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How do I fix my washing line
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Just get more string?

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Start with the base case. A screw, vertical relative to gravity, face to the ceiling, you standing over it, looking straight down at the head. Even in this most basic case, at all times, and by every measure, half of the screw will always be turning to the right, and half the screw will always be turning to the left. Which means that for Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey to have any meaning at all, you musty first amend it to /The top of the fastener Righty-tighty, bottom of the fastener lefty-loosey/.

Let's see how that fucking chestnut holds up. You are facing the oil...
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>There is no top of the bolt because its upside down and backwards
>Now what is the top of the bolt?
The head of the bolt is always the top of the bolt you retard
by your logic (since you use boats) "Oh the boat capsized which side is starboard now you dont know hurrrr"
Take your right hand. Make a fist. Stick your thumb out. Stick your thumb on the thing you're putting a wrench on. It's gonna go the way your thumb is pointing if you turn it the way your fingers are pointing.

flip your hand around, and point your thumb away from the bolt. It's gonna go that way if you turn it that way.

This holds true for right handed threads.

Use your left hand for... left handed threads.

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build it.jpg
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I am wanting to make a power supply to use during storms and in case of a black out. I only need it to be able to charge phone battery. I do have a car battery sitting around, I suspect it has a dead cell as it only holds 10.5 volts. Am I correct in thinking that I should be able to plug a car phone charger to the battery and it will just step down the 10.5 volts to 4 volts for the phone charger? So I should be able to use this battery I have laying around.
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yes to all questions.

better give it a constant trickle charge to make sure it's always topped up. like a 15V 1A transformer in series with a 6V lightbulb.
A phone charger will step down 12v to 5v. If it will still work at 10v is iffy. I'd guess yes but would depend on the charger. Some have low battery shutoff circuits while others are so cheap it is a wonder they don't burn up on first use.
>I only need it to be able to charge phone battery.

You can make a hand-crank emergency generator out of just about anything with a motor that can easily charge a phone. People often recycle old cordless drills for this since it's already geared and a cheap and easy hack.

If you have a car battery that holds a charge, just keep a battery tender on it to keep it constantly trickle-charged and keep a $15 power inverter handy to plug things in. You'll have enough battery...
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It's been a long time since we've had a haul thread. I've been too lazy to start one but I have still been collecting. This was from last week. This week there wasn;t any good says because of the weekend.

All these plus 3 good hand saws and a Coleman 242C lantern were all mine for only $50. They came out of an estate for a contractor that retired 30 years ago. Nothing in there was newer than the 1970s and everything had 30 years of dust on it.

Clamps of various make and model. The red ones are Stanley Handymans. The wooden ones are unmarked. The...
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The tool box is an older Kennedy and it is mint. Even came with the original inspection cards and advertising inside. Inside its like it was never opened. Outside is a little dusty and dirty but the paint is untouched and its rust free.
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Based on the little wooden insert I think it might be a saw box of some type. I haven't researched it though.

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Before leaving my parent's house I want to start buying some tools since I use everything from my dad. He has everything from chinkshit to nice american and german made, from stanley to knipex.

Can /diy/ recommend me some quality but not over the top expensive hand tools like pliers and screwdrivers? Very much appreciated.

pic unrelated
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your dad sounds like a reasonable guy, you should ask him first. I wish i had one to ask...
Buy used.
I bought a craftsman mechanics tool set around 2013. Everything in the box was made in USA. Had any and everything you will ever need in it for about $450.

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For the plumbers out there, I'm trying to remove this cartridge but I'm all out of ideas and live 20 minutes away from a hardware store. Anyone have any useful advice? I'm thinking this is a delta shower cartridge.
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Looks like you already removed the threaded collar. On my valve, once collar is removed you should pull & wiggle simultaneously. This did not work for me and mine split in two parts. I put it back together and will work on it later. >>1048480
Fuck me m8. Yeah I already removed the collar and such and it was a straight forward pull out. But upon inspection of the cartridge, the metal, plastic, and rubber rings were all still in-tack. I wasted $16 on a seat wrench to find out there's no seat, and water kept draining out of the pipe even though I already shut off my house's main water supply and depressurized the system.

I'm almost certain it has to do with the piping behind the shower controls, that I'd have to cut out the tile...
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sometimes the replacement cartridge comes with a 'wrench' to remove the old cartridge. usually just needs a good jerk to break it loose then it should come out without much trouble.

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Is there anything more destructive than steel wool?
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Fire. Hydrofluoric acid. My dog. My dog on fire after drinking hydrofluoric acid.
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I use 0000 for furniture refinishing.

After I get the stripper off with a plastic scraper I dab the steel wool in fresh stripper and rub the surface.

It takes off anything left and makes it all uniform. The steel wool is fine enough that it doesn't mar the surface and will leave hardwoods extremely smooth.

Love this stuff.

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Hello /diy/
I am starting as a dentist and I would like to have a chair for myself (pic related), but original costs too much (for me right now). So I would like to make mine.

First - does anyone have a schematic for this kind of chair?

Second - how would you figure out the "angle" part (pic related)?

I am looking for every opinion.
Thanks in advance
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Your a fucking dentist, how can you not afford a chair! Also you can afford the the handpeices the autoclaves and all of the other fancy shit. But not a chair,
Fuck you op
>metal under the wood
No. I guarantee that is just bent plywood and foam.
>just starting off

He's got bills to pay off, and unless he's an individual practice, he doesn't actually buy any of his equipment.

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How can i make the coolest and clearest spectroscope, i need it to show something like pic related, something bright and creative
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>coolest and clearest spectroscope
Buy a diffraction grating and…

>diy spectroscope
Break apart a compact disk and…

… take a long tube, glue grating to one end, make a slit on another, profit.
I've been looking into this for about 2 months, OP.

Depends if you just want a toy, or if you actually want a piece of scientific equipment.

If the former, just follow the instructions on the Open Lab DIY spectrometer page using a DVD-R, a webcam, and some razor blades.

If the latter, it gets a lot more complicated. You'd want a linear CCD array rather than a webcam as well as a legit diffraction grating from China.

Some autist made universal software for these as well. https://hackaday.io/project/11264-universal-software-for-diy-spectrometers

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This might be a fun project for you to do.

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if i were to buy a cheap welder from Harbor Freight for practicing, would it explode on me or something?
Welders are so expensive and i hear fluxcore is shit.
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Welder here.
Buy a cheap arc set & cheap rods & fool around with rusty, damp & painted bits of steel.
I gave £40 for my chinese pos. It will lay down a single 3.2 rod reasonably well.
The next rod will trip out the machine for 10 minutes, until it cools down a bit.

Buddha provides, so before you know it you'll have use of a 1930's oil cooled land anchor that will run from January til October without getting past mildly warm. After suffering the utter bullshit that is off-brand...
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Na Op, the harbor freight welders are fine for learning, just note that they all have like a 20% duty cycle
Oh also, go with the 90 amp not the 70 amp arc/stick welder, or maybe even go with the 90 flux welder (though most welders start with stick)

I need ideas on how to make my own rubber or wooden stamps easily with little cost. Is there any way I can print my designs on a computer printer and somehow put it on a rubber stamp without actually physically carving it out?
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My mother makes her own.
I'd make a mini CNC. Wouldn't be hard at all with how little of a space you'd be working with

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Hi guys.

I live in a 100+ year old house and like to play music fairly loud. I also build amplifiers and it would be convenient to be able to test them with an actual speaker load as opposed to a resistor. I also plan on doing frequency response measurements in the room so being able to block external noise would be nice but not the primary goal.

I don't want to be "that music dick" and piss off my neighbours, so I was looking into acoustic dampening, specifically those foam tiles and bass traps that can be stuck to the wall.

Now the problem:...
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eggcrates and foams are for echo reduction ie make your recordings sound less roomy, not to isolate sounds, you need mass, air gaps and air tightness to make it quiet
I did something similar for different reason.

All you need is styrofoam.

And different dense one.

Use a high density styrofoam as carrierplate and glue thin pieces of the soft styrofoam horizobtally.

The space between the foampieces should be about 1-3 cm.

You can glue it to the wall with small gluepoints. Will show some good effect.

Dont forget to get a eubberband around your door. So the door doesnt directly touch other part of the door while closed.
look up room in a room,

its about the airwaves. if you have an old house u might want to consider getting rubber underthe wooden foundation to dampen de shocks throughout the rest of your house

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I live in Michigan, I don't know what type of birds these are (i just googled "large brown bird Michigan")

Anyhow, they hang around my new house and I noticed a dent and scratches on my work car a few weeks ago. Today I saw a group of them and one walk up to my car while i was smoking on my patio and it pecked the shit out of the front of my car. It left two very deep scratches in the hood and 3 others that will polish out.

How can I keep these birds from pecking my cars?

I don't have a garage and I can't shoot them because...
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they are Sandhill Cranes apparently
Those are a protected species. They have more rights than you OP.
Well there are at least 100 just on the street I live on at this very second. I don't think they are that fucking rare

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I'm buying this (the green one) how'd I do?
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Is this diy?
This is the closest thing we have to a home and garden board.
Is that the house from Full House?

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread: the thread
Time to ask your question, look hours later and find nobody answered it!
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Does anyone know a site that sells open ended PCIe 1x connectors in pic related? (The black connector)
Looking for the bare slot not on any PCB. I can only find closed PCIe slots on the usual Digikey, Mouser, Newark.
Need the connector open ended to physically but not electrically accommodate a longer card. I get I could cut down a closed ended one but I would prefer to just get the right part.
How slow are these little pieces of shit supposed to fill?
I got one for free and it feels like it takes forever. I took the pump apart and cleaned the reed valves and it didnt improve it very much.
If I remember PCIe slots correctly, you can simply cut the plastic slot 'open' to accommodate a PCI x4, x8, x16 card.

Your card should automaticall work at x1 speeds, and all of the power pins are in the "key" that are the same size.

Video related. How brave are you to take an xacto blade to your motherboard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rctaLgK5stA

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Are there any /diy/ methods to help the pain/sensitively of a chipped tooth? I bit into a BB from a pheasant I shot last year and chipped one of my back teeth. I haven't had a meal all day because it hurts so damn much to chew.

Can't to to the dentist for a week when my insurance starts (just started new job)

What can I do?
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To clarify. I shot it last year and ate it last night

I didn't chip my tooth last year
Oil of cloves. You could try a paste of powdered cloves, no clue of it'll work. Crushing whole ones if you have them would be better. Did you not see Marathon Man? Good luck.

Is that pic the actual tooth in question?

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Dowels are the strongest way to join wood.

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Nothing to discuss
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Are you sure about that

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she should get over herself.
no one actually cares
tiny houses are stupid
but so is she
blah blah subvert capitalism blah blah poverty appropriation
fuck off

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flat plane.jpg
4 MB,
How flat is flat "enough"?

I bought this Stanley block plane and I'm in the process of refurbishing it. This is my progress after 9001 hours on an extra-extra coarse DMT diamond stone. I'll of course get it more polished, but I'm not sure I'm done flattening it yet.

Additionally: what angle do you sharpen your chisels to? What about plane irons? Do you micro-bevel?
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>How flat is flat "enough"?

Until the rub on your surface plate comes out even.

Or, if you're a masochist, until the burnish comes out even.
Looks like you're rounding it instead of flattening. You should really use a piece of plate glass or a surface plate with sand paper.
It's taking for fucking ever to get to the sides.

There aren't any scratches there. I'm using an extremely rough diamond stone. It's very obvious when it touches the metal. I've also used a sharpie to more accurately track where I'm rubbing. The sharpie stays untouched.

My stone is 8" x 3", this plane is substantially smaller than that. Less risk of rounding.

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Itt we ask questions about painting.

>painting trim white
>previous painter went outside the lines
What do? Do I paint the trim and leave his fuck up showing till homeowner pays for body to be painted... Or do I make it look like I fucked up too and cover his errors?
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If simply touching-up the overlap is a problem for some reason, I usually just cover it up with my own.

Reason being that, usually, the odd and irregular pinstripe is much more noticeable. Varies with color and location, of course, but that's my $0.02.
Can't you just paint the wall (since lighter colour don't worry about fucking up too much, a little bit here and there won't hurt yet do your best to cut perfectly) and let it cure, then tape and use a good flexible brush to paint the brick work?
>What do?

Ask the person paying you to paint.

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Hey /diy/, I have this transformer I made from microwave transformer primaries that I'm trying to use to transform down the impedance of something.

Thing is I'm using three primary coils and from what I can gather they are about 100 - 105 turns each. I split one of the coils to try to get it to half the number of turns so that my turn ratio should be about 1.5 to 1. However, when I use the transformer the primary current reads 17 amps and the secondary reads 6.3. What gives? The resistance of two uncut coils is the same at about .4 ohms. The open circuit current...
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To add, the cores are two E cores put together. They have different cross sectional areas. There is not a really bad air gap between them and there are no shunts, so I don't think leakage inductance would be the problem. I'm not an EE though.
>different cross-sectional area
well there's your problem
i suggest you study up on transformers and how they actually transform the voltage / current
They're not extremely different, but the primary is on the slightly bigger one. The cores are the same width, just the one holding the primary is maybe 3 mm or 4% longer. So is some of the flux leaking out the bare ends? I thought all the flux would be transferred to the smaller one, just limited by the smaller one. Just tested the voltages to be 160 : 120. I'll put the primary on the smaller core and see what happens. Thanks anon.

You guys will probably insult me but I'm trying to learn and have to ask, even though it will be confusing as fuck since I can't really explain, neither I know the proper nomenclature.

Anyway, I was trying to install a fluorescent in the kitchen and it had some kind of piece like pic related where the cables connected with, the problem is that said piece held the cables by some kind of spring or friction alone and it was fucking difficult to unplug it once I have connected them.

Fast forward I finished the job but I would like to know if any of you guys...
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you find those kind of connections on the back of north american outlets too. usually there is a slot to insert a flat blade screwdriver to release the wire.
That was I thought, I even tried to do that on the other side with a small wire but did not worked. The position I was working was awkward as fuck, it did not help.
>any trick to easily disconnect the cable from the rail block

Find a slim tapered steel rod (ice-pick) and carefully work it in beside the wire.
The steel probe will spread the spring teeth enough to remove the wire.
You can then remove the steel probe because the spring clip is unable to bite into the steel enough to trap it.

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shitty wood.jpg
288 KB,
Hey /diy/, I did some googling and didn't find any great ideas on what I'm looking for.

I want to make a small, shitty looking old wood box. It has to hold up enough to make it through the mail, but other than that it just needs to look old, rough and generally shitty. You know, stained, dirty, mismatched paint, rough wood. Something you'd find somewhere spooky. It'll be small, no more than 3"x3"x4". It only needs to open once. The construction isn't a problem, the problem is I'm having trouble coming up with adequate "shitty"...
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Shitty wood thread without discussion of pallets? What has /diy/ become?
Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can get rust going quickly.
Not going to help you with your mail bomb.

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How do I build myself a gf?
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File: 1471453169348.png (77 KB, 956x1082) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 956x1082
I heard if you kill yourself then the magic sky man will let give you a gf cause life is super fair and really just.

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So I don't want to pay $40 for a piece of bent brass wire(It's a ring).
I was wondering if /diy/ had any tips for me to bend myself
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>(a key ring)
File: round-nose2.jpg (80 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bend wire with pliers.
round nose pliers are best for bending round shapes.
you won't need heat.
dont use this kind of shit for keyrings, you will lose keys in no time.

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Please, post nice and funny dyi costumes for a costume party. Thanks in advance!
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goddamn... wtf happened to them
What about a dyi costume pic?
I'd fuck marge.

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2 MB,
Hey /diy/ i went out and bought a nitro powered rc plane second hand but practically new. Ive got nearly no experience in the technology behind todays world of rc, problem is I do not know what transmitter to buy to bind it with. the reciever is a spektrum and ive been told any transmitter eith dsm should be okay but I cant seem to find one thats not in the hundreds also thats mode 2. I wouldnt mind paying alot for a transmitter so long as it will definitly bind with it, i just want confirmation first. Probably not the place to post this but I thought id give it a shot.
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File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
>starting on nitro
hoo boy

Okay for parts and a transmistter go to hobbyking. You can buy one with a new receiver if you have to, it will be less than $100.

But before any of that shit, go get simulator and practice flying and crashing

An electric foame is a much better starter plane because it's easy to fix when you crash it.
Yeah sorry i shouldve said ive got a bit of experience flying foam planes just saw this for a really good price and been a trainer i thought it was perfect. Didnt think of getting a new reciever also, I'd feel alot better going through hobbyking, thanks for the help

File: serveimage(67).jpg (157 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Getting myself a P4AC 4.1 and a GeForce 1060.
But I don't want it to just lay open on the desk so I'm pondering on a way to find a fitting case or create one.
The size should be around 150*150 *40-50 mm (W*H*D), made out of aluminium.
With that I can fit the gpu, a psu and strong enough fans.

Any suggestions?
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Why not just use a mini-itx case?
Because they aren't small and barebone enough (sense I have to heavily modify it)
File: celine.jpg (44 KB, 304x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 304x508
>Any suggestions?
If you want to work in Al sheet, get a propane torch and some Al brazing rods.

Practice a bit, like solider work on wires it's as much finesse as it is formula.

There's no way to join Al plates into a box that's as aesthetically pleasing and also strong. It also can be cheaper than using a bunch of mechanical fasteners.

You could also bend the Al, but, you'll need to continually annul the metal as you bend it, which for Al is...
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File: 0905161159.jpg (3 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Howdy degenerates. The previous owner of my house laid pavers (poorly) and filled in the gaps with mortar. It's now cracking and flaking off, generally looking like shit.

What should I use to fill in the gaps when I break away the crumbling mortar? I want it to last for at least 3 years b/c I'm renting here until then.

Pic obviously related.
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Why the fuck are you doing free work for your landlord?

Polymeric sand is the latest craze.
Yeah, good question. He told me he'd pay for materials if I want to fix it. I've got a good amount of free time on my hands and would like to learn some new skills. Also, if I have to be here for the next 3 years, would rather it look nice.
pebbles or gravel

File: 20160905_122829.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sup DIY,

having a litter problem and was hoping someone with some experience could give me a hand.
The other day my wife noticed water spots above the sink in my downstairs bathroom. Peeling back the drywall I found pic related, which is the drain pipe for my upstairs shower. I've run the shower on both hot and cold for a while and haven't see any leaks or things like that.
This leads me to believe that it may be condensation. I don't know how to take care of this as there is no room for insulating the pipes with that foam stuff. If anyone has an...
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maybe leave a gap in the wall so that it can ventilate
I don't follow. Are you saying that when I put the new ceiling up to cut around the pipe, or literally leave a gap between the ceiling and the wall?

Both of those sound like they'd look gross but I'm probably misunderstanding you.

Bring a section of the wall 5 cm forward?

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