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hi /diy/

I was planning on doing something like pic related, already got the light ready and now all I need is a a decent wooden cabinet/box. Any tips where to look for one?
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find a hammer and saw, buddy

File: Upcycled-Jewelry.jpg (19 KB, 448x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello /diy/. I've been reading into jewelry making and was wondering what guides, books and other essentials and resources any of you would recommend out there.

I really like circuitry jewelry like pic related, and was thinking of making it for fun and maybe profit.

I know my way around a workshop, so have at it in what you recommend.
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im a guy. I use to make glass jewelry and sometimes still do.

this is the best advice i was ever given make 20 different things. if something sells make two more similar ones.

also circuit boards have those sharp things.
Thanks for the sales help.

"Sharp things?" If you mean the edges, they can be sanded down to be smooth.
Good info.

GF makes jewelry full time. Circuit jewelry looks cool but I'm not sure how popular it is with women. A quick Etsy search would work.

I think sharp things refers to the contacts on thru-hole boards.

As for guides. Unless you want to go into higher level stuff like casting metals, faceting stones, or other things like that. Just trial and error and maybe youtube would be the way to go.

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I'm wanting to have a set of LEDs turn on when I enter a room so I'm going to get a PIR sensor.
Now the part I'm not 100% sure about is how it wires in to my circuit, I'm hoping it works like a button/switch, like I have drawn in my shitty diagram but I doubt I'd be so lucky.
Searching around I can't get a straight answer because I can only seem to find setups for several sets of lights around a house instead of just powering one thing.

So what I want to know is, would my shitty schematic work so that when someone walks in to the room...
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PIR modules usually work like switches. They usually have a separate power line and an NO/NC circuit (used mainly for security) or a mains relay. Which one do you have?
I have an HC-SR501, it has 3 pins, +,- and something else.
The circuit will be powered by batteries so I don't want a mains relay.

I would try just slapping it together to see if it works but I don't want to accidentally fry the sensor.
so basically a motion sensor? you can get one of those cheap outdoor light fixtures for your yard that turn on when someone walks by... and just rip out the sensor...

but the problem with room sensors is when the motion stops the lights will go out... so if you are sitting watching tv or something the lights will keep going off
or if you are doing your homework or anything that you arent moving around

>Arduino announces Arduino/Genuino 101, which is positioned at the same demographic as Arduino Uno
>Arduino 101 uses Intel Curie instead of Atmel AVR
>more advanced version that allows on-chip step debugging introduced (Arduino Zero)
>uses Atmel ARM chip

AVR is being flushed from Arduino product line-up.
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They aren't dropping AVR at all from what I can see. There is only one through hole design left, but there are plenty of 8bit AVRs there. Got a link to some article showing our claiming they're ditching AVR?
into the trash it goes

This. Part of the appeal for me has always been how quickly and easily I can use AVR's attiny, 328p, mega, etc.

I'm doing great with my box of 328p's and quick & easy single sided photoresist PCBs.

Fuck BGA, too unfriendly to hobbyists.

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0 B,
Woodworkers: was your planer and jointer worth the cost?
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I have no idea, i will put my drill in her pockethole, that's for sure.
SFW board bro.

Nope. but that's because I started picking up a ton of offcuts of plywood since buying them. Jointer was a huge help turning palletwood into nice boards, got planer after that and haven't had a reason to really use it yet :/

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Im a computer engineering student living in a small apartment and im looking for some kind of DIY hobby to pick up. What are some cheap "fields" that don't involve computers/electronics?

I would love to build some small vehicles with wood but idk
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File: yqHaZgg[1].jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wooden sticks
slightly involving electronics but ham radio/shortwave is always a good hobby, to truly answer your question I'd recommend dirt bikes
Chemistry. Make drugs in your bathroom.

File: tmp_25773-yard9760252215.jpg (780 KB, 2288x1712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's a good way to do your woodwork on uneven grass? A large temporary platform? is that even a thing?
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>A large temporary platform? is that even a thing?
Yes, it is called a table
No table big enough to fit a tablesaw, router table, jointer, bandsaw, planer, etc
build one

Halp me /diy/, you're my only hope.

Can anyone explain why pic related is frying my 555 timer? I'm using the CMOS TLC555CP. It works fine at 6 volts but 9 fries it immediately. The highlighted 10 ohm resistor is actually a DC motor. The diode in parallel with it should be protecting the rest of the circuit from the voltage spike caused by the inductor. It's a 4148 diode rated at well over the frequency at which the circus operating. Any ideas?
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>at which the circus operating.
at which the circuit is operating.

Autocorrect derped on me.
I would bet you are sourcing too much current. Try slapping a resistor with that diode on the discharge path.
Is this what you had in mind?

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How hard would it be to build an exo suit like HAL?
It seems to me keeping the legs balanced would be the hardest part
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not hard if you have the skill and resources

very hard if you dont
>easy if you know how, hard if you don't
Hmm i'm making a robotic hand that mirror my other hands moves and i can tell that it's not that hard. Also i make it with lego ev3 so i don't have the best tools.

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Ok guys and gals and otherkins and A10 warthogs… I need help.

>have pic related, as well as another 25 gallon air tank, for a total of 55 gallons of air supply.
>want to sand blast like a bastard. A dozen old cast iron radiators, my rusty truck, an old bicycle, etc
>can't find any good sand blasters, and don't know if harbor freight shit can keep up with the volume of stuff I want to blast.

Ideally, I would have an industrial sand blaster and do literally...
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File: IMG_4155.png (82 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pic related.
You can blast with that compressor but not very fast. 10 CFM would be a minimum and even that is low. You will get a few minutes of blast time with a small gun nozzle, then wait for your tank to fill up, then a few minutes, then wait for compressor to cool, then fill up. That's not a constant duty cycle compressor. They even say 1000h pump life; industrial compressors will go many times that, screw compressors can run contiuously for years.
Serious blasting requires serious power. I can afford an industrial blast pot and all the gear plus a compresor to run it,, but that's not worth it when the alternative is easy.

I take my truck and motorcycle frames etc to a local monument company. Monument companies use industrial sandblasters to cut artwork and letters in gravestones. They nearly all do sandblasting because it's good side cash.

You will die of old age trying to do it yourself with babby blasters. All they are good for is small parts. Don't even bother for radiators and large truck parts. I wouldn't use a hobby blaster for those jobs if everything were free.

You can rent an industrial compressor, blast pot and gear and buy blast media from a rental center if you want but I wouldn't do that for those jobs either because you'd have to hurry insanely to get it all done in reasonable time so you don't rent for extra days.

Some things are DIY. I have a lathe, mill, welders, and a shitload of gear. No way would I bother with blasting unless I had very high profitable volumes of work.

Pay the nice man. My last Harley frame and swingarm was fifty bucks. Even if you spend a few hundred to do your listed load that's a LOT less than a serious compressor and blast pot.

Anyone on /diy/ know what I would need to start making rings? Tools, metals, what types of forming would i use, that sorta stuff.
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Assorted small files, moulds, a small furnace capable of melting metal, a few crucibles, dremel, etc.

It really depends on how you want to do it and what materials you wish to use. I've made rings with wood, brass, steel, etc and every one of them required a slightly different method.

Google is your friend, there are very, very many tutorials on ring making. Go watch some youtube videos.
google "lost wax casting" as well
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chris chan.jpg
667 KB, 1920x1080

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I'm building this wardrobe. The interior is made of OSB boards to have freedom of arrangement of shelves and hangers later on. However, I'm a bit concerned about the rough surface of the boards. Splinters coming loose may damage clothes. I don't mean my jeans or polyester but rather my gf's sexy things.

Any ideas what kind of paint would seal OSB well? Is it worth sanding beforehand?
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Sanding, yes.
Osb can finish up quite nice once properly sanded.
Plenty of example of it being used in furniture around. Only got a link to a stool but a quick Google should give some wardrobe examples

This one is actually crazy. Why would anyone oil OSB?
plaster it, theres a way i heard of working, by mixing a plaster and kiltz paint, no vinyl based plaster.. if its chalky then add a coat without plaster to seal it.. i understand kiltz will work ok by itself if you dont care about texture.

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Need help. I'm trying to make a usb flash drive that will allow me to upload videos to VLC player in my iPhone 6s. Kind of like the pic but home made.
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What's wrong with related one?
You should just use a cheap otg cable for iphone.
Hope you got $5k for VID/PID shit.

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huge ass speaker.jpg
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I want to play a really loud and high note on a speaker to annoy the idiots at a club 50 meters away from my house, i live on a second floor, have a fully functional balcony and can point a speaker directly at them if it's needed, so how should I do it?

What speaker should i use?
What tone should i play to make it as annoying as possible?
Is doing this legal?

I live in argentina, and 10 years ago my neighborhood was a residence place, but now it's filled with fucking night clubs.
What they do is perfectly legal, they play music loud all the night,...
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bumping for interest
any local authority? police? local residents association of any kind? community centres? church? local town centre?
But to answer your questions as they are, just get a megaphone, and constantly babble annoying things into it while pointing to the place you want to annoy, alternatively record an mp3 and then play it constantly

need help wiring ebike wiring what do i do
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Well that depends, do you want longevity, or maximum power?

Would you like a slow bike that gets you where you need to go, or a fire/explosion?

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