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Probably wrong board for this, but oh well.

So I made the mistake if buying an eBay micro SD cart, and of course as soon as I bought it, the listing it gone etc etc. Anyway, it's labeled as 64gb, it reads as 64gb, but try and write more than 2gb and it will come up with an error and everything corrupts, and refuses to read anything without a reformatting.

Is there anyway to tell the disk to display the correct capacity of the SD cart, or is this one destined to become landfill?
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Its landfill
The onboard chip has been programmed to report 64gb to all inquiries while lacking the physical space. As soon as you run out of physical room the chipset shits itself.

Report the seller for fraud to ebay and paypal in your control panel's purchase history.

Keep it in case they demand you send it back for your refund.

I know its too late now, but never buy memory cards from third parties. Only established online retailers or brick and mortar stores. If you're buying on...
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Yeah, throw it.

You want a Mixza instead, /g/ tested and approved.
>Report the seller for fraud to ebay and paypal in your control panel's purchase history.


You will get your money back in full including any shipping. The amount of effort into trying to correct the issue isn't worth the headache for a 2gb card.

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Post your Workstations
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Muh bench, not pictured is the table saw that sits at the same height so I can clear off the bench for an out feed table for long rip cuts.
Why the fuck did you despoil this nice woodworking bench with a bench grinder and metalworking vise? That stuff needs to go on a separate bench. Especially the bench grinder, since on top of covering everything in dust - which you just might not give a fuck about - it blocks the end vise.

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Well /diy, I finally did it. I bought a limo. Had a million fun diy ifeas for it and my wife asked me to go the other way with it. As in, make it "nice."

Well fuck. Kind of a bumber, but she did let me buy a limo. And fortunately I am friends with a few proffessional painters. Their works have been featured in Truckin' magazine and others.

So now I'm stuck. I can essentially have ANY paint job I want and have no idea what to go with. I'm striping and redoeing the interior so it will match whatever I descide to do. It will be a show car...
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Fuckoff with the spam Hiro. And ENOUGH of the dns attacks. Suck my dick man... pic very related. Add below post is broken and therefore even more useless than fat pills or japanese lube.

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Math question. If we are using 30 ft. metal sheets and raise the center by 8 ft. What will be the width of the base? Thanks.
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Less than 25.4, more than 0.
Most ridiculous and poorly worded question ever to be posted in DIY I think and that's saying something.
wrong board

go to /sci/ for math questions

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Anyone have any thoughts are advice for modifications for this?
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>advice for modifications for this?

You used perspective on the truck body, re-do the tire using the same perspective.
>unless you were going for primitive art
break up that long loading board and use strong hinges to acordian the setup into a large ass tailgate. Have metal extentions that are going a couple inches beyond each of the sections to give it strength and stability when under load.
Sliding that onto/off of your truck will require you do move the snowmobile on/off of it at the same time. Unfolding and refolding that tail gate will be much easier.

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I'm trying to build a moving sculpture, pic related. I want the eye (red LED preferably) to move in a lifelike, oscillating motion. A pre-built, battery powered set up is preferred, but at this point I'll take anything, because oscillating leds/ led sockets seem to not exist. Nothing too bright, like a police signal, either.

Anybody know where I could find this?
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Judging from that gif the light seems to be stationary while the skull moves around.
Pedantics aside, if all you're looking for is a pulsating led, the circuitry wouldn't be that difficult. I would look into some adafruit stuff perhaps
You know, at this point I've considered just making the body oscillate around the light. Trying to do as little wiring as possible but if I have to then fine. I've also noticed that "oscillating" is a very poor search term for electronic components.

What I would try :

Get a glass eye pendant, put some EL wire or LED strip around it to make it glow, stick it on a balsa wood stick painted black (wires going to it too).

If you make the body move the glass will move slightly too. Otherwise you can have an electric motor drive the bottom end of the stick to make it oscillate.

PS. starting a bit too late for Halloween.

How would I build a raised garden bed that looks EXACTLY like this? The outside is obvious, I'm just having trouble figuring out how exactly the soil is held inside and the inside structure that's holding everything together. I've reverse image searched the picture with no luck. I've never built one before, so I don't have any previous building experience to reference.
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I dont understand your question.

The inside should just be a regular box with the fancy paneling on the outside.
But how is it black through the cracks? Is the inner structure just a frame with landscaping fabric attached and soil dumped into the fabric liner. It wouldn't look as nice with just a basic box with the framing on it if there wasn't the open spaces in the frame...
It's a box with some planks attached.

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Helping hinges.jpg
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I need help and advice /diy/

I´m looking for hinges that do the motion of the cubes in the picture.
Where can I find good hinges online that offer international shipping.
The hinge in the picture is one of the best I have found but it´s a little bit to slim (It´s 12.7mm but the cube is 19mm thick).
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>Where can I find good hinges online that offer international shipping.



File: Paint hinges.png (2 KB, 521x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Paint hinges.png
2 KB, 521x213
... You really think I haven't tried that.
I´m hoping someone knows a place like that.
I am aware that Ebay, Amazon and almost every fucking place on this entire planet ships internationally.

And also I found hinges like these in the picture (Ignore the quality) in a store near me.
Does anyone know what they are called.
Those are called hinges, I can tell from the quality of the picture and having seen a lot of hinges in my day

What tool do you use to shape inside the wood?
I guess you cant do it with normal bandsaw

Also posting christmas DIY
Pls share some I need more ideas
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Laser cutter if your rich,

If your poor use a luthiers bow saw and a drill.

A jeweler's saw would also work, depending on availability in your area. Brownell's has them, as does Track of the Wolf. Not sure about blades for a luthiers bow saw, but there's a good selection of them for jeweler's saws, though you'd be interested in the coarsest.

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I had no idea this stuff was so advanced. quartus combined with opencores.org for hard IP and their full trace design, sim file support is great.

Im downloading it now because I want to make a large pin array circuit analyser on an old first gen 8bit car ECU to study the I/O with a cyclone 2/4. think this is doable or should i use a different chip?

what are the most popular EDA software suits in the industry?

also what are 0.05" pin rows called? i cant seem to find them on ebay.
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Huh, rare to see fpga shit on /diy/ or 4chan in general.
Uhhh. Hmm. Yeah my first step would be to check if the cyclone has enough GPIO. I haven't worked with the 2 but I know the 4 can have like at least a hundred GPIO pins.

Eagle is pretty popular.

Might want to try an evaluation board before you build a whole PCB, I think a Cyclone IV/V runs about 90 to 100 dollars at the moment.
>opencores.org for hard IP

Uhh breh that shit ain't hard

Hey fellas, I've been thinking about making a coffee table for myself. I want to make it out of concrete, with some sort of wood in there. In my head it looks similar to pic related, but with wood in the middle instead of glass. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, or just a general coffee table thread
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make a mold to pour the concrete in and mill the wood out of a tree
put coffee on a table

put concrete into coffee

drill a hole for the wood

use concrete to get the wood

then use the drill to make the legs

the table to make a glass

you can cover the concrete with table and the wood can be coffee
this >>1076270
and dont forget, that thing will be heavy

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6 pin din din.jpg
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Does anyone know the pinout for these 6 pin DIN audio/video connectors? They're from old cameras and monitors and stuff. I'm trying to find out if it's possible to put a video signal from coax into it, but i've already blown a fuse.
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>put a video signal from coax into it

They used those of that in some cases but the pinouts were varied. Best check the schematic of said equipment.
what is google?
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the BBC micro used DIN for TTL-level RGB video
but it also used near-idential DINs for the cassette deck, RS423 serial and econet network.
other kit of the era would use DIN for the keyboard, or the power supply, or for mics with phantom power, or MIDI, or pretty much anything.
tl;dr you're fucked. it's the same wild west bullshit as pre-microusb phone chargers.

Long time lurker here, I recently moved and would like to add a room to my unfinished basement. Where do I start? Any tips? Any advice is great even the small things. Dimensions are roughly 11 feet by 14 feet, the ceiling is 6"3' tall.
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First off, make some sketches and get those creative juices flowing through you because even some plaster and a good sense of decoration can make the coziest of cribs there has ever been.

Once there you can include essentials, like noise and heat insulation, air dehumidification (if it is that the basement happens to be damp like 93% of them) that can influence drastically how you manage your budget, and will directly affect how you get along with the place, say, the difference between crashing a few times...
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it's not that complicated

frame some walls, screw them to something solid, cover with something, then stalk the person you want to drag down to the new torture chamber till the opportunity presents itself
Are you renting or is it your place? Will anyone be staying in the basement? What is tje purpose of the wall?


I want to machine a copper block and create microfluidic channels in it. The main problem is that most machining is not used for this.

A simple question is how easy would is it to cut a copper block I buy that is 1/8" thick into smaller pieces that I can use to prototype? I am in a university so I'm assuming most machine shops should be able to handle this but is it really easy?

Does anyone know the best way to etch away copper to make channels? I want to make ~200um deep channels in copper that are also ~200um wide and spaced apart by ~20um.

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Maybe paint it in anti electrical paint like used for electrolysis/electroplating except for the places you want the channel in and use it as the anode so it remvoo material from the exposed channels?
Afaik there are proprietary anisotropic etchants for copper, but they aren't going to beat ferric chloride in price. And I doubt you can achieve 20µm wall thickness with 200µm deep grooves.
If this were my problem, I'd consider using a 200µm thick copper stencil on top of the base copper. It might be worth checking what milling and laser engraving can do nowadays, too.
File: DSC_0091.jpg (2 MB, 3008x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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use a hacksaw
you are in university, they have machines, use those machines


ive used this method of like a stamp kind of etching, aswell as making a bath out of salty water and adding salt or water to get the desired resistance of the total circuit

hackaday posted an article about this today , i havent read it all yet, but it seems similar to how i do mine



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Dropped a pan lid going downstairs chipped a bit off the stairs what do I do? house is getting sold in a month
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Wood fill then redo the coating

Sold in a month, goes under the "Normal wear and tear" category. Stairs are a high traffic area, so some damage is to be expected. I have serious doubts that the new owners will even notice.
lightly sand with higher grit paper just to remove finish

use putty, let dry

lightly sand smooth

brush some poly on there, and done

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How do i go about fixing this? What are the tools/materials and the proccess?
I wanna put new roof tiles on the mepty spots. Whats the bets way to secure them etc?
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File: unnamed (2).jpg (69 KB, 1371x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (2).jpg
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View from the side
File: unnamed (1).jpg (30 KB, 433x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (1).jpg
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Another hole in the middle.
chisel old stuff, lay new tiles, recover with mortar stuff?

go to a place that sells tiles and try and find someone who isn't a Buckley, if you can, they're going to be able to provide much better info

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So, I wanted to make a forged folding knive. I forged the parts. And here comes the problem. I made the blade and the handle out of the same steel and tempered the blade. When I tryed to drill the axis holes I couldn't drill through the the handle. I used a HSS-G/Cobalt drill which is used for stainles steel. The strange thing is that when i drilled the axis hole through the blade it was no problem at all (I drilled the hole before hardening the blade with a standard iron drill). What have I done wrong?
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1. If you managed to harden things properly you probably blunted your drill bit quite a lot drilling through it. Check to see if its blunt or chipped.

2. You said you hardened the blade not the handle, did you anneal the handle after forging? It might have work hardened.

2.5 If it did work harden and it's the same metal, you probably haven't hardened the blade properly, given that you drilled through the blade but not the handle.
What type of steel?
Some high carbon steels will work-harden (especially if they've got chromium and nickel) and become near impossible to drill through if it got a bit hot. The drill bit might also have become blunted and overheated as well, so make sure its kept sharp and cool, when I drill austenitic stainless steel which is notorious for work hardening I plunge, cool the bit in water, plunge, cool and repeat.

You can just normalise the handle section and that might help
I drilled the hole before hardening the blade (otherwise my heattreatment would be horrible). It is a new drill i have bought it yesterday since I wasn't able to drill throu the steel with an old one. But it works easy with standard hardwarestore iron.

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Boysss i need your help.
>be me
>my cousin told someone we could do some magic tricks
>that someone asked my cousin if we could do a talent show
>this fucking twat of my cousin said yes, and now we're both in deep shit
>the talent show is in December, and we HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA OF WHAT TO DO
>we can't...
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Light yourself on fire when you're supposed to show your first trick, make it look like an accident.
Fucking kek, genius! Do this OP, post pics of results!
Official course you can fucking skip it. You were never asked if you could do it. It's not your fault they decided you were going to do something for them without asking.

What are you, a 90s cartoon?

You know what you do. You contact the talent show and tell them your cousin asked if he could do the magic show instead. Then you tell him the day before.

You can get away with this sort of thing because you are 12 or something.

File: 2009-11-28 10.42.24.jpg (67 KB, 450x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2009-11-28 10.42.24.jpg
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Hello, I am engineer phd. I was doing renovation on my hose and I remove standard bulkhead in kitchen but it was actually dripped beam. Now structure is failing.

What can I do to fix please?
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Get a bunch of those struts which you can screw up and secure everything before your 2nd floor joins the first floor really fucking fast.
It will create point load if it's not in exact same spot as the posts from the dripped beam. Please hurry, ceiling drywall is cracking in kitchen and I can't go upstairs!
Fill the first floor with concrete.

File: 30-pins[1].jpg (481 KB, 583x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any of you ever make your own enamel pins? Would love to make a couple for myself but every site wants you to make 100 minimum, and charge you $200.00 to do it.

Would it be easier to just do it myself?
Any idea on any household tools I could use/make?
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You could print shapes out and cover them with resin.
print shapes out of what materials?
I also do not have a 3D printer.
you can stick brooch pins on the back


File: flight.jpg (61 KB, 600x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello /diy/ I have never been here before. Me, my brother and my friend have decided to build a basic flight suit. Ie, it lift you in up in the air, it can hover, you can fly around in it.

We're still arguing about material
(i want to essentially use a skydiving skin tight suit and add turbine's to propel you forward and keep you up)

(my friend want's to add turbine's to the back and make the /diy/ iron man suit that was made in a cave)

Anyway, we both agree on electric generator and turbine's, i can probably buy a small torso...
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File: IMG_0263.jpg (76 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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At least fill it out. Damn.
File: 1475841024282.jpg (77 KB, 679x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 679x720
So you need to clarify, IMO. Do you want a flight suit like OP pic, with Turbines attached? Or do you want a hover suit, with no fixed wings?

File: IMG_0086.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have glued this mug back together adding color, now I need to remove the excess from the surface of the glass without scrapping it out of the groves, especially on the inside of the glass. I can easily scrape off the outside with a razor just taking my tine but on the inside I wont be able to reach well, or get the angles i would need. I tried looking up sand papers or abrasive pads to use but I assume the pads would get into the groves to easy and scrape out the glue. And everything I find for sand papers is to not use them because it will scratch the glass.

I have...
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That's really not safe m8. Just buy a new one from the dollar store.
Yeah those are literally dollar mugs.
I used food/dishwasher safe glue and the color is from food decorating dust. So I'm really not worried about that, and I know I could have just replaced it for cheap The point was to make something.

File: Muh_Bunker_City.jpg.jpg (85 KB, 680x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, this now going to be a thing.
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You can tell no one from /diy/ had a say in it because they are above ground
Pure gimmick, the only way to market a shopping centre that has 2m width units is to say "it is from containers!!!!11" because without this gimmick it will look like a fucking row of shitty garages

tldr literal gimmick
Gimmicks make cities.

File: IMG_20161026_094848.jpg (3 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
What would you guys use to clean out a drain like this? a bunch of hair is probably stuck inside it. is the best way just to use a half a bottle of drain cleaner? Or is their a better more hands on way you guys would use
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weekly maintainance tier: citric acid in warm water poured over drain and let it sit for a few hours

literally clogged tier: mix caustic soda into water, mix it until it fully dissolves, pour over drain, let it sit over night, done

completely fucked tier: use a snake
It's just a bit clogged. Was hoping to do this without spending money
pop the grid off of there and use your fingers if the shit is high enough, if its too deep then use something thats flexable but can grab onto the hairs when you pull it out

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The wind knocked over picture related patio heater and broke the glass. I'd like to use the burner for something else since these types of heaters are terrible at heating patios and replacement tubes are $90 after a quick Google for parts.

I want to make a propane firepit using a cheap metal fire bowl and stand I got from Walmart. I'm thinking drill out a hole in the bottom of the bowl for the burner, throw a grill over it and place gas fire logs on the grill. If the grill is fine enough maybe throw fire glass and the broken remains of the tube on the grill....
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seems kinda silly to be trying to heat the outdoors, in a let's-destroy-the-planet-so-i-can-drink-beer-outside kind of way.
Ya but pretty awesome when you do it.
It's also so my wife can sit out in nature even in the winter. She gets bundled all up and 0C is still to cold without active heating.

File: Screenshot_20161025-204418.png (259 KB, 1440x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Diy Ice machine. Been toying with the idea and gathering parts. I have THREE used ice machines and they suck my ass. They are too heavy to move, and only 1 woks but doesnt keep ice and is the size of my fucking car. I cant imagine what my electric bill would run if i lift it on. So onto a more manageable and redundant system. A chest fridge with side by side fridge ice makers installed. Theoretically 1 would fill it but take a lok of time and wear. In tslking with a repair guy i have lesrned a few small tricks to repair them but generally it is cheaper to toss the fuckers when they go. The cheapest ice maker "kit" i can find is about $90 pic related. I dug a little. Could maybe get the price down but not a lot.

On to the kiddie didler down the road. He buys pickup loads of shit appliances, repairs them, and sells them in his front yard. Hes all the time junking fridges.

If not i come acceoss used ice makers from time to time.

Ive looked into the tabletop ones but they dont pruduce fast and im not bailing water in the things. Hose or gtfo.

So, has anyone ever tried this?

I have 3 working ice makers and a small chest freezer to try it with.

The wiring might be a bitch. Some have like 5 wires. I'll get pics tomorrow of all the ones i have and the wires. Ive also heard no drilling in the sides as they house coper coils. Lid only.so ill have to be careful about water delivery and maker placement. Or build a drop bracket to mount them to the lid as im sure the 90 orientation will fuck shit up. If i ran these to switches i could easily colect a dozen of these things and flip switches as i need. If no hury just run a couple. If i have a big weekend and need a lot of ice we dim the lights and enguage warp.

I just dont see why i only found 1 shit one online. Why do more of us not have freeish ice machines? so what if one goes out, unplug it and throw it away?
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These ice makers activate a 24v'ish relay connected to the cold water line. You'll need to tee into that.

I just want an ice maker that poops out 1.5" cubes or something that size. All these ice makers make small volume ice either to satisfy 'eco' water usage labels or because the motor to dislodge them are weak/cheaper.

I've been on the lookout for a small top opened freezer for cheap - haven't come up with anything yet.
Bruh. Lowes got new for like 69 bucks if u can find one beat up. They light as shit to cary even. Ice fucks up my teath so ill probably get one of the meme softice shits but i want free ish cooler ice too. Thanks. I guess i forgot i have one at work too with no runing water. Its about to take a shit so i can poke it with a multimeter and then flip it around and trace wires. I imagine most brands are standard color code. I just dont wanna die or burn my house down. My buddy spent all year in and out of er. Got hold...
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Are you trying to produce ice commercially? Do you own a restaurant?

If so, and if I'm gathering this correctly, you're trying to produce ice with a bunch of fucking home icemakers to compare with a commercial ice machine.

Problem 1. A home ice maker doesn't get cold on its own. Putting it in a freezer would work, but still take a long time. A commercial ice machine gets colder than a freezer and is freezing layers of ice at a time to make a whole cube, 5-10 pounds worth, in sheet formation,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1454632416429.jpg (1 MB, 1700x2338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Does anyone have this "how to find/track a person online".jpg? Also a general DIY instructions thread.
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File: 1447331777948.jpg (204 KB, 770x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 770x1024
I'm trying to find the cousin of my friend. He kinda went missing 3 years ago.
File: 1426646963502.jpg (176 KB, 1024x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 1024x743
File: 1448965347271.png (157 KB, 900x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 900x1400

File: dc+motors+components[1].jpg (31 KB, 472x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is the greatest horsepower electric motor I can get that will run on 110 volts AC at 15 amps? How about 20 amps?

I don't mean 'peak' HP (aka marketing HP), in which case I would use the '6 horsepower' motor in my vacuum cleaner and call it a day. I also don't mean theoretical HP. I mean legit horsepower that I can buy on the market today. I need a ~1750 RPM motor for a drill press I'm rebuilding and most of the crap I'm seeing when I google stuff is clearly lying about their horsepower output.
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>What is the greatest horsepower electric motor I can get that will run on 110 volts AC at 15 amps?[/quote]
That would be watts, which is volts x amps.

[quote]How about 20 amps?[/quote]
That would be watts, which is volts x amps also.

The bigger e-bike motors go up to 2000 watts or so and are easy to work with. Plus they come with a variable-speed throttle, so you will have a motor that is variable-speed all by itself.

Pic related. This motor is $430 and a controller...
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just how big is your drill press?
HSS bits under an inch will snap off or untwist if you run 'em hard enough to stall a 3hp motor.
well, the average 120 socket is 15 amps, so 1800 watts. 1 horsepower is equal to 745.7 watts, and 1800/745.7 is 2.413839345581333. accounting for inefficiencies and losses which according to google is usually about 25%, you can generate approximately 1.810379509186 horsepower from a standard us wall socket at the motor.
long story short, if you want real power youll have to go 240v where you can go in excess of 10000 watts

Sup /diy/?

Just a fast one here.

I am looking for the best sources online (books/sites/videos) that teach the fundamentals of woodworking. I want to build some furniture pieces for my house within the next year or so, and would like to start learning now.

>pic semi related
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>fast one
>learning how to woodwork

Pick one
I am looking for where is the best information so I can start learning how to woodwork.
Start with PaulSellers

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Hey I need to find a way to log or record everytime my laundry machine and dryer are used. Are there any ways to know exactly the date, time it was used and how long it was used for. Energy usage would also be a great plus !
How can I do this?
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What type of plugs are on them? They make sensors that detect how much electricity has been used. And then log it back to an IOT hub. They are about $40.
Plugs? What are the sensors calls? Can I buy them online?
Any electricians here who can help?

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