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My kindergartner need to do a science project for school. The topic is "invention."

Anyone have any good suggestions?
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Thank you for your suggestion, but the topic is Invention....
>he hasn't read the bible.

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Is sheet metal a good trade to get in to?
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Selling sheet metal?
Making it?
Working with it?
Scrapping it?
Looking at your reflection in it and calling yourself pretty?

Fabrication and installation (mostly fabrication)
SMWIA is the tin whacker union very good job benefits, pension, can easily hit 100K a year

Hey guys, look what I found, tuning the hoverboad! U guys like?
Is this even possible?
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this is the video
I never understood these things. Did these people never see wall-e or are they just too stupid to understand the symbolism in a children's movie?

>not knowing about Number 5

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does anyone know to do
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Try and turn an old laptop screen into a TV? It looks like you have most of what you need.
Maxxarcade has got some videos on these DIY tv/monitor kit things.

fucking put the cables where they fit, how can you be so retarded? Or did you just forget you need a screen for this?

File: plow-49.jpg (150 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So yesterday i picked up a blade for my garden tracor for super cheap. It came with a mount but does not fit my tractor - No problem, i have a welder and can fabricate one. I am trying to decide how i want to raise and lower the blade when reversing or not using it. My options are as follows: Electric linear actuator : $40, or a 1500lb electric winch: : $70.

Cost aside, which route would be better? the linear actuator is only good to 250lb. The blade only weighs 70, but the angle at which it would be pushing up might make it seem more.

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File: winchlift.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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garden tractor plows are usually lifted by the mower deck lift linkage. if thats not an option i would go for the winch, keep hardware around to fix the cable when you wear through it.
Sometimes there is even a handle you pull. Probably the cheapest option....
If the tractor has an option for a plow on it theres normally already a bracket on the deck lever that you can attach to the blade.
Mine has one in the middle of the deck attachment points and pushes a rod forward to lift the plow.

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I want to use an arduino to have my dorm room open with my phone and/or a keypad

I can't change anything that I can't change back

What would be the best way to have the door open from the inside (mechanically) that would be easy to put back afterwards and that wouldn't ruin my door's ability to open with a key? I can deal with the actual programming etc easily, but the actual mechanism has me scratching my head as to what the best method would be.
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Get a towel rail that you hang over the door
Some rope, tape it to the handle. The tape won't hold but wrap the rope around and around and around until pulling the type pulls the latch. Rope goes over a pulley on the towel hanger. Other end of rope tie it to a paint can and fill with sand or bolts until its a decent counterweight.
Drive pulley with motor indirectly, use a rubber wheel as a friction drive or a belt and pulley to turn the main pulley.

Ps you are a raging faggot for doing this
Add a second electric/solenoid/magnetic lock to your door. Leave the original lock unlocked at all times.
thats a bullshit image, the 2 inner circles are not the same

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What advice have you received that's made a significant impact on a certain project? It doesn't matter how stupid it seems, post it, it might help other anons.

To the anon that drew up this diagram for me, I can not thank you enough, just tested it and it worked amazingly well.
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File: test.jpg (1 MB, 2981x1677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2981x1677
To anyone as clueless in electronics as I am, this is an amplifier I'm using to build speakers, the point of the diagram in the op is to reduce the ripple from the wall wart powering the amp. The high ripple from cheap wall warts would cause the speakers to emit an irritating buzzing sound.
Hi OP, I was the guy who drew that diagram. I'm glad it worked for you, did you not need to use that unconnected capacitor on the desk in the end?

As to your question there was a guy who showed me a technique on how to take iron cored transformers apart (to scavenge the copper wire). The core laminations would not come out but he said that all I needed to do was chisel them out with a hammer and flat head screw driver. 10 minutes later and the job was done.

Another time I had a strange looking connector...
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>that diagram
>usb power
>dat iron, those solderings

File: ASH9R83O;AROSA.jpg (261 KB, 1100x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /dyi,

Anybody know how to make a relatively simple amplifier?

I don't need anything fancy, but as long as it has a preamp and potentiometer I'm relatively happy. Trying to make little portable set of speakers.

Post those schematics up!
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>relatively simple amplifier
I got a 2N3904 right here bro
How did you build it?
A 2N3904 is a single transistor, and isn't useful as an amplifier by itself. Most amps use a lot of transistors. It's not a simple subject. This is a website I have been gleaning information from about amplifiers for over a year now.


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I have a light with a grounded plug that I want to use on a timer I have on hand. Problem is the timer only accepts two pronged cords. Could I use one of these cheater plugs and connect the ground tab via ring terminal to a grounded cord plugged in close by?
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Yes you could.

Portable appliances aren't covered by electrical code, so the world won't stop spinning should you do that.

One socket ground is as good as any other.
Thank you, that's what I figured.

I'm making a DIY light/reflector for some plants and because the reflector is going to be made out of metal duct I thought it'd be a good idea to ground it. I could just stop being cheap and spring for a grounded timer (like $12), but where's the fun in that?

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/diy/nosaurs, I'm looking for an indoor house plant that is very hardy and quick to use liquid. I play a lot of online poker and keep knocking my Gatorade bottles over during long sessions. I cant just get up to piss. I've got to keep playing or lose my stack. I'm looking for a plant I can set next to my battlestation and use as a urinal. It does not need to handle excrement. Only urine. "Piss plant" in google only brings up batshit crazy claim for a hybrid coleus that's suppose to repel cats/ dogs from gardens. I need an indoor human urine variety.

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... how about you just put the lid on your piss bottles you filthy fucking animal?

Even if you get a plant or plants to use up the liquid, theyll quickly die off from the soil getting to hot and too salty.

There's a surprising amount of nitrogen and salt in your piss and that will build up to intolerable levels rapidly in a small plant pot.

P.s. you're fucking disgusting.
How about instead of a plant you have a tube which pumps your urine to a toilet.
Bonus points for building one which can handle solid waste.
Never leave your desk again.
OP here.
This is not a solution. This is the current problem.

A tube to the toilet is great, but I live in a basement. Having to run a hose up steps and around the corner will be problematic. That's why I need a hardy plant. The only real light down here illuminates from my monitor.

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my water pressure pump just 404d

I still haven't figure it out if it was the capacitor, or if the motor coil just burned

how can I diagnose a bad capacitor using only a cheap multimeter?

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Put a charge across the terminals.
Disconnect power source.
Lick your fingers and touch both terminals.
If the motor sits there buzzing loudly suspect the capacitor. If nothing at all check windings for continuity. Check the pressure switch wile you are at it.
What kind of pump is it? If it is an in-well submersible pump, check the electrical wire that runs down to the motor for wear and tear. They tend to vibrate on anything they touch and short out eventually when the insulation is worn off. "Torque Arrestor" can help stop the twisting motion. I have like 3-4 on mine. However, the pump motor uses so much electric that the wires can actually move a fraction of an inch, especially if they are in a conduit pipe anywhere. This too can short them out by rubbing the...
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My friend came across a multi-line intercom box with the microphone (Hamilton Air Model 3001-6 Multi-Lane Intercom, to be exact), and I was thinking about using it as my computer's new microphone. Any thoughts on how I could accomplish this?
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If it has an electret insert you should be able to. If not install one.

Plenty of data on google re computer mics.

in 2016, no sane person should be using an analog mic on a computer. the static can drive people nuts. get a $5 used Band Camp or Guitar Hero USB mic and stick the element at the end of that stick thing.
Yes, use a digital mic that captures digital sound waves.

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My room.png
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Hey /diy/ck-heads

>got an area rug for my tiny apartment
>maybe going to set it up like this
>Problem is, I'm an idiot bachelor
>never had an area rug before

Is there a better way to set it up?
I've heard it shouldn't touch any of the walls, but it might be okay to be against the back wall?

>Room 140" x 111"
>Carpet 129" x 94"

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is this a joke? you put it wherever your feet would normally touch the cold floor.

File: 20160114_201205.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone here an HVAC tech? I'm wondering if my circuit is ok and I don't go back to class until Tuesday. This was from my third day so consider that when you see how crude this is.

>first pic is wiring diagram
>second pic will be my drawing of how I did it in class
>third will be my simplification of it.
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File: bored.png (927 KB, 1206x1981) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: DAY 3.png (864 KB, 1237x1984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DAY 3.png
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This is the circuit in question
schematic looks sorta awright. i'm not looking at the last 2 drawings coz it's too much work.
- the transformer is drawn wrong. there's no secondary coil.
- having a legend is stupid; you have to keep shifting your gaze between the wiring and the legend.
- the compressor uses two different contacts, which doesnt make much sense, unless you wanna isolate it for safety - in case some idiot wants to work on it while powered.

File: image.jpg (161 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have some 1/4 mono cable and I'm wondering if pulling off the end and taping the open cables and taping them to a square of sheet metal would give me a sort of contact mic? How delusional am I? Would it work?

pic unrelated
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Oh shit.

They used CJ's old house as an album cover?

I've only listened to one of their albums, but if that shit is real, I have work to do.
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