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Everything else* is really expensive and requires me to go to a different city. I don't have a car so glued laminated timber is the only material I can really access because a hardware store literally next to my house stocks it.

Is building something 'simple' like a computer case or an arcade cabinet viable from it? The typical set is a 1000 x 400 x 18 mm (pine, oak or bamboo.)

Is it durable? Is there something I should know about painting and varnishing it?

*) MDF is cheap but it's shit
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Something this size.
>MDF is cheap but it's shit

Funny you say that, as thats what arcade machines are typically made of.
Mostly laminated chipboard and particle board.

It's decorative and might hold up but I certainly wouldn't rely on it for any structural support.

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Is this reasonable? homeowner newb

A/C wasn't cooling.. he said condenser and evap coil need to be replaced. This is an older unit (1999) that uses R22 or whatever
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How recent did you buy the house? Still have time on that home buyers insurance or whatever the hell it is called?
8 yrs ago

and yes i'm still a newb
no new compressor?

isn't 7.5k a lot even for a full residential system?

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Makeshift fixed 1986 blender.jpg
3 MB,
Hello. This 1986 blender had the front broken, so I made this new one from my notebook paper cover. What do you think about it?
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11/10 good graphics
Top kek lel
Super epic bro
Graphics? You mean, the written adhesives?

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Hey guys! first time poster here looking for some ideas on what to do with these.
I can collect about maybe 24 of them.
I also have access to the can.
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Wow, 24?
You can do a lot with that much trash. I would recommend finding some sort of lubricant and soaking them in it. Afterwards they should be significantly slippery enough to shove up your ass.
Didn't you near he ALSO might have access to the can too!

Go back to Pinterest, your art projects aren't real diy, they are shitty folk art
Hi OP. You can make a non-rechargeable cell with aluminum scraps and common household materials which holds an energy density by volume on the same order as gasoline, which blows lithium-ion the fuck out. Here's an instructive video:


Happy recycling!

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Hi /DIY/! Please forgive me, im an idiot that just likes to lift and I have no proper terminology for you. I tried to illustrate as best as possible. Please help me out!

Pic Related.
I was thinking of making the bar out of a dowel, maybe 2.5 Feet long.
As for the Ying Yang holdie upies, I don't know.

What can I do?
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The hell is a ying yang hold up?
Anyway, I think that design wouldn't stand too much horizontal movement. Also, you need a strong frame. I've seen many wood ones that were shit.

Mm, thinking about it.. a telescopic bar you can lock, is thick and strong enough and has large soft blocks at the side but it would be a problem to keep it up without falling, and certainly a pain to make. My two cents.
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>The hell is a ying yang hold up?

I don't really know. I just thought that it would work like a wedge and work like a clam cleat, pic related.

My body weight would wedge the bar, because of the shape of the ying yang hold up things. Idk what I should call them. They were my solution to the telescopic bar.
your yin tang thingies should work IF you put some good grippy stuff on the side that sits against the door frame. maybe use those no-slip rubber mats they sell for putting on car dashboards? I think you don't even need the yin yangyness, just a couple of wedges. Might have to experiment with the angle of the wedge.

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Not sure if this is really. That funny or if i am autistic. Probably both. Looking like this is my costume this year. Gonna sew it good and get giang google eys from walmart.

Thing is tho, i am a fat neckbeard fuck. Somewhere around 260.

Do they make hampers or similar that i can fit in without looking life sized...?

If not maybe just cheap netting or something and wire loops to keep the fabric shaped right?

Any thaughts.

>nb4 loose weight faggot.

Down to ~1,000 calories a day from about 5,000. And quit pop and beer daily. I'm over the hard part and it's smooth sailing to summer bod by summer. Lost a negliable 20 pounds or so, but today i get to punch a new hole in my belt!
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an alternative to the hampers would be making hoops and sewing them into the fabric like ribs.

These hoops could be anything form wire to card circles.
I don't think hampers would smooth out well- not sure if OP can find round ones that aren't tapered.
Hula hoops might work out.
I thought about wire or mayne small hoola hoops and netting? Hamper os perfect if i dont hulk out though. Kinda want a skelitan frame so i can detatch the costume and clean it.

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Recent events have me worried. Does /diy/ have any knowledge of building a fallout shelter?
Apparently 3 ft of dirt can offset a lot of Gamma radiation etc., but I want to know about ventilation, if I should use a shipping container for the innards of the the dirt hole, etc.
It'd only need to last two weeks.

No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general

WW3 Alert: No Fly Zone Ignites War Between US And Russia, General Warns Of Consequences

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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just get a Coghlan's™ emergency poncho and deal with it. and stop posting /pol/ /x/ and weirdo /k/tard /b/ shit on this board.

don't use a shipping container for underground
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Future have you nervous?

Worried about total nuclear destruction?

Concerned for the survival of you and your family?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need Vault-Tec!

Contact Vault-Tec immediately to discuss options for you and your loved ones.

Vault-Tec: Revolutionizing safety for an uncertain future!

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I want to build pic related basically, 30'x40' on both floors. Every calculator I've tried says to budget $250k (around $100/sq ft). How is this accurate when a house is mostly just concrete, wood, drywall, shingles, and siding (all very cheap) and similar older houses in the area (upstate New York) are going for $50k? Am I totally missing something here?
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And windows, insulation, wiring, plumbing, heating, drywall...
Good building supplies cost good money, and it's not like one man can put a complete house together that can pass code in a reasonable span of time.
You're right, new house construction with two floors should be about $600/sq ft, not counting the foundation, or permitting soft costs.
Nah, depends on area but $250/sq ft for average grade quality materials is about industry standard. This price is climbing as trends and design change. In CA $300 /ftis normal, but i've seen $425 in nicer houses. Others in my field have seen $600 in high end places.

$100/sq foot is dirt fucking cheap. Yeah an individual 2x4, sheet of drywall, square of shingles, gallon of paint, board foot of trim, or outlet is kinda cheap. But multiply all those out to however much is needed. Then consider the most expensive...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I want to build some LED decorations for my room by illuminating acrylic sheets. I have seen ways of displaying neat patterns and images by engraving the surface. Now my question: is it possible to do the engraving by hand, without any tools whatsoever? All videos and blogs use special engraving tools and while they are quite cheap, I want to do it by hand if possible. Can I just take a sharp object and scratch the surface to do my engraving?
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Not really no. Unless you're happy with it looking like shit of course.
>engraving by hand, without any tools whatsoever
yes if u have fingernails

also yes

Well, I don't plan on making complex figures, so precision is not key here. That's why I would like to know whether it can be done with a screwdriver or so. Sounds stupid, but I don't know why it shouldn't work.

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Wondering if any of you could help identify this zener diode. Its burned out, tested 0 resistance both directions so its shorted and needs replacing (as well as a reistor on the other side of the board)..

the board is PSU for a 900$ projector, and I dont wanna spend 140$ on the new psu..
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Can you get schematics? It's very nicely marked on the board.
i looked but no avail so far
You're going to have to follow the traces for clues. Diodes don't have standardized color markings like resistors.

I'd recommend posting in the electronics general /ohm/.

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Where can i buy a cheap round bar of massive steel (at least 2 meters)?
Whats the best way at home to make it pointy like nail?
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Do you mean 2 meter diameter round bar? Why do you mean by massive steel
2 meter length, maybe 2-3cm diameter. I meant massive as in a solid bar, not a pipe.
1) Depends where you live you dummy.
2) A lathe is the best way. What tools do you have?


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So I noticed my shower drain isnt doing its thing anymore, and when I looked down there it was full of pieces of concrete and murky water that wont go away.
My drain looks like the one in the picture except it has a plug where the hole is.
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>My drain looks like the one in the picture except it has a plug where the hole is.
Have you tried removing the plug? Tbh you might as well just buy a new house
>full of pieces of concrete
Use pic related to remove pieces of concrete

>it has a plug where the hole is.
remove plug, run drain snake through hole
if it is stuck to the sides and really white in color, its not concrete, its some mix of soap, gunk, grout runoff and other shit. I have to knock that shit out of shower drains all the time that are running slow. I use a piece of 1.25 pvc and just lift and shove down to break it up and wash it down the line.

that small hole is a bypass to run a snake past the trap more than likely. if you do so, put the plug back afterwards.

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Ive got this pair of old goggles i tried refurbishing a few years ago, as you can see im not exactly a master at leather work.

Id like to completely redo it but i still dont exactly know what im doing.

The band is fine but i dont know how to properly do the bridge and id like to add fur to the rims, and theirs not that many resources about this.

Any advice?
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File: 1.jpg (632 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Back side.
Adding fur is easy- loctite makes some adhesives specifically to bond fabrics to other materials. I've glued some leather and tested it- the leather ripped apart before the glue failed.
I have to head to work but I'll think about the nose joint and see if I can come up with something more aesthetically pleasing.
And gluing the fur to a rubber channel that you can pop onto the frame might be better than gluing straight to the brass...

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Hi /diy/
How would a I recreate something like Liquid Shard in Pershing Sq LA?
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your stupid.jpg
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this shit... attached to a net... hanging from wires...
I think he needs holographic paper and probably a few thousand fishing line swivels to make it directional
Fishing net
Adhesive silver paper

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If I'm nailing in a repetive fashon all day, like hanging siding, I will literally see hammering nails when I close my eyes, kinda like how an image burns into your eyes when you look at a light.
Anyone else experiemce this?
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When I close my eyes, I see myself masturbating
I have this with tetris.
if I had a hammer I'd sell it and buy a gun to kill myself.

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Halloween season has come and so have the hourly threads of individual costume help threads from people not aware of how slow this board moves


This includes costume props etc
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If this thread doesn't successfully contain a few new threads from starting I'll just give it up
isn't /cgl/ a better place for this question?... that's kinda what the whole board is about. I'm pretty sure they have a thread dedicated to it.

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I'm trying to go as a crossover of Eric draven from The Crow and Leeloo from The Fifth Element for Halloween. Any ideas on DIYing Eric's shirt or Leeloo's suspenders?
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Throw yourself out a window
Are these things from video games? What has kiss got to do with it?
>What has kiss got to do with it?
Fucking lost

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I need some help to make a machanism that would pull a mechanism against a spring. I'm using the rail of an old printer cut into 3 or 4 pieces. This is part of a robotic project and I probably will use some kind of 11.5V LiPo battery
Any ideas?
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lead screw.jpg
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google ''motorized lead screw''
I forgot to mention that I need to release quickly so that the spring does its job
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2 MB, 360x202

>crudely hand drawn schematic
>vague request
>irrelevant information
>irrelevant electrical information
>muh robot

Welcome to /diy/! You're going to fit right in.

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Has anyone replaced the bulbs in their living spaces completely with LED's?

I have a mix of incandescent bulbs (that haven't burnt out yet), CFL's in the basement and garage, and LED's that replaced the burned out incandescents

I signed up for a green energy mailing list a couple years ago and they sent me a box full of CFL's "for free" last year but I'd have to say they were just offloading their inventory. They work, of course, but I just can't seem to get myself to dump them off at the recycle center
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I did in an apartment I lived in. Replaced all of the incandescent with LED. It's also when I found out I had a sensitivity to being it blue temperature lights. In my house I use some warm temperature leds in a few fixtures and only replace existing cfl as they die. Im replacing incandescent with LED as I unpack and find them.

Power wise I'm not sure I ever noticed a difference. In the apartment I lived by myself so the power of 1-2 40W versus 1-2 15W bulbs isn't a lot. I mostly bought into it to support the industry. Cfl and other florescent lights hurt...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yes, LEDs are nicer as they don't warm up like old CFLs or stay dim in the cold, I also get LEDs in warm white or daylight white. That being said, there's not a big reason to dump all your working CFLs, I still have a few going strong in places where it doesn't matter much with about half a dozen to replace them when they burn out. I've only bought LEDs when i could get really good deals on good quality ones, don't rush it and pay full msrp.
I've been slowly replacing my working CFLs with all LED. I pick up a six pack every trip because theyre just so fucking cheap now, and they use even less power than a CFL for more light. I used to keep the old bulbs, but they just take up space because the LEDs last forever.

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hey guys, I'm trying to work with USB Type-C and I'm having a little trouble understanding this pinout.
which two pins provide the power and ground to my phone when I'm charging it?
I'm guessing that my phone charger connects pins 9 and 4 on Type-C to 1 on Type A. Then 1 and 12 to pin 4. Is this correct?
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fuck knows
It looks like A1, A12, B1, and B12 are all grounds and A4, A9, B4, and B9 are all V+. From what I can tell, A and B represent each side of the connection. What's the issue?
The type C is reversible, that's kinda the point.

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Hey guys,
found this picture and thought it might be a nice idea for children to get such a smiling apple once in a while. But does anybody know, how they are made? Is it even possible to make those complicated cuts? Or is this picture just photoshoped?
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do a google search for ''artistic talent'' and download some.
thanks mate try to get some
The apple flesh would go all brown and shit within the hour

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Hi /diy/,

I'm a resident assistant at my university, and I want to host a scavenger hunt in my dorm for the residents to participate in. I have a 20 dollar budget. What I need help with is:

-How do I make this "educational" or development focused without it sounding really stupid to the residents, which would turn them off from participating. (My boss is requiring programs be developmental for the residents.)
-What kind of prize could I give the winner? Should I give a prize at all? I'm trying to think of an incentive for participation.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I was thinking there could be an incentive for whoever finds the most items.
>30 [prizes] / 20 [bucks] = $0.666 (etc.) per item.?
>1 (one) case of (good..) beer (= motivational participation incentive) > $20 ???
-nope, unless you obtain local brewery sponsorhip, this is all not working out for me either.

make it teams, have one winner (enough of this 'its the participation, mostly..' garbage) and the wiinning team get to ostentatiously flout some campus rule or whatever for [a period] - because, at $20, total,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I could host the entire thing in the dorm, and place the items in important locations in the building and give some to the other RAs, forcing the residents to get a better layout of the building and meet the other RAs

File: ibeam_rusted_through.jpg (319 KB, 1536x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do with an i-beam that has rusted through? pic related.
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File: 593371987.jpg (60 KB, 780x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 780x533
tell the local news their bridges are falling apart
Move down the alphabet to j-beams.
I said pic related, not pic is the exact i-beam.

File: mega-motors--silv--48_1.jpg (61 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone willing to give me some suggestions about 2-stroke engine troubleshooting?

I bought this silly little chinese 2-stroke bicycle engine kit some time ago, after i had to close gaps that chinks have decided to left on carb pipe (engine was sucking air in though those gaps) it was running suprisingly well for some time - and then at some point it simply stopped working. Maybe it will be more readable if i'll list it:

>Engine wasn't working at all until i bent spark plug leg a little bit closer to the core
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is it a platinum spark plug? If so they're more difficult to get a good spark out of than traditional copper plugs and require a beefier coil.

Spark in open air doesn't mean anything on the plug. A good spark must be able to jump a 1/4" gap in open air to be able to spark when the cylinder is at 110+ psi compression.

>engine chokes alot when trying to get it on higher revs

Your carb high speed needle is not set properly or you changed the amount of oil in your fuel mixture. The carb needs to be tuned for your particular mixture, also small chinese carbs like this are usually shit and not properly designed.
Copper (i think). But thing is, everything was working flawlessly before this "something" happened, i haven't changed anything - i still use old spark plug, only a little bit more bent.

I haven't changed anything. Carb needle is in the same place, amount of oil hasn't changed. Everything was working fine until "something" happened.

Shit, i forgot to mention thing that may be important: couple hours before...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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How hard can it be to build a chair?
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Pretty fucking hard
Actually. It may be the hardest furniture to make/design wrll>>1064395
>be me
>be married
>boyfriend sees beautiful kitchen table set for $3,500
>"I can build that"
>month later of spare time unveil finished kitchen table
>boyfriend shits his brains because my table looks exactly like the one he found
>"what about the chairs?"
>4 months and 5,849 "god damnit all to hell"s later I had 5 chairs
>"what happened to the sixth one?"
>"if you want a sixth fucking chair go ask them to sell you a single mother fucking chair"
>"I love you..."
>"im going to bed"

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Hey /diy/, I wanted to design some custom contact lenses that glow bright red in the dark like pic related, is there anyone who can point me in the right direction of where to start?
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Wear a hat/something that shines a UV LED at you to illuminate them.

Would not DIY contact lenses, too easy to scratch your cornea, then you have weeks of wearing an eye patch to heal up.
I would start here instead of pushing actual discussion off the board with a shit thread
If your goal is to simulate a red-out without pulling negative G's, this sounds like a great idea.

For any other purpose it's retarded. You won't be able to see shit, and even with your eyes closed, you'll see a bright red glow.

Source: I've had glowstick goo in my eyes before.

Hey /diy/,

I was looking at getting some marking blue for laying out metal parts for cutting and I heard that there are recipes for making it.
Anyone know how to make this stuff? A recipe that included thinners, pigment powder and some shellac sounded pretty good but I don't remember the quantities.

Also, sheetmetal/machining/toolmaking thread I guess
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Its a mix of methyl blue, methyl violet and a resin.
Getting these ant a decent price might be hard.

You could mix up a substitute of finely powdered chalk and water or if you have a chemically resistant surface you could use copper sulphate and a drop of sulphuric acid in a water solution.

Marking fluid is like 5 bucks?
Water colors work for engraving, kind of. China white is better.

File: 1458571760.png (185 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB,
Ok my only concern is the Property Tax (2%).
The tax is on the "assessed" value of the home.
So what's stopping someone from buying a poor-quality home and pumping $100k into it to keep the "assessed" value low?
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Property is re-assessed each year.
(or at regular intervals)
Improvements will be noted and applied.
so you're stating someone comes by to assess homes secretly?
theres no law forcing me to get a new assessment every year right?
but even so, how will any outsider know what's on the inside of my home?

You don't have a choice, homes will be assessed , hell they even fly planes over neighborhoods to see who has pools and new features added,plus they pull permits filed when you do upgrades.

File: help me.jpg (11 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
help me.jpg
11 KB,
I need to find out a site where I can buy a controller board for a LQ156D1JX01 panel. Is this the right board? I want to use it as a pc monitor, and I can't find a control board anywhere.
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There's often generic lvds panel drivers on eBay.assuming that panel uses lvds
I think everything uses edp now. at least anything over 1080. lvds had its limits. lvds controllers need to be specifically programmed for the display you are using. edp is well, display port.
looks good to me

File: 20161002_125655.jpg (2 MB, 1512x2016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Need help, guys. One button switches on the exhaust fan and as well as the light. How do i disconnect the exhause fan from the switch so that I don't have to jump off a cliff to peace. Thanks
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pic of wiring behind switch?
I will undo those 2 front screws and report back in a few seconds. Thanks.
File: 20161002_131334.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There is red wire and a black wire that goes in the socket. The other two red and black wires are not connected to the socket.

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