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Hello, /diy/
Today I woke up and turned my keurig coffee machine on like any other day
The problem is, it's not brewing. The light says ready to brew and when I brew all it does is drop some grains of the coffee into the mug.
I have cleaned the water filter, cleaned the needles, and have replaced the small coffee cups 2 times and it's done the same thing
Please help so I can drink some coffee.
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Put pot of water on stove, boil, pour through filter with coffee in it. Alternatively, boil water in microwave, pour through filter with coffee in it. Drink coffee. Once your awake report back about machine, since you're obviously not awake enough to properly diagnose problem.
Is it not pumping water?
You might have to open your machine to troubleshoot.
The heater is failing. It won't brew coffee until it has heated up the water enough, and the heater isn't capable of that anymore.

You may be able to get a few more brews out of it if it has settings, and you go in and set the brew temp down to as low as it will go. If it doesnt have a settings menu, youre fucked. Seen this problem a million times.

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So /diy/ I have 2 10(15?) gallon fish tanks that I got for real cheap at a thrift store. I want to combine the 2 to make a bigger tank for my hermit crabs. I want to glue them side by side(so it's longer) with silicone glue, but I'm not sure how well that'd work. Does anyone have any tips? I feel like the section where the two tanks connect will be too weak or flexible.
If all else fails, what kind of glass should I use to make o E from scratch? I refuse to pay 100+ USD for a few panes of glass glued together.
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BTW they are land hermit crabs so It won't be filled with water. Just sand and coconut substrate.
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No water, should be easy enough to just remove one side from each of the tanks, then put them together with aluminium angle bars for support- heavy silicone sealant gunge and glue them together.
The join will probably benefit from some silicone as well and if you wanted to make it look a bit tidier, line it with alu-flat bar

Course if you've got the glass pieces there, just pull it apart and make it how high/wide/long you want.
I might use a strong plastic because hermit crabs are sensitive to metal so I'm trying to avoid using it

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Dear /diy/

i dont know if its more /o/ related but i want to straighten out the rear end of my caprice.
as you can see there was a little bump at the rear bumper, at the left side where the trunklid meets the bumper.

at first, is it possible to straighten the bumper for an amateur without damaging it any more?

and the same for the driverside rearfender?
ive never done this but i want to, if its possible.
it doesnt need to be 100 percent perfect.
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some more views
File: IMG_74692.jpg (4 MB, 5184x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can see the huge gap at the left side of the trunk
I'm afraid that's too much for the typical mechanic even.
Its some serious steel, getting it to look right is not only difficult, but usually damages the chrome also.

Hello, I run a little welding shop and one of our most time consuming tasks is cutting pipe. Most of the pipe that we use is SCH80 2"diamater pipe (Carbon steel).
The way we cut our pipe now (to make pipe coupons for welders to practice on) is by using a cutting disk on a regular grinder. The process is slow and it causes a lot of sparks which later need to be cleaned up.
We are aware of pipe cutters and bevelers made by rigid and of course pipe saddles to be used with cutting torches with oxy acet etc so what would be a more affordable tool to use? maybe under...
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Cold saw.
Basically a high torque, low speed chop saw with a water cooled toothed blade.
Not cheap, but if you can find a used one its well worth it.
That's what we cut all of our chro-moly tubing with.
No sparks, shavings are easy to clean up and very smooth cuts.
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canot you use one of these? they are under 500dolaritos/euritos
Horizontal bandsaw from HF. Will give you perfect cuts.

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R8 my bodge
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clever solution
I'll give it a solid 9 because I don't think it'll hold up very long.
Whatever works when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Do anyone have experience with bending and tempering bamboo? Any tips and tricks for it?

I'll be living in a region with a lot of wild bamboo the next year, and I want to make a recurve now that I can use for hunting.
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File: 2014-08-28-23h32m-2.jpg (344 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've made a few bows, steambent a few limbs, but never bamboo. I think that when you use heat to bend wood you're softening up the material between the fibers, allowing the fibers to slide ever so slightly and set in their new place. Or something.
You can use dry heat, steam or straightup boil the wood. Dry heat is riskier as it dehydrates the wood extremely quickly but I have used it to correct minor misalignments after the fact to great effect.

If you are making a recurve it might be enough with a deep pot of boiling water. Since recurves only have a short...
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With all these things in mind I'd argue that you should make a bamboo backed bow but not by steambending the reflex/recurve in but rather, by gluing it in.

Start by hewing out the basic shape of the bow in a straight stave of a wood that can withstand compression well (ipe, juniper, ash, mesquite, yew). Flatten your bamboo with heat and force. I think you'll want to retain the natural outer layer of the bamboo for maximum integrity so thin down the bamboo with a beltsander or something, from the "inside". I guess roughly 3mm is a good thickness for...
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File: 2013-07-21-00h06m.jpg (662 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All wood needs time to dry thoroughly before being worked however. Green (wet) wood takes additional set which will affect bow performance. Drying takes ages, they say a year per inch of thickness.

If you're getting yourself into this to hunt I think you should make a good bow with a draw weight of atleast 35 lbs for reasons of humaneness.

Good reading for aspiring bowyers.

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Hello Im trying to get the halo warthog be able to be purchased by the public by starting up a factory to make them, I'm just starting the project. If anyone is interested let me know:]
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Way past its market date,
Think alot of people would go "hey cool"
But not alot would drop money into it now its been and passed
Cool, how many millions should I wire over to you? 2 sound good? Do you have PayPal?
What vehicle would you use as a base?

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How in the hell was this cable ran behind the drywall? Old work box so must have gone in after drywall installation. Vaulted ceilings so no crawl space. Not only that, but there is a huge brick fireplace in the middle of the run! I was certain that whoever had installed it ran it outside and hidden it behind the exterior vinyl siding but when I pulled it off today I found that was not the case. I'm trying to do an in wall surround speaker installation if anyone cares.
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Run goes over 20 feet. Here's a shot of the whole set up. Inputs on bottom left. I'm 90% sure it doesn't run outside. Pulling out the slack I can tell it runs to the side behind the drywall for at least a bit. If it was ran outside wouldn't it pull straight out?

I built pic related over a 10 year period.

I work as a GM for a college, no labour experience. Learnt from books and online reading on commutes etc.

Ask me anything
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here she is 2 years after launch with sales
Photos of the interior, love custom boat interiors.
sales... i'm drunk please excuse my spelling

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What have you aspies been working on? Just finished this 10'x20' shed for a friend. There's also a sunlight on the other side of the roof.

It looks concave-ish because my camera lens takes fucky pictures.
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last thread is still active

Last thread has reached bump limit

My new hat
>winter is coming

It was fun to sew

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fuck my tight dick.jpg
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hi, i'm looking into building my own pc, i have all the parts i intend to buy and willingly to do it. my only problem is that i have no knowledge of any cheap websites to purchase it from. i have checked some site such as Newegg but are beyond my price range. May anyone know any cheap websites for pc components?
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self bump
No need to bump. Your thread will be around for a week.

If newegg is too pricey you probably should wait and save up.

Pcpartpicker is good site to use to find several suppliers for a certain item(s)

>Beware the i3 proponents soon to follow
thanks and whats an i3?

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Hey /diy/, been saving up these bottles in my room, but haven't been able to find good use for them? Any good uses I can find for them?

Pic related.
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>Any good uses I can find for them?

Throw them in your recycling bin you worthless hoarder.
all glass?

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I'm back diy! About to get ass raped by a hurricane, but after that's done I should be rust removing the oil tank and firing it up!
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Rag is to prevent crud getting into the oil bearing opening

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I'm not looking for anything complicated like sending data/messages. Just something that can be activated to let a MCU know a sensor has has been tripped via analog/digital input, transmitting maybe 300 ft / 90 m max. Any ideas?
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Almost anything.

Laser/infrared. Like sensors on perimeter security systems or maybe the "eyes" for garage doors that keep the door from crushing little bobby or fido. Just need power to shoot that far.

Radio. Cheap Walky talkys you used at Disneyland as a kid before everyone had cellphones.
Then can transmit a signal easily.
Hell, I have a wireless security system- has infrared sensors that radio back to a base unit if they detect motion.
Pic related.
Are you talking about hacking manufactured transmitters? I'm wanting to use this for my pic microcontrollers
>long distance
>300 ft / 90 m

Over the horizon is long distance.

You better state your country because laws vary.

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Which joint is stronger?
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The one on the right, shorter lever from the weak point.
On the right. You're basically relying on a pinch point and wood glue in the joint on the left.
The one on the right. The left one won't even work without glue.

Considering buying an oscillating tool, found this. Yes, Festool products are outrageously expensive, but I know for sure that every penny I paid for some of them (namely, dust extractor, miter saw and sander) paid off nicely. Still, every time I'm biting my fingernails when I see the price.

Anything else on the market comes close to this?

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Fein multimaster?
>not fein

Personally I think they're fucking pointless but If I were to buy one I'd buy either for the battery platform I'm on or a Fein.
It has things I already have (sanding accessories) but doesn't have things I really need (limiters of several kinds). Another plus for Festool, it comes in a standard Systainer box - I really hate all those bags that are a pain in the ass to store. And another plus - some guy at Amazon pointed out that there's an adapter for cheaper Fein blades, in case there'll be a need for that.

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images (3).jpg
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What do you guys use? 12 or 18v?

I personally use 12v myself, just for the more compact design and they usually do the job.
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Corded. All my projects take place at my house or a friend's house.

I can buy nearly ANY corded power tool from a major name brand for $40 or less and some patience in the pawn shops and flea markets.

My batteries are never dead and extension cords aren't that big of a deal when productivity isn't the top priority.

The ONLY cordless tool that I see any value in is an impact driver.
18V Makita LXT

The 18V line of any manufacturer has a much better lineup of tools.
18v, "usually do the job" isn't good enough on a jobsite, I need "do the job 98% of the time," and for all else there's the backup corded in the trailer

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what sorts of furniture do you like?
what furniture have you made?
what furniture do you enjoy making?
what furniture do you wish you had?
favorite processes, projects, etc?



best I ever did was a bed-platform with storage underneath, it was a wedding gift for a couple of friends of mine...California king mattresses are irritating to accommodate for...
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File: 1454691805113.jpg (997 KB, 4488x2889) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997 KB, 4488x2889

File: 14765887567441692149039.jpg (3 MB, 3120x4160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Can I hook up this car sub to my home speakers? My new car has solid sound so I don't really need it for that. I have kinda shitty speakers at home not too worried about quality.
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You can, but it will eventually result in failure of your amp source...run one line to left positive, the other to the right negative (black/red), or vice versa...it will work...
this is incorrect.
Speakers are rated at what they can handle not what they require, you can hook this speaker up to a 3w usb amp and it will happily supply that speaker with sound until the world ends. it wont exactly be loud (or even be a whisper) but it will work.
damn looks like my home amp only has room for two speakers (its shitty old cd player system)

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comfy room.jpg
105 KB,
Hi /diy/, I want make a comfy room. I don't know how to make it.
Can you help me? What I need?
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Step 1: survey a plot of land
Sell some of those kids toys to raise capital and clear space.
I think you're beyond salvation

How can i connect 3.5mm audio jack to this potentiometer to aux amplifier.
I want this potentiometer to be "middleman" beetwen laptop output and amplifier input. Anybody has any ideas?
google showed up nothing
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Thats a variac you mouth breather.
Hook it up linearly to make it a reostat.
use pins 2 and 4 for the wire input and output.
if you have time, could you make schematic. I would be very grateful

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I just looked at a house today to buy, and the only real problem I found (I do this for a living) was the deck appears to be sliding/sinking in towards the house. The force on the ledge caused some of the block in the basement to move inwards, and the previous owner did a really shitty job patching the cracked mortar joint. The deck is only about two feet from grade to bottom of the joists. What would be the best way to jack the deck in the direction of the red arrow so that I could then brace the deck and better assess what is happening? Truthfully I think they undersized the footers.
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So you make bad drawings for a living?
use a car to pull the deck away from house
You dont understand what he means from this?

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I just watched this interesting documentary about a guy who spends a year making a hand-made poster

Does anyone know a cheap and effective way to recreate his mirror/projector method?
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Just take a photograph and have a projector project it on your painting. Use a foot switch to turn the projector off and on.

Hmm on second thought the colours wouldn't come out right.
That's from tims vermeer you idiot op. It isn't a poster but a painting and if you didn't learn anything from the documentary go kill yourself because he lays out everything plain as day in it

File: Screenshot_20160902-003431.png (3 MB, 1440x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I purchased an replacement part from eBay based on the items image and part number, didn't notice the title mentions it as being a different color until it is delivered to me.

Is it unreasonable to expect the seller to pay shipping for the new item if I pay the return shipping?

Pic not related.
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Really don't want to pay for cross boarder shipping 3 times.
>Is it unreasonable to expect the seller to pay shipping for my mistake

yes its unreasonable,but you can ask them
File: 1474590755498.gif (1003 KB, 500x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 500x279
>is it unreasonable to expect someone to pay for my mistake?

I know there are billions of laser cutting companies out there to which you can simply send vector drawings of whatever, but most of them are for small stuff and for 6mm thick board at most.

What should I do when I need to precisely cut a load of plywood?

I bought the plans for
and I don't trust myself to cut everything exactly to the millimeter.
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you can cut everything bigger and than sand it down slowly until you hit the exact millimetre you want
CNC router would do it pretty quick
I wouldn't get hungup on millimetres.
It's wood, wood is forgiving.

It's not like you plan flying the portable workstation to the moon is it?

File: 1468710219345.gif (2 MB, 388x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hey /diy/ how much money do you think that is need to fit a garage with nice quality tools to fuck around the house and the car? No, I'm not a tradesman so I'm talking mostly about a few pliers, wrenches, hammers, vice, power drill and angle grinder, screwdrivers, few boxes for storage, quality metal saw and so on.

Do you think that 5 grand is enough?

Pic unrelated because I'm not a /diy/ habitué.
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Five grand is ample. Buy as you need for each project.
Take your shit, and go to any big local flea market. Bring 300 bucks, you'll find everything you need.

In a year, i've bought enough tools to have myself full general/electrical/plumbing kits (<with tons of sharkbites). I have a few sawzalls and skill saws, 2 table saws, 2 chop saws, 2 compressors, 2 chainsaws.

Spent probably about 200 bucks.

File: Arduino_Uno_-_R3.jpg (238 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright /diy/ I just bought an arduino starter kit, Uno R3 2.8 touchscreen with sd card for arduino board module and the elagoo 37 in 1 sensor module kit for arduino uno r3 what should i do now? I'm kinda new, did robotics a bit before in highschool. what are the different projects i can work on with this?
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You could make a robot that searches google for shit since you're clearly a fucking moron
you shoud make:
PID controller
Steady state controller
Data logger
Buy a wifi and Bluetooth shield. After that you can start creating an OS for arduino. Maybe a cheap console-like item.

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Has anybody ever build a Street/crank/busker organ?
I am thinking of building one from plans by John Smith with small wood working experience.
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you might find guides and other stuff in the internet archive
>ever build a Street/crank/busker organ?
No, but I've toyed with the idea.
I like the idea of making a woodwork clock, but it seems like a white elephant.
You have to wind it, keep it set, dust it It makes noise.
A wall-mounted crank organ/drum machine/music box would still have DIY clockwork, but you could just leave it alone for months if you like.

File: shitgame.png (775 KB, 626x1727) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
775 KB,
whats the cheapest way to heat steel to a malleable temperature?
cheapest as in I barely have any money
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troll not allowed here

File: 1476173646250.webm (1 MB, 2000x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2000x360
im sorry man
have something cute
Just use jet fuel

File: 1465738153453.png (160 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB,
I purchased some quality LED strips from china that I would *tastefully* like to insert in my car and under my table - however they didn't come with a power supply.

I am absolutely lost on how to connect these strips to anything so that they work.

Can anyone help me out? I know I need to start with a 2 pin adapter and then what?

The chink seller wasn't able to answer my question sufficiently unfortunately.

ebay item number: 222210405510
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the same seller will sell you an AC to DC adaptor so you can plug your ass into the mains

or just cut off a usb cable and use the 5V from your whatever the fuck usb outlets any kind
File: 1463365705048.jpg (55 KB, 372x527) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 372x527
I can actually do that? can u post pics or a simple guide?
strips are 12v and guess what, your car is 12v. kind of.
your battery voltage varies a little bit when the alternator is running. try connecting them into the wiring somewhere. when do you want them to come on? al the time? connect via a fuse to the battery. just when the ignition is on? connect to the ignition relay through a fuse. etc. etc. you can buy a 12vdc rated switch and wire it up if you want.

table indoors use a 12v wall wart/ power supply/ regulator. output power (?) is .9w per piece? so current = p/v = 0.9/12 = 0.075A = 75mA per strip, your power supply needs to be at least this and i guess its per strip so for 4 strips your power suply needs a current rating of at least 0.3A (300mA). more that that is ok but its not efficient. voltage must be 12vdc no more no less

dont expect the ones in the car to last.

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