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What would be the best way of making a pipe from scratch? What kind of materials, techniques ect. should I use?
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best way of making a pipe from scratch? you mean rolling a cig?

if you just want a wooden one like that, i would start with the tube.

Drill a hole down some dowel and carve towards it until you have what you want.

then you could make the bowl by drilling an even bigger hole into a piece of dowel then a smaller hole into the bowl from the side to fit the mouth piece into.

like sticking a pen into an apple bowl for when you have nothing else to consume your tobacco with.
They have carve your own pipe kits

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Hey guys. I'm a machinist by trade and I'm used to working on production lathes in both manual and CNC. I have home projects I want to do, small stuff, and I want to get my own lathe. The little 7" mini lathes would do fine, I have ensured my projects would fit with room to spare, and I know their limitations for power, rigidity, and so on.

The problem is that I'm in Canada and I'm not sure what versions of such mini lathes to go with. Do you fellas have experience with mini lathes? What would you guys recommend for price/performance? Right now...
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buy it local
leevalley has taig lathes
probably dont go princess auto
but they dont look too bad to be honest

or used local
>production CNC
I'm so sorry you had to experience that.
Relating to the subject; I dont know if harbor freight ships to canada, but they sell a heinously cheap tabletop lathe for ~$450 and you can get a 25% off coupon for it as well.
If you want quality; you can never go wrong with JET.
Went to Busybee and checked out KBC.

All their "comparable" mini lathes were twice the price for much cheaper models in comparison (gear drive spindle versus belt, plastic gears versus metal, no circuitry for drive motor, smaller bed, weaker motor).

Lee Valley/Taig one is useless for what I want to do, sadly.

>production CNC
Not really what I do but it does have unfun moments indeed.

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Hey /diy/, I was thinking about trying to make some plushies. I know the basics of sewing and should be able to look up the more advanced stuff like stitching patterns and what not.

My question is: How exactly does one go about designing the patterns to sew together? Is it mostly just trial and error? Is it something you figure out from experience? Anyone have any tips, tricks, or advice to share?
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In my experience, working with plush items is a lot like papercraft, only you keep the design inverted until it's almost finished. If you're looking for design tips, maybe /po/ can help out?
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Along with /po/, /cgl/ would be your next best bet to find more people wanting to do plushies than on /diy/. For design its mostly just trial and error in my experience.

>not a plushie but something equally as cute if you're about that life
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YouTube is a great resource for all things crafting. If you like plushies you might also look into amigurumi, which is crochet.

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Where can I find cheap power supplies that won't burn down my house?

Electronic hobby sites are severely overpriced and eBay is sketchy
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what kind? voltage range, current range?

i use laptop power supplies + LM338 linear regulator to give me +1.25V to +20V @ 3-5A
Just use a old pc power supply. Bridge a green wire to a black one to turn it on.
cheap power / won't burn

Pick one.

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Hi /diy/!
I made some lids for the floor of my workshop.
In order to make them more stable (standing on it with one wheel of a car, so maybe 500kg) I´m going to weld some flat sections on the downside.

What do you think, how many of them do I need and how massive should I make them?

The lids are made of aluminium and have a thickness of 5mm.

pic related: This is one of two ident lids, the red lines mark where I thought to weld the flat sections on.
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This is what both of them look like.
They are all around folded down 50mm, so the flat section can only have 45mm at the edges
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this is what they will look like
What alloy aluminum? How good a welder are you, and what process will you be using?

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Alright diy, I got a cheap ass tr-3t6 knockoff

It is to my understanding, it has a voltage regulator that can take in 7-12v or so as an input voltage.
That would explain how it can take two or three cells.

So my fucking idea is I'm going to stick a fourth extension on it so it can fit 4 cells. Now this is obviously too much voltage, so I'm just going to pair up the cells so it's two in parallel, and another two in parallel.

I'm wondering if there exists a adaptor that will just hold two 18650s and I can just pop them in and out?
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Come on Niggers, I need a portable darkness eliminator
It's a slow board, chill
After a bit of pondering, i believe replacing the driver may be easier. This one should suffice.

Does no one on diy mod flashlights?

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I have this cool old emergency switch that I bought years ago at a rubbish shop. I'm trying to find the terminals on it so I can use it as a switch later.

Any ideas as to where to connect the wires?
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Side view. The top is the exact same except 1/3 the length, and only 1 circle panel.
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Bottom view. Internal view to come.
You connect them to the switch. The terminals are inside the enclosure.
Is it going to be a kill switch to hide porn from your parents?

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so I want to start my s60 phone without battery
I found a 3.7V charger(same as battery's V), soldered it to (+) and (-) accordingly and soldered 82kΩ(same as battery's R) between middle (T) and (-)
It opens, I see text but then turns off

I wonder if it is the current or the voltage

Also would it damage the phone if I used 3 AA batteries instead
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I use an old tablet as a calendar and spotify player. I got it for a few euros as it didn't charge. Just ripped the battery out and soldered a 5v USB -charger to the battery wires.
The funny thing is that it claims that the "battery" drains! I need to unplug the USB cable from the USB - charger every now and then and then the charge jumps back to 100%. It seems like the android tablet can't accept that the voltage is a stable 5v.
Has been working like for a year now.
yeah android devices are smarter and probably have voltage protection.
I have a phone that can start in recovery mode, without battery, just using the usb cable

that s60 phone has a 5.7V charger and 3.7V battery so I am not sure if I should just use its own charger and I don't have any battery to solder the charger to
update: it turns out the 3.7V charger was crap that gives 7.5V without load?! and 3.? under load
anyway I took the risk and used a regular 5v usb charger. It opens, it even shows full battery.
Now the only problem I have is that phone doesn't have an airplane mode so it requires a simcard
I plugged a dummy one but it says something like card configuration failed

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I'm build a flatbed trailer out of a old fifth wheel that had been left out to die for like four years. I removed everything down to the floor of the unit and will be getting rid of that this weekend. I'm looking to install a generator, 2 group 27s, a inverter charger, and a rear facing winch. I am unsure how to wire all of that together and what exactly to go with as far as size of gen and winch. Any help is appreciated.
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I am adding in additional cross members, out riggers and using 1/4" plate steel over the wheels. And a strip of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" angle as lining for a 2x6 deck.
Come on, anons. I know at least a few of you smart fucks can help me..
What do you plan on using the winch and generator for?

>inb4 loading shit on the trailer, and charging the winch batteries...

15k winch and 10kw genny sounds pretty useful to me.

I want to makea bookshelf out of "steigerhout" (don't know the english word - see pic related) and I have a question. I'm not very experienced in carpentry and thought this might be a good starting point.
The idea is something a lot more simple than the pic but I want to make it two planks deep and my question is how to link the two planks and attach the shelves without using any extra small connecting pieces and preferably without any visible screws.
Hope this is a bit clear, thanks for helping out.
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Something like this
>"steigerhout" (don't know the english word
It's probably "trash".
Dowels and glue would be one option. Don't drill the dowel holes through the outer planks.
Google rabbet and dado. Paul Sellers on YouTube demonstrates them pretty well, and if you have any power tools for woodworking, like a table saw and/or router, the concept easily translates from hand tools to what you have.

Looking for something to use with small work (soldering, etc.) and trying to decide between a magnifier or a usb microscope. There are models on amazon for <$20, so that's about tops for what I'd be looking to pay.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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>I want to make really precise work and can either get:

>a lens that modifies the light directly
>a digital device that reads incoming light, translates that to digital signals, computes that, sends that to your pc, which computes it again and then displays it

this essentially is
light speed VS the speed of your computer / the USB microscope (the cheap ones are slow AF)

How could you ever think a way that includes a shitton of conversions would be the right way?

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a microscope would get a lot closer than a lousy 4x magnifying glass, even if there are lots of "conversions"

Naturally, that's why 99% of all film and photography is now digital.

What is with you people and your "Analog is always better" nonsense? Lenses have dust, bubbles, and aberrations, especially at the $3 price point.

With a "Soldering magnifying holding thingy" you have to be hunched down over your piece at 90 degrees, the correct focal distance away.

Your potential magnification is MUCH greater with a USB scope.

And you're not trying to replicate the...
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Hi guys my grandpappers aint doing so well with his old age and what not. Anyway hes been asking and heckling at me to get him a life alert. He didnt want to pay for it so i decided ill jerryrig something up similiar or even better to life alert. I have the overall schematic in my heads but i just need to rough out the kinks of how it will over all work. I think i will use some sort of good adhesive for the strap that he can have around his neck, so like gorilla glue or even nails glue. As far as getting the staples button to activate sirry upon activation. Well that part i...
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maybe look at an amazon button
How do you figure? I dont think i can get it all the way here. amazon wont deliver to me.
they sell buttons for people to program themselves


I believe it can be used to send an automated text when pressed

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Hey guys I recently cleared my parents hill and wanted some ideas how I could spruce it up?
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Alternate angle I really really want to make a Japanese garden but have no idea where to even begin?
You can put a natural rock landscape up there with a waterfall into a Koi pond, with some leafy plants or Asian depending on what you can grow in your area. You would need a decent pump to bring the water up to the top of the pond I think but I'm not an expert.

Another option is just pave a row or something with steps to it so you can put plants up there.
at least some species of grass to keep it from erroding

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How far along is the 6-axis Sex Robot?
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im gonna get one of those fake asses from jlist or what ever that site is

got a bunch of shit annodized and it looks SOOO off the hook

but the main thing is that these fuckers from california wrote a program in python that i can use with my robot BUT I DONT KNOW COMPUTER HACKING FUCK

so if anyone can help me use the program these california cocksuckers wrote that would be so sick

all i just need to make my serial port setting and the setting in python match with the serial rs232 (or maybe is rs422) of my robot and then i can do some command line shit...
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Link to what ever the fuck it is you're talking about?
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ran some cables through this bitch so i can do maddddd i/o's

i wired up my operator panel with some buttons

i wired up my break out board for inside the robot panel

so much fuckign research

k so on the
ta-do list...

finalize io wiring

program some shit

buy the fake ass and mount it (heh) it will look sexier than a flsehlight and maybe be more safe

hook up peristaltic lube pump and wire it into IO

back up the robots memory, but these california cocksuckers havent replied to my emails

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So i'm working with different types of wood doing several diorama projects and I have a few questions to ask you guys about the best way to finish wood.

I was at a chinese festival when I came across these beautiful pieces of wood that were smooth, had no splinters, shined a little bit (not a lot) and looked pretty resistant to weather (pic related).

so I got to researching how to do it and i came across several answers but decided to come here since you guys can probably describe it in better detail.

Anyway what is the process to get the wood looking...
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Here's some more pictures of the wood
Here's the basic process.

1. Prep surface. Usually this means sanding, but other methods exist.
2. Apply stain or dye. Optional, but common.
3. Apply finish.
4. Smooth finish if desired.
5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until final desired result achieved.

That makes it sound simple but it's not. Wood finishing is about patience. Take shortcuts, and it will look like trash.

Go to google, come back with specific questions. There are many, many guides out there about this.
It's called rubbing it out. It's mostly about spending a lot of time getting your finish down well, letting it dry well between coats, sanding a bit but not too much, etc. The actual rubbing out is pretty easy, but the steps before aren't necessarily so depending on what you're doing exactly. It should work on any wood that isn't falling apart or about to fall apart like bad HD "lumber" where a hammer will split it in two when nailing. You should pick a nice piece(s) of wood to practice...
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Anyone ever try making your own alcohol based cologne?

Seen countless articles on it so I decided to give it a try. Let some cigar tobacco sit in grapeseed oil like it said then mixed the oil in with some grain alcohol and Jim Beam...and nothing really. No strong odor just some hints of the whiskey I could barely even smell on myself.

Tried adding more oil and even leaving some tobacco leaves in the atomizer with the mixture and I'm just not sensing a scent there. Maybe my nose is just fucked up.

Anybody else have any luck making their own colognes?...
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just fucking drink and smoke you idiot

I do but creating a cologne out of them sounded fun.
or buy a car owned by a smoker

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I'm making a water distillery for camping (Fractional distillation).

I need to join this 1.5" copper pipe to this stainless steel water bottle. I'd prefer to be able to open it up for cleaning. I don't have calipers right now, but there's just about a Popsicle stick thickness of room between the outside of the copper pipe and the inside of the water bottle opening. Whatever I use will need to withstand high heat from a rocket stove, right up to the shoulder of the water bottle. Of course it needs to be vapor tight, but doesn't need to be...
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Why not use something like high heat silicone bake-ware? I think a good portion of it is rated for up to 500F degrees and a single item would provide enough material to test a variety of shapes. Also it is food safe.
solder it
Right now, I'm trying to flange a ring of the piping and see how that will work...

Yeah, that was the first thing a friend recommended, but those crack under stress very easily.

I need to be able to open it. Otherwise, I'd be done since I have all the stuff to sweat pipe.

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Hey /diy/.

Can you devise something that will inform the authorities in case I go into a coma due to concussion?
Right now the only thing I can think of is EEG but that's too complex.

I don't fancy having my body discovered 6 months after.
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Why would you go into coma?
911 on a dead man's switch?

Srsly though, why would you need this, and why not get someone to check on you?

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Hey /diy/, thought I'd share my first woodworking diy since I was a kid. Was sick of the garage being a mess, and didn't want to pay crazy prices for shelves, so made my own, and got my son to help to get him into some diy.

It's 3mX2mX0.6m. Made out of 35x90 structural pine, and some 16mm MDF that I got from gumtree.

Made a little swing away workbench on the front out of some spare MDF (where it was cut to fit the compressor), some spare 35x90, and some hinges.

Also chucked my spare surround sound amp and some little htiab speakers on it for...
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And this is with the bench set up.
looks good anon..does your bench just lean on those 2x4s? is it stable? could you fuck a fat bitch on it?
Preddy gud m9 I have that same tackle box. Thanks for sharing

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What is something that I can weld and manufacture and sell that is made of thin gauge stainless steel to start a small business and get the money ball rolling?
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Water bottles for rich hippies? Laser etch a tree or something on it and use some buzzwords, maybe some fear mongering.
If you're gonna try manufacture stuff you will need to be doing runs of a thousand to make any money.
Some chink in a factory will work 20 hours a day in some factory doing the same spot weld over and over for a cup of rice a day.

Have a go making "chimneys" for lighting BBQ coals. Be prepared to spend up to a full day finishing just one and sell it for $20.

If you want to make money then do repair work, stainless hand rails or exhaust systems
Make stuff the mass-manufacturers in some shitsville 3rd world don't touch- something artistic
Little stuff like candlesticks, lightshades, pot plants and even a really nice kitchen knife holder etc

Have a look at what's popular and throw a spin on it. Styles like Art Deco always look shit hot in stainless and brass

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I'm learning welder, recently passed the exams for MAG welding (135) (I can NOT weld aluminium yet), also bought myself ESAB Caddy MIG c200i with all equipment needed, purchased this mainly for automotive repairs, however I would like to craft something and make some money with this machine. Any ideas on what should I craft and sell?
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The biggest hurdle for any budding entrepreneur is finding a niche that's not over saturated.

If you git gud at welding you could always offer your services for repairs to cracked metal items.

What's also big in the car world is turbo exhaust manifolds.
If you're not into design you could for a light fee offer to weld up peoples designs, they send you the information needed, pipe size and wall thickness, or maybe even a CAD file of the design.

Though saying that TIG welding is all the rage for that.

Adding to this, as an explanation.
People often design a manifold but they don't have the skill or equipment to make what they have in mind, if you offer the metal needed at cost and a fair price, I think you'll make some nice pocket money.
This because a good manifold not made in China will often run over 1500 dollars, a steep price especially if the customer is just getting into car tuning.

You kill 2 birds with one stone, you make some pocket money and you get mad practice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This is one of a good idea, just one thing that bothers me is that part is made of stainless steel i suppose? I still can't weld stainless, at least never tried it but I guess some hours of practice and it's doable. Thank you for this advice I will surely explore this topic.

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guys i want to get an opinion on my electric toothbrush
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Stick it in your ass
up the pooper it goes

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Anyone on here know anything about lighters? I've recently started a collection but I have a problem, my adjustable/refillable lighters have been getting progressively weaker, for example, I bought one yesterday that was a literally a handheld flame-thrower at max setting, now it's barely 3cm after I purged and re-filled it. Could it be the gas I'm using? Or are refillable/adjustables just terrible?
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You may need to replace the wick
But most of them are pretty much brand new...
Not him, but the man gave you good advice. Replace or trim.

Take it or leave it as you see fit.

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So just bought a new house and there's a ton of yard work that needs to be done, thing is our lawn mower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and weed wacker haven't turned on in a year or two, is there anything I need to do in order to ensure that they function properly? I'm pretty sure the fuel that was in them a year ago still is, is that an issue? Should I clean it out somehow? Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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soak the carbs in carb cleaner

after every season drain the fuel and pump out whatever the primer shoots out

you may have to replace the diaphragms
Cool, thanks. Shouldn't be too hard. Do I need to do that on all the equipment that has sat for a while?
First drain the gas out of them
Stick some fresh gas in them and see if they will get going.
Most likely they will start running really shity at first but as the fresh gas works through them they will run fine.

If the fresh gas fails to get it going then worry about taking it apart and cleaning.

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Hi /diy/
Transplant from /k/ here with a dumb question.
How would one harden a pickup truck bed tool box to resist smash&grab burglars, while keeping it lightweight? Ceramic plates? thin hardened steel? Chain mail? lots of chains?
I want to have one as my gun safe. I'd buy a real gun safe, but I live in a third-floor apt. that looks like it was made in china, so anything that weighs what a gun safe weighs might just show up at the downstairs neighbors' living room unexpectedly.

Budget is, say, $600-$1000 in materials, including a ~$300 tool box....
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$1,300? You can get used gun safes for that amount of money. I'd look into that first.
Truck toolboxes are easily opened with a screwdriver.
You need to install a much better lock and latch system.

The smash and grab burglars just pop them open in seconds.

It is not unheard of for people to actually steal the whole box.
And if someone found out you had guns in there, they would be grinding your shit and running off with the whole box.

Its a poor idea. you would be much MUCH better off hiding your guns in your apartment.
>Ceramic plates?
Brittle. Less resistant to the "smash" part than a store-bought box unless you have a way to get ballistic ceramics.
>thin hardened steel?
Why thin? Why hardened?
>Chain mail? lots of chains?
Useless. Bolt cutters.

From your thoughts of reinforcement, it's not very clear to me what kind of intrusion you expect the box to withstand. A typical truck tool box is welded steel or...
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I just saw this and thought it was pretty nifty. What do you guys think would be needed to create/make my own. I would like add this effect maybe to a desk or a lamp.

Btw its called the OvRcharge
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not gonna ask how much does it cost...

It runs around $200, thats why I was thinking of maybe a DIY option.
>$200 wow!

You can buy magnetic levitation plates for a as little as £50 here in the uk.


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Does anyone generate an income by making things? I'm not talking about plumbers/electricians/contractors/HVAC/whatever.

What do you make? How profitable is it? Is there a market in your area for it?
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File: 8OBPmzt[1].jpg (498 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't make a living off of it, but when I need extra cash I take commissions, usually cosplay related items. people in that client-base will pay a lot of money if your work looks good.

spend about $25 on this project and most of that was for paint. this one I didn't sell, it was for my sister who wanted to be Marceline on Halloween. but she took it to a party and a few people there offered her $150 for it.
File: 20150625_212929.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5312x2988
I makea few extra dollars selling leather work, and the occassional knife
File: 3fIidX2[1].jpg (3 MB, 2304x3084) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2304x3084
sorry for the picture quality, it is a picture of a picture.

I also built a 4-foot fan for a friend's Temari cosplay, I did not sell this one either but many people at the convention offered her $200 for it.

the market is nice because if you are willing to meet the customer's (sometimes very specific) demands then you can pretty much charge whatever you want for the piece. many times the piece doesn't have to be functional, just lightweight and look nice. which makes your job easier. I...
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File: 4L_73TmSKEZ.jpg (9 KB, 219x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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C'mon DIY, in true spirit of the board, shouldn't there be a torrent repository of all things home related?

>material lists
>project outlines and schedules
>all related to homes and other buildings
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no such thing exists anywhere on the internet m8.
In most places you don't need blueprints for a building that is only a single story, There is nothing special involved in the construction so just sticking to code will make do.
Why are you posting this for the 5th time in a month?

File: flavor03_sm.jpg (31 KB, 330x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hope some1 can help me out for .

My idiot brother was clean my Flavor Wave Oven and ruin the temperature numbers, help me fix it, how to paint it back?
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sharpie cant wash it, or have to use it in each clean up?

1 dry transfer lettering
2 clear nail polish topcoat

File: 20160828_172429.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
I have an autismal amount of Marlboro™ Gold -packs.
What can I do with them? All empty.
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check yourself in to a doctor who specialises in lung cancer
The bigger problem is that old mac! ;-)
Why are you hoarding trash?

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