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Hey /diy/, I need a piece of furniture for all my vidya geams. I was thinking one of those cube organizers might be nice, but they're all either tiny 2- or 3- square cupboards that won't hold everything, or they're giant monsters that would probably pick my TV like 5 feet off the floor, assuming they can even support my oldass Trinitron behemoth at all.

So, my next idea was to try and build something myself. But then I remembered that I have no experience and only a few tools. I'd like to get into woodworking/metalworking, but I've never really...
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Here you go.
Step 1: give up trying to have everything hooked up to the TV at once.
Step 2: put each system in its own box with the games and accessories if possible
Step 3: rig up some video inputs and a power outlet so you can easily hook up whatever you want to play
>build huge coffee table in shape of SNES or NES controller
>hollow it out and put hinges on it so it can store stuff inside
>place laptop or micro-ATX style PC inside
>install emulators and frontend like Hyperspin
>place all controllers inside table for storage with UBS-controller adapters
>bonus points your giant table functions as a controller also

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What can i salvage , got 3 tvs
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Please please please let them sit for a while before you go salvaging. Tv's can be very very dangerous. Huge caps. Wait like a week to be extra safe
short the caps and post pics of insides
Just short them yourself to be sure, a week is nog enough for big caps, it could take months

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Hi /DIY/

What kind of things do you carry everyday? I'm trying to become a more handy person ( have the right tools around at the right times, etc. ) and am looking for a good fixed blade for DIY-based tasks. Obviously there is a tool for every job, including blade shape, is there a good all-around option?

Also, can anybody tell me what the tool in the middle of this blade is supposed to be? I know what the other tools are ( hex wrench, bicycle spoke wrench sizes 14/15, O2 key, bottle opener and both inches/mm ruler ( inches on other side ) but can't...
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Blade weakener.
Two cell phones, a wallet, a gun (Glock 19 at home, .38 derringer at work), a knife (Kershaw freefall at home, Milwaukee fastback utility knife at work) and a Klien 11-in1 whenever I'm actually working. My pockets stay pretty full but 90% of the shit gets done without a trip to the toolbox.
>that knife
>go to open a bottle
>slice open hand
>go to undo a nut
>slice open hand
>go to cut something
>get metal jabbing into your palm

Nice design.

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What are some good cheap 3D printers?

I want to get into 3D printing but even the well known desktop printers are still in the thousands
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Me too. But i would guess the selfmade ones are cheapest.
Alunar 3D is in the $300 price range
any good DIY kits out there?

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Fiberglass repair, anyone know anything about it? pic related, I am trying to figure out how serious this is and if I can repair it myself.
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What is it- marine, structural or panel?
File: 20160426_185835.jpg (148 KB, 1422x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's on the side wall of a keel... so marine.
Get a face mask, one of those disposable coverall and you'll need a sander.
Slowly cut back the layers around the crack and see how far the damage goes in. Fibreglass gets 'rot' so to speak where the layers separate as the epoxy has degraded- if the layers around the crack are able to be pushed in then you know its got some serious delamination and that'll generally be out of your amateur scope to fix.

If its still solid, then its a case of fibreglass, epoxy, more glass, epoxy, sanding and then repainting.

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Sup /diy/, I'm about to go to my local creek and catch some Northwest Pacific TreeFrog Tadpoles, and this is my setup so far
>10 Gallon tank with mesh top (2 currently but I'll add more water later)
>3 inches of soil and gravel from the creek
>Some local aquatic plants from said creek
>A Branch
>An artificial rock platform
>A few dead leaves
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>Northwest Pacific

AYE, You /Washington/?
AYYY /olympia/ here m8
Because only an Evergreen retread would phrase it "Northwest Pacific", instead of "Pacific Northwest"

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I'm a teen who has never done diy
I'm look in for a project that:
>Is hard physical work
>Takes a long time
>Isn't bullshit hipster crap
>is relatively cheap
I'm too young to buy tools but I already have the basics.
Do you guys have any ideas?
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I have some tree stumps that need to be removed.
Try making a stone path. Lots of variables buy depending on the stone type, it can be a lot of work. I do think stones don't cost too much
Pick rocks in farmers fields. That is serious work. Then build a little rock hit with walls and stick roof

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How would I go about creating a Primer style time machine?
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>be wizard
There's a lot of wire there that needs to be dealt with. I sure hope those aren't voltage lines. In fact, the 'r' at the end is rather useless.
Start by inventing a universe where that's possible.

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I am trying to fix a power outlet in my bedroom. i have replaced all of them with new receptacles and still don't have any power to only 1 of them. I don't know if it matters but the outlet used to have a space heater wired to it. I have made a picture to explain whats going on
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Did it ever work? What made it not work?
The outlet does not work still. If you're talking about the space heater that used to be there, the space heater worked. i don't know why it was removed
So the outlet worked until you plugged in a space heater and now it doesn't? Have you checked all the breakers in the main panel to see if any are tripped? There is no guarantee that all the outlets in your room are on the same circuit.

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Vibration deadening materials? I'm trying to make a mount for my motorcycle, to mount my cellphone in the center above my headlight, so I can run my GPS. problem is, my bike has lots of vibration going on. and it slowly moves the mount around and such, and causes the phone to bounce in the mount making a noise.

Anyone have a good idea on how to retard the vibrations going through the phone mount? I also need some for the gastank. as the little rubber boot thats on there now, ain't doing shit, and when the tank gets like 1/4 empty, i get some really annoying...
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vibration isolator.jpg
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Twisted wire cable makes superb vibration-isolating material.
I don't think this will be sturdy enough..
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sturdy enough yet?.jpg
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It is. And if it isn't, you can always make it sturdier.

Also, vibration isolation and "sturdiness" in the form of rigidness are fundamentally-conflicting goals. You DO realize this, right?

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If I wanted to squirt a liquid though a vent into a locker, what kind of bottle would I need? I'm thinking something with a hose that could go through the vent?
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Like they said over in /adv/ - you need a 'grow the fuck up' bottle.
So much to ask before I even attempt to answer.
What is the relative position of the locker to the vent, the type of locker is it, the type of liquid, the type of vent, whether you want the liquid to remain inside the locker or flow outside, whether there's something inside the vent, is the vent covered with something, how much liquid are you squirting and what effect do you expect the squirting to cause, the viscosity of the liquid, why a bottle, whether you have access to any kind of pump or whether you have to build your own pumping system, what's your budget,...
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Personally I preferred the hard boiled egg stuffed through the vent on friday before a weeks vacation.

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The genorator works. Turns over no problem. But the welder isnt working properly. I can get arc but wont orerate at welding voltage. Sits low. Like 65... What should i do?
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Anywhere i can find a manual?? Youtube has a look-a-like but its a diffrwnt name and has a newer pannel. Iv been searching for a few weeks now.
I guess i should have said its a welder /genorator the gyro spins perfictly. Its not physiclly dammaged.

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Hey /diy/, I am perhaps a dumbass. I'm at peace with that fact, but I still need some advice.

I'm renting a small house with a septic system, and my waste water is no longer draining well. My landlord failed to mention that the house was not on the sewer grid (and I failed to ask), so I did the unthinkable: I flushed maybe 5 baby wipes, certainly no more than 10.

The house seems to actually be downhill from the tank, and my circuit breaker box has a switch labeled "Pump: NEVER TURN OFF" so I am assuming this is for the sewage.

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You're not supposed to flush that shit down the toilet anyway. Pay someone to snake the line out, not pump out the septic tank.
No idea what you're talking about with a pump.. unless there's a sump pump somewhere. You sure you know what a septic tank is?
I'm asking for advice because I have very little knowledge of septic systems.

There is (what I believe to be) a recessed pump with a cover outside the house, next to the bathroom. I assume this is a sump pump, but again, I don't know.

Does a standard sump pump have a filter that would catch wipes? I might go buy one of those snake auger things if a pump would normally catch something like a wipe. Amusing the pump outside is what I think it is, there cant be more than 15 feet of pipe between...
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>very little knowledge of septic systems

There are numerous variations on septic system design. Without knowing the setup, it's difficult to tell what might be the problem or where to start looking.

My pump system has a pump downstream of the septic tank, pumping the septic tank effluent UP to a drain field on higher ground. But your system might be different, having a sewage sump and pump to push raw sewage (including solids) uphill to the tank. If you have this, it is...
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Is this line on my hdd platter normal?

it was making a clicking noise as the head moves back and forth between its 2 extreme positions, so i opened it and found this.

Did my head crash?

What do I install to fix this? Or will I have to replace the head?

/g/ is telling me to get a new hdd, but im sure this can be fixed.
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Looks like a head crash. Since you opened up the HDD, and it's not in a cleanroom, it's rekt anyway, get a new HDD
It's dead, get a new one
>not in a cleanroom, it's rekt
this you dummy

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So my ceiling is colapseing and its 12.18 am cant do anything about it right now but temporarly fixed it... Pic related... Rate my fix also unconventional fix thread
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You get an A for quick thinking at just past midnight. Plus bonus points for using Sabians.

Cause everyone knows to bring the house down you gotta play Zildjan!
Lol I use sabians because it has a heavyer tone but also have some paiste dimentions for accentin... Want to get me some zildjian hats tho

we sorely need a nigrigging general thread.

this is now /NRG/

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I'm considering getting a magnet implant in my finger (either ring or pinky finger) however I'm not sure if a) it's worth it price wise and b) if I'd actually get much benefit from it. Pic kinda related, also general biotech thread.
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good luck using a mobile
The magnets are weak enough that the one wouldn't effect my phone/computer building/bass playing nor would it wipe a credit card however I would be able to have small pieces of metal i.e. A bottle cap or paper clip stick to me
so you would be the shittest x-men ever?

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I've Found that in Grandma's home, and I want to do Something cool in there.
So, What Y'all say?
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Small liquor wall cabinet
Shit in it. Put it back. See which old crone gets the straight jacket.
Garden bed

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/mower thread

Would there be a practical benefit to using sta-bil to treat gas for a mower during the summer time?

It's usually a few weeks between mowings, depending on the weather. Last year it was a real pain in the rear to get and keep going. Took it apart multiple times to check to see if it was the carburetor.

Slightly unrelated: Anyone converted one to run off propane? I tried before but I probably need to use a regulator before the valves. And now with gas being cheaper, I don't know if it would be cost effective. Though having the darn...
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Shitty mowers are a pain to keep running in general. Back when I was poor I would just buy already running ones for the lowest possible price every few years from estate sales and shit. We're talking $20 for old whatever branded stuff. Eventually I picked up a used Snapper from back before they got bought out and that thing just runs and runs and runs.
You wouldn't want to put stabil in the mower but the gas. If you want a mower that starts but something with a Honda engine. They last forever. The real bitches to start are the tiny two cycle engines on weed eaters and blowers. I bought4 cycle commercial troybilts and have been happy with that for about 5 years now. If it gets hard to start they offer a multi use electric starter for them too. There might be a push mower with something similar.
For the price of stability, I put it in every time I fill my 2-1/2 gallon can. Use that can for mower, snowblower and for chainsaw/trimmer mix. Always know there is stability in the gas so whenever the mowing or blowing season ends there is stability in the tank.

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Just got my first vehicle, a used '09 Tacoma I4 with a manual. Only 50k miles. What tools should I carry around in the thing in case it breaks down? They have got to fit inside the cab, behind the seats.

What I've got so far:

Long jumper cables
Good bottle jack
Fire extinguisher
Lug nut socket
long breaker bar
Combo wrench for battery terminals
Combo wrench for battery hold down
Adjustable wrench just in case
Some ratchet straps, one of which is very large
First aid kit
A few gallons of water
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a satellite phone with a direct line to the president
Duck tape, needle nose pliers, nylon rope for binding things, led flash light, tyre repair kit/12v compressor, bungee cords and cheap uhf radio backup

also applicable if you offroad is a decent tow strap, d shackles, a shovel/axe.
>off road
>09 tacoma

holy shit just stop. it can barely on-road.

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okay guys, i need helping spray painting a custom skateboard with the image posted but im new to spray painting and wanted to know if primer is necessary before spraying on the deck. its a plain wood grain deck and i was going to spray it matt white and draw the graphic on with sharpie THEN spray over with a clear coat of lacquer. any tips are also greatly appreciated
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Yes you should prime it.
Sharpie will fade.
Get some actual paint. Make sure it's compatible with the base coat.
Sand it
prime it
paint it
clear coat it

Sharpie won't last very long. Use an enamel paint.
It'll look like shit m8

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I have some 55 gallon plastic barrels. Having trouble thinking of this to do with them.

I was thinking of making a rain collector for watering plants.

What would you do /diy/?
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so op.. whats with the weird ass setup? you know, with the big ass fence, the barbwire, and the unreasonable amount of empty 55 gallon drums stacked up in your back yard..?

Well for one, its not my back yard.
Its my work place.
They were filled with Formalin.
I'll tell you what I wouldn't do, post on DIY asking what I should do with rubbish.

What is the most dangerous power tool? My vote is pic related with angle grinder coming in a close second. Anything with RPMs that high and sharp blades makes for a dangerous combo.
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Which ever one you use incorrectly. Also, acetylene welder...
I have been on third world worksites for the last 7 years and the only two accidents (other than minor scratches and stepping on nails) have been:

>guy cutting tiles with a tile cutter in which the blade had no diamond material left
>blade shatters
>steel everywhere
>only a mild cut on operators arm


>backhoe mechanic checking out issue with backhoe
>tells operator to turn...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Radial arm saws used improperly can be incredibly dangerous. Well, any power tools used improperly are dangerous... but those especially.

Chainsaws, I know more than a few people with scars from broken chains or knees/legs sliced. One lost a few toes.

Has anyone in here ever been to a "makerspace" or anything like that?

Are they just a fad? Could they be made into a profitable business? What kind of tools and machinery /diy/ would put in one?
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have not and would not unless there was no other way to get access to a ridiculously expensive piece of equipment

when I go to use something I don't need to waste time fixing it, putting it back together, or waiting in a line to use it because incompetent people were allowed in
oh, forgot about searching for missing pieces, if they're still there at all, because some idiot didn't take responsibility

this sounds like physics/engineering lab in college

check shit out for lab/project
shit is broken because of idiots
tools are broken because of idiots
spend most of time fixing or looking for good parts

>>Could they be made into a profitable business?

lol, as long as you get their credit card #/ssn/driver's license/etc so you can charge them for breaking shit

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So, I basically know nothing on this matter and I figured I'm come here for help because I'm sure every single person here is more knowledgeable on the subject.

My wall mounted phone jack got cracked, shattered really, and I'm unable to use it in its present state to connect my router. So I decided to nigger rig it the only way I'm capable of, scotch tape. I don't want to put it back in its casing and screw it back into the wall before asking someone about this. Is this a good idea for a temporary fix, or am I running the risk of burning my house...
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You'll be fine...get as replacement jack when your able...
LOL. adsl.

go to electrical shop
buy gel crimps tell them it is for phone line. cut back twisted wires. push ends of wires into gel crimps. squeeze shit with pliers. all done.

don't worry, it's what you would call a low voltage installation. no harm in that. If it were a power socket on the other hand it could cause a fire hazard.

Danish electrician here

>putting furniture in front of windows
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>'I don't like this thing' threads on a forum about doing projects
I do a lot of DIY restorations and house improvements for the community, and often times the come to me and say "wah its too dark in here fix it" and it usually a cabinet infront of an exterior window or filthy as fuck windows and theyre too dumb to just rearrange or buy new furniture
When people think that you need the best tools to do stuff decently

And when they think the best shop equipment is dewalt/jet/ridgid

When they think new shop equipment is better than the stuff made before the 1960s

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A local thrift store was throwing away a bunch of blender bases that didn't have jars to go with them so I got them all

Ideas for projects? They all work
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Attach blades, install at local glory holes
You could convert them to magnetic stirrers. Then you wouldn't need a special matching jar.
I like it

Just put a magnet on the little square stub and a piece of iron in the jar?

File: Husky-Total-Socket.jpg (13 KB, 550x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: sketchy as fuck tools
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I agree. Anything marked Husky is made in Asia and is therefor suspect.
File: 18inwithtoolwall.jpg (18 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 400x400
Whoever makes the Husky-branded nylon tool bags did a pretty okay job. Had two of pic related to and from sites everyday for two years with zero problems
Hey fuck you, I like husky shit.

Got a pair of locking vise grip pliers from husky, they were just as good as irwin vise-grip brand (but almost half price).

Is their a fairly easy way to tell the horsepower of an electric motor? I need to be accurate to with about 1/8th of an HP. I picked up a cache of old electric shop tool motors (think drill presses and table saws) but none of them have data plates. Most of these motors are pre-WWII as they are repulsion-induction types and don't use capacitors. A few do use caps though. Motors of that age tend to be very large for their horsepower output, so I can't just go by the physical size of the motor. They also tend to be less efficient then modern motors so I can't just go by their ampere draw either. Some appear to be from at least the early 20's and others might be as late as the 50's, so their efficiency is all over the map. I doubt any of these motors pull more then 1.5 HP but the smaller ones could be as little as 1/4th HP. Most are about 1700 RPM but there are a few 3400 RPM ones also.
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Attack weight x to it and see how long it takes to lift the weight given distance y. Then you can calculate its hp.

I already hit up google or I wouldn't be here. Just to humor you I followed your link. I went to the first 10 links in that, they were all useless. They were either all simple 'volts + amps = horsepower' calculators (not accurate enough) or required I know the efficiency of the motor. If I had the dataplate with the efficiency spec on it I would already have the horsepower. I skipped links talking about cars of course.

File: poplar panel.jpg (183 KB, 972x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
poplar panel.jpg
183 KB,
hey DIY, I'm trying to execute a painting I've planned. I'm trying to create a 4x4ft pixel art painting. I've already planned everything out on graph paper, but I'm thinking the best way to actually make something this large would be to tile
9, 16x16in wood panels . This way I could use a t-square and triangles to transfer the sketch onto the pieces, and it would also be more easily transportable than one large piece of canvas or wood.

What's the best way to square up rough lumber as perfectly as possible, and the cheaper the method the better. I don't mind rolling up my sleeves for hard work.
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The only way to get it done 100% right is to use a planer and a jointer.

thanks for the link, and this is a great solution, but do you know of one that's more economical. I don't have really have any access wood shop tools.

I have more time than money.
File: hand planer.jpg (14 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hand planer.jpg
14 KB, 400x400
>more economical

if you were a master craftsman, preferably Japanese, you could use of these to get a perfectly flat surface. but you're not, so forget it. if you can find a small renovation company, you might phone and ask if they'll do it for you. sometimes they finish a job early, and can spare a few minutes when they get back to the shop.
alternately, find something already flat and cheap, like wallboard.

File: Screenshot_20160430-023029.png (3 MB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
How would one do this without using A digital projector?

See photo

Looking for a method to make a static logo or text block, project it, and have that function long term
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Spotlight and a cutout template.
How do you focus it though?
Long tube helps reduce light that isn't flying straight out of the cutout. May be able to find a spotlight lense on ebay and build your own spotlight. Still just a cutout to get the wall text.

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