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What is this thing? Not the pencil
>property is on a well
>house on property, built in 1958
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Clearly it's a crank.

Like this thread.
Yeah but for what? It doesn't have a handle that spins so I don't think it is for some old tractor or anything like that, maybe for part of a well?

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I just got home from work, inserted my key to unlock the front door, twisted the door knob and the knob came off. I entered through the back door and removed the knob from inside the house. The photo shows what is still keeping the door from opening. Any ideas how I can get the door open? I tried sticking a screwdriver inside that big opening in the middle and forcing the latch open but I'm either not strong enough or it doesn't work that way. Any advice before calling a locksmith would be appreciated. Thanks
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Turn the thingy.
Where the fuck is your rotating latch mechanism? Show the part on the doorknob that is supposed to fit in there.
These two protrusions attach to the latch and are actuated by the handle. They just get pushed backwards away from the door jam to retract the lock.

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Building a raised vegetable garden with 2x12s can I used treated wood or will that put chemicals in my plants?
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Older/reclaimed ones, absolutely will. newer ones, some but almost certainly nontoxic amounts. my suggestion/plan is use untreated wood (if budget allows track down crappy cedar at lumberyards, resaw, and use to line structural pine). Or you can line with PE plastic (cheap source is dollar store painter's tarp).
the key is trying to minimize the moisture sitting against the wood. Pine will probably last about 2 years without needing to be replaced, cedar 5-10, even without any other steps.

charring the...
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Avoid treated wood if possible but it won't be a deal breaker. Go to your local junk yard and ask if they have scrap lumber, might be able to find enough to build your beds for half the cost of using quality lumber. After all you're just going to pile it with dirt and shit and water, no need to get premium locust from a lumber supplier.
Hey that's some good info thanks!

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I'm doing some dyi wart removal. It's a periungual wart, i.e. around the fingernail. I have been applying salicylic acid daily and gradually removed dying tissue, for about three weeks. At times, it has been very swollen and painful.

Today, a huge, squishy lump came off without any pain. Considering the depth of the crater and the pink-red fleshy color at the bottom, I am hoping I am rid of the bitch for good.

The important question is how to proceed from here: leave it the fuck alone and see what grows back, or to keep removing tissue and applying acid.
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Just go to the doctor
I have been consulting with two close relatives who are doctors. It's all safe and sound and by the book.

I primarily hope to hear from someone with first hand experience on how to tell you've got the whole root.
Well fair enough then

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Lined nail clippers.
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selfemploy - Copy.png
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How many of you do it yourselfers are self employed?
> Age?
>What do you do?
> Any training required?
> What kind of money do you make per week?

Im looking to get started at something only have a high school education, any ideal?
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What skill do you have?

Make something -> sell something
I don't really have any skills that I know...I mean I know how to do different things I can follow directions...I have a knowledge of basic tools,..im in a small poor town also if that matters
Buy a 100 dollar portable arc welder, advertise yourself as a freelance welder and just be very selective about which jobs you take so you don't end up taking on a job to big for your skill level. Fix tree stands, livestock corrals, Gates and fences, tools, light (!) Machinery, etc. Charge 80 bucks an hour.

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I need help looking for this pattern I already tried reverse image search and came up with nothing, any help ?
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Maybe you didn't spell it right.
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Which one?
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I'm very excited for this thread. Where's the other pic?
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Best drill ever
Fuck, wrong picture.

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whats up /diy/!

i got a washing machine motor today (friend replaced his, and i ripped the motor out of it on the way to the dump, and ive figured out how to wire it to run)
but heres where i need help
how can i turn this in to a kick ass little belt sander?
ive got some wood working tools, and some metal working tools (welder, bench grinder, hack saws, drill press, etc.)
what i have for wood working
a lathe, hand saws, jig saws, hand held power sander things, a drill press, a dremel, hand drill, and some other odds and ends
for metal i have an arc welder...
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Build frame, attach pulleys, add belt, profit
Have some inspiration http://woodgears.ca/strip_sander/index.html

generally washing machine motors are a bit too heavy for their strength to make great handheld power tools, but are good for small stationary machines.
yeah a small stationary one was my plan running something like a 2x36 inch belt, maybe 3 or 4x 36
i think 1/3 horse will be enough for that

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Hey, /diy/, I've got a question.

For an electronics project I'm using an ABS plastic enclosure. I've got a nice handheld drilling machine, but no saw.
I need to make some holes in this material, I can do small circular holes with that drill.

But what for kind of drill bits do I need? Are wood drills fine? And for square holes, I was thinking of making four circular holes but I need a saw to do the rest. What kind do i need?
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Wood bits will be fine on abs.

For a square hole I would either use a file and file the corners of the drill hole square, or get image related.
The square holes are quite bigger than what most drill bits can do so I was thinking about a small saw like a fretsaw, but I think those saws are too thin and breakable to get through plastics.

I will look for those kinds of saws at the hardware store tomorrow.
>Drill at corners of the square
>connect the dots with a saw?

Unless I'm misunderstanding your predicament.

Theoretically, is it possible to build an electromagnetic pulse weapon which would first accumulate a huge charge, and then fire it at some device, frying the electronics of the said device or at least disrupting it?

Is it possible to build a very low-power prototype which can be transported more or less easily (at least to an extent)?

I'm wondering because I found this shit:
Is it a scam? Can they really stop cars with a portable EM pulse gun?
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there are a few microwave systems to stop cars but they are targeted microwave frequency rather than what you might think of as a broadband spark gap type em pulse weapon. also nowhere near handheld for the power you need
File: RF-Safe-Stop.png (846 KB, 1883x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
846 KB, 1883x667
That's a radar gun. Pic related is the actual system.

Now ask yourself OP how do you fire a huge charge at something? If you don't know maybe you shouldn't be building such a thing

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So, /diy/, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. /cgl/ probably has more expertise with the skill, but who knows what I can learn here.

So I want to make two stuffed animals. A teddy bear that's 6'4", and probably another 15"-22" teddy bear. The huge one is for me, the normal-sized one is for my cousin.

I have two sewing machines in the basement, but I don't know how to sew. On the plus side, I think both of my parents do. So on that point, maybe I won't have a problem. Do you guys know where I can find patterns...
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You want to make a fursuit, don't you...
Inb4 op reveals he is building a stuffed sex bear
File: 1387422274689.jpg (105 KB, 936x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 936x536

No. I wasn't going to say why because I was afraid it would be too "degenerate" for any of you to want to help me, but if you guess something that degenerate I may as well come clean.

I'm a 5'10" tranny, and I've been feeling lonely as fuck since I started taking hormones. That's the reason I want to make myself a teddy bear to cuddle with, so that I don't feel so alone and unloved. That's the reason I decided on 6'4", because it's roughly the...
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I've been poking around bonsai for awhile now, and specifically have been looking at a book about herb bonsai.

I think that I'll pick up some young potted rosemary from the market and let it grow for a year or so indoors (use a fan to simulate wind, etc to build up trunk), before doing too much.

I find that the root-over-rock technique is striking, but have also seen it elsewhere that rosemary is not particularly good for that method.

I'm curious about pic related, because I can't seem to find anywhere that discusses what the white dead...
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1. Find basics about bonsai styles and shapes.
2. Choose your plant, optimally young one. It should be strong, healthy, with flexible wood so you can wire it.
3. Cut unnecessary branches and wire the rest to get the basic shape. Bonsai wires are special - soft eloxed aluminium. They are much easier to shape than normal wires.
4. Let your plant grow for some time in normal container or even in free soil. Check wires regularly so they don't cut into the growing bark. If they are starting to do it, immediately remove them and later re-wire your plant again.
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2016-01-25 10.30.41.jpg
2 MB,
Anyone here melt HDPE plastic they save and cut up?

I made these two blobs just to see if I could hand press the shit flat enough. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet. Maybe carve them it something. I need to build a brick making clamp or hydrolic press though.

This was more a proof of concept after some YouTube videos I watched.

Left is milk jugs and dish soap bottle with some grocery bags, right is all grocery bags.

Both of them are comical in how stuff and hard they are. Grocery bag blob has some air bubbles but it's...
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File: 1356324260229.png (65 KB, 350x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm thinking they would make cool stepping stones or if sunk into a bit of concrete a cool walk way in blob form. I would have to stipple the surface a but with a soldering iron though as the surface is pretty fucking slick.

Main goal is maybe a knife handle eventually and then to try and build bricks of the shit to have a wall in a shed be made of it or a door.
dildos obviously

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I want to make my own Oculus, the plan is:
1) Find a screen
2) Find out the Oculus protocol
3) Put a LSM303D and a pi zero on your head for tracking, send signals to pc like the Oculus
4) Get Cheap VR glasses

3 and 4 is done but when I wanted to get a HDMI screen I found this: http://german.alibaba.com/product-gs/5-5-inch-1440p-lcd-1440-2560-tft-lcd-module-with-hdmi-board-for-smart-phone-60249109592.html but then some fucker bought like 100.000 units of that display and now its completly sold out

>"But I am so sorry, for now, there is no 1440P panel in stock, because this type of display has been sold out. May I know 1080P panel is OK for you? Pls kind confirm it. If only 1440P panel is acceptable, the new batch of samples would be ready at the end of March, pls kind confirm it."

- Where do I get a display (hdmi & 1440p)?
- Where do I find out about the Oculus protocol
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Is this before or after you make the self-made masturbation machine?
File: 1446520219023.jpg (118 KB, 497x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This. Post progress.
If you got a good idea how this should work tell me

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