (4 MB, 2992x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I did a cool jigsaw puzzle and moved it onto my side table and WOAH it's the same exact size as the table! How would I go about making this the table top? Plexiglass? What else? Any glue? Glue the plexiglass? Glue to table? Where to get plexiglass in the right size? So many questions!

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Victoria's secret, eh? Nasty boy
Plexiglass or even normal glass. Looks like there is a gap along the side, you can attach with clear silicone just to seal it. Or drill holes and use a fastener of your choice.

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I'm trying to hook up this cat5 cable to the wall jack for a dsl connection. Can anyone tell me if this wiring looks right?
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>RJ14/11 connector

You're already in way over your head.
How so?

File: mp-g776g781-24~7.jpg (357 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can a chainsaw with a carbide chain cut stone?

I've been on youtube watching videos of Alaskan mills and I wondered if you put a garden hose on the jig to keep everything wet and cool, would you be able to cut stone like lumber.

How can you /diy/ stone cutting? Bonus points for fast, easy, and cheap. Kinda like how an Alaskan mill is much faster, cheaper, and easier than building a regular lumber mill.
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There's another geology/mineral related thread here, everyone >>941473

Our posts were like 30 minutes apart so I had to link them together.

Call it autism if you must.

Fuck no.

The blade geometry is completely wrong. Chainsaw teeth are very aggressive. They are designed such that they actually want to pull themselves into the wood (this is also why so much as grazing a chainsaw blade will land you in the hospital for stitches at best), and if you look at the links, there are small protrusions that keep them from trying to bite too deep.

You don't want this kind of tooth for stone. Trying to use it will get you nothing but some jagged nicks in your rock and a...
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you'd need a rock chainsaw. and rock saw are usually used in sedimentary rocks since they're softer. 4-5 on mohs scale.

rock chainsaw are huge and mounted on rail.

otherwise you can buy a rock saw with a diamond blade and you can cut yourselve pieces of rock but they would be 1cubic feet max I believe..

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any geologists or crystal experts?

I want to drill a hole through a large (about 5 inches) crystal point (the long way). I'm considering quartz, angel aura quartz, or fluorite, anything with a medium range hardness level. can it be done?

pic related: something about yea big
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a long masonry bit might work. they have a tungsten carbide cutting edge brazed on a steel shaft.
Here's a tip: It's easier to get a good hole by starting from the back and being precise enough to exit through the tip rather than trying to start a hole on a point
I have a geology/mineral related thread here >>941480

I'm posting a link to your thread in my thread also, OP.

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