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I got some 40 watt four foot shop light enclosures I intend to use to replace some 100 watt incandescent bulbs in my garage. The enclosures have grounded plugs, however light bulb adapters have no provision for ground. I know there are ungrounded plug adapters with a ground attachment point, but I'm trying to do this without running a grounding wires.

Does an LED DC converter need to be grounded long-term?
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its not the most dangerous thing you can do. if you're worried, just make sure you unplug it before changing your lightbulbs
How about you just do it right? One of these costs $5 and if the boxes are grounded, like you claim, its a 2 minute install.

Or you could just replace the old fixture with a standard outlet. Its probably a standard sized 4 inch box behind the fixture.
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Mac here, ready to answer your DIY question. Whatdya got?
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does your swiss army knife still have the tweezers & toothpick?
yes, it does
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have pic related. how to escape?

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Do you think he can do it? how likely do you think it is that he will succeed?

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Meh, he seem's to have his airframes down tight, these are the most viable attempts I've seen so far, because, well, these things actually look kind of aerodynamic. He really needs to learn how to wing though,

> dat mainplane
> the camber was fat

If he can work out how to airfoil he'll have my sword.
not with that dirty ass airfilter.
It might work. It's certainly not unprecedented to have a ~20% thick flat-bottomed airfoil. This one looks like a close match, and performs okayish at Cl around 1.0: http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=goe384-il

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Hey DIY, Where can I buy semi-thick metal foil? I need a small, thin sheet of metal for a project. It needs to be thin enough that I can write on it with a nail, but thick enough that it doesn't get pierced in the process. Any idea what a good thickness would be, or where I could buy some?

Pic related is what I'm planning on making for an Art Gened, a Roman Curse tablet
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Buy sheet metal, not foil.
How large do you need it to be? I've made such thinks out of 'tall' aluminum cans. You can cut them with household scissors easily.

That actually may work. I'm not certain about the dimensions, but I don't think it could be much larger

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Anybody here have experience with NFC tags and the hardware used to read them? Is there a way I can make my own readers so I'm not spending 50 bucks a pop?
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Any modern smartphone can read them.
Yes but I'm looking into a project that requires about ten separate readers all working at the same time. I don't have 10 smartphones
You can buy ten unlocked cell phones for less than 50 each.

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Anybody here bind books?
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What a coincidence, I'm getting into Coptic binding as of late.
>Pic related first thing I made
There's just something about d20s that makes them always look good.
I don't know if I've ever seen an ugly d20.

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Long story short, my buddy is about to move into our apartment and live in our walk-in closet

The one thing he really hates about it so far is that the lightswitch is on the outside of the closet door.

Whats the easiest way to allow him to use a remote or something to turn the light on and off from inside the closet?

I tried amazon but "light bulb remote" only brought up cheap looking stuff like pic related

thank you /diy/!
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>light bulb remote

or just use a floor lamp/table lamp with its own switch

you are welcome
Lutron Maestro wireless dimmer. Make sure to not get the RF variety as that kind needs line of sight to operate. Make sure you understand how to install the switch correctly, and research if the switch requires a neutral conductor, as older building wiring usually does not have a neutral at the switch.
Depending on the light switch location, I would just just a hole on the inside wall of the closet, right behind the light switch, rotate the box and switch to be inside the closet, then put a blank plate over the hole on the out side.

File: Kawasaki_ER-5_2.jpg (288 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So guys I had a motorcycle accident a while ago I had to do a evasive maneuver with a following emergency break due a pedestrian crossing the street while red light which caused my bike to slide right away under my ass. Bike has obviously taken some damage which is to my luck only cosmetic .Most of damage like speedometer and the bent breaking handle is already taken care of. In the process of sliding away under my ass my front break handle bent over and hit my gastank twice leaving two small dents and the paint just broke off so I wanted to put some putty on the dents to fill...
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File: IMG_20151108_181622.jpg (138 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need about 3000-5000 of them, and they need to be actual ping pong balls, not those crummy plastic beer pong balls.

Anyone know where I might find them on the cheap? They can be either intact or broken/dented, and they don't have to be tournament-grade high quality like pic related. As long as they're not going to cost too much. Any ideas?
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Give us some context, anon.
I need them for a project, not for playing ping pong, so the condition/shape of the ball doesn't matter. Still, I need them to be made of actual ping pong ball material, which comes in a range of three stars (one star being the cheapest). Plenty of what I see online is just beer pong balls made of the wrong material, which looks like a very shiny plastic. I can't use those. The balls I need are made of celluloid or nitrocelluoid.
that is a lot of nitro
you got an oil drum of acetone?

File: HUNT0089.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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About seven months ago I made a post about Diaper Boy whom I caught with his drawers off on my gamecam and he also vandalized my trailer on my rural property, which I do not dwell on. I filed an incident report with the sheriff's department and they did zilch. After two months I referred this incident to the juvenile probation department and a probation officer conducted an investigation. It has been a long road but finally last Wednesday 06Jan15 that teenage freak went before the judge and he plead guilty to trespassing and was granted 6 months probation. It is closure...
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I remember this thread!

Good work getting something done about it.
this story brought me closure. I was wondering how you went with your shit goblin problem.
Well placed cam.

How the hell did you know who it was?

Did he come in the same way he went out?

As seen in the pic?

File: Steam_Book_ITT086-dfcs.jpg (59 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know you guys are mostly into digital technology but anyway for anyone who knows plumbing pretty well, particularly steam radiators, I've got 4 in this apartment I'm in on the 3rd floor. It's a single return system meaning the radiators fill with steam and ideally have a shutoff valve which is steam/heat activated and shuts off after letting air out, then I believe after the radiator cools they open so that air can re-enter to let the condensed water (from the steam) return back down the pipe

Problem is two of my 4 radiators in here have this cap, rather...
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OP here..
I just realized that the "cap" is like a primitive sort of vent. Basically it's like a bolt, picture , with a top piece on it that screws into it as well, and presses this sort of rubber (or some old shit, it's all dirty cant tell) thing more or less against this hole which is in the main part of the bolt like piece. Sooo, that hole was actually blocked with paint, and the inside was dirty. So I got it to the point where I could blow into the hole on the inside end of the bolt, and get air through. just enough, then screwed it back on with the main part pretty firmly in, and the top adjustable piece a little bit out. This should let just enough steam out that it wont matter, but it wont let air come gushing out at 60mph like it was before in bursts....
Which tells me that that particular verical pipe isn't venting right.
Basically it's 4 floors and me and my 4th floor neighbor (3rd here) are the only ones occupying this "C" section of the apartment.

Anyhow, this should minimize but allow air exchange, just slow the rate down. Hope there is still a virtually complete loss of the noise, though...pray.
Pics? The knocking comes from the original pipes below the radiator, as the how's ages, the supply pipe moves and gets out of its optimum angle. Why would you take off the cap? Your system will not explode, those caps are there for a reason. You have 2 vents that vent the system for your apartment out...
I've worked with boiler over the last 7 years.
But I need pics.

Generally on steam rad not getting a heat call, we just pop on a new Hoffman vent. It's like $7.00 and teflon tape is fine to use being sure to use a little piece and not block the orifice.

Sometimes there's a Gland in the valve that's worn out. But checking that is probably beyond a DIY experience since you could accidentally break the valve and those a not cheap.

Don't jerry-rig a steam rad, it won't explode, but the steam can hurt you, cause a sulfur smell...
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Heyy /diy/ I'm making a fallout 4 style deathclaw gauntlet, that looks and functions the same, but I don't know what to use for the claws. I may sharpen some raptor claws or bones...
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I hear the museum has some raptor claws, should try asking them for some.
They sell for like $10 I'm just seeing if anyone has better option I have not thought of.
Well, try to get some Deathclaws first. If you can figure that out then you won't really have a problem building a gauntlet for yourself.

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I have bought a city-apartment and it is a ground-level flat. It has also an exit to the "Lichthof", which is a tiny place, like a big chimney. It gives a little light and air circulation for the "smelly rooms" of apartments (kitchen and toilet).
How could I make it brighter, maybe a tiny garden? Or white walls?
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>How could I make it brighter
paint all walls white will help a little, also install floodlights

the thing is you should get a fan to blow into the place, thus forcing the airflow to be constantly going up and out the top, otherwise it will smell like shit
Put in a sun tunnel.
>ground-level flat.
So, no tennants below you? Put a reflective surface outside the window at an angle to direct light shining down the shaft into your apartment.

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How can i make an arduino to acces an archive from my computer? Lets say, for example, a song i have in the computer.
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Do you want to play the song or what?
yes i do
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you must be some special kind of imbecile

File: 20160109_224508.jpg (800 KB, 1836x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, I'm trying to get the tail plastic off my bike but the plastic isnt holding this hexagon bolt and as I use my wrench the entire thing is just spinning.

I tried shoving a can opener and screw driver but no luck.

I thought about using some plastic glue to get the hexagon bolt to stick to the plastic but thought I'd ask for any other ideas first, as I'm pretty sure it'll just create a mess and still fail.

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Maybe try some 2 part epoxy, that shit cures pretty damn strong
stick your cock in d ass oh its not ass oh no

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