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its illegal according to US law. and as per the rules of 4chan, it isnt allowed here as well. /diy/ isnt here to help you with illegal activities.
actually they are legal to make, just not for sale.

or use

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I have a bare pendrive, wish to make a concrete case for it because i love that grey stuff. To my understanding concrete is somewhat conductive. How do i insulate it cheaply? I think duct tape is out of question because the wet solution may get under it.
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try mylar
heatshrink. dunno how well concrete will stick to that tho..
you can always mixup some epoxy to make a "bare" looking insulated drive just put it on a piece of milk carton and "pop"it out once dried

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Kawaii deco anon here ^^
Recently ive purchased a sheet o super cute 3d stickers, however they've started to peel off at the edges, particularly the bigger ones like the ice cream cone :/
The same is happening to the ones on my phone. Is there any way to fix them or are the stickers simply no good or not usable for handheld devices?
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Depending on how permanently you want them on there, you could always try and seal them in some way, maybe a Mod-Podge like spray (but please do some experimenting first!!)

You may want to try asking /cgl/ as well if you haven't already, but don't make a new thread or they'll tear you a new one. Try the help thread, or a decora or craft thread if one's up. Check the catalog.
Cover them with a clear varnish spray of some kind. Many kinds are available, most will work. Be very careful not to spray important things on your device, eg ports, screens, etc.
those stickers are just backed by regular double sided tape.

you want to replace those with industrial super strong ones from ebay.

just peal them off, scrap off or pull away the original tape layer, then put on the super strong ones to cover the surface, then trim off the edges with a fine scissors or use cutter knifes.

also, clean the surface you are sticking to with alcohol first before sticking them on again.

this will give you a permanent stick.

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Robot Wars is coming back!

In honour of it, what would you make if you had to make a fighting robot?
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>remote control that works with light instead of radio waves
>a jammer
You can't have anything that interferes with electronics, if I remember correctly. No flamethrowers either.
How about rocket launchers?

Hey /diy/, a meme page on Facebook posted some plush Gondolas.

I was wondering if anyone on here knows how the creator might have made this?

Pic related
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Here's an up close Gondola selfie for reference
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Are you retarded? Did this really need it's own thread?
It's just coloured felt cut into the pattern, then sown or glued together with whatever you can stuff inside.
Why is this called a "gondola"? Isn't a gondola a boat? Also isn't this spurdo? I'm so confused.

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Can anybody tell me what kind of lamps are these and what current and voltage they run on. Mind the last 4th one, i found out what it is. (they're lamps from old amplifier, sanyo DCX8000k)

Thank you for your time
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The one on the right hand side is no Lamp. It's a fuse. You can get the voltage, current, speet from the metal rings. Meassure its length and you got everyting you need.
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looks like baby TMNT to me
Thank you, but i found that last one. It's 6 vold 0.25 A indicator lamp/fuse


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I live in the Philippines, and there are pennies, which same as always, useless to me and to people. Can I melt it with a pot and make a bar of metal compound, and sell it big in the market?
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I don't know about Philippines, but governments generally dislike the idea of people melting coins and selling them as raw metal.
You might also find that people aren't willing to pay the full price of your mystery metal bars.
At my chemistry class, I learned that reacting mint pennies with chemicals are fine but melting it directly can offend the law.
But if that so, then there is no other choice for me. i'll just throw it all on the highway and make homeless kids run and pick the coins.
Entertainment can be hilarious.
Depends, most cases it is illegal. However some rare exceptions have been made through legal battles often under freedom of speech and artistic expression. This is why smashed pennies are allowed under the law, while other things are still debated.

I say just get your metal some other way.

Aluminum cans are easy enough to get and melt down. The plastic lining burns off (I don't suggest breathing the vapors) and other contaminates typically float or in some cases sink so you can get decent metal grades...
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Hey /DIY/ First time posting here,

I was wondering if anybody knew anything about making guitar effect pedals ala Dwarcraft, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, etc. I've been trying to find a basis to start with, but I really dont know where to start. Ive seen a few guides online, Such as http://www.guitarpcb.com/PDF%20Files/A%20Beginners%20Guide%20to%20Effects%20Pedal%20Components.pdf, http://www.guitarpcb.com/PDF%20Files/Crash%20Course.pdf.

But I dont really know where to start. Any ideas? Im just wondering what kind of electronics course I should take or something....
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Gonna bump with Guitar pedal porn
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Hello /diy/, first time here. I have been creating some 3d printed add on kits for transformers and I would like to make these 3d printed parts into actual plastic pieces. I'd like to use some sort of mold. The video below inspired me to do this. I'm mainly looking for any sort of tips, tricks, and advice from the board. Thanks a ton!

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Yeah the normal process would be to use a Vacuum Chamber and/or Pressure pot.

You can't really produce professional quality stuff without removing bubbles. If you're hand finishing and painting parts then maybe you can get away with it.

If need be you can Ghetto together a Vacuum chamber from a Stainless Steel cooking pot, a Length of thick Polycarbonate sheet and a Refrigerator compressor.

Although if you're producing your own parts you can almost certainly recoup any costs through...
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I was wondering if any of you know how to build an effective dehumidifier since i believe it was discussed here multiple times before.
So i have a tiny bathroom and when it's closed it will have condensed water on the window, the window goes along the roof so it is sideways, as you can see this has created a little mold before and needs to be replaced eventually.

I still have a little bit of NaOh left from making pcbs, i heard that is good at sucking up the water in the air. But I'd rather use something else if possible.

Any help is appreciated.
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Do a dodgy job and wire up an extractor fan to the light circuit, vent outside. This way, you just flick a switch, light comes on, extractor fan comes on, air exchange.

Or jus a fan on the windowsill. Or just open the window. The thing is that you just need to push fresh air in there. Otherwise youll be buying a pale of painters dehumidifier every day.
Alright thanks a lot,
then my problem is already solved because the window has a tiny vent on the top i never opened in the winter because i thought it would increase the humidity.

Oh, also you will get condensation anyway if it gets cold enough. You can get double insulated windows to prevent this. A cold object will just make moisture condense out of the air.

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Woodwork General #2
I think >>>919720 has hit it's bump limit
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Well here goes. I'm looking for a tool / drill attachment that I could use for routing a hole 1" deep by 2" across. Any idea what I might need to ask for? Don't want to make a fool of myself when I go shopping later.
a chisel. a pencil a piece of string. a mallet
a chisel, a hole saw to the desired depth. a mallet
a router.

what is the hole for?
A 2in forstner bit would be the easiest. But you'd need money and a powerful drill press.

Otherwise a router and a circle jig is really the only practical, accurate way.

I am attempting to construct a multifunction desk. I found this design online and would not really care to drop the 10k+ for it. I would also find it fun to build myself. I just cannot seem to figure out from the pictures how to go about making the mechanism. Any ideas?

extra photos can be found here.
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In table form.
Google "4 bar linkage"

Browse results
Great, I wasn't sure what that was called before

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Hey diy, my dad and I are planning on building a plywood flat bottom punt like the one in the picture. We plan on it being light with a removable floor for easier transport and deploying from the hole in the mangroves we use for our canoes. I would like some tips on joining and fiber glassing to make it water tight, what kind of paint to use to seal the ply and whether the use of marine plywood will be worth it.
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Looks like a one sheet boat.

Check out http://koti.kapsi.fi/hvartial/
Check out Spira International or Spira Boats. He even has fee ebooks and videos. If you're on on FaceBook you can message him and he will answer you.

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I tried the general woodworking thread. Waited a week and got no reply on my post. So....

I am planning on building a simple bed frame for a queen size. Using 2x8 and 4x4 for most of it. Gonna use lag bolt for connecting most everything (not in a long term living situation). I have always had my bed on rails and I am tired of it.

I need suggestions or tips. Anything you guys can think of. Gonna be low to the ground so it is more sturdy. Headboard is gonna come up about a foot over the matress. Gonna use slats instead of my box spring. Also, would like to avoid any staining/painting/covering in general. I am going to sand it down extremely smooth and that is all I plan for a finish.

Loosely basing it off this

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There is no question in your post?

Do you wish for us to wish you good luck?
Looks ugly as fuck and unimaginative. I just finished this. Queen bed. Its 130cm off the ground so i can comfortably fap in a lazy boy under my bed. Just put on a thin coat of shellac to seal the grain because i am lazy.
Buy low, sell high is the best tip I can give; though hot's on the left, cold's on the right is a close second.

Seriously, if you don't finish it with something (paint, varnish, lacquer, spray on polyurethane, whatever) it'll look like shit faster than you'd think.

Oh! And good luck!

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Hey /diy/,

I am trying to learn how a radio works.

I want to cut off that component on the top left. Does anybody know what it is and whether that will influence radio reception? I desoldered the plug as I am solely working with batteries for my project.

Help would be appreciated.
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Here is a pic of that component.

One more thing. The plug was originally soldered to this same component. I desoldered it from it. I wonder whether this is some kind of transformer? Since I desoldered the plug maybe I don't actually need it anymore.
Is this bait?

That's what powers the rest of the radio. You cut it off and it won't work anymore.

If this isn't bait, then you need to slow down and learn some basic electronics first, you have no idea what you're doing. Start at the beginning, not in the middle.

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