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Anyone here try using dish soap to clear a clogged toilet?

Did it work?

Please respond.
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>the correct tool for the job
'aint workin' senpai
You can try to use it pre-emptively against greasy stuff, but opening a plug made of shit and paper? No.

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9000 hours in Paint.jpg
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How do you sharpen your chisels/planes? Which do you prefer?

Micro bevel seems to be mainstream aproach, while convex bevel is promoted by more traditional type woodworkers like Paul Sellers.
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It is not a choice but a product of the preferred way of sharpening, if you sharpen by hand using stones or whatever, which is the method of producing the sharpest edge the quickest, the natural motions of the hand produces a naturally convex bevel as a by product, not really by choice.
Convex bevel all the way.
Not only is it faster and easier to sharpen that way, but I also found it makes it easier to gouge out huge chunks of wood with it when you need to.
Concave bevel

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Come watch me make a Kentucky Mule from scratch. First get your ingredients together.
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Don't forget the ginger beer
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Get about 5 decent sized mint leaves and break them into pieces. I usually split them into thirds. It's gotta be big enough that you won't swallow it when drinking, but small enough to extract a lot of mint.
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Cut your lemon and add two decent sized slices. Squeeze out all of the juice then drop them in. These are a little small but it's what I had leftover in the fridge from last time so eh

Just got access to a 3D printer at school. What's some simple but useful stuff I should start designing and printing?
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Use the printer to fix something that is broken. For example, make a new part to replace a broken plastic part. Or make spares of a plastic part which may break, or has in the past.

Print a part to fix a problem - a set of clips or 'holder' for cables at your computer.

A stand for your phone, with or without charging cable integrated.

Do you have any hobbies that you could print parts for - WarHammer figures, custom mount for a camera on your bike/helmet,

Interlocking parts, just...
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Print parts so you can make your own

Or go snoop around for designs and things to print. Thingverse & things like that could be a start.
derailier hangers for mountain bikes...

or don't! Thats my thing.

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rust out.png
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Hello there,

It looks like there is rust coming through the door panel of my car (pic related).

Normally I would just sand, prime, paint, clear, wax/buff, but I'm worried if I tackle this one, I'll end up with a hole in my door, since rust shows on both sides. If I fill the hole with a fiberglass/epoxy patch, will it be strong enough? It's right above my driver-side door handle, i.e. one of he most frequently grabbed parts of the car, so I'm worried about making a durable fix for the rust spot.

Thanks in advance for the help
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Yes, fiberglass body filler will be strong enough
This is a high stress area.
Literally part of the integrity of the window frame portion of your door.
Also adds in strength to passenger compartment during rollover.

For a proper repair, door needs to be stripped of surrounding components and welded.
It'll crack within a month

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what do you think of this MIDI drum kit I built

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Do you have any pictures of that milf's spread asshole?
Try to look less autistic when you bang that balloon you fucking NEET

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so one of my pcb failed and a broken thermal fuse (inside transformer) was the cause of it. i wanted to bypass the fuse since i have no idea where to buy a similar fuse online. i had some solder lead, so i soldered the lead with the 'open' points. after i turned on the 120v power the lead fucking exploded!
guys what did i do wrong? i mean i kinda already suspected that if i short the two connection point hazard would ensue. but then why doesn't the fuse blow up? if i switched the lead wire with a standard copper wire would it blow up still? or am i doing something...
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Shorting the thermal fuse should leave the transformer as good as new, you probably fucked up and shorted live and neutral somehow, maybe it shorted through the body or maybe you shorted something that wasn't the thermal fuse, who knows. There shouldn't be any problem when shorting the fuse with lead solder, although the resistance is higher than copper is still negligible for such a short connetion.
Or the original fuse blew for a reason (because there is a short somewhere else) and OP created the equivalent of another fuse made out of solder, which promptly blew for the same reason the first one did.
>fuse blew for a reason

Realistically, aside from OP fucking up, this is the only reason a solder jumper would fail like this. Replacing a fuse with solder is a fairly common ghetto-rig solution in PCB repair, and works fine as long as the fuse itself was faulty.

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I moved to a new place and my girlfriend never transferred the power, so now we will have no power the whole weekend because the power company wont switch it until Monday.

I already checked all over the perimeter of the apartment for an outlet or anything that wasnt on our meter. I found out my apartments porch light still works. The switch is inside our apartment.

I don't know anything about electronics, but I'd rather die than not have power for three whole days.

I have three options:

1. Replace the switch with an outlet / outlet switch...
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pic related can be found at wallmart and other crappy stores... keep your electronics charged... if you overload the circuit and pop the breaker you probably won't be able to get to whatever panel it's in to reset it...

Thanks was looking at one of these, but my laptop charger needs the extra prong and none of those things are available in my area. (walmart, lowes, home depot, nothing has them believe it or not)
you can rip the ground prong out of the laptop cord.. or use an adapter... and you need to look at like a true value.. or smaller hardware store out in the sticks... or a surplus junk store..

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how to make a quadkoptor out of computer parts?
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a shitload of CPU fans and long extension cord might work. But probably not.
i'm doing one. buy the fans on the internet however , computer ones are not meant to fly. It cost me 2$ and i'm barely flying at the moment
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Hey guys, I was told on /k/ to take my question to you guys. I found my grand grandfather's WWI bayonet. This thing was uncovered after almost 80 years of being missing. As you can see, it's not in a great shape. Since this is one of only two things I have left from him, I'd love to restore it but I'm afraid of damaging it. Does anyone know how I could restore this thing?
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The scabbard is too far gone.

The blade would clean up with some evap-o-rust and 000 steel wool.

The guard is also very far gone. But give it the same treatment as the blade. It will be a pitted mess when you're done.

The pommel looks to be somewhere between the blade and guard rust-wise.

When you're done, coat it in a light oil like 3-in-1. You'll need to reapply oil occasionally.

I don't knoe what the handle is made out of. Bakelite? It's probably bakelite. I'm not sure what it does and doesn't react with....
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Additional thoughts:

Resist the urge to use anything more abrasive than a wire brush on this.

Using some fine steel wool and just oiling it is the best way to handle this project. It will never be perfect, embrace it for what it is.
I've been trying to figure out what the handle is made of with no luck. This thing is late 1890s, early 1900s so there's not many things the handle could be made of. I'm willing to give up on the scabbard since it's deformed on top of being rusty, however I'd like to save the handle. It doesn't seem like the rust went too deep on the handle. It's not flaking or anything. I'll follow your advice and see where that takes me. Thank you.

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Could a "pop pop boat" styled Propulsion system be scaled up to power something like a simple 8 foot pirouge?
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I've thought about this quite a bit before, to get the propulsion needed it would need large tubing, a really good heat source, and the flappy thing thats heated would need to be very efficient
let me guess, Ponyo ?
About to say the same thing.

The only thing that I see with this is that your heart source would have to be massive to heat the metal piece after all that cold water goes into it. It works on smaller toys because it needs to heat up such a small amount, but bigger... I don't know.

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Want to make pic related. 0.02" head gasket. Appears aluminum. Would be produced as die stamp. What alloy should I use? Needs to be ductile both for stamping plus installation, where it needs to "squish" to seal head to piston. 2 stroke application.
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Standard 6061. Might need to heat treat it to prevent warping.
More concerned with softness for stamping than warping. These get squished between two castings; it'll stay flat in design position.
The fuck kind of 2 stroke engine uses alum gaskets? Especially since the blocks themselves are made of aluminum, that sounds like a bad idea.

I've seen perforated brass with fibrous rubber molded in, also seen ones that are integrated with a heat shield, never seen aluminum.

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How would one go about making high quality lettering in a press that would reflect nicely into a tablet pressed out of powder
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also, you may want to pursue a book on engraving techniques.
acid etching?
Mill lettering out on a metal stamp.

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Hi /diy/, I'm hoping you can tell me why OP is such a fag here. Tldr : I'm having trouble switching a thermoelectric cooler with a MOSFET and an arduino

Long story: I'm trying to switch this tec unit with an arduino, but I'm running into a couple of problems along the way. My idea was to read an analog value from a pot and use that to set the duty cycle of PWM on an output pin, and ultimately use the PWM signal to switch a MOSFET and apply power to the tec. So I setup some serial.print commands to view the analog input, the analog input divided by 4, and the state of the output. When the tec is replaced with an led then everything works great. The pot works, the divide by 4 works, and the output works. When I plug the tec in to the circuit then I start getting garbage data and the performance of the TEC is unpredictable. It's off for a few seconds, then it is on, then it is off, then it sticks on for too long and starts overheating, etc.

So then I figured the PWM output is wonky, so I manually configured a duty cycle using code. I changed the output to digital, then wrote a little code so that it would check the pot value and tec state every milisecond or so, and it would stay on for the first part of a second and off during the last part of a second. Again the code worked as expected, but the tec was unpredictable. It would switch correctly at first, but would end up sticking ON and beginning to overheat. (I should mention that I have heatsinks and multiple tec units to play with).

Anyway, after manually configuring the duty cycle and it still not working, I figure my problem is somewhere else, which is where I was hoping you can help.

*Is my MOSFET circuit configured correctly?
*is 5V enough to reliably turn the mosfet on and off? (It's actually more like 4.7V coming out of the digital pin on the arduino nano)
*is there something that I don't know about TEC units? (Are they inductive or something)
*is there something else that I'm entirely overlooking?
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Forgot to draw the potentiometer in the schematic above, but it's connected to the 5v (really 4.7 volt) pin on the nano, common ground, and the wiper is connected to one of the analog pins. Again, the pot seems to be working correctly according to the serial data output, but I wanted to clarify that it's there but not in the schematic.

I think this will help you figure it out. I don't know much about this subject but it seems like thermometric coolers don't like rapid on/off. LEDs don't give a crap and their resistance isn't changing so I think that's why your circuit works as expected with the LED but not with the cooler.

Also you should post this in /ohm/ general thread for more responses.
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>*is 5V enough to reliably turn the mosfet on and off?
absolutely not

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I am a person living in Finland and it's becoming increasingly dark every day. A time of super darkness is upon us and I hate it that I can't see my dog in this wintery wasteland.

I already have a reflector vest (left) but it's shit because it does nothing unless a light is being shined directly on it. I bought a LED strap you can attach to the collar but that is shit too because it's a small contraption and although it provides a light, it's small and dim. You can see where your dog is going sure but you can see nothing around it and it's infuriating.

How do I make a winter-durable LED vest (something like the right pic)? My dog likes to play in the snow so obviously it has to withstand wet and cold. Not too sure how to power it either, as I don't want my dog to become a walking lithium bomb.

I don't mind a nigga rig, so it doesn't have to be aesthetic. Just durable and have a shitload of white LEDs on it, preferably adjustable so if I miscalculate something and it becomes blindingly bright.

tl;dr: how to turn my dog into a lantern?
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Put an led strip into a plastic bag with a battery. Turn it on and tape it to your dog
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Electroluminescent tape.

Spell out 'DOGE' so people know what it is in the dark.
They sell LED strips by the foot. You could power them with a 9 volt battery. Not sure if you'd need a resistor, though.

Line the seams of the dogs vest with the strips. adjust the brightness of the LEDs with more or less resistors.

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Hi /diy/nosaurs, dumb fag here.
I want to place rgb LED's in the googles, have it react to my voice and have it all driven through batteries.
Google has not been my friend on this.
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I have time, money, tools and some soldering skills. I expect I have to tinker around with circuity to get this to work....
I just don't know where to start
For the LED' I was thinking of perhaps using this "5050 16-bit rgb led ring". The shape and size is convenient but I worry that the light distribution will be wonky.
Opps forgot the pic

hi good day how can i repair this lipo? it has cut in its soft case. any advice? im planning just heatshrink it. will it be enough?
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As long as the cut hasn't damaged or scarred the cells themself you should be fine.
the cut damage the silver part. i dont know if it is a cell already.
In that case i would just heatshrink it. Make sure the battery doesn't get wet and yoh should be fine. The worst this that can happen is the battery could get how and leak out the electrolight that is inside the battery.

Are there better products out there besides jb weld for when you need to fill a void and cut threads into it?
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Helicoils depending on how large the hole is.
welding wire?

that won't work for this

A lifetime of abuse has ruined the skin on my fingertips.

How do I fix my hands so that i don't look like a mutant anymore? Also it feels like I'm wearing a second layer of skin because the surface layer is losing sensitivity.
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Wait like a year without reking your hands you should regain SOME sensitivity... They will never be new again sorry...

Grandmother worked with chemicals all her life and even after years of retirements she had rekt hands...
There has to be some magic cream that will fix this organ that completely regrows it self like every month.

Maybe some aborted fetus cells made into salsa.
Coconut oil. Not the liquid stuff in the cosmetics section. The solid stuff you can get for $6 at the grocery store.

A little bit goes a long way. Apply a dab after you wash your hands or after you shower and before bed.

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soup /diy/? I recently purchased a piece of land, cleared the property and have well water and septic. I've been looking around on torrents and such, trying to find a list of very easy to build homes that are up to code with USA building standards.

Blueprints are designed by engineers, and include all the details for the permit office to approve and inspect the build in progress.

I'm a project manager for a roofing company, so I have access to all the materials, tools and labor I will need.

tl;dr where can I get free blueprints for simple 1500-2000...
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No where? Who the hell is going to design you a home for free?
I don't need custom engineered you ding dong. scanned plans from a pre-existing builder from lower priced developments would work.
Literally three seconds off googling


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I decided to make a book last week, took me like three evenings before I finally finished it (I got lazy by the end so the cover is kind of crap, too bad). It's actually not that hard if you have all the right right tools from the get go.

Any bookmakers in here?
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File: IMG-20160815-WA0002.jpg (608 KB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
608 KB, 4160x2340
Here's another pic. I documented the steps somewhat (roughly), if anyone's interested.

I'm not an expert, obviously (I mostly relied on youtube videos to make it), but I can try to answer questions.

I know /diy/ is perhaps meant to be more for the heavy-duty stuff, but hey I made it with my own hands so it counts too
post pls!

I am always up for a tutorial in bookbinding, I have many run-down books
This is something I really want to get into.
Am thinking of binding my own PhD thesis

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Is this thing even worth cleaning? I feel like its so far beyond that but I don't know what to do. I just moved into this shithole in southern Arizona and it's hot as fuck and I don't want to be without an AC unit. Should the landlord cover something like this? What do?
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All the shit that fell on the floor when I opened it up.
I've also had a sore throat for pretty much the past week.

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Does anybody know how to keep the insides of rubber gloves dry even when you're washing dishes? Perhaps some sort of powder?
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I find a liberal sprinkling of lye does the trick.
get ones with longer sleeves


don't sweat so much


don't splash water everywhere so that it goes down your gloves
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1 MB, 2592x1936
I'm going to try this stuff

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So I want to make a shoulder mounted potato launcher and model it after this. Thoughts on how to do this??
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I've made several. Highly recommended you stay away from those stupid little red friction button ignightors and twist lantern lighters. They both have downfalls that make this a bitch to use.

I am partial to the $15 universal propane grill ignigtors from lowes. They are battery power push button and throw repeated sparks until the button is released. These aren't perfect but affordable.

Have yet to try stun gun ignightor but they seem to throw abundant fire wayyyy better than anything else.

Good luck anon.
I've revised my old tater gun with a $7 rechargeable eBay stun gun and it works wonders apposed to the red grill igniters and Flint igniters
Could you potentially run one of these from a propane tank?

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best 18650.jpg
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I was sent here from this >>56120712 post.

I wish to crack open my laptop battery and replace the worn out cells with NCR18650Bs because I doubt I can find a replacement battery with them in it. What techniques are involved with splitting open the battery in a reusable way?
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Fixed post;

If you take your time you should be able to pry the top and bottom open with a small screwdriver or a knife. Search google and you'll find some videos of people doing this.
Do you have a dremmel?

File: IMG_20160816_172759.jpg (186 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do I do in this situation, there's a big blob of water under that ceiling paint after a rainstorm. Currently have a bucket underneath it to catch the brownish water droplets.

Do I stab it and let it pour through?
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Yep. Paint is fucked either way.
>Do I stab it and let it pour through?

This is what I would do, and then go outside and try to figure out what failed to let the water in.
But if you are renting and shit, maybe you should get the landlord to come over and see it. Might get them to work on fixing the problem when they see it with their own eyes
Yes. if you dont it will promote more water damage. Pop it then start cutting wet drywall out

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How do you remove these faucet handles?
>They don't have screws.
>I need to get into them to remove the cartridge to fix a leak.
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this gon be gud
Spray with a limescale removing agent, wash and dry thoroughly before using a strap wrench.
File: 20160815_135804.jpg (564 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
564 KB, 2560x1536
OP here. This is what we've got underneath the sink.

File: DSCI0257.jpg (101 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was thinking of building sheds or portable cabins. What's the best way to sell these things? I've already built one shed. Its pretty much all cedar and looks aesthetically pleasing but putting it on craigslist I haven't had much success in selling it. Is there another way to do this? I don't really have a roadside where I can place the sheds for traffic to pass by.
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shed market is saturated. now that big box stores sell them out front you're fucked
I can under cut them on price because I work for myself for pretty much less than minimum wage so I should be able to move the things somehow. I just don't know how to reach my target market. I don't think people usually brows craiglsit for sheds and its a pain in the ass having to repost it because the place where I build them doesn't have internet access. So Its kind of screwing me up. Should I build a web site instead of using craigslist or is craigslist better?
You're not listening, >>1038918 has already explained it to you, building and selling these things will not make money, you either need to do something the big box stores haven't thought of, don't want to do or can't.

Maybe you could make "bespoke" outbuildings of some sort, odd shapes and sizes not readily available off the shelf, build them in a way that lends itself to easily being turned into a residential unit, but whatever you...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 4-prong_dryer_outlet[1].jpg (19 KB, 407x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I live in the US. I have an old table saw with a 1.5 HP motor. It is currently wired for 110 volts. It will draw about 17 amps according to the data plate. That is more than any of my 110 volt outlets will manage, as they all have 15 amp breakers and would need a wire replacement to go higher. I do have a 220 volt outlet that is free though. The breaker that controls it is a two switch 40 amp breaker. I'm assuming that is 20 amps per wire, correct? The 220 volt outlet is the 4 prong type for an electric dryer, pic related.

My question: Can I wire my saw to a 220 volt 4 prong plug but only use a single hot to get 110 volts at 20 amps?
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>My question: Can I wire my saw to a 220 volt 4 prong plug but only use a single hot to get 110 volts at 20 amps?

Yes, but the breaker may not protect it.

You 'could' add a 20A breaker to your adapter...
>Yes, but the breaker may not protect it.
If its 20 amps per switch on the breaker why would it not protect it? If it goes above 20 amps and that is the limit it should trip.

Either way its more about not tripping the breaker.
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Bro... $3 for a 20 amp outlet and $4 for the breaker. $7 to wire everything up safely and correctly.



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Hi guys!

Jerk, here. I'm building a pc and would value some expert critiquing.

Is there anything in this build I can replace for something cheaper or remove entirely?

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>Corsair power supply other than their AX series

Buy an EVGA branded power supply. I'd personally recommend the 550W G2. Works great.


>Single channel memory
>laughing _girls.jpg

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Buy a better SSD
What brand would you recommend?

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