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Made this dog house for my new pupper last week. Just a sheet of ply butted, glued and screwed together with some tech-7. I put some left over ceder on the exposed edges to stop the rain seeping in and the top is just a piece of counter top I had around. Painted with some external paint to hopefully help extend it's life span. All I have to do now is try and train his dumb ass to go into it.
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sell it to a hipster as a micro-tiny-house.
tini-tiny-micro-tiny house (tm)
Idk guys. I don't think I want hipsters creeping around on my property and I would like my dog stayed outside.

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Sans titre.png
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Hey /diy/ what's the best way to achieve this?

I already have rca to 3.5mm adapters for both consoles since that's what my speakers and infrared cordless headphones use.
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It's called a receiver

It's actually a pretty common instrument
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underrated post.

Buy a stereo receiver off of craigslist.
regular mixer or stereo line mixer

Hi everyone,

I just bought a old library card catalogue so I can sort and store my Magic: The Gathering cards as bitchin'ly as possible.

I've been attacking the top and sides with Goo Gone to get rid of the leftover packing tape and sticker residue, and that's taking a while. On the bottom is a thin rubber/plastic strip that the university put on the bottom to protect it from the custodians' brooms and mops. What's that strip called? Wondering if I can buy a new strip, or put something similar over it. I could try to remove it, but honestly,...
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The strip at the bottom is called a toe kick plate/strip. You can get them at home depot. They are usually pretty cheap, but can be expensive if you decide to get one made out of brass or something.
I just did a search, and I can't find anything as a strip called a "toe kick". The corners are curved, so I can't just cut a piece of board.
above anon is right, toe kick/toeboard/plinth - but its basically just a bit of wood - if thats got rounded corners, its complete custom thing.

IKEA sells standard kickboards, those clip onto the cabinet feet tho. I dont know why you need to remove existing, jut recover in a new piece of vinyl, or replace with new (non-rounded edge) kickboard. Various concepts furthered here:


wasting that on MTG cards tho..

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i made this mousepad for myself

is this ok

theres exposed shit at the bottom because i planned to add a cushion like a lot of mousepads have now but I but got lazy
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I'd trim some of that excess thread off, but it looks nice otherwise.
>receives lots of criticism after posting it in the correct thread
>decides that it warrants its own thread for some reason
congrats i guess

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Guides on building a quality house that will last ? Maybe one out of brick?
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Building codes from blue states are a great place to start. Especially ones with earthquakes or high winds.
concrete and steel.

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Occulus rift.png
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Hey /diy/. I need a solution to a problem. I want to get a hot water tank for my mothers house. For the longest time she has been using the propane stove or the wood stove and she wants hot water out the tap. The problem is there is no place in her home to put it. She has a water block water system where everything goes to a main water block with valves on it. Its on the outside wall, the apartment is in a large metal building. Its weird i know, just go with it. Large metal building, concrete pad, long rectangle apartment. Outside wall is where the water block is and its insulated...
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while your question is slightly convoluted, most of the modern electric on-demand water heaters are great - small, cheap, and hot as you like. Putting one in a living room shouldnt be a problem, as long as its near the water supply?

The problem would be, have you got a sink/drainage already? If not, I'd put in a complete sink/under cupboard unit thing (IKEA-type/cheap), mount heater underneath sink, feed from/drain to your water supply. Thats about 200 EUR/$ or whatever for the sink/unit (or maybe $20-$40 second-hand), another 100 EUR/$ for the heater, and whatever...
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From what i read, it takes an absolute piss load of electric to do on demand and I don't want to run a new circuit. That would take far to much work on the wall. We have absolutely zero codes in my state beyond the basics for electric hook up and sewage.

Do you mean a drain pain if it leaks? I planned on putting it a few inches above the ground and haaving a small drain pipe (with a flapper to keep the cold out) going through the wall and just pouring out in the metal building. The floor is gravel and...
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Modern on-demand uses less than ever before and only use anything worth noting while water is flowing. Your mom probably does not go through that much hot water.

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Found a 12v cordless drill, battery is dead (according to the "dead battery" led on the charger). I have an old DC adapter that delivers 12v and 2.5amps. The battery charger delivers 7.2-14.4v 2.6A to the battery. Can I use my 12V 2.5A charger to power the drill?

Pics related, black box is the 2.5A adapter
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Heh. I was looking at doing this just the other day. The amperage is about half what you'd ideally want, which means you could burn up the power supply if you work the drill too hard so keep that in mind when you're using it. Lookup "cordless drill to corded" on youtube. There were a few vids that show how to do what you're wanting to do.
It might work but shitty, motors need lots of current at startup and under load. And that looks like a nice makita so dont accidentally destroy it.
Makitas are nice but those batteries weren't the best. I have 2 identical sets with 2 batteries per set and all the batteries are dead. I'll have to see about rebuilding the batteries with lion and changing the charger innards.

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Hay /diy/

I need to replace this resistor? in a power supply, already replaced the fused but this is also broken, the circuit worked but this was smoking. the supply is very old and I can't find a replacement so trying to fix it. is this a carbon resistor? if so what type? can anyone tell me the modern equivalent i need to replace it with?
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that's a diode, did you even fucking search 1n5401?

still available at fifteen americents each.
another pic of what it came off, the other 3 seem to be fine, it must be a resistor right? but at what resistance....
15V power supply. Man those are hard to find!

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Hey /diy/,
I have a small apple/pear tree orchard in my back yard that recently started losing limbs. Upon closer inspection i saw lots of little holes where the limbs broke which looks like some sort of wood boring insect. I have not seen the insect itself but I live in Wisconsin so termites are unlikely. The non fruit bearing trees seem to be fine. There are a few types of apple/pear specific wood boring insects that i have narrowed it down to but i cant find specific insecticide for them. Is there some sort of broad spectrum insecticide i can use that would work? Anyone...
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No idea why it turned the image sideways. Sorry for being a failure.
Also i forgot to ask. Should i just wait through winter? Will sub zero F temperatures kill these little bastards? We get some harsh winters here.
Sub zero temps won't do shit. Even if the insects themselves die their eggs or larva will survive. Call a nursery or good landscape company and ask what kind of systemic pesticide you need to kill them since they're actual trees. Systemics are drawn up through the roots so they arent a super quick solution but they're the best bet. Also ask whoever you call about how to prune Apple/pear trees to limit limb death and the wounds it causes. It will help prevent diseases and pests.

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First year in house. Daylight coming through 6" of front door. Need to upgrade weather strip. Whats the god-tier solution, or is it all the same?
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I cut a piece of yoga mat/ used some duct tape and put a strip around my bedroom door as in the mornings the sunlight comes through the back sliding door and shoots down the hallway. This fixed it, but looks ugly as fuck. So idk up to you.
Theres multiple options at home I'm provement stores.
The "whisker" type is meh grade.
The rubber type (hollow tube basically) is better but you have to have the exact height or it will fail sooner..
Check that the door is hanging square. If it isn't fix that first. If it still needs weather strip use the staple on type or you will constantly be replacing it

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Alright /diy/, Lets have a little competition. First person to make an incredibly powerful plasma arc speaker wins. Bring down the house. Literally.
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>>1051183 (OP) #
When it comes to plasma speakers there are basically 2 kinds, flyback and tesla coil. Tesla coils can achieve more volume and they're more impressive, flybacks have less volume, but they can be powerful too, they are a lot simpler to make than a tesla coil.
I've only built the latter, with a 555 circuit. The key to a nice 555 flyback speaker is to use a preamplifier at pin 5, which will drasticallt increases the volume.
This is a low power one I built a while ago, the most powerful one I built...
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Cool, I did the exact same thing in a college lab years ago. Didn't know about the preamp into the 555, though. Never really got much volume output, though.
My buddy once set his mattress on fire with a tesla coil.

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What is something that I can self-learn and get a job in with no college degree or previous experience? There HAS to be some technical shit that nobody bothers with that you can learn from a book. I don't mean something crazy, just the average $35,000 salary.

I'm tired of trading crypto, looking for burger flipping jobs, and getting no financial aid for shitty schools. It's time to invest into myself. I have enough for whatever books I need.

>why /diy/
this is the only board that seems to know how to do just about...
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>can self-learn and get a job in with no college degree or previous experience
almost all the low level jobs
I lucked into a job at a steel factory a few years ago and I make 45k minimum for 40 hrs a week. When we're busy and I get OT I make more like 55k. That's my day job and all I needed was to be able to read a tape measure and do basic math.

As a hobby I do home renovations. I started with a few tools and a readers digest. I got my first shithole house for 150k a year and a half ago and it's currently valued at 200; will sell for 250 in spring. By the end I'll have invested ~35k. My next house...
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**readers digest diy manual
Sorry forgot pic

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I bought one of these cheap mini compressors and a socket converter for home use, I tested it for a second out of the box and the compressor seemed to be working so I turned it off right away, I didn't connect the cable extension (that in the figure) yet. Now I connected the cable and the head that I needed to the compressor and tried to turn it on again, but for some reason something seems to be stuck and it only gives small "kicks" like it's trying to rotate but something is blocking it. The sphygmomanometer (is this the right name?) doesn't seem to...
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Very rarely do I actually have to look up a word. Bravo.

But, no, it's just a pressure gauge.

Anyway, having the hose detached shouldn't have any detrimental effect on the compressor. Only advice I can give is take apart the head and see what its problem is.
kek well, I removed the head part and when I turn it on, the "plate" inside the head goes up and down at the same rhythm of the "kicking" sound it makes, though if I don't keep it steady, the whole head comes off and I can see inside below the plate. The "rotor" which pushes the plate up and down is the origin of the sound and it's rotating with intervals, all pieces seem to be in place from here though.

I wonder if it's a problem with the converter instead? the red...
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>>1051135 (cont)
Looking at it more closely, I see there's some sort of valve on the back (see arrow in the pic), and from inside looks like it's detached from the motor part but I can see there's a spring-like thing on the motor on the back where it faces the valve, though from this angle can't tell whether it's broken or just made like that, I don't know much about this kind of mechanisms.

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I'm a college student and want to track how much I'm spending on groceries, gas, fun stuff, school shit, booze, drugs, etc. I've looked up templates online and most of them are either much more complicated that what I need, or they're total garbage.

How do I make a decent spreadsheet tracking my weekly expenses?
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You seem lost

>>>/biz/ is your best option for financials
It's not so much that I need financial help as it is making a good spreadsheet.

Can you not into excel? Literally the only spreadsheet software you need.

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I'm interested in recreating vintage electronics. Are there any good Web sites that offer plans for these types of things? I'm looking to build radios Farnsworth and tesla inventions and other things mostly from scratch. Any help is appriciated
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Honestly? Ebay has the best prices and availability on vintage electronics stuff. What are some projects you were looking into doing?
elaborate more on this. what it appears you want to do is going to cost a lot of money. Why would I buy from you when I can buy the original?
If you want a good intro into this sort of thing, begin by restoring old electronics and retrofitting new hardware into them. People will pay over a grand for one of those radio/record player living room pieces that has been fitted with Bluetooth, a new amp, and new speakers while keeping the functionality. Old coworker of mine does this as a hobby since he lives in an apartment and doesn't have room for large machinery or really much power tool work. Start small, like a Bluetooth enabled 80s alarm clock then go backwards and research as you move into more vintage electronics...
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Buying a new Dremel but I used to be able to find bits that were made from off-brand companies that worked really well but were also fucking inexpensive! I can't seem to find any of those websites now and Ebay and Amazon arem't really coming through either. Anyone here have places they go or know of; also, Dremel general! If you've got em'- post em'! Inspire me to greatness, friends and share your rotary tool thingers here!
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Buy the black and decker Dremel. It's much better in every way. Cheaper and doesn't break as easily. I'm a welder/fabricator and I use the Black and Decker, as well as a die grinder at work and in my own little shop in my garage, I use the Black and Decker.

The Dremel's electronic contacts aren't as sealed as well as the Black and Decker's.

just look for 'carbide burrs', up to 1/8" shank
I've got the Black & Decker, and the Proxxon. Both are better than the Dremel. Proxxon is my favourite.

You can get the packs of cheaper bits on eBay. Some cheap bits are OK, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

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Sup /diy/, can you help me with recognizing that wood type?
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another pic
File: stoned.jpg (92 KB, 564x565) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's chinese fake wood

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What are your electronics projects today?
Pic sorta related
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Some posts straddle the line, but this definitely belongs in the electronics general.
Im soon to be working on a system to convert from distributor to coil on plug. Will try it with Arduino first. Ive got a to trigger signal and a sync signal that should fire so i can start at the right coil, then after each pulse to a coil, switch the signal path to the next, and loop around.
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i fixed/rewired a thermometer so that it's completely disconnected from the battery when off. idiots designed the thing with the switch after the regulator. also there's no reason for a reg + 9V battery, it can run direct off 2AAA cells.

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It's easy to mod these things to run off an ac adapter (and I already did), but is there a way to keep backlight always on? It only stays on for few secs if you tap it or the table, if you clap your hands or if you press a button in the back. Which, it makes it virtually useless if there's darkness in the room.
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Short the button

Did nothing, turned on for a few seconds, made a beep like always, shut down. Pointing out the "light" button is also the snooze one.
then obviously you need to make a timer to push the button every X number of seconds. like a 555 driving transistor: an NPN if the switch shorts to ground or a PNP if it shorts to battery positive.

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>TL;DR; subwoofer isolation, how?

Hey guys. I've ordered a too big of a speaker set for my flat. Got no neighbours on my floor or above but below me.

Done some research but nothing conclusive. Will subfloor do much? Got loads of that. And I even added 4 rolls of adhesive tape
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Like, 5 more layers under the subwoofer as well. Just to reduce, he will hear it ofc but I hear his dog so we're good there.

Subs punch through almost everything and are incredibly fucking annoying. Just put on headphones.
Nah, I ordered a set and I'm using them.

So foam or..?

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Look at all these sensible boring statues right outside parliament.
It would be a shame if someone were to use the same construction method to build a shrine to kek.
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An Egyptian god apparently

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So I can get 28 Can lights and a Leviton MC 7024, and 8 programable dimmer packs for 300, the only problem is, what do I hang them on? Theres a little hole which looks like a wingnut would work to hold them on but what about c clamps? Would they be ok? Pic related
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File: clamps.jpg (11 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Lighting bar clamps
Where can I buy them in bulk also thank you friend

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hey diy.

I like this kayak here, but its only rated to carry 140lbs max load. I was wondering if there was a way to increase the max load to 190lbs and not lose any buoyancy?

I was considering opening the seam on the plastic hull and stuffing styrofoam (maybe spray foam) then sealing it back up, but I doubt I could do this and reseal it back to 100% waterproof.

The other idea is make some pontoons for it, but I want to try to avoid making its footprint any larger.

Its a great size for small creeks, any pretty portable. any help is appreciated.
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I don't see how putting foam inside it will help it carry a heavy load.
Buoyancy is about how much water it displaces vs. how much it weights. if you want to increase its load size, you'll have to either increase the amount of water displaced (ie. increase its footprint) or lower it's weight. When it comes to boats you also have the whole problem with stability, but that's way harder to tackle
Finally someone that understands buoyancy.

Seriously dude, you just made my day. I've had to explain how some of the floating houses in Europe use huge concrete blocks as a flotation device because of how much water these massive blocks displace for their weight+a house on top.

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Do these actually survive inside? I'm sick of spending $6 a week on mint, cilantro, and basil.

What is the most productive set up?
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Stick em in a pot and put them on a windowsill. Preferably the kitchen windowsill.
File: greenhouse_5.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Buy seeds now OP, everything will be on clearence soon. You can just stick them in any pot with a drainage hole. Fill bottom with pebbles, then some decently fertilized soil, soak, sow and leave in window sill. Touch soil daily to see if dry, then water.

Protip: You can leave the seeds in a glass of water for twelve hours before sowwing and it jumpstarts germination. (Not usually nessisary for herbs)

Source: I do this and I grow; chives, basil, cilantro, parsely, thyme, mint.
thank you =)

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How to make a theremin with a shit tier budget?
They look so cool and playing them seems fun but I'm a poorfag.
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File: 145schematic.gif (37 KB, 1438x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is shit tier?
The internals don't need to be particularly expensive and you can make it cheaper by omitting the volume control. Or you can ditch the RF stuff altogether and make an imitation theremin using light sensors. They're cheaper.
555 oscillator with cds photoresistor as charging resistor?
Shittiest theremin ever for less than five bucks and five minutes.
For someone interested, how would that look like?

File: 4208.pt01-500x500[1].jpg (89 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are the Wen drill presses any good? I've seen them being sold everywhere for around $65.
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And are the Olympia 4 inch vises good?

I see them for around $20 all the time.
Nope. They are the same Chinese garbage that every other cut-rate importer sells these days. Wen hasn't actually made their own tools in 30 years.

You might find a better one used on CL for that place. Post the nearest one to you and I will have a look and see what is good. Also, is $65 the upper limit you are willing to spend or can I look for ones that are a bit more?
They're ok for what they are- light duty drill press for hobby work and do just fine.
If you want to spend a bit more money, you can get a Hafco series press which is much higher quality, 16speeds and while they're about 3x the price, they're 10x the drill.

File: ap-1290f1.jpg (35 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey there, can anyone give me a hand on using sealed lead acid batteries?

ive googled about the topic but most pages go too in depth or are focused on arger more complex batteries/uses that i have intended. im pretty sure someone here can help me easily.

so i bought a couple batteries like pic related to be used on a portable recorder and also in a diy portable amp poyect im building.

main question is: how should i recharge them? i understand smart chargers are the best but they are abit pricey for low budget stuff im trying to do. i have a 12v 7Ah and a 4Ah (but i also have couple of 6v i got from the trash).

anyway, if i connect a dc 12V 1A adapter straight to these batteries... will that do the trick of recharging them? i read somewhere that i should charge them one hour per Ah capacityof the battery. example charge 7 hours my 7Ah bat. is that correct?

how about using a voltimeter to see when they re charged? what voltage should tell me they are charged? also how much is considered "uncharged".. i used one and after going down 10v it came down really fast to 9v and then my unit could not use it anymore.

also, i understand these bats dont have memory.. so i could use them a bit and charge them etc.. is that good? or should be avoided?

thats it, anyway, any pointer or do or dont you guys could give me would be really apreciated. and also sorry for my b ad redaction and english as its not my main language, im trying my best here, sorry! and thanks :)
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Modern SLAs are really, really robust. If nominal voltage is 12V, they should read 13.5-14V when totally charged. Is your 12V power supply adjustable? Don't try to charge a dead battery with 14V straight off the bat, get the voltage about 5-15% higher, let it equalize, then bump it up another 10% until you've leveled them out at the max voltage. It may take quite a while, depending on the output of the supply and the capacity of the battery. If your supply isn't adjustable throw a 50ohm power resistor in series and call it good.
>also how much is considered "uncharged"
Do not charge them with voltage higher than 14.1vdc.

Is there a way I can put a claw tub like pic related on something it can overflow into? What kind of flooring or whatever would I need to put beneath it?
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Just treat it like a shower. Standard water proof tile flooring with tiled wall, grate in the floor with a shower drain.
you do know that the tub has an overflow drain, right?
That doesn't negate the fact that I want it to be able to overflow without damaging anything.

Do you know the name of the algorithm that can interpret audio?
Or anything that could lead me into this, thanks in advance.
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A human brain.
>can interpret audio

Speech recognition consists of whole heaps of common algorithms combined. Bayesian networks, trigram shit, phoneme recognition etc etc. Lots of open source programs for this, most famously Sphinx. Google for the rest.

Music recognition, no clue.

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What is your opinion of french cleats?

I tore out the pegboard in the garage (which sucks balls - never do this) and replaced it with a heavy duty implementation of French cleats. So for most of this 3-day weekend I've been dreaming up tool racks. Haven't quite figured out how I want it all organized, but that's the nice thing about French cleats. You don't need to know, just start building racks and tool holders and let it all come into place later.
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Screwdriver and misc tool holders.

Basically just pieces of plywood with holes in them.
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Just a piece of plywood with a bunch of oak dowels inserted at a 75 degree angle.

Can hold various objects like hammers, etc, and things with holes.
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You can see the vise on the left. I'm not sure if I like this configuration, since the cleat gets in the way. I may take off the opposing french cleat from the vise and drill two large holes in the base instead. I would make a mount by making a board with two protruding bolts or large dowels to hang the vise.

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