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should I throw out my foundation and get a new one?

it appears whatever the previous /diy/'r tried didn't last +10 years
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this is some kind of 1/2" skim coat over a section of the 8" block. there's a section where it's shifting.along side the mortar joints where there is no coat, and I can see a little bit of light through the crack.

other than the slight shifting it seems structurally sound. i put in new glass block windows and I hope it chills the.fuck out.
without context, that doesn't mean a whole lot

foundations will crack, that is a guarantee....where and how much are the important part
>I can see a little bit of light through the crack
where is the light coming from?

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Have any of you ever made your own wood finishes?

I'm trying to craft a few things just using locally found materials. I live in an area rich with pine trees so, naturally, Pine Tar was my go to finish over Shellac, or Linseed oils.

I've read what i could find on how to harvest/weather/and ultimately refine the stuff but I still wanted to hear /diy/'s thoughts.
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or you could just go buy some at the store for 5 bucks
Slash pine is the best pine tree to get resin from.

Ive never tried to make a finish from it because I always thought that tar resin is just too damn sticky. The dried sap runs here when its over 95 degrees. So in hot areas I dont think it will be good.

But for below grade post setting. Using roofing tar on wooden post works great.
I'll pass. its full of cancerous additives. I like my work Au naturale

I wouldn't be in /diy/ if i just wanted to buy garbage form the store.

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Could you refill old washing machine shock absorbers bearing grease, or something else similar? I just pulled one apart and it was completely dry inside.

Pic somewhat similar to mine.
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I've rebuilt the odd car shock absorber and those use hydraulic fluid
Dunno about a washing machine one made out of plastic, however if its dried out then the pistons seals which run inside sleeve are probably fucked

Shouldn`t thick grease work for a while until it goes completely dry again? I know most bearings aren`t sealed really tight, yet they don`t get compressed either. They could make the shocks too stiff though.
Washing machine shock absorbers don't contain grease

They are pneumatic pistons not hydraulic pistons

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My microwave stopped working about a third of the way through heating my dinner, so amid much cursing and cold chicken and rice, I took it apart and found this.

I'm going to replace it but want to know why the inductor would get hot enough to burn out like that. Just shit build quality? The microwave is only a few years old at most.

Frigidaire Gallery, if anyone's curious.
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Here's the top side. It's not really visible in the picture, but the ends of the copper wire are black (probably just the coating), but there's no other damage. The fuse is good.
scrape the burned shit with alcohol, expose some copper on the trace and solder that shit good, if it works your good, if it burns again the problem might rely on something down the line (after that board)
>the inductor would get hot enough to burn out like that
oh and btw, the inductor probably didnt burn the trace, it vibrated enough to break the solder/trace until there was so little contact area that the trace/solder left began to overheat from the amps going through it until it couldnt take no more
>my 2c

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How to clean off PU foam?
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acetone on non critical surfaces if still not set
wait till set then carefully scrape off on delicate surfaces ( monitors )

HAHA OH SHIT LOOK at that mess

throw them out buy new monitors
is it a one part, or two-part with a mixing tip?

one part can be taken off with acetone, MEK or pain thinner. 2-part and you're fucked.

So I'm rewiring my car (1972 Datsun 240Z) with a "universal" 22 circuit wiring harness kit from E-Z Wiring, and with all my stock equipment in, I'm only using 12 circuits.

That leaves me with a looooot of loom and room to play with.

I've already sourced a two-tone siren, and I have my greatest Pick-N-Pull find, an F.I.A.M.M dual trumpet horn with compressor for like $6. Sounds like a train horn.

Regardless, I still have 10 more circuits to play with. What should I install?

>pic related, what's...
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I'm thinking of installing some POV lights on the front grill, near the top of the windshield inside the car and the top of the hatch glass inside the car. Because if I have to get anywhere quickly for whatever emergency reason, I want to do it as safely as possible, which means being as lit up and loud as possible. Yes, it might land me a misdemeanor, but if it means other drivers will be in a safer position, I will do it.
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I was also thinking of hard wiring one of these SIM card GPS trackers in there, so I don't have to worry about it dying on me. This thing'll be worth about $15k when I'm done, so I'd hate for Jamal to steal it in the night (if he can get past my ignition cut off, battery cut off, fuel cut off, ignition breaker, and wheel lock that is) and not have a way to track it.
Sure hope you check with a lawyer before wiring up lights and sirens. Impersonating a police officer is a felony in a number of states.

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What should i do with these N52 1/4 inch cube magnets that doesnt include sticking stuf to a fridge
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Stick stuff to a metal filing cabinet.

Invent a fun game.

>stick all but one in ass in a 1x8 fashion
>attach string to 9th
>swallow it while still holding on to the string
>try to get the 1x8 out of your mouth by playing maze with your digestive system
shove them up your ass and get an appointment for an MRI

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Oh, hey there big brother. Just a friendly reminder to wipe down your tools with WD-40 before putting them away. Remember, quality tools are an investment, okay?
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go put your fucking safety glasses on when you come into my shop.
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>wd40 instead of a silicone based oil
wipe with motor oil not WD

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Hey /diy/ how would I go about turning this glass into like a nice table or something like that?
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Jesus Christ clean your room.
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Dude you live in a shithole. Do you ever clean? Is it even possible to vacuum with all that junk?
are you black? that slob looks like a black person apartment.

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I fucked up guys, i broke my window and need to change it, since it's freezing here.
It costs around 1000 dollars including the window, i feel i'm getting ripped off, and can do it much cheaper myself. How do I do this?
Do any of you have any experience with this? It should be doable
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Just the glas or the whole frame ?
Carpenter here

Post pics so i can see whats wrong.
Depends on the window... Single pane. Or double pane. Or triple... Basically single is pretty easy. Double is doable. And triple is lolreplacethewhole window jam.

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I've not seen a top tier shill thread for a while so, what was the last tool(s) you bought?

I bought pic related the other day, metal circular saw + 2x6ah Makita Batteries for it. Also bought a makita drill off a guy I was working with.
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Why would anyone buy a cordless circular saw?
File: 14609-A[1].jpg (50 KB, 650x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A Rockwell Delta scroll saw, pic semi-related from Google. The previous owner had bought it in near-complete condition and it was a variable speed model too boot. Retirement light, original stand and mounts, excellent condition. It had a janky 1/3 HP motor from god knows where and the upper blade guide was missing. He paid next to nothing for it and decided to part it out instead of replace what was needed and sell it whole. By the time I find out about it he had sold the retirement light, the original stand, and the...
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mobility ? of grid work? remote places? fast work when you dont have time setup a corded one? there is ton of aplications

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hey dudes. i'm trying to build my own house. i've done a fair bit of construction before, so technical skills aren't much of a concern. particularly because i've tried to make the design as constructable as possible.

that being said. materials are fuckin' expensive. its like a couple grand just for the form wood for the foundation. what are good sources of cheap-o materials? craigslist is good for tools but rarely has the volume i require in terms of materials.
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Go drive to a timber yard and buy in bulk. If that's still too much, I heard one little pig built his house out of straw and it held up for a while at least.
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There is actually lots of cheap materials that you can use, and here are some pictures as an example.

File: house2.jpg (185 KB, 550x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm trying to make a zero clearance insert for a table saw. It is held in with screws that are sunk flush with the top by an indent.

How should I reproduce that effect for the new piece? I was thinking of putting it over a hole in a piece of wood, then going at it with a hammer.
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>Ya mang...that'll work real good...

Not. What are you trying to do? Keep the screw inset in the insert? If it is, why don't you simply countersink the screw?

No hammers required...
Why can't you just drill a hole?
You can buy a countersink that you just stick in the hole and hit with a hammer.
There's also multi-piece setups.

Started doing indoor bike HIIT at home, due to time constraints. Asking if anyone knows how to increase resistance on one of these bikes, beyond what is given on the resistance wheel.

>I asked on /fit/, it was a wrong decision
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Resistance normally comes in two forms for a rotating object, rolling friction which normally is very low no matter what the surfaces are, or additional weight

Find a way to add mass to your rotating unit and you'll get much more resistance

Additionally if you don't mind a destructive resistance you could install some bike brake calipers to the wheel and use that instead
Add a motor/generator/alternator to it that will generate electricity while you cycle. All you need to do then is to increase the electrical resistance to increase the pedaling resistance. It is extremely effective. Electrical resistance can be lighting up light bulbs, charging batteries ar trying to run something like a toaster or hairdryer, etc.

Speed = volts
Torque = amps
Speed + Torque = watts

If you want to pedal faster, make it so you can produce a higher voltage. If you want to pedal harder...
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Good idea

Op, go get a $10 angle grinder from harbor freight and a drive belt. Put an incandescent bulb between the power cord pins, then put the switch set to on permanently

It'll work great


I'm lloking for an icon pack of electric appliances (outlets, lights, heater, etc.) to make a nice electric panel.

Any idea ?
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I'm not sure what you're looking for.
I think you want some type of all-in-one package (maybe for camping?) that you could like plug into a generator and have everything (light, microwave, phone charger etc) in one portable unit (?)
you're asking for stickers?
99 cent stickers at the 10 billion dollar store.

hand write data for your appliances

dildo washing machine
jewish oven
automated anal rimming machine
washer and dryer operated dildo spinning circuit
google alarm
the jewish motion picture machine

how do i get a video input on this view finder i found. Im trying to make a HUD in real life. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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do you know what brand/model the actual lcd is?

you probably have to know some high speed lvds interfacing shit
Put it back where you found it, probe it with a logic analyzer and hope for the best.
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File: 81McivEs9LL._SX522_.jpg (28 KB, 522x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In Japan, you can only buy small bandsaw,
I'm searching one $~700 that capable of sawing atleast a 15inches wood longitudinally.

this will be my first bandsaw, I can search it on my own, but just want some advices from you guys?
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try and find a used one, I scored a 4" one for $10
You mean height, like cutting distance between the table and the end of the exposed blade? Generally manuals will refer to that as capacity or something similar.

Are you trying to resaw planks? The bandsaw size is not what youre looking at. Like the cheap 9" bandsaw that a lot of companies offer may not allow for anything wider than a 2x4(3 1/2") to be resawn.

Or do you mean that you need a table needs to be wide enough to accomodate 15"?

Either way, start looking at 18" band saws. You might have to add a couple extra hundred bones depending on what your used market looks like locally. If you find that 18" is larger than you need, look at 14"
I forgot to add, if you need more capacity you can find riser blocks for most band saws

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OP failing at circuitry.png
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Hello /DIY/

I wan't to build a "hit indicator". So what I am trying to build is a unit that senses (vibration sensor thingy?) bullet hitting plywood and indicating that hit by shining a light for 3-10 seconds.

The thing is that I can't for shit understand circuit making or electricity in general. My thinking was that the battery charges a capacitor and releases that charge to a led or something like that. The release is done by transistor and a vibration sensor.

I know my drawing will not work but I can't wrap my little mind around...
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Hook up one of those cheap "piezo bender" sensors to an op amp buffer and then a gain stage. Fix the sensor to whatever you want to measure the vibrations from. Also be sure to ESD the shit out of the input stages, those sensors can output kV if hit too hard
What is polymer.
not shill, but like these newboldtargets.com
Lots of shooting stores carry similar things.

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hey /diy/,
i'm doing a new kitchen in my apartment and i'll be setting a counter - wall to wall in one piece (it's a narrow kitchen). the walls are not really straight, naturally.
how do i go about fitting this thing?
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Depending on how big the gap is, you can use some filler goop (if it's not whole wood) or some kind of masking plank (unsure of english word).

Or do you mean that the walls are straight but not 90 degrees on the corner? Do you have the tools for long cuts? (guide rail etc)

When I install counters, I do what you see in the pic, then use a small electric hand plane or jig saw to cut down close to my scribe line, then I use a belt sander to clean it up...
what about your backspash

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Poorfag here, is it easy to build a bedframe out of timber, if so, what measurements should I be using?
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Search Dave Wirth bed. I built his shelving. One seems a little bowed because the wood I used wasn't perfect, but I'm sure cross beams would have helped. My son and I laid on the shelves after construction to see how sturdy they were.

>seems legit.jpg
Use measurements that match the mattress you want to use.
Ikea beds are made out of the shittiest wood you could imagine, so I'd say yes. The only thing not wood is the middle support beam on twin and up mattresses. If you look up what Ikea uses to support mattresses, you could copy the linked beam thing they make to keep it from sagging. I did, and I didn't use enough beams, so it hurt like a motherfucker to sleep on.

File: s-l225.jpg (4 KB, 147x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a compact body massager at home and recently I was thinking if I could possibly speed up the process in which it moves without ruining the massager itself. I was wondering if you guys if their is anyway I could do that.
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>motor overclocking

it is easy, just increase the voltage, and put a heatsink on it
I'll look that up, thanks
This may be stupid to ask, but how do you increase the voltage?

File: IMG_20161015_112653602-01.jpg (4 MB, 2952x5248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/. What's the process of staining so this board would be a darker color? Also, do you think a natural look or completely painted over would look better?
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>What's the process of staining so this board would be a darker color?

1.) Get stain.
2.) Wipe on stain.
3.) Wipe off stain.
4.) Wipe drool off chin.

> Also, do you think a natural look or completely painted over would look better?

It's a close up of a fucking board with some holes in it you goddamn mong. Without knowing what retarded project you're planning on building with it we can't comment on the fucking aesthetics.
I think he's making a twinkboard, you know one of those things with wheels that skinny white kids use for anal sex.
Actually a cruiser, but same concept.
What the dick above me said. Just a skateboard.
I'm not too keen on wood, it kinda looks like flamed maple, how does the grain flow?

File: DSC_0723.jpg (2 MB, 4000x2250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
got a hole in my internal drywall
about 3" by 5"
there was a previous fix, the splints are visible in the pic

I have to fix this so it's unnoticeable by friday for a quick property inspection

any tips?

is my best option for this to mesh and use compound or can I get away with something like paper mache and varnish or is that stupid?

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That's not a previous fix, it's plaster and lath.
File: DSC_0722.jpg (2 MB, 4000x2250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4000x2250
the paint below is tearing though

I imagine that'll have to be removed
would make the hole a bit bigger but there's some a sturdy bit of wood right behind it
Buy a 2x2 piece of drywall from a home improvement store and cut out the hole and replace it. It'll take 5 minutes and $3

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if you guys have any tips on drilling straight holes I use all drills ranging from 100mm hss to 1200mm masonry.

I'm a second year apprentice chippy and this is the one thing I am struggling with. The only way for me to tell if it is straight is to sort of take a step back and look at it from a far but all the other tradies just seem to know is this experience or am I missing something?
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I've often considered gluing a small bubble level to the back of my drill. Never actually do it, though.
Do non-Americans measure their drill bits by length instead of diameter? Because you better have a gargantuan drill for a 1200mm bit.
masonry drills are measured length first then diameter.

File: 6884841184.jpg (110 KB, 1200x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm thinking of buying a log cabin kit from one of those Amish logger companies.

The kid includes all of the frame work and plans. It doesn't include the foundation, actual doors, windows, plumbing, electric, etc.

How much extra would I be looking at to build the cabin after the cost of the kit? I tried asking them but they just kept shilling their own service that builds it all for you and wanted a bunch of information for a quote.

How much would it cost extra to /diy/ it, aside from hiring licensed tradesman to do some of the work like electric,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>no location
>no skills
>log cabin kit with no log cabin
>off grid

it don't work that way

stop coming to 4chin with your fantasy threads with no specific detail whatsoever

>no location
Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado. Haven't decided yet.

>no skills
I'm a truck driver and learned how to work on diesel engines from reading service manuals. I know some home reno stuff from working for my Uncle's company doing dry wall, painting, kitchen.bath renos, etc. I'm not licensed to do any plumbing or electric work though, and have never build a house from the frame up, unless building a small...
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>Do you know understand that solar panels are an affordable option these days?
Sure. They are great. When used with a grid tie system they are quite affordable. Without grid tie, you need a battery bank of several dozen deep cycle lead-acid or nickel-iron batteries to keep you going when the sun isn't shining. Also a charge controller. Lead is 'cheap' and iron is expensive but lead wears out in 10 years or so. So you either pay an arm for lead batteries now and another...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: wood-shop-tables-1.jpg (70 KB, 516x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to make a table for my shop that i can mount a vice and a grinder on. I wanted some tips for stability. A table is a board with 4 legs but i wanted to know some important things for shop tables. I have a jigsaw, power drill and a power sander. Do i need anymore tools?
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Thats plenty of tools.

Here are some free plans.
Danke friend. Also what would be a good budget vice. I saw a 20 dollar one at sears but i dont know how good it would be.
vise are expensive and a investment for live dont get a cheap chink, one lock for a good deal or used one

File: IMG_1105.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whats the best way to clean the rust off this estwing? I got it for $5 off a guy who had it sitting outside for a while.
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Pee on it? maybe?
if your in a hurry get some muriatic acid from hardware store
if not distilled white vinegar works just as well, just takes forever
It's a hammer. Oil it, wipe it off, put it back in the toolbox.

Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood. High density and alternating layers of hard/soft wood.

Ordered the block off of ebay for $75 shipping included.

Measures 20x21x1.25"
It weighed a bit more than 16 pounds in this state.
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Rough sanding and cutting, using 40 grit sandpaper, and a Jigsaw.
Also a lot of patience. With Tigerwood, the jigsaw would cut 1/8" rapidly, or take a few seconds to push through 1/16" depending on the grain layer. All in all it was very slow to cut, but still felt workable.
File: 20161010_194618.jpg (3 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4160x2340
Clamped it down and made my first decent neck pocket.
I clamped the neck into the correct positon, and drew around it, then used the router to slowly clear out the area, moving in clockwise patterns.
>electric guitar

File: cody.jpg (47 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB,
What does everyone think of Wranglerstar? Cody has been one of my favorites for a while, and I've learned a lot from his channel, but recently his video titles have been literal clickbait. I'm kind of dissapointed.
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I've been checking out a lot of his stuff on traditional tools, which are very informative. However, he seems to be a bit of a wanker overall.

-He's a bit preachy.
-He talks too much about his life, instead of focusing on the tools. I get that this is what his channel is about (the homesteading life) but it's not what draws me to it.
-He'll praise a tool he likes in unqualified fashion, without mentioning upsides and downsides. Exceptions for the videos he explicitly makes as a review, though.

Overall, I've gotten a lot of good information...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>clickbait video titles
>10+ minutes of unintelligible ranting
>pissy attitude

Annoys the shit out of me and JewTube keeps recommending his garbage to me. He is fine when he's reviewing axes or making a handle for one. Otherwise, it's just fucking trash.

I get a bit bored and annoyed at the way he constantly goes on about how great the "old days" were and how all the stuff made back then was so much better.

File: 2731-20_1 (1).png (159 KB, 520x520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2731-20_1 (1).png
159 KB,
Do I buy the cheapest working circular saw at a pawn shop, or do I get a refurb Milwaukee 18v Fuel 7 1/4 circular saw that works with my existing batteries?

ITT tool lust vs tool practicality
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Unless it's corded at the pawn shop.
Battery powered circular saws are shit, unless all you use it for are small cuts in soft wood.

Go to a pawn or garage saw and pick up a corded saw for $15
I feel you and I'm gonna do that, though desu the new line of battery shit is pretty nice. These Lithium Ion batteries and their little Fuel line with computer shit controlling the power, its nothing like dad's NiCad piece of shit.

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