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New project.png
124 KB,
I already made basement plans on my tablet and I wanted to know what regulations I should know of before I start working on it. I went to a local hardware store and brought my tablet with the plans on it to ask for help/suggestions about certain regulations and they said they didn't handle stuff like that nor did they know of any places that did.

I just want to know what regulations to go by or if anyone know of a site that gives such regulations for the state od Illinois.

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City and state codes are available on .gov websites. I dont' know what those websites are for your area but you can usually search for building code.

The reason hardware stores don't get involved with code or plan approval is because they don't like to be sued or be hit with city inspector fines which can be pretty steep.

If its an actual basement you're going to have plumbing problems if its not already setup for drainage. Water has a tough time going up thus why not many toilets are below ground.

Some localities demand all floorplans...
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Thanks. I might go by my municpal center today to get more info. If the bathroom is too much I'll see about leaving it out of the plans. That I believe will be the biggest headache and cost anyways.
I'd like you to read the following as a song. Pick a tune you like:
Yeeeet anooother anooo-o-o-oooon that ask foooor regulations with. Out. Specifying locatiooooOOOON!

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ok, I'm getting sick of this: where the hell can I find a 1 inch lock/shank/lever/slipjoint/wtfidk kind of nut for a plumbing fitting to go over a 3/4 nipple? I just need a low profile nut for a little plumbing job.

Have been to Lowe's, HD, Ace, nobody has anything.
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no one knows wtf youre on about
Bend over and I'll show you
Show him what? Your 1 inch shank?

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I work at a pawn shop, and we're having a 50% off tool sale today. I have my pick of the litter before it officially kicks off.

What all should I invest in? So far, I have a jigsaw, a couple of sanders, and a sawzall. There is a drill press, band saw, and a big compressor, each under $50. What are some essential tools for furniture making? I've done some light stuff, but want to get into bigger and more intricate pieces.
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what brand of bandsaw and drill press?
where is this sale?
Just be careful of used compressors, check the tank if you can.
You have told us exactly nothing. Its like saying "I work at a used car dealership and they having a 50% off sale. The have cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, what should I buy?"

If you buy a shit tool you will hate it and it will slow you down. You will have to fix mistakes that wouldn't happen otherwise. A shitty Taiwanese drill press, for example, will probably have bad runout, no power and a shitty chuck. If its a nicer machine it could be well worth getting. But if you don't tell us things like Make/Model/Country of Origin we cant tell you a fucking thing.

Sometimes its better to have no tool then a shitty tool. I'd rather use a good hand drill then a garbage drill press. I've rather have to scribe a line and cut a board by hand then use a shit table saw.

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3 MB,
So I have several SAS->FC bridges bought for just $20/each. My first step after receiving the package was to crack open one of them and see whats inside.
Ok, there are SAS and FC controller chips, 4Gb of DDR2 RAM, and some sort of CPU covered with this heatsink which is likely to be glued to the CPU's IHS. How do I remove it undestructively to identify the CPU as I wonder if this board worthy fiddling with it to try and make mini server (there are also a bunch of 2.5mm pitch pins and unsoldered pads for what I think could be mini pci-e connectors) ?
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looks like they are just held on by those plastic clips
Removed clips right away. The heatsinks sit on the chips rather firmly to try and pry off the lids with miniature steel hooks
Have you tried isopropyl alcohol?

File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Anyone know how to pick this type of lock? Only tutorials I can find are for regular locks. Im studying abroad in italy and my dorm room has a staircase leading up to a locked empty room that I really want to open up so me and my room mate can have seperate rooms.
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1 MB, 3264x2448
Closer view
Well, first you need to lie on your side.

Then you need a set of "curtain lock" picks.

They're annoyingly expensive. Apparently once you have the tool it's exactly the same as SPPing a tumbler lock.
There are plenty of videos on YouTube.
Here are the options in Russian.

File: received_820364864758660.jpg (34 KB, 480x744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please help me

So i was give these two forearmed sized speakers. A left and a right. Each has two cables coming out.

I want to know how i can wire or tinker them into one aux cord to play music from my phone. I dont know if they need a power source (they most likely do)
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The speakers need amplified to work
You could build a small amp for it easily enough
As the other anon said, you need an operational amplifier, a protoboard, a potenciometer, some resistors and capacitos.search it in google, it is not hard to do, you only need time.
Buy a PAM8403 board and put it inside one speaker. They run off 5v and put out a lot of juice.
I just completed a little project like this yesterday. I used a $10 Bluetooth receiver for the input.

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I'm interested in making some foil proxies for my decks was wondering if you guys could give me some insight into printing directly on the card.
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You need a foil printer for that. They print the foil onto the paper backing. It is a special machine.
Most people use clear stickers to print on and then apply them to the card. clear sticker labels are available at any office supply store.

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When at work have free time, my father does these things out of scrap metal. My father works as a welder.
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I use to do the same at a metal fab shop!
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image (1).jpg
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Here's another
File: image (2).jpg (134 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (2).jpg
134 KB, 768x1024
The quality is poor, but it is clear.

File: niemira_15422_1.jpg (322 KB, 1066x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello /diy/namos:

I'm looking for a way to cook food when SHTF/Kali Yuga/winter storms take out the electricity. Is there a way I can use a single-burner camper stove indoors or will the monoxide make me an hero?

If I cannot, can you recommend a good SHTF indoor cooking method?

Picture completely unrelated.
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used most everything during various disagreements with landlords/utility suppliers, etc. - from single portable camping butane stoves (but dont, complete PITA; takes fucking years, and boiling point is a Zen-Like illusion, just over the horizon, reachable only the next life) to full-on multi-element gas ranges, converted for bottle gas (the big fuckers, 5-25KG). This, I recommend, when maybe not 100-pro legal, needs an adapter/presssure reduction valve/large bottled gas supplier, etc.

Not dead yet either AFAIK, monoxide is over-rated. Wouldn't run a generator indoors tho.
Given that altitude figures into cooking ability, where are you at? What's your altitude there?

I'm at 3000 ft, so I don't think a single camp burner is going to affect my ability to boil stuff that much.
You don't have natural gas to the house out where you live? Maybe get a tank installed and fill it up propane? Its easy to find and is easily used in indoor cooking without killing yourself. Can also be used to power a backup generator, water heater, clothes dryer, all that shit. They are common for places out in the sticks in my state. Depending on usage and tank size one tank can last months.

Sup /diy/

I am thinking about dome advices to build my own super soldier mask.
Would be great if i could wear it myself, but wouldnt mind if it just stands on my table.

I want to make it like the left one in front of the pic.

Any tips for material and way to get these corners done? Thought about lead...
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Does it need to be metal?
If not, WORBLA.
Something that looks low-poly like that might be great for a pepakura base. But getting it modeled is the hard part.
File: skulldozer.png (606 KB, 624x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
606 KB, 624x792
Skulldozer's face is literally a plate of AR500.

File: 20160115_155823.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
got a chinese 3040 CNC machine and am trying to enable spindle control from software. the vfd board is very chinese and very not documented. the parallel port board has no connection to the pwm output, and the vfd has no connections for pwm, but does have an AVI connector. am i correct in assuming that pwm can drive the AVI with no intermediary conditioning, or will i have to put the pwm through a low pass filter to convert it to a true analog signal before connecting to the vfd?

pic related, it's the control box face for the jdfd-s5 that drives the spindle.
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File: 20160115_161648.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4128x2322
some more info. here's the connect block for the vfd.
File: 20160115_161707.jpg (4 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 4128x2322
it's missing some opto-isolators, but most are there. might have to look more closely at that, as i think that the missing isolators are for the limits.
Been thinking about buying one. I have seen several things on here about some of the boards being shit.
I found this UK site that ships to the US. If I do buy one, I think I may end up buying boards from these folks.
These can be run off a lap top also.

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I made my own borax traps, but the little fuckers just laugh at them. I even bought traps from the store which do the exact same shit as borax traps, but that just makes them take a vacation and doesn't eradicate the colony.

I'm on the second floor and I have a cat, so I have no way to find their hive or use anything super toxic. I'm literally throwing my spice rack at them, working my way up the alphabet until I find something they hate.
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have you tried... wait for it... bug spray?

also clean your kitchen better if you have a source of food they will keep coming back. clean your house good then spray around areas you seen them before... they wont return to that area

also, train your cat to kill ants.
About the only way I've been able to keep ants under control is to spray a foam insecticide around the whole perimeter of the house. Front and rear entry doors, too.

Pretty much this. Eliminate all sources of food. Clean floors, kitchen counter, everything.
Terro works really well. Have never had it not work.

Which utility knife is best utility knife? It's only for cutting up boxes but I want one that's gonna be comfy to hold and won't break on me.
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Well, I got a 3 pack of Husky folding u-knives for 5 bucks, so I'd go with that.
I have a Fastback II and it's fantastic. If it's something you have to hold onto for a long time, that's the one I'd recommend. A lot of the others I've used (olfa etc) aren't friendly to the sale of your hand.
I have a fastback. 10/10

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Someone trying to get HowToBasic + DoubleSwee famous
this, or a severe case of autism

actually its propably both
Spam your awful knock off channel elsewhere

Hi /diy/ I always wanted to have a good lightsaber but custom lightsaber makes dont ship to argentina so I want to make one by myself. Does anyone knows how to do a nice brighter one?
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the riginals were made of old camera parts so try an old lamp or flashlight
I'll just leave this here.

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