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Hey /diy/, I need your help on this one.

What should I be doing with 155lbs of deer meat?
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Sew it all together into a girlfriend, probably the only way you'll ever get one is to make one.
Give it away to /ck or /k?
making Jerky out of it

File: Pi_Zero_v1.2.png (89 KB, 688x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to make a small handheld device. Nothing fancy, just for playing simple games. Is the Raspberry Pi Zero good enough for that, or should I go with a larger model?
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>Nothing fancy, just for playing simple games
I don't own one and I can't answer your question, but you'll probably have to be a bit more specific than that.
Sorry. I want to make a small handheld device that's able to play non-intensive games. Indie games, like Risk of Rain, or Binding of Isaac. Maybe emulate older games from the 80s-90s.
Yes it's good enough for that

File: IMG_20160130_161203612_TOP.jpg (3 MB, 3006x5344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Does anybody know what this is and what it may do? I'm afraid to switch it.
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>posting a 3.5 meg fucking picture of this
It's almost as dumb as your comment.
It turns on the gas burner

Hey /diy/, i want to start making pixel art with ironing beads. Does anyone have experience with it or have some tips? Which is the best brand? And can i use baking paper instead of this special paper selled by the conpanies which also sell the beads?
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brand doesn't matter, waxed paper works acceptably well, but don't use parchment. You may want to do something different, break the mold and go hex grid instead of orthagonal.
Are you going to just lightly sinter the beads together re pic or melt them flatter so there are no gaps.
Also, get/make a very large grid for them.
If you're careful with setup and ironing, you may be able to use just a rubber sheet to keep them in place when you iron them.
Wow, thanks a lot.
Hex grid sounds pretty interesting, i will try it
I think i won't melt them too deep to preserve the 8-bit look
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Bought some to do them with my gf, couldn't get perler so we got hama instead, then tried ebay ones. Brand really doesn't matter, there's a slight difference in shine and texture but you're never going to look that closely at it.

So far we've made pic related, and they've just been sitting in a box since because it's insanely expensive when you do the math (with name brands at least) Still have to look for a good place to get bulk offbrand ones. Another advantage in mixing brands is you get more colours to work with. But as that anon...
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I'm thinking about setting up a bitcoin farm at my workplace (free electricity, privacy) starting with a 1000-1500$ budget, anyone has any experience in bit mining? I'd like to know some good equipment/setup for this
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Would a GPU only set up work?
>bitcoin mining

Just pile up your money in the yard and set it on fire.



thanks guy

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I have an internet provider. But they only game a cable that goes in my computer. And so, I only have Internet. But I want wireless internet too.

And I have a modem. Which is not configured.

If I plug the internet cable into slot LAN1 and another cable (that goes to my computer), I still only have internet.

How do I get the modem to give me wireless internet, too?

As of right not, the modem doesn't give me wireless internet, and it doesn't...
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How do you access internet through your pc? Some kind of dial up/establish connection or does it happen automatically? Check the router manual if you can change WAN from the DSL phone jack port to LAN1.
Yes, it is some kind of dial up, where I have to put a username and a password. the type of connection is "PPPoE".

I really don't know how to change from DLS to LAN1. This is what I'm asking.
Check all the options until you find it or read the manual or google, and set it up as pppoe with the credentials you have.

File: prod_1565275512.jpg (5 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to make a powered treadmill from scratch. How much do you guys think it will cost me?
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at least a dollar
At least as much as the cheapest, shittiest treadmill you can buy.

Go on CL. people give away that shit all the time
Just run in damn circle or somethin, or buy a brand new car for only your soul!

i pay 20€ for it and only the is working. Can someone help me?
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yes, you need to take the back open and post some pictures of everything inside
First of all, describe the problem.

Does it not receive power at all?
Does it power up but a specific part doesn't get power?
Does it all appear to function but output no audio signal?

Also, btw, if could diagnose the problem with my car that'd be great.

it borke

This is the new Multimeter as seen in the photo I picked up.
I have a lot of AC adapters I need to test.
Can Anyone walk me through this?
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Either this Multimeter is fucked or I need to go back to grade school.
plug the adapter into a power socket

set the meter to dc

red touch outer

black touch inside

read meter

There is a 'DC' setting on each main setting by pressing 'select' ie: mA has a 'DC' setting as does V.
What one should I be selecting?

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I buy gloves like Imelda Marcos bought shoes.

I lie to myself that I'm looking for the "perfect work glove" but I know that no such thing exists.

One of my favorite though is pic related: Rig Lizard Oasis 2022

cut protection
full hand impact protection
mesh back liner so breathable
good grip even when dealing with oil covered crap
high dexterity, only have to take them off for the most delicate of tasks

mesh rear liner, liquids and dirt make it...
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Uhh, mechanix. Whichever I see first that have impact protection. I buy them on a pcard, so I'm not ordering odd-brand shit like 'rig lizard', and every other glove brand available in stores besides mechanix and monkey grip are shit.
>odd-brand shit like 'rig lizard'
Hexarmor isn't "odd-brand" friend. It's the goto brand in the oilfield if you want better protection than the hamburger helper gloves give.
the perfect one for me is

typical cheap cut resistant gloves with pu coatings

- cut protection
- no impact protection but i dont need it
- maximum dexterity as far as gloves can go
- breathable
- cheap
- washable
- good grip

the thing is, you can either have breathability or water resistance, and dexterity or impact protection, these things are mutually exclusive

File: loupe.jpg (12 KB, 448x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you know about loupes ?
My eye are getting weaker. would like to work on things at arms length and have a close up look. Been looking at dental loupes but they super expensive. Regular jewelers loupes work fine but you have to hold the work right up to your face. What I need is a close focusing binocular you can wear . What's out there?
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>Regular jewelers loupes work fine but you have to hold the work right up to your face.
That is because they are far easier to use that way.

The practical problem with using devices such as loupes is that-
1) for a given objective lens size,
2) as the magnification of the lens assembly increases,
3) the depth of field decreases. As it must. There is no way around that.

The reason that a typical 30x loupe requires you to hold stuff 10mm in front of it is because...
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If you want to work at arms length a webcam with macro lens and monitor is probably the cheapest solution.
File: OptiVisor.jpg (139 KB, 880x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 880x660
Google OptiVisor

You can get these with different strength lenses. Lower power will let you work farther away. Higher power gives better magnification but you need to hold work close to be in focus.

Violin Making: can you suggest DIY violin Making guides and where to find the pdf?

"The Art of Violin Making" by Chris Johnson and Roy Courtnall is the best book for beginning violin makers, but it's too expensive.

Where I live (Milan, Italy) there are no part-time courses for violin making, since I work I can't go to full-time courses becauce I'm free only late in te evening or in the weekends.

I would appreciate your suggestions and experiences. Thanks
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My advice is to start large and work to violins, start with larger hollowbody guitars like acoustics or Gibson style electrics, the techniques used are almost identical. I happen to own my own lutherie here in the states and I can tell you with total confidence, as it is how my shop got its start with violins and violas. Be patient, expect to screw up, and remember the luthier mantra... Imagine calm blue ocean as you measure everything five times before making a cut or drilling a hole
http://www.stewmac.com/ is a great place to get kits/specialized tools/etc. for people in the US. I don't know about how well they are for Euros/if there's a Euro company like them, but I imagine there is.

These guys know their shit.

this guy's advice is on point

Additionally, there's a lot of information that's not really online or it's spread...
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Precisely, "tonewood" is an industry term used by large companies to sweeten the description of a guitar, in fact in most electrics the wood matters exactly zero percent, it is there to screw hardware into and hold some strings on in most cases, we now make cellos with carbon fiber mainly because we can vacuform the body and then veneer it to customer specs with no loss in tonal quality. Stewmac is God for anyone living the life of a strong jockey, and if you were anywhere near !e I would be glad to teach you...
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File: IMG_20160123_112833~01~01.jpg (867 KB, 1813x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread:

I'll try to keep this one alive so I can actually get some content going. To answer your first obvious question, yes I do realise I sound like an autist that has no idea what they're doing.

Each of the extractor fans is supposedly rated to push (up to) 445cfm through a 100mm x 3m duct (which I guess is probably marketing BS then).

Problem is I don't know how much cfm I need (no documentation), and even if I did I don't have an anemometer to measure it.

The two extractors together push enough air to provide a slight positive pressure at the intake while the unit is running so I figure it's about right.

The purpose of the cooling system is to keep the room cool, the computer will be getting it's own extraction hose in a little bit, but it only spits out about 500w of heat under heavy load. The main problem is that the outside temperature gets above 45C here sometimes which renders the room uninhabitable.

I'm going to make some more tweaks to it and see how much I can get out of it. Cooling capacity on this unit is supposedly 2.6kW which should be more than enough, but in its stock configuration, even running continuously it didn't cool the room more than about 5 degrees ( tested at 35C down to 30C, 38C down to 34C).

With this intake system it cools more like 10C, (36C down to 26-27C).

My goal is to be able to get down to 24C in 40C weather.

Next step is sealing any leaks, adding my custom scoop and insulating the exhaust hose.

I'm considering diverting some of the air from the intake system to the cold side radiator, theory being that I could push the room into a slightly positive pressure, preventing hot air from being drawn from the outside.

Last resort is mounting the whole unit up on the windowsill inside a box.

If that doesn't work I'll bite the bullet and buy a window A/C unit.

I'll try to keep this thread updated when there are new developments.
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File: turbofan.jpg (38 KB, 400x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1. make sure the condenser is clean, and the evaporator for that matter.
2. switch to metal ducting, it flows more air with less friction. Tape all the joints with foil tape, not duct tape.
3.insulate your ductwork, because youre bringing unconditioned air into your living space, and heat is transferring through your duct material into the room air.
4. room size? LxWxH
5 A/C btu rating?
6. just get the window a/c.

For reference i cool my upstairs master bedroom (12'x12'x10'=1440 cubic...
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1. It seemed alright when I looked at it, but I'll run some compressed air through it to be sure

2. I don't really want to buy more tubing, but I'll try using foil tape in you think it will help. Do you think it would be helpful to make some kind of joining piece to connect the two 100mm hoses to the 150mm hose?

3. What should I use to insulate it? Fibreglass? Foam? Preferably something cheap I can pick up at the hardware store.

4. Room is roughly 12'x14'x8' = ~1350...
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1. if its clean, then its clean.
2. foil tape wont make a difference with your current ducts. and making a plenum box wont help with flow on your current setup, just make sure its sealed where the three hoses join.
3. duct wrap or something similar pic related, fiberglass inside aluminium outside.

your op pic looks like you have black paper taped over a window wall, could you hang a heavy curtain as an insulator? or add an awning to keep sun off the windows? keep as much heat out as possible. if you need...
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Hey /guys/
I got some basic experience in building stuff and handling tools and electronics etc. Now i wanna make my own VR Headsedt. It shouldnt be cheap like pic related, but include headphones, a small mic and yeah, a screen (or however you want to call it).
The screen will be divided in 2 parts by some software and i'll buidl a seperation between those two that i can see the 2 parts seperately. Now my problem is: I need a ca. 4.5-6.5 inch screen (i guess, havent figured that out yet) that is quite affordable. It should have HDMI/VGA/DVI compability, if you got...
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screens in many of the major VR headsets are indeed cell phone screens. you should start with a phone with high ppi and remove the screen and figure out how convert its input into HDMI


btw you are better off using a samsung phone with samsung vr because its got its own app store, you can still use it as a phone, and its supported by occulus devs
Search for google cardboard, IIRC some guides that talk about it link to lenses on amazon.
there is a alibaba cardboard version for 2.99$ if the normal 20$ cardboard is too expensive (lol but i imagine if 20$ is too expensive for you, your project is DOA)

So I have about 40 rolls of this stuff but buying 40 cases for it is too expensive. I looked to see if anyone had ever done a diy to store and despense these but came up with nothing. I'm wondering if anyone has an ideas of a diy way to store and make them easier to despense.
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Buy 1 case and reuse it?

I don't know the exact sizes of that thing, but perhaps 2 Pringles can lids around the spools with a pencil/pen through center would work?
it's already in a dispenser, isn't it?
They are thin so get a empty tape dispenser and u can put 10 or about rolls on one and have the tape on the edge easy to rip.

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