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I have someone who is frequently breaking into cars on our street. It has happened to my car twice. Locked, no damage, they toss everything in the car looking for something. Is there some kind of non leathal deterrent I could build?
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A car alarm?
>Locked, no damage, they toss everything in the car looking for something
Does the FBI think you have copies of Hillary's emails?
I think my car alarm is broke, It never went off.

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for sound proofing my room. How effective are acoustic foam wedges? does an entire wall need to be covered with them in order for them to be effective? What's the cheapest way to sound proof a door?
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This shit needs to be in the sticky


It doesn't fucking exist
Line the walls with mattresses from the gutter.
>you might get aids but hey, it's free
Frame in a room within a room. I'd put it on cheap insulating risers like auralex uboat floaters. I'd probably caulk every joint. To heck with ventilation, just jump out every so often.

You could double drywall with acoustic glue.

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I'm extending this brick base patio out along the red line, the floor is concrete but it slopes down by about two bricks high.

What's the standard method to get this done?
A few tiers of concrete foundations like pictured or something I've not thought of.
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what the hell is a b c?

just get it leveled with 2 steps, or 3 like u did

I needed the dimensions, not my patio.
what? why need the dimensions if it is not your patio?

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Hi /diy/nosaurs, for a course at school, I have some questions to ask people with houseplants. Probably /b/ is the best board for a random question like this but /diy/ is one of my favourite boards and it actually seems to contain reasonable people so I thought I'd ask here.

1. What are some struggles that you have with keeping plants, for example diseases, nutrient deficiencies, the plants not getting water when you're on holiday or you forgetting to water them?
2. Would you get more plants if you had less of these struggles?
3. What is your reason...
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You do know /an/ would be the place to look for stuff like this.
I have plants that can tolerate me forgetting them for several weeks, and then they just get one brown stalk which reminds me.
Anything needing watering several times a week dies quickly.
I've tried a few automatic watering solutions, but they are all unconvenient or ugly.
I have no idea about nutrition, maybe that would be an issue too if I actually watered the plants.

I would have more plants if they survived. I have them for decoration.
thx for the suggestion, I forgot that board, haven't visited 4chan for a few months. But I'm also looking for people that have no plants because they have too many issues with them, so just visiting places that are guaranteed to have people with plants would provide a biased sample

I want to find a job that involves crafting things with wood (cabinets, tables,etc) but i have no experience. any woodworkers out there that can give me some advice? Thanks
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Get experience
Can you read a tape measure?
Move to Amish country; there is always a woodworker looking for an assistant/apprentice and you'd get a great education in hand tools

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Basically, does a polyfuse in glass fuse package exist, so i can stop wasting money on glass fuses on my home-made bench PSU.
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Why does it have to be in a glass fuse package? And if you made your own PSU you should be able to make a polyfuse fit in a glass fuse spot
or burn out a glass one and solder on a polyfuse to the glass fuse to make it removable
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because i'm using pic related on the + rails and i don't want to change the design (looks more convenient).

I could disassemble a glass fuse and fit in a SMD polyfuse inside, but why bother making manky fuses if these exists anyways?

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Hello, this is my first project. I found an image of a filter box made out of cardboard and decided to make one out of wood. I couldn't find the pic so I drew up one, I don't remember the dimensions, I think it's 25x25 cm all around, not sure. The original design used a box fan, it works alright, but the fan starts to overheat and create a smell, they're not designed to push air against pressure. I found out I need a centrifugal fan, so I got an EBM papst R2E225 fan.

Thing is I have zero knowledge on electricity and and how to wire this to a fan controller...
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Shit, I forgot a bit, I'm tired I had trouble writing this up.

I'm planning on mounting the centrifugal fan on the bottom side of the top and cut a whole so it doesn't overheat. Here's a pic of it and it's specifications. I think I'm forgetting something in my post.
I have the R2E225-RA40-21, ignore the second line.
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That will keep you awake at night. It's really designed to be part of a ducted system moving air from multiple rooms.

According to that spec sheet, the capacitor is included with the fan motor.

I presume this impellor is house? It's designed as an inline fan, which normally come housed as it's not a case of just stick them in a box and it will move air like an axial fan would, air movement has to be directed through the impellor much like a water pump, see pic related.

As for speed controller, if it's compatible with one, check your...
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Belt grinder general.

When will Harbor Freight build a 2x72 belt grinder for a reasonable price? I have no idea why these things cost $500 for a shitty KIT that doesn't even have a motor.

Anyone here have a belt grinder? Are there any affordable options out there?

I have a Harbor Freight 1x30 belt sander and it's useful in the shop, but I can't make a knife of it and the material removal rate is pretty lackluster.
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Harbor freight sells motors and basic controllers, why don't you just make one?
Contact wheels are fucking expensive.

Standalone HF motors are overpriced. It would be cheaper to buy one of those shitty 2hp compressors (69667) to take the motor from.

Unless I get a 3 phase motor and VFD (or a DC motor), I need step pulleys to adjust the speed.

While I have the tools to build a grinder, I'd rather just buy one.
>Anyone have a belt grinder

No but I have a linisher.

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This is a awesome wirklich!
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This is a life saving coil.
Is that a sausage winch?

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I'm referring to what's to the right of the house. What's closer to the camera is covered by nice grass.
Nothing grows there (on the north side of the house + shade from the trees). Not even ferns or moss or mushrooms.
The ground is mostly sand and rocks (from small to huge) and absorbs water fairly easily.
It doesn't look very unstable but I want to be 100% sure it stays that way for as long I own the house.
Some black plastic covered with rocks?
Some sort of net?

Aesthetics matter very little because at some point (soon) I'll build a deck over it.
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build a retaining wall a little bit away from the building
Either build a few retaining walls to make the ground flat for a bit and step them down. Or remove those trees so sunlight can get to that part then plant some grass. Grass naturally keeps dirt from moving due to all of the roots grabbing everything. I had a similar problem, my yard washed away every time it rained. Planted some grass, now everything holds.
Maybe tear it up, lay down some new dirt, and apply sod?

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Hey /diy/, I'm thinking about building a wooden canoe this summer, what I really need to figure out is how I'm going to waterproof the thing.. It seems that most people use some sort of epoxy or coat it in fiberglass but that's pretty cost-prohibitive. Anyone know of any alternatives or more traditional methods?
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The old ways were notching and overlapping wood so tight that it was waterproof, or stuffing cordage in the gaps, and then coat the bottom of the boat with pitch/tar. Even with these methods, people needed to bail water out of boats fairly often.

Wrapping a canoe body in skins or canvas and putting polyeurethane or lead paint on them also worked. Most of the "not medieval but still effective" methods are toxic as fuck and usually prohibited.

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If you aren't making the boat from Water World, why even try?
>It seems that most people use some sort of epoxy or coat it in fiberglass but that's pretty cost-prohibitive.
Not really.
The decent wood you would use (if you were reasonable) would cost a lot more....

>Anyone know of any alternatives or more traditional methods?
The traditional way is you coat it inside and out with a couple coats of varnish, and then you don't leave it in the water when you're not using it. If you are not...
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So I bought a second hand Iphone 5 and think I got ripped off.... with ripped off I mean it was a stolen one. The phone still has all info of a swedish guy and it keeps asking to log into his apple ID. I clearly didn't buy it off a swedish guy so don't know what to do. any suggestions?
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Last I looked it's impossible to get past Apple ID locks.

It's less a question of unlocking the phone than it is one of unlocking the account itself. See if you can get a password, by any means.

Or give it back, Tyrone
Also, >>>/g/
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Im building a gaming pc and my budget is 4000$ what are the best parts (I've never built a pc before)
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/g/ has a specific thread for pc building advice.

$4k is a fuckton. Unless you're using your computer for some crazy renders or 4k+ video editing, you can play any game at 4k resolution for around $2k.

Do a bit of research on your own instead of being an ignorant consumer.
Put 2000 in the bank for upgrades down the line. Look around for value-for-money rather than "TOP SPEC ELITE HYBRID GAYMER BRAND".

Go to /g/ for specific advice, we know how but can't be fucked to tell. Good luck.

>I spent three months sourcing and comparng parts for my $ 2000 rig 7 years ago
>after reading up on current technology trends, processor development cycles and news, graphics card announcements and pricing schemes, namebrand...
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Ended up with a gigabyte X58, ATI4500, i7 920, velociraptor disk + 1TB archive, dvd+ burner, 1200W PSU etc.

The PSU was overkill, but is still usable, since power couplings haven't changed that much (thankfully). The rest is practically obsolete since the 1156 socket was phased out, and the gfx cards have a shelf life of about four years before becoming noticeably sub-par (unless you're insane and spend three times as much as three upgrades would cost for half the net performance)

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I want to acquire a couple of Corsair HD120, but I don't want to use the shitty controller or the reset button override.

Instead I want to hook them up to a separate speed controller and my NZXT Hue+.
Would it be possible to map out the led's and use a standard 4pin led connector? And utilise the NZXT light system and modes?
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I would just get regulare fans that work better and emit less noise than fans only you would look at and be proud of yourself :^)
But I want something with flash and bells that an autist like me can enjoy.
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Seriously doh this isn't /biz/

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Is there anything I can do to fix this from dangling? Everything works fine (Sound, Mic and so forth) its just now hanging.
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glue it back with superglue


get a new one
I had the same happen to my 930's, logitech's headphones are shit tier quality. I duct taped the shit out of it. Do that with some metal flashing or splints/nails to stiffen it off, just make sure to keep them relatively away from your head.

They will look like shit, but work.

Then, get some proper headphones. Dont leave heavy duty equipment to the same people who can't even make a non-self destructing wireless transmitter smaller than 2" in 2016...
Gorilla glue bro!

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lmao ffs china you literally couldntve got it any wronger
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>you literally couldntve got it any wronger
you literally couldntve got it any wronger
meany :/
now Im unhappy
Are you implying switching L and N makes a difference?

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I looking for a projet for school and I like the idea of POV but I can't find any good electronic schema. Can you help me
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Design it yourself and ask for help then.
hall effect sensor for counting ripm's

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Does anyone have experience with PMC?
Its a clay made of about 80% pure silver powder that turns into solid silver when you fire it.

I want to make a ring for someone kind of like this but i cant imagine it would be durable enough.

Regular PMC is .999 silver which i know isnt ideal for jewelry but there is a sterling silver version but even then i have doubts.
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Melting point of silver is 1763f, firing temp for PMC+ is 1650f at 10 minutes.
I don't see why holding at just below melting temp wouldn't fuse the material into a solid peice like it claims--though I'm not too familiar with metallurgical sciences, it sounds reasonable.
It may have some weaknesses traditionally made jewelry wouldn't, but it's jewelry. How strong does it really need to be?
Pure silver would be riddled with scratches and deform easily.
Why don't you just cast one op? Casting jewelry really isn't that hard, especially with lost wax technique

They even make propane torch foundaries you can get on Amazon that will melt just enough for jewelry

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Is it possible to machine this part? The wall thickness is 0.5mm
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Are you asking because you're going to attempt it or ask someone who knows what they are doing to attempt it? Cus they'll tell ya.
how much money do you have?
File: 1474051598795.jpg (135 KB, 736x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need it done cheap lads

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread: the thread
Time to ask your question, look hours later and find nobody answered it!
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why r u a fagaut
This isn't a question related to /diy/. People can't make themselves a fagaut.
File: 100% MAD_1.png (272 KB, 350x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100% MAD_1.png
272 KB, 350x263
Maybe I'll have better luck here:
I'm fucking pissed. A renter, who I explicitly told repeatedly "if the water pump runs continuously, for longer than 3 seconds at most, unplug it and tell me". And of course, what happens? I come home and find a note on my door that the pump is turning on and off, he couldn't figure out how to turn it off, and that he's leaving for a while.

I go over, its fucking rapidly cycling, pulling air, very hot, etc. The intake line is fucked up for various relatively predictable, but nonetheless unlikely reasons. I knew he wasn't paying attention worth shit and half saw this coming, but come on. Haven't tested the pump further yet, don't know if it's alright.

The point of this post. I need to find a pressure gauge that either be programmed to output a signal at certain ranges, or constantly outputs its reading. I can have something cut the power to the pump at the outlet when it drops under 5 psi.

Is this a thing, or am I going to have to make it myself? Assuming I still have a functioning otherwise brand new pump. "Please fix, thanks."

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Just dug up the shitty, rusty, old, poorly installed, leaning clotheslines in the back of my yard. I know how to install them correctly, I'm just wondering what my best option is for replacements. Should I go to big box store, call a welding shop, or what?
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I am not even american and I know you can get those from walmart.
just use ;some 2" pipe and screw it together with some fittings
Put the old ones back in the ground, but do it properly and make sure they don't lean.

File: ledshoes.jpg (89 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd like to put LEDs on my clubbing shoes that light up when I am standing; some sort of button/pressure thingy on the sole that completes the circuit while depressed, and off when off the ground.

While I've got a soldering iron and do repairs, I've not done electronics before.

Could someone give me a component list to do this so I can amazon.co.uk. I'm genuinely too stupid to work out what sort of switch I need, as I can't get my head around if momentary switches mean "on when pushed off when let go" or "on when pushed,...
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Please do not do it.

Your future self will thank me.
She really won't
They sell these you know. For 5 years old and under.

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I enjoy /diy/ but it's too slow. I need more threads to read.

Are there any forums out there that compare in terms of content? I can't find one, presumably because /diy/ is so varied.
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Most will be specialized

Might want to pick a category of interest and go from there.

Most forums I go to consist of people who know what they're talking about, so if you're looking for threads about hipster furniture, forging metal, pallet wood, people who don't know how to use google, you're out of luck.

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hello diy
I want to build a kiln for glass
does anyone have any good resources on that like where to buy the parts?
should I go with insulated fire brick or like kiln board or something
I have welding machines and tons of tools including a sheet metal brake

guide my wallet diy
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i have googled with nothing good coming up
What do you want to do with it?

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download (1).jpg
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Hey /diy/ I'm a computer engineer and I'm wondering what you all think about these kits I have had mine for about 3 years now and I love it so what do you guys use for electronics like laptops and computers.
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i am a potato and i potato potato potato i am wondering if you can fuck off my potato for a bout 3 years fucking years
I prefer screwdrivers with longer tips that can actually reach into terribly designed enclosures.
A kit like this is all you need for a laptop/phone etc small device repairs.
If you start dealing with bigger stuff like vacuum cleaners, dish washers you will for sure need a ridiculously long and robust philips and torx screwdrivers. Especially for vacuum cleaners.

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I rarely see threads on making your own fuel for oil motors.

I have several older Diesel vehicles and some other engines that I'd like to run on used cooking and motor oils, and maybe later actually refining to biodiesel.

I'm planning to both settle and filter it. And will be using a single tank system.

But I have some concerns.

I've been reading that filtering to 75micron is good enough to run the engine on.

But will filtering actually remove water to a satisfactory level?

And because I live in a warm climate, I'm...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It is usually about 30 celsius here and bacon fats resolidify if left in the pan for a couple hours.

Filtering will not remove water. You need a fuel-water separator for that.
A mobile diesel mechanic I know used to run 70% used oil 30% Ä‘eisel ran well. He just dumped the used oil in the tank.
My brother used to run his VW T2 on rapeseed oil quite sucessfully for some time. You need to make sure that the fuel pump will not be overloaded, so here's what he did: He took a 30cm long copper pipe of ~2cm diameter, and coiled a 5mm rass wire around it, heated everything and put a lot of solder on everything for good thermal connection. The big pipe got into the water cooling circuit.
Now normally a fuel pump sucks a constant flow of fuel from the tank, the injection sips what it needs and the rest flows back into the tank. He took the fual line going back and connected...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hey /diy/, this might seems simple to you, but I'm not that great with electronics.

I have an emg bqc control (pic related) that i plan on using in my p bass that has a seymour duncan quarter pounder in it. I figured I'd have to use a normal 250k or 500k volume potentiometer instead of emg's recommended 25k because im using a passive pickup. My question is how do i go about wiring the bqc with a regular pot? Im not sure if the six pins correspond with the three lugs of a normal pot or if they work entirely differently. Sorry if this is a total noob question,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Try the /ohm/ thread, they can help
File: 1474897161339.jpg (527 KB, 1616x1484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
527 KB, 1616x1484
the volume pot on their website is a normal 3 pin pot on a pcb.
i guess its 6 pin to take signal + ground and they do something with the bridge and neck pickup combining too
just tie the grounds together and put the signal through center and the other on the left or right pin depending on what way you want to turn it to make it go up.down.

File: 12-mcv50 (1).jpg (27 KB, 587x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12-mcv50 (1).jpg
27 KB,
Any machinists on here?

I'm looking to buy a 4020 CNC Mill for my business but I have absolutely no experience with making chips or using a FANUC controller.

I have CAD and CAM knowledge, as well as know how to use a CNC router fairly well for cutting wood, aluminum sheet.

What literature/resources do you guys recommend I go through to learn as much as possible about milling before actually buying a mill?
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I plan on reading the CNC Programming Handbook to be able to use and program the FANUC controller that I have absolutely no experience with.
As an intro to machining, I plan on reading Machining Fundamentals. It seems to have a good reputation as a intro on the topic of machining.
forgot pic.

With the mill I plan on beginning with cutting mostly aluminum parts and doing small scale production.

I thought about getting the Tormach PCNC 1100 but after adding all the options (ATC, Controller, Enclosure) which I'd like to have on a CNC the price is a lot closer to a used 4020 mill like the Samsung MCV-50 in OP. I'd also rather not be stuck with Tormach TTS tooling when it's time to buy a CAT40 machine.

File: Assembly1.png (869 KB, 1672x865) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
869 KB,
Every once in a while I'll have a random idea and build it in Autodesk. I usually over engineer the hell out of it for fun. Who else loves the freedom of building whatever you want?

Show me your CAD projects /diy/

pic related, potato cannon I spent the last few hours working on
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7 shooter?
the rendering is really bad because you can't see shit
designed a little rocket for shiggles a few years ago. uses pvc for the payload casing and steel pipe for the motor body, designed for using a rocket candy fuel block.

File: raw wood-.jpg (277 KB, 800x691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
raw wood-.jpg
277 KB,
had a tree (sugar maple) cut down couple weeks ago. grabbed a slice of wood I thought I would make into a half round shelf or end table at some future date (no free tie to do it right now). question is do I need to put some sort of sealer on it to keep it from drying out too fast (and cracking)? should I store it in the garage where it will be exposed to some late summer humidity but not directly to rain or any other weather. or should I put it in he basement which has a de-humidifier running all the time so it is nice and dry and cool down there. it looks like its already started to warp a bit.
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It's probably too late. Because it's already cut, it's going to dry fast, and that means it will crack.

Possible fix, glue both faces down with elmers/yellow wood glue to a piece of plywood or something. wait 3-6 months, then use a heat gun/water/clothes iron on steam setting to soften the glue and get your slice back.
commonly you need to seal the ends with wax or 2-6 layers of latex paint.
Even with slow drying a ring like that will really want to crack. Waxing heavily wont hurt. People also treat green wood with polyethelene glycol, it replaces some of the water, so even when it is fully dry, it doesnt shrink as much.good luck

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