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I bought a used 1/2 Armstrong (standard, black oxide) ratchet for 5$.
Turns out the reason it was at goodwill was because they sheared the pawls off trying to unbolt something (probably with a cheater bar).

A rebuild costs ~30$
A new old stock one on ebay is ~60$
You can get any number of quality ratchets for slightly more than the rebuild kit.

At what point should I throw it away vs repairing it? It is made in the USA and feels like a quality ratchet.

Trying to build a complete enough set of OK tools for as cheap as possible now that I have moved...
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>doesn't have a complete toolset yet
>has three 1/2" drive ratchets, planning on getting another

Dude, just save up around $300, then wait until father's day. Sears will have a pretty damn complete socket and wrench set on sale (ship for free to the store), and then stop nickling and diming yourself to death.

Craftsman isn't the best, but the warranty kicks ass, and if you're not turning wrenches for a living, they'll...
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Oh, and their sale usually includes SAE and Metric, a driver set, and allen key set. You need to add in pliers, full screwdriver set, and then whatever other random shit you'll eventually need.
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The 309 piece was $200, my bad, and I got free shipping to my address.

UPC code so you can look over what's included: 714994391265

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I would like to make my own gps tracker, Im used to using pic related, but the distance it can reach is max 2km in the forrest, and i need more distance, I thaugt about i could make something like tracking a phone? over gps? anyone got any ideas?
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>but the distance it can reach is max 2km in the forrest

? what does this mean? i have a old garmin and it doesn't have any limits
after 2km or so i loose signal to the dog, i must go in the car and search the dog, if i come around 2km near him i get his signal again.
it is the same with the gps from my friends
also i use the older model too
was meant for you

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Can I multi use it to clean my stove coils or will the copper get damaged?
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Like, just the tank?
Dude, just use a bucket, a capful of oven cleaner, and a night's rest.
No, the entire setup.

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Are there any acoustics experts on here?

I am trying to soundproof a room in order to contain my roommates snoring. This is a low bass sound, so it is tricky.

I have planned a three phase project to reduce costs. (See diagram) The problem is soundproofing is expensive for a poor-fag like me, and I am trying to essentially make his snoring inaudible, even the low bass rumbling.

I have a couple questions then:

>Is there any sort of cheap material I could stick on the walls to first test where the best "hotspots" are?...
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This is a mind over matter thing.
Stop letting it get to you.
It's not the snoring that's keeping you awake, it's you noticing the snoring, getting aggravated at the snoring which activates your sympathetic systems which keeps you awake. It's literally the same thing as like if someone gets chewed out at work/is expecting something bad to happen the next day, and can't fall asleep because of it.

If you really feel you need to do something, buy a loud ass fan to inject some white noise.
Get some earplugs poorfag.

Acoustic foam is nothing but pretty to look at, especially to bass frequencies and foam, bass traps etc are basically room treatment not sound proofing. You'll be wasting your money.

For soundproofing done right it is usually effective to build airtight rooms within rooms. You need to decouple these from anything which can transmit vibrations and add mass to surfaces to reduce vibrations where you can't have a sufficient quantity of air.

The cheapest solution would be to build a sealed box around your bed and ventilate...
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Thanks for the input.
I know its unnaturally loud and irritating.
Pointing away from his room of course.

My bedframe is already on four legs. What materials would you recommend for this?

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Hi /diy/

I recently bought a DC inverter for a battery box I put together, and I want to use it to power my projector; However, when I have it plugged in, the power input on the projector makes a nasty buzzing sound, so I've cut the juice to it so I don't damage it.

I'm thinking it's under amperage. Is there any way to get such a setup working?
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First off you're using the wrong kind of battery. You need a deep cycle rv battery. Draining a regular car battery will ruin it.

Next you need to figure out how much power your projector uses and how much power your inverter produces.
Define buzzing sound?
Depending on the type of inverter this may be normal.
Could you check what sort of output signal the Inverter is supposed to give out? If it's Modified Sine Wave, then you can expect the buzzing sound.

Most inverters put out a modified sine wave, which is ok for some things, and not so great for others.

You would think though that the projector would have a power supply circuit that converts the ac back to DC and has some filtering on it. My best guess is that the projector has a step down transformer that is chattering because of the not so smooth sine wave out of the inverter, in which case it shouldn't be too harmful.

My work wants to put a coffee pot in a high traffic unattended waiting room. We would have a donation lock box cabled to the table and charge 50 cents a cup.

What are considerations? Should the 50 cup coffee urn be cabled down? Is a bicycle cable enough for the lock box? Are there other safety and security issues?

Any comments appreciated.
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what's that cost, like $75? and it has to be moved at least a couple times a day. no, you should not lock it to anything.
If you're this concerned, screw it to the table.
Good point. It's cheap and it will have to be moved often.

It's gotta be cleaned once a week.

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I've been thinking about starting brewing my own beer at home. Any advice on what to get and how to start?
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If you want a simpler method you could get the make your own beer kits that sports stores sell. I think bed bath and beyond might have them too
I don't think there is a bed bath & beyond in Turkey. I found a starting kit online but I wasn't sure it would be enough.
I'd suggest trying wine or cider before beer as it's generally simpler for getting an understanding of how to make alcohol whilst not needing any specialized equipment.

Buy some distillers yeast off ebay and look up a guide on youtube for apple cider.

You ferment it right in the bottle the juice comes in, can't be simpler.

File: 3DPrintsvsFigurineToys.jpg (799 KB, 1458x1180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys,
I am a Zbrush sculptor and I was wondering how I would be able to make toys and or figurines from 3d to real life?

I see all these 3D printed models but quality wise they are terrible.

Some of the Hot Toys artist work in Zbrush. Since most of you are clever folks here, I was wondering if you guys knew how to do this?

From 3D to a full coloured figurine.
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If you don't want to build/carve/model it by hand, you'll have to look past consumer grade 3D printers and be willing to spend a whole lot of money, or find a service that offers high quality printing for a fee.

Otherwise, just buy some polymer clay and practice sculpting.
Enjoy getting sued.
Creating a 3D model on your computer and then turning that into a physical object is illegal now?

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Guys does this xeroghraphica look like its rotting?
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>tfw I just nail bromeliads to trees and watch them thrive while never touching them again.

You call them low maintenance and have to give them "baths"? Christ.

File: clockparts.gif (35 KB, 330x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to design and build a mechanical clock.
I have access to a 3D printer, so most parts can be manufactured that way.

I'm looking for resources (free books, if possible) to calculate. My other choice is just look for videos and blogs and make the calculations my self.

I have some experience with gear design.

Clock making general?

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>Clock making general?

So, is that your question?
What do you need to calculate?
Pendulum frequency depends on length and force from escapement also I guess.
To go from 1 second to 1 minute you need a gear ratio of 60:1 to go from minutes to hours you need a gear ratio of 60:1
There are probably a billion different escapements you can pick but I doubt you would find a book about it.
If you want to make the gears from scratch the only resource I know is woodgears.ca, guy is mentioned in diy regularly and he has some weird wooden shit.
If you want metal...
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File: CrapTap.gif (3 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I can't figure out what's wrong here, can anyone weigh in?

The tap runs on super low pressure when turned to hot, but normal on cold. It was normal for both temps and everything in between up until recently.

Can't figure out what's up.
No blockage in tap as cold comes from same place.
No blockage at tank as other taps are fine.
Stopcock is open.

Are there user serviceables in there like o-rings that go bad, or should I just buy a new fitting? Fuck it if I do
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maybe check and see if your water heater has an expansion tank or PSI regulator on it?
Prime culprits are the faucet itself (open it up, check seals, blockages, etc) or the hot water feed line/feed valve. The feed will be under the sink and should have a valve to turn it off, hot will be on the left if it was installed correctly. That will let you check the line. Next culprit is the valve itself, which may not be opening fully. It's not hard to replace, but will require turning off your master water supply for a while. Final culprit is the faucet itself, which will be the hardest to fix because you'll...
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Thanks, pretty sure it's the faucet itself. Might just replace it and tear this one down for spares

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Is there anything productive to do with these? Certainly can't refill them but they seem completely sturdy and rather well made to be truly disposable. I have a small pile I've refused to toss of empty propane cylinders of the torch and camping flavor.

My first though was to chop the top off and use it as the internal wall of a can crucible but you can only make so many of those before you have a hoarding problem.
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>Certainly can't refill them

Refill them anyway?

You can refill the propane ones pretty easily.

Buy an oil filter cutter (big pipe cutter) take off the top, angle grind a shapr out of the side and put a candle in there paint and give as gifts

File: 1454561081545.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So, I'm having trouble with my sound system in my truck. What it is doing:
My subwoofer is trying to produce sound, every now and then it will hit, but immediately stop. From what I can tell, it might be my RCA cable, the guy who hooked up my system popped open my fuse box under the dash and wrapped it around a fuse before plugging it back in. It worked great until about a month ago. Fuse is not blown, and when I swapped fuses (moved the cable from one fuse to the other) it continues to do the same thing. Anyone have any advice so I don't have to re-run any cable?
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He probably just ran a wire from the fuse to tell the amp to turn on. What amp is it?
Kicker DX A250.1
Check all wire connections. Most importantly your ground make sure its large enough gauge wire. Is the setting on your amp allowing the correct amps received from your headunit through the rca cords. is it wired properly to matching ohms value.

File: homemade.jpg (39 KB, 699x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How would I go about making DIY sap gloves?

Is steel powder or steel shot more efficient?
how much metal do I really need?
what thread should I use for sewing? Is fishing line strong enough?
Where could I get metal powder? I live in Serbia so no artist shops or DIY shops.

pic sort of related.
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I would highly recommend not living in Serbia. I live in Not Serbia. It's very nice and we've got lots of shops
> No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons
I would hardly consider them weapons. A friend used to work as a bouncer in a very shitty town, and those kept his hands safe.
Your best bet is getting them online. You won't make them better than bought without spending more.

File: vacuum seal.jpg (15 KB, 355x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
vacuum seal.jpg
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Wanted to ask, I don't own a vacuum food sealer.

Is it possible to cut the bags into different shapes? Say a circle or octagon? Planning on using it for crafts.
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For that style they need to have a flat side. So no to circle, yes to octagon.
Ok cool.

Octagon was more important anyways. If I get the sealer plastic they sell on rolls, is it ok to cut it into the shapes I need?
They have two features, impulse seal, which melts the plastic sheets together and vacuum which removes the air.

You can cut the plastic to what shape or size you need.

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