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So I've been thinking about doing a project that will teach me about metalwork, and a stirling engine seems like a pretty cool thing to make.

Would it be possible to make one that's powerful enough to take a sizable chunk out of my electricity bill, if I run it 24/7?

I'd be able to run it off of waste engine oil for free, and of course I'd have some kind of fire protection system in case something went wrong when I'm not at home - is it worth the effort, or should I look at making my own solar and wind energy system instead?
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Steam would be much more efficient
Now there's a good idea, yeah. Hadn't really thought about it - a turbine might be out of my reach in terms of construction, a triple expansion piston generator would be a pretty cool project.
I'm facinated by Stirling engines but I've never seen one doing any real work ,i think it's an engine with a lot of potential but yeah steam would be better for your house or even just a diesel generator that would probably run the waste oil

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Are there any architects here that could give me some structural advice for this upcoming project of mine?

I want to build a loft in my new condo to serve as a place for my bed and possibly a desk and computer. My condo has 13' ceilings and the loft will span about 12' across and will only act as a partial ceiling, meaning it will come out of the wall about 6' and the rest will be open space for a ladder or small stair case. The reason I have to do this is because of the windows on the opposite wall that span almost the entire height.

I do not...
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How bad did my folks fuck up?
Can a homeless depot tool really be that much chink crap or is it all a meme?

Also, general cheap and possibly crappy tools thread.
Makita need not apply
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A battery powered chainsaw is retarded no matter what. Doesn't matter what brand.

Ryobi in general is pretty good, though. Name one other brand that isn't all plastic shit.
These aren't meant for "standard" chainsaw tasks like taking apart the 40-year old tree the last tropical storm downed in your yard... for that, yes, a battery powered chainsaw is stupid. This is more for smaller limbs and branches (note the shortened blade).

These are great for hedge trimming or removing branches that are getting just a bit too close to the house, or a crape myrtle that has gone untrimmed for so long you think she's French. The battery won't last long, but for tasks like that it might beat lugging an extension cord around the...
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This guy is exactly right, I have that exact chainsaw. It's built for light duty tasks, I've pruned 3-4 diameter limbs off of trees, cut down Woody brush, demolished some ornamental trees etc.

It'll never fell an oak tree or anything like that, but for basic home owner needs that would suck with hand tools, this fits the bill nicely.

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I have one of these metal wire garden fences that you can get at a big box store. It's bendable. The best description I could give is its maybe 10% stronger than the metal you would use to stake a 18" voting lawn sign.

Would pic related be strong enough to cut this shit? I just got a house and am getting tools so I don't mind the price. And no, I cannot simply pull the fence out of the ground (its a mess).
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Pic of the fence?
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it's ultra shit-tier fencing like this
The cheap ones with the hinge are actually pretty nice if you're making a lot of cuts. Pic related.

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Skeleton B-2.jpg
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I've started a new tradition for Halloween. I do a "Candy Monster".

Basically I build a stage and have a spooky puppet that I give out candy with. I have a little witch puppet with arms this year, so she can toss candy at kids out of a cauldron with some spook black Ice. (candy is suspended above the water on a grate)

The kids all generally have a good time, some get too scared, even though it's not a very scary puppet and a generally light hearted kind of spooky. I get a lot of thank yous from the parents for doing it every year because I'm...
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throw something on them. They'll get spooked because anyone can get startled, and the kids (that probably also know it's all fake) will have fun laughing at the pranked teenager.

alternatively: buy a gun and shoot teenagers because AMERICA
Ice water and Whipped cream. Let the edgelord explain to his mommy why he came home needing a bath.
When you have a shitlord edgelord 11yr old teenlord fucklord there's almost nothing you can do that won't encourage him further. Just turn lights on and stop the show. It'll make him leave. It would be funner'n horsecocks to have a puppet swoop down or dump fishguts or fling pooh or something but it's only going to provoke them. I think it'd be fine to have something like that just because it's more entertaining, but I think you should use it for fun and not to get the bad kids to...
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If I changed the adder block to a subtractor what would happen?

This is a homework question and I don't understand what it means. The question is:

If the adder block was changed to a subtractor block, would this circuit provide any arithmetic functionality? If so, explain. If not, explain.

I'm thinking that it would just do the same thing but the output would be flipped but i have no idea.
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So Im opening a Burguer place and I dont know what colors to use, I want to use the red because its already there... Help me please
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try /b/ theres alot of fatass american burger eaters there who probably are experts on fast food interior design since they eat there 24/7 365
Make it a 50s diner, give it a checker board floor, wallpaper and throw the kid in the deep frier
If you want to use a different colour then red then use two coats of primer and then use the desired paint.

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I am trying to debounce a button via software but I am some how stuck. Would appreciat if someone could give me a pointer to a solution.
Microcontroller board:
Xmc4500-1024, infineon
Relax kit, arm cortex m4
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what I do to debounce buttons is I use two separate functions in the main loop.
one disables all button-input upon pressing and sets an indicator variable, and the other re-enables all button-input and the indicator variable if the desired time delay has passed

the rest of the code is set inside a if--then statement, that checks if button-input is true
Draw a state diagram to help you visualize what's going on.

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So, I want to build a 1:1 running model of the Polish TKS tankette. My only problem is, I don't know how to build the tracks. Other than that I know what I'll need to do for it.
Any ideas? I was thinking small steel plates connected to some type of chain, but I'm not sure how to do it.
Also is there a place I can find blueprints with scales? If not I have some friends in enginnering that can help me with that.
Thanks for the ideas.
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Just make interlockable steelplates. Just google up disintegrating ammo belt. The bullet is a steelpiece for holding in place and the ammo belt parts are your track.
After literally 7 seconds of googlehttp://www.fahrzeuge-der-wehrmacht.de/Kettengl.html
Ok, I never would thought about that. But thats a great idea.
That never came up for me, and I dont speak german. But hey, I can piece it together with the pictures.
Thanks guys

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What is best for low voltage such as chargers, table lamps, fans etc.

Just to elaborate I mean the small 4-5A Terminal blocks that you can find everywhere.
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If it's something you don't move around or look at, terminals are much easier to use.

I use heatshrink when it's something visible or when it has be moved around because I always worry about accidentally shorting the exposed parts of terminals.
just crimp it and wrap it in duct tape

get decorative duct tape if you care how it looks
Do you know if one or both have a security flaw that one should be aware of?
Sure 20-50W shit is probably safe either way unless short-circuited but a pleb like me don't know

How can I get a boat to generate extremely loud, sub-audible frequency tunes?

I'm curious to see what would happen if a long-range schooner (mainly Pacific) was able to be recognised by aquatic mammals at distances of hundreds of kilometres, in much the same way as whales with their unique songs.
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>a boat
>extremely loud, sub-audible frequency tunes
Not going to happen mate, you are talking about a steady wave of 10hz that is extremely loud in the water, maybe if you drop a series a bombs in it, there is no way to make that happen
>I know nothing

Get out.

Two options I can think of:

There are a number of extremely low-frequency speakers that are essentially fans with variable-pitch blades. These are driven by voice coils that can produce low-frequency audio, well below human hearing range, at substantial volume. There's no inherent reason you couldn't do the same underwater.

If you want just about the loudest thing that you can actually modulate, you're looking for...
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>They're capable of insane decibel levels, far above what the loudest of conventional speakers can produce. We're talking so far past "instant, permanent, and complete hearing loss" you enter "actually lethal" territory

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Does anyone know of any tutorial on carving soft foam for making decent puppets?

I'd like to get into some Henson tier puppet making but it seems like it's a bit of a lost artform.
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Bumping for interest. Adam Savage did a 1 day build of a puppet at Rick Lyon's shop, not a tutorial per se, but probably good for an overview on the process.


Seems like there's less carving and more shaping via stitching and barge cement.
There are multiple ways to go about it, though carving out your puppets from foam gives a bit more control over the form than working with a pattern.

Stan Winston seems to have a good series on it
Sadly it's pretty expensive and hasn't been uploaded anywhere I don't believe.
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It seems like there's multiple ways to start a sculpt as well.

In the pic he looks to be simply sticking together the flat planes for the basic form, though http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/puppets/make.html goes right into a foam block... and there's still the issue of finding techniques and tips for making something look decent and not like some deviantart reject. I haven't been able to find a thing on that.

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Hey /diy/ I have a bunch of these helium tanks and was wondering what I could use them for. I was thinking of filling some with sand for a ghetto weights and perhaps making a bbq, what do you think?
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why are you doing this to me OP?

this is such a nice board, dont ruin it by making me tell you what you should really do with it
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bigger antenna than this.png
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Would it be possible to change the antennae on a regular home router and have it broadcast WiFi signals on a completely different frequency? What would be the effects of this?

My boss purchased rights to an old TV frequency, so legality is not an issue.
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You're looking for an SDR good sir, Google yourself up a suitable one and prepare your wallet

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Hey /diy/, newfag here. I've started to develop great interest in Zeppelins and warplanes from WWI and WWII, and I think it would be pretty cool to make a model of the R101 or a Spitfire. Any advice I could have?
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RC airships are a thing.
For a dirigible you might see if guillows or someone else makes a balsa and paper kit. I have one tucked away somewhere. Balsa kits are a bit of a lost art, really only popular among old fashioned rc aircraft fans. They are fun as hell though, and building a plane or zep off a plan with only balsa wood and doped tissue paper is a neat experience.
Thank you, I neglected to mention that I was talking about functional models, and not just something that looks nice

The pic of the cutie is bait to get you to read my thread.

I am an electrical apprentice trying to build a 2nd set of tools, mainly for side-work. What websites do you guys use to find deals on bundles?

I am fucking sick of shopping at hardware stores. All of them have only a few brands to choose from, requiring me to visit several different places to shop for the greatest amount of variety and sales; all the while knowing what's on the shelves is only a fraction of the manufacturer's catalog and the "discounts" are petty.

I'm used...
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Jokes on you pal. Most people who are good at DIY seem to have pretty tasty birds.
I've got a tasty bird myself but I still jack off every morning before work, after work, and pretty much any time the old lady isn't home.

Don't wanna show up at the jobsite with a loaded gun.
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Where's that classic blunder meme when you need him? Oh well, have a Constanza.

(Was gonna say 'post pics of tasty birds, faggots' but then I remembered I wasn't in /b/)

I need to cut holes in a dome to fit some cylinders into so that they are pointing straight out. I crudely did this in sketchup to sort of show you what I'm talking about. If I were doing this on a flat surface, it would be no problem, just cut a circle. However, because of the semi-spherical shape of the dome, the circle becomes elongated on the surface to get the cylinder to point in the correct direction. Any advice?
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Use a drill? Not sure what you're getting at
The answer depends on various factors. What materials are the dome and cylinder made of? Will the cylinder penetrate into the dome, or stop at the surface? How will you be joining them? What are the tolerances? What tools do you have available? Have you completed high school geometry?

Making some assumptions, an option would be to eyeball it, cut the cylinder at an angle, put it against the dome where you want it, mark where the cylinder has to be trimmed to fit, trim it, then put it back and trace around it...
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Hello /diycity/, your savior HANKY BOBBY has returned, it's good to be back. I have yet to quit my precious medicine, tobacco. I need your help, I want to make a new tubhacco pipe and I know you are the most knowledgeable humans/idiots to consult on this matter. I hope all is well.>Thanks man
>I appreciate it man
>Don't make me get rowdy
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Ok I'm thinking a future theme,use a laser,with a copper dish, and a chromed metal box,add fans so you blow the smoke up a stylised pipe
>Insert "tobacco" in nostril
>light on fire

No need to spend money on materials! Also, sage.
I tried that, can confirm my nostrils are fucked up like no other, your an asshole dude

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I need the cheapest fastest place to unlock my phone. It's a Tmobile Galaxy S5 SM-G900T3, USA- IMEI:351724070729041 Thanks in advance. If someone can unlock it or tell me where I can unlock it.
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return in Tyrell
Best circumstance: you are absolutely shitty and have no idea how to remember what your code is and you locked yourself out

In this case you don't deserve technology

worst case: you stole it

In this case give it back Jerome

Likely case: trying to snoop on a SO

In this case you are a jealous ass hole


any way i can turn this old vivint security system controller into a tablet of sorts?
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pic related
You'd get way better answers posting this question on /g/

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How would you go about making this pastry thing in wood? Is it possible for someone who has never done any woodworking in his life to sit down and make this?
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get a sharp carving knife and whittle away
how would one go about making the holes?

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Sup /diy/, is there anybody interested in vape handcrafting?
Here's the schematic of mech boxmod 2x18650 with dpdt switch for the beginning.
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If it turns out that vaping isn't seriously bad for your health then I'm going to be pretty pissed off. Why don't you all just fucking die already.
Taking about this shit like is some kind of art? Its not even science it's heating up a bit of wire. Children in school do this, that is the level you are at. Fuck me.
What the fuck is that mosfet doing apart from literally nothing? Just so you can use a shitty button?
The 10A rating on the switch is meaningless unless you specify DC. If you...
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Holy shit this
Pretty harsh bro

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tl;dr - my furnace smells funny when I first turned it on, has anyone else encountered this?


I bought this place not too long ago, so some things that I'm encountering are still at their "this is the first time I'm even doing this" point.

In this case, it's restarting the furnace. The weather dropped pretty cold here pretty fast, and I woke up to a house in the mid 60s, so I figure it's time to cover the AC and turn on he furnace. Switched the thermostat to heat, set the temp, done. Thermostat trips, furnace kicks...
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Wtf is there a lightbulb on the psu in your pic? Rofl
keep running it and see if the smells persists
Thus far, it doesn't.

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2 MB,
I have (webm related) a halogen light fixture, with two dimmers and knobs.

The fixture is fucked on the inside (and the part connecting to the halogen lamp), but I don't think the dimmers are fucked.

I want to buy the cheapo ikea standing lamp, but it has no dimmer.

Question: Can I somehow salvage the dimmer from my light fixture and make it work on the IKEA lamp?

The IKEA lamp used standard E27 lamps, but my fixture was made for shitty (and hard to find) R7S halogen lamps.

I'm broke, and just want a fucking lamp to shine on my ceiling...
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what is the wattage of your dummer lights?
the Halogen dimmer lights?
>R7S 118mm 230W 230V
then it should work, the ikea light is rated for 100w bulbs i believe

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So I bought krylon hobby and paint enamel to cover a label on a beanie, I let it dry but I'm still unsure if its safe to put it on fabric. I tried google and got nothing
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Why didn't you get fabric paint?
It was the only paint I could find at my hardware store, no craft stores in my immediate area :/
Not shilling but fuck anon get amazon prime. There's free 2 day shipping on most stuff but I live in the middle of nowhere and still usually get my shit next day.

File: visual-basic-in-urdu1.png (52 KB, 290x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to build a program, that will help me in my everyday life. I thought of Anime progress, Expenses counter and Password saver. I still can combine them, but I want to think of something else I can add.
Can you suggest some ideas. Keep in mind that I am new at programming and this will be my first ''serious'' program, so dont give me some complicated terms. I will probably use Visual basic, because in C++ i only can do some console apps. It probably will be some very common app.
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How about a programme that reminds you to post to the right board
You be looking for /g/
Computer hardware is arguably /diy/ but software is 100℅ >>>/g/
>Computer hardware is arguably /diy/ but software is 100℅ >>>/g/
There usually is a programming thread on /g/

As far as Visual Basic, using C# would not be much different overall. They're both drag & drop GUIs in Visual Studio now. Just the terminology is a bit different.
Visual Studio is a free download now for non-commercial use--but it was not always that way before, and it may not stay...
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halp plz.png
7 KB,
Is there any easy way to get an "up side down" wedge out of a piece of wood?
It doesn't have to be pretty. I've even thought about just sawing the two diagonal edges and then using a pair of pliers to crack off the piece, but that's probably going to bring a chunk of the darker colored wood with it
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1. Cut diagonals in light wood and then glue to dark wood.

2. How wide of an opening at the surface of the light wood can you live with? You could use a dovetail router bit to cut something like this.
It's actually a single piece of wood, my illustration is just shitty. It's part of a window.
>dovetail router bit
ah, yes. That could work. Opening size is not critical. Maybe I can find one at work.
You should probably tell us what you're attempting to do bc it looks retarded but... hog out the hole with a drill and clean up the edges with a chisel. Or simply use some combination of chisel, drill or coping saw.


i want to make my own Fizz saver for my 2lt Coke bottles so that the fizz stays in the drink.

The theory is that by creating air pressure at the top of the bottle with air you stop the CO2 molecules from leaving the soda and escaping.

I have seen these two, but they are not available in my country, i live in Africa.


i have access to those pumps you get in soap dispenses,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have used these, they do not work.
Partial pressures dude. If the partial pressure sees a gradient it will smooth out the gradient.
Meaning that co2 will leak in the high pressure air because there is no co2 in the air (or too small of an amount).
Physics just ruined your day.
In other words, pressurize with CO2 if you want it to work.

File: profession.jpg (53 KB, 698x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are some professions that have good carryover to DIY stuff? I'm just finishing my degree in dentistry which actually is very DIY thing, it doesn't really have any carryover to anything else though apart from getting crazy good finger dexterity.
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doctor do ur own medicine
Most people on this board are carpenters, machinists, welders, or engineers so that should give you a hint at what sort of professions carry over to diy
File: 1470688183140.jpg (75 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 960x720
I get plaque on my front bottom teeth. I brush 2 times a day and floss but it still accumulates. Everytime I go to the dentist they scrape it all off. Would I be harming my teeth if I scrape it off myself with a needle or paperclip or something? Or is there a better way to get rid of it.

Hey /diy/. I'm currently refurbishing some old dresser.

As you can see, there is a little damage to the corners. Any idea how I could fix this?

Also, does anyone know what wood this is? This is really important to me.

It somewhat smells of basement, even after oiling. I read that vinegar could help, but also that it destroys some softer woods.

Sorry if this is not directly "diy", I just don't know where else to post it.
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I'm generally thankful for tips regarding wood cleaning and finishing.

There are scratches that are only visible in direct light, but they really bug me.
a stain marker for mid depth scratches (wax colored to match the stain), for shallow scratches you can rub a plain white candle on the surface, and it will fill in the gaps in the finish that make the scratch look white, but it's semi-temporary because wax wears faster than finish when cleaning, so you have to do it every six months or so.
pretty sure that looks like an oak, given the unstained color of the chip and the long flecks of grain pattern.
for that chip, the only thing you can really try is to...
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