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ar condicionado.jpg
94 KB,
Hey guys, I need help fixing my air con, but I don't know exactly what the problem is. Sometimes, when I turn it off, the engine keeps working as if it didnt, even the wind hole closes. Is this a common problem? Can I fix it by myself or is it a job for a pro? Pic is the model
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that's indecipherable, the engine as in the fan or the compressor?
The compressor may continue running for a period after you switch it off, especially if you quickly turn it on and then off again.

This is to prevent damage to the compressor as it requires oil to circulate while it is running.

Similarly, the exhaust fan may continue running for a few seconds/minutes after it is switched off to prevent overheating.

How long is the 'engine' continuing to run after you switch it off?
does it eventually turn off and does the outside unit cease to run? If so then your set. Heat pumps slowly let off and let on the electricity to reduce the startup amperage which plays in part to why they are energy efficient.

How difficult would it be to make my own autogyro?
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If you have to ask the question you don't have the skills.
Depends, how safe do you want it to be?

What's up with all the aero threads?
Is this just another /diy/ cycle like cigarettes and vape?

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Each year hundreds billions of plastic bottle ends up in nature. Medias afraid of loosing advertising fees try to under estimate repercussions.
Please share this video :
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dumb as fuck
gb2 leddit hugbox, hippie
green bottles are the worst for growing plants in, plants can't use green light for photosynthesis.

This mean he did not talk to someone who actually knows shit about plants, pretty big chance it will not work.

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So I've stumbled across globalindustrial.com and other, similar "commercial-centric" websites that seem to sell everything and anything and it got me thinking...what sort of industrial/commercial equipment can you buy online (or wherever, like at auction) that one could use for the DIY lifestyle (and/or mischief). e.g. telephone company "butt-sets" that you can use with ye olde phone cables.
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You could buy some real nice glass cleaner or some fiberglass sealer.

Butt sets aren't really that exciting. You can buy one at home depot and everybody has got test hacks on the side of their house these days, you hardly need the test clips on the butt set.

Mostly they're useful because you can verify current and polarity with one or talk to your buddy on the other end of the line while you're splicing.
Industrial surplus sites are where its at. High quality products at rock bottom prices.
I recommend
There are plenty of others though so just browse search engines a little.
Meci interface sucks but their electrical section is a gold mine for numerous projects

What tools do I need to make an Android/iPhone application that uses GPS location and its own rudimentary form of social media?

Passive aggressive comments are welcome as long as they provide info.

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Android Studio/Xcode.
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Exact on the dot answer here.
Though you could explore alternatives such as C# experience with Xamerian Visual Studio or if you have no experience at all then you could use MIT App Inventor- though I need remind you it is shit tier.

Hi everyone, I bought a Makita Hammer Drill and need to know which model it is, help me please, I googled some images and take a picture with my cellphone. Sorry the bad english, Thanks again
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here is another image of the Drill, thanks again
Just search the model number
Open it and see if you can find a part number on anything and then annex that to your search term, you'll maybe find the parts page for the model of drill. Then you know which model it is.

File: Sound-Attenuation.gif (354 KB, 520x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I would like to create a sound insulation for my room by myself.
The problem is my upstairs neighbors, some lazy ass "students" who are home all day and do nothing but noise.
They walk barefoot or with their shoes on, and I can hear everything vibrating.
They can't speak normally, they can only shout, and apparently they don't sleep, as they don't go quiet even at night.
They rarely blast loud music/television though, so the problem is only the noise propagating (the vibrations...
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There's fuck all you can do about that m8y
If you're in the states then you file a noise complaint with the landlord
When they're shouting, call the police and say there's a domestic dispute in the apartment. Keep repeating every day you hear them shout. They'll stop.

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What is this and where do I get it? It was used by tetkoba to cut cans to make alcohol stoves but I have not idea what it is called.
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piece of wood with a razor blade.
better solution are tin snips.
Olfa P-450 Plastic Cutter
I got this far with my search but it seemed off because the block he uses has several screws in it that look to be used for something as well. probably not?

I want to buy some RGB led lights for indoor use but I couldn't find one that comes with an adapter. Like this one, all of them just have a tiny bit of cable.

Question is, how can I make it work? What kind of cable should I buy that has the same wires in it so I can solder them together? Also how do I know if it would work with 220V?
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normally they tell you what voltage they work on.
if it works on mains voltage just attach a plug to the wire and plug it in

In Canada the cable you'd use is called cabtyre, no idea about bong/euro land. Just go to an electrical supplier and ask for flexible cord with three conductors. You won't need anything fancy.
You should buy standard mains cable that has three wires. If I were you I'd take it apart and solder the wires directly to the driver inside the box, instead of hacking it on the outside.
This oe says it works with voltages between 100 and 245 volts, so it must be some high tech shit.

File: My Glorious Faraday Cage.jpg (3 MB, 3664x2748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My Glorious Faraday Cage.jpg
3 MB,
Hello. I finished now building my Faraday cage, by glueing aluminium can's sheets around a shoebox. But when I tested, it didn't work. I've put one wireless home telephone inside it, and pressed the button on the base that makes the phone beeps, in order to allow the owner discovering where the hell is the telephone. It beeps as there was no aluminium around it... What have I done wrong?
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Faraday cages need to be earthed.
OK, I connected the aluminium layer of the cage to the "ground" of the power outlet, and it still beeps. Whould I remove the external protection layer (anti-oxidation) of the aluminum sheet?
>What have I done wrong?
You should design an actual Faraday cage for the specific RF you want to block instead of merely putting something in a box covered with aluminium. That almost does nothing.
The first step is to acquire a little bit of autonomous problem solving capability: start like this: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+design+faraday+cage

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What's a good way for me to build out this small cabinet over the refrigerator to be flush with the pantry cabinet? It would be easy if I was putting a trim panel on the right of the refrigerator opening, but I don't think I will be doing that (nor do I think I have the extra 3/4 inch for it). These are stock cabinets, so a deeper cabinet isn't offered.
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Don't put any cabinets above your fridge, no one uses them. Most people are too short.
that's why i want to build it out further, so it's usable. i think it looks terribly unfinished with the pantry and no cabinet above the refrigerator
it would look horrible just to have that one cabinet extended.

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hey /diy/,

today i have a very specific demand.

i'm trying to determine if it would be possible to dye or paint a piece of fabric so that it would be opaque under normal light, but would be transparent (not fully transparent, but enough to reveal what's behind it) under harder lighting condition - such as a ray of sunlight hitting it directly.

i have a few ideas to start with - acquiring a very thin piece of fabric, painting it with a mix of transparent oil paint and painting medium to dilute it, but i'm not sure if that would work.

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Scrim fabrics are lightweight, woven cotton and effectively see-through when they're lit from an oblique angle, but appear solid when lit from the front. OR do you only want to use that fabric?
im not set on a particular fabric, i just need one that would retain a certain transparency once coated with a very thin layer of oil paint.

Try this fabric. Used it in the theatre years ago.

Can anyone help me fix my amp? I can send you $5 through PayPal if you figure it out, it's a Pioneer A10k. There's a horrible hum in the left channel only on the phono input, all of the other inputs are fine and it's there when nothing is plugged in so it's definitely a preamp problem. Could get a dedicated pre but seems kind of sily, can use a soldering iron.

TL;DR: Loud hum in left phono wat do
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/g/ told me to come here.
If it's a (higher pitch hum) 120 - 130 hum than it's a filter capacitor you can swap it out I assume it is this since it's only present in one channel.
If it's a 50-60 hz hum this is a more serious issue and might need some debugging.
It could be your channel wire runs parallel to a power cord. It could be a leaking capacitor in the power section, a worn out resistor in the transistor bias...
Spend the 5 bucks on an decent electronics book and upload a torrent.

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How to do the man bun, PROPERLY, for mid to long hair types.

The less you think about the steps as you do this, the better - it should be more of an instinctual process. The key is how much you pull through the elastic as you don't want it to be floppy or sag - you want it to sit high up on the head and be tight - and thus any extra you are going to want to wrap around - or you are going to want to fold the hair as you pull it through, so when you put it through the second loop of the elastic it keeps it all tightly...
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>So yeah, if you like these videos, let me know what else you would like to see or hear from me! :)
Am I on fucking youtube right now or something?
Take your cum dribbling somewhere else

thx for the tips, I'll try this with the beard hair on my neck so it doesn't get in my food.
Hey that's pretty cool. Everyone told me though when I had a mustache I let it be too wide. Do you have a grooming guide for them

File: CAM01032.jpg (333 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found a decent deal at habitat. I bought another motion detector unit and studied the diagram.. Came up with this. Is this the proper wiring setup for a motion detector?
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> no info as to which wire does what
> no info as to what wire should be connecting to what.
> not even any info on the make/model of the hardware used.

> Is this the proper wiring setup for a motion detector?
Sure anon, why not.
if it's your intention to apply power between the black/red bunch and the white bunch, then that is definitely not the correct way. you have to consider that the sensor part is a switch, so it has a black and white for power, then a switched red to power the bulb.

so the red from the sensor should go to the black from the lamp, and only only there. the neutral whites are OK as is. anyway, this is my recollection from wiring one a year or so ago, so i'm not 100% sure.

just checked my spare and that's 100% right.

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