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I got this ipad from my grandpa, but the thing is disabled because of too many pin code attempts. Now trying to restore with itunes forces me to also update the iOS, which would slow down this ipad since it is not the latest (see apple marketing strategy).

So my question, how do I restore/reformat this ipad without updating?

I use pc exclusively, so I can't connect the ipad with another apple product.

Any ideas?
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Take this shit to >>>/g/ so they can call you a nigger
I think Handbrake do something or reiboot - Google ffs!
You'd think it would, but it doesn't.

So long as you don't jailbreak it, iPad 2 or later will run the latest OS with no bother.

>how do I restore/reformat this ipad without updating?
By definition you don't, because restoring an iProduct mean putting a new system image on it.

If it's set to disable itself when you enter the pin wrong, then *it cannot be reenabled*. The whole point of this feature is so that when someone steals your iPad, they...
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I am growing a lemon tree (the small kind) in a pot and although its had some difficulty, it now appears to be doing ok and has grown about as big as it can get in its current pot. Some leaves turn upside down and one or two have browned or dried, I suspect from the intense heat here, however I wish to repot it - its summer here, the plant is no longer flowering but does have some slowly growing fruit thats been growing for several months now - is it ok to repot, what are some tips for putting it int a bigger pot, and how do I get it out of its current pot with minimal damage? Any tips?
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As someone who knows nothing about gardening I would smash the old pot, put a bit of dirt in the new pot, put the plant in, add more dirt
Wise advice. Sadly the pot is plastic
So cut it off with a box knife numbnuts..

File: charcoal_Rlarge.jpg (84 KB, 640x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ok, to make a long story short, my hands are shit but I want to try to carve things.

the conclusion i have reached is use foam.

foam itself is relatively expensive, and large so i don't want to buy pre made pieces.

is there any diy foam i could make, that would have little to no air pockets, (think the fiam normally has .01mm air holes or less, but than there is one area that looks like it could be mistaken for swiss cheese) that i could make in fairly small quantities or containers, empty soda cans?
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I dont think you are going to be able to make your own foam any better.

What kind of carving are you talking about
sharp knife, but sense its just foam, i could probably be able to use an exacto knife more precisely.

quality wise... i'm not expecting it to be perfect, just wondering if there was an option that would piss me off.
for an ultra ghetto version you could use spray can expanding foam, spray it into a frame of the shape you want and then carve it?

Not sure how toxic it would be to handle over a large period of time but it might work?

File: 1452293626157.jpg (29 KB, 474x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how to make an energy drink https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGI59pt0RxI
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Don't do it. This makes nerve gas.
>Copy that; ogre and out.

File: 1449248663321.jpg (162 KB, 1168x1028) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a log. It is about 6 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. What do with log?
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up the butt it goes

That's stoopid. It goes in the pee hole, mang.

If you have acces to a wood lathe, i would sugest you cut the diameter to about 4 inches in diameter. round up the tip, and dont forget to sand it to a high finish.
That being said its probbably cheaper and easier to just buy a dragon dildo

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I'm looking to do a Koume nendoroid as a gift, was looking for some pointers with what supplies are good to use, how can I make the face not look like crap and good base nendoroids I can sculpt over
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La doll clay or green stuff from games workshop are ny best guesses.

Google den of angels, they have a bunch of shit on tutorials and shit.

File: WallWart.jpg (14 KB, 240x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/ I been thinking...
Everyone has a shitload of devices that use wall warts. Voltages generally vary from 5VDC(USB) to 18-19VDC(laptop). All of them have to convert from ~120VAC to low VDC. Most of the cost of these are reduction, rectifying, and filtering
USB is starting to become a standard, you can even get outlets with 5VDC, but it doesn't cover the problem.

------What if there were a 20VDC, low ripple standard???------
-It would power laptops with minimal circuitry.
-It would require less of bulky wall warts, possibly even eliminating them.
-It's much easier (and cheaper) to convert from 20VDC to USB 5VDC than from 120VAC
-low ripple 20VDC would require less filtering for 5-9-12-18 VDC requirements.

Downsides are:
-You'd have to buy a supply for your house, and extra wiring (some are wiring their houses for 5VDC(USB))
-Manufacturer support currently non-existent

Wouldn't it be cheaper and more convenient in the long run?
Now, nobody has it, and it would be expensive to implement, but what about new houses?

Right now, I have a wall-wart for:
2 phones
2 tablets
Rechargeable trimmer
3 laptops
video switchbox
wireless router
battery charger
2 e-cigs
jambox (small portable stereo for you youngfags)

I'm sure I missed some...
But, even at $3 each, that's $51, and that's a low estimate. House wiring lasts (for all practical purposes) forever but we get new devices every 5 years or less.
Cheap China laptop chargers are $10, good ones $60 or more
You can't replace a wal-wart for less than $5-$10.
Why not one LOW RIPPLE supply instead?

How do we make this happen?
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>How do we make this happen?
We dont.
You are just making a larger problem than there currently is, which really is a nonproblem in the first place.
The problem is getting it where it's needed. You still need 120v AC outlets for appliances, lighting and devices, and in many cases even two outlets is not enough, so you cannot sacrifice one or both outlets for 20v DC.

It's not worth the expense, incompatibility or inconvenience just to prevent use of wall-warts.
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39 KB, 404x229

how can i attach this to the side of a wall. i want it so the nozzles are facing up.
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Double sided tape.
Do capillary pumps actually work that way up?

I thought the liquid would syphon through?

File: 20160116_205433-1.jpg (3 MB, 4320x1157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>5411662 (Continuation from)
Circuit broke in this, nephew was playing with it & asked me to repair it. Two black wires were disconnected & I'm going to solder them soon.
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Blade only lights half-way, fyi.
Electrical tape / soldering for any issues with what's in the hilt.

Can't help much with blade though, sorry.

I've had to do a bit of work on wires that disconnected or split in these

Remember, black wire is battery -> circuits.

File: ultratech.jpg (949 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
949 KB,
Can we talk tools? I like to carry a pocket knife with me, it's one of the most important, not as a weapon or some /b/ tier shit like that but for utility.

In my opinion nothing can match the high quality and practical user friendly interface of an Microtech Ultratech.
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Utility? Practical? A spring knife? Go back to /b/
a big knife is infinitely useful: i just have to pull it out a lil' bit and my hoes stop yaking and get back to they corners where they belong.
yeah, there's really no benefit of a spring knife that is worth the hassle of dealing with weapons laws. I can open a regular folder (even one without the little assist knob or 'spring assist') one handed, since i still have all my fingers.
Plus, my instinct has always been to not trust the locking mechanism of a lot of folding knives. framelocks always seem to jam open on me, and don't trust the straight folders, so lockback for the win imo.

File: IMG_20160117_201819247.jpg (1 MB, 1456x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What should I know about avocado plants to raise one properly?
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they need a tropical wheather, try to keep it away from the cold
they're trees, you know that right

I am putting plywood shelves in my closets that look something like this. The shelves are 5/8 plywood, and I face nailed a furring strip to the front to get it rigidity. The supports along the back and sides are 5/8 plywood about 3 1/4 inches in height. The issue is, even after brad nailing the shelves into the supports, the middle of the shelf at the front (away from the wall) still has some give to it. I'd prefer not to put in the metal brackets at this point because I'd then have to shim it out from the wall because the support is already there. I was thinking of...
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Forgot to add, the two longest shelves around around 7 and 9 ft respectively.
That's a crazy span for 5/8 plywood. Should have used solid wood but... I would say you need to add a post or something in the middle to support the shelf. What kind of closet rod are you using? A wooden one will sag like crazy just like the shelf.
I was going to use the tabard ~1 inch metal rod they sell at Lowes, but it only comes in 8 feet. So I might just buy some ~1 inch EMT conduit which comes in 10 ft sections.

To add, the shelves are about 13 inches deep.

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Hey /diy/, I usually go to the technology board but this has been a question for a few days. So my neighbor across the street decided to start welding shit and I'm worrying about my son's eyes. He likes to play on his bike during the day, which is also when my neighbor decides to weld. The dude has a welding mask, but doesn't take care to stop the bright light. How far can I be without damaging my eyes? I'm assuming it won't affect us too much, but it's annoying to tell my son to stop and turn around when he gets halfway around the cul-de-sac.
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tell your neighbour to set up a barrior otherwise he is posing a health and safety issue on the fucking street and can be arrested

or you can just call the police really
Neighbor can afford a welding curtain, and you can tell son NOT to stare at arc lights. Merely being across street isn't much hazard.
Yeah, but when you tell a kid to not look at something they do the opposite

Now that warosu has been down for something like 5 days, I'm pretty sure it's not going to come back any time soon, or that we should at least have multiple options.

Anyone aware of an archiver for /diy/ besides warosu?

I'm getting tired of not being able to search for basic advice, and real "forums" are universally terrible.
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Isn't desus storage having /diy/ archives?
There's no /diy/ on desustorage, and I also have no idea what's come over them, but they somehow have the delusion that /trash/ is a valuable board worth archiving.
4chandata seems to archive /diy/ but not as well as warosu

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So with robot wars coming back to the BBC, i'm interested in building a fighting robot. Has anyone here done this? what weight class should i choose?
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>So with robot wars coming back to the BBC,
>i'm interested in building a fighting robot.
>Has anyone here done this?
>what weight class should i choose?

or no, it is up to you
I'm in the middle of building a featherweight axe robot as my first robot. The consensus seems to be to start with featherweights as they are quite easy and much cheaper than heavyweights.
Best place to start is the Fighting Robot Association forum.
I would like to make one.
I'm in Kent... anyone local down for it?

I'd call the Fact Hunt btw

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