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Hello good people of /diy/!! I was hoping you could help me with my crossover needs. I am trying to make a high pass filter for my two way speakers system in my living room. I have a bunch of old audio equipment that I can tear into for parts (resistors, caps, etc.) Although I have very limited knowledge on what to use. I was hoping some of you could point me in the correct direction to make an "in line" high pass filter for my tweeter. Any help will be appreciated.
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All you need is a resistor and a cap and calculate the cutoff frequency. What frequencies is your tweeter rated for?
1,200hz to 20k
You'll probably want a lower cutoff frequency of around 1.3k, so a resistor of 12k and a cap of 10nF should get you close. Check out http://www(dot)electronics-tutorials(dot)ws/filter/filter_3.html for more details.

A LPF to protect the high end would be a good idea too. For a cutoff of 20kHz, a resistor of 800 ohms and a cap of 10nF will do.

I chose 10nF because it is a fairly common component, then chose the resistor based off that capacitor since they are much more plentiful. When you get your components,...
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Hey /diy/. I'm in a bit of a pinch.

I'm at work right now. I spilled a cup of coffee across a three level glass cabinet/desk. I've managed to clean the most of it up, but there are little nooks and crannies I cannot possibly get to (without completely dismantling the case, which I cannot do, as it is not my property and in a public place).

My problem lies in that although I can't see anymore spilt coffee, I can certainly smell it. Which isn't awful right now, but I imagine will be once it goes rancid.

What exactly can I do about...
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coffee does not go rancid. unless by coffee you mean milk in which case I don't know, discreetly start a fire?
Oh. I was under the impression it would go bad/rot. It was a Starbucks 'americano' to be more exact - which if I understand right is a couple shots of expresso and some hot water.

If it won't then that's kind of a weight off my shoulders.
yeah if it's just coffee and water and not something with a lot of dairy there will be little smell, and what smell there is will not be particularly unpleasant.

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How hard would it be to build a "space suit"
I don't necissarily need it to be so tight it can operate in the vacuume of space,
Just enough to keep the Canadian winter off my face.
Climate control like heating and cooling and ventilation would be a plus but not totally necissary.
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JTAE2129 PSE.jpg
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what about a snowmobile suit?
I don't want to look that crazy anon
goggles and a scarf?

as for heated clothing, this is something i have actually researched pretty extensively and it's not really viable unless you have a ton of money to drop on expensive Li batteries or you're also using a vehicle like a bike or a scooter. If you have a powered scooter you have an essentially infinite power source from the alternator / generator. Otherwise you're going to be lugging around huge batteries or paying out the ass for Li-ion and still having to carry quite a few of them to get any decent heating time. The heated jacket itself...
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How much do you guys know about stone floors?
I was cleaning the floor the other day and accidentally used a wrong kind of soap, after I wiped it off I noticed some of the color came off.
There's a spot on the floor now that looks kind of dusty, rest of the floor is black and this spot is a little lighter. There's these kind of signs of wearing off all over the floor but the rest are much smaller and you don't really pay attention to them.
I looked it up online and they said that olive oil can give a worn out slate the color back so I tried it. Looks...
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soap wash the entire thing

then leave it as that
Out of curiosity, have you tried just mopping it with clear water? Some soaps leave a residue if theyve got additives or "moisturizers"

I did, but I'm pretty sure it's not residue since the part even feels more coarse than rest of the floor and looks kind of faint.
I will wash it again tomorrow to see if the oil comes off and test this too

File: 20160104_000207.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey DIY how goes it,

Let's see some of your handy work DIY
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Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
hahahahaha good one
"Late night prototyping" more like "shitty pictures cant see anything"

File: 76996_plnwngdiag_lg.gif (75 KB, 1024x438) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what if you make an RC plane's wing by first constructing some ribs out of balsa wood, make them all stick together with some carbon fiber rods, and then put some type of material over the top? What material though?
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if we're already looking at carbon fiber rods, why not do the foam core with epoxied carbon tape on top thing?

Even if not that, I'd look at some sort of cloth or cloth-like material I could add rigidity to, like fiberglass or something.
I've seen it done with cling wrap like material before
Wow, never thought this skillset would ever be used again.

You don't need carbon fiber rods for the spars, you can use something like birch.

To cover the wings an fuselage, you have choices. There's traditional paper-and-dope (it's a special type of paper), or silk-and-dope (stronger, but heavier and more expensive, and as I recall a little harder to work with), or there's a type of heatshrink plastic, but you need special equipment to work with it, namely a special type of heated iron...
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Can anyone give me a absolute beginners guide to hacking? Like if someone who never touched a computer aproached you and ask you to teach them in the art.
I'm not looking for illegal activities, i'm curious about becoming a spec ops, or intelligence agent.
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Lmao what's with all these retards posting on DIY. You want to be a hacker but you can't even google a question.

Good luck becoming "spec ops" with an IQ that just skirts the line of retardation.

Now piss off back to /MLP/ fagot.
the guides on google need more attention and sophistication to master.
I can't have that. I wan't to aproach this at first as a little hobby and then maybe move on if i get a hang on.
>intelligence agent

Opening up a history book might be a better bet.

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where does /diy/ get their phone/tablet replacement parts? gonna finally fix my nexus 7's busted screen but id like to know what peoples most trusted and/or cheapest sources are. pic tangentially related.
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Chinese ebay
From China.
EBay. Haven't had any issues with the part not working, they work perfectly.
Only issue is they feel cheap, but a screen protector should fix that.

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Martini III.jpg
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Dunno whether to post this on /k/ or /diy/ but basically very soon I'm coming into possession of a Martini Mk. III

I want to hang it up but all the 'gun racks' I find on the interweb are either for like 5 rifles or tacticool.
Considering I want just the one rifle and it is an antique I'm thinking of some kind of wood and/or brass hook wall mount thing - but I don't know what to get or make one from scratch

halp plox
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Buy a five rack and slice off four racks.

Also, be sure that you are aware of your local display laws. In Canada, the weapon still ahs to be secured somehow, and not displayed with ammunition.
Most of how they're designed means it wouldn't look very pretty (even if I did a very good job of cleaning up after) - plus it'd be wasting money buying a large rack to chop it up

The martini as its so old counts as an antique so it can sit there quite freely - until I load ammunition for it but that's a different matter
File: deer antler.jpg (136 KB, 1247x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
deer antler.jpg
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Make a gun rack from a deer rack. Deer antlers are pretty cheap and look classy. Here's a rack on ebay that's a matched set. It currently has no bids, and is only 15 dollars.


One word of warning though deer antler stinks while you're grinding it or using high speed saws. Apart from that, antler is a perfecy diy material, and would look great with that rifle.

File: boots-leather-early-2.jpg (253 KB, 1000x803) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a pair of old combat boots with very worn soles. I love the damn boots but they are too slippery to wear in the winter

Is there anything I can do to the sole (other than attaching climbing spurs) to make it have more traction in the snow? any ideas?

thank you
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Take them to a cobbler? Honestly, that's all I can think of.
ive got an old pair of combats for winter boots too

i think theyre slippery because the rubber in the sole is very hard to begin with and you use them in winter temps they lose all grippyness
Screw new soles on and say "fuck it"

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unnamed (3).jpg
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Hey guys, i want to have a lottle 4 usb charger thing flush mounted somewhere in my dash. I hate cigarette sockets ones as they are absurdly unreliable and slow charging and look like shit so i want to hardwire in something like pic related, except with just 4 usb slots and 1 on off switch which is for all of them. How would i go aboit wiring something like this up, anyone got any wiring diagrams or good ideas? The main criteria is all 4 have to be able to charge at maximum speed and be able to charge any device. Thanks guys
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>maximum speed

you do know USB charges at the same rate no matter if its plugged into a 12v cigarette lightter or the wall.. the actual charger only charges with 5 volts no matter what.

you wont get a faster charge by using a direct USB than an adapter since its only going to put out the necessary 5 volts regardless

please google next time
It is all about the charger not what it is powering the charger. If you use a 1amp charger in the 12v it will charge slower than a 2.1 amp charger in the 12v...
Run a heavy guage wire from the battery to where you need power. Splice in a fuseable link closer to the battery. Then split into 4 smaller wires right before your charger thingy.
That's all I got.

File: 71WYLMoKDDS._SL1500_.jpg (138 KB, 1500x1430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm trying to slim some of my dress shirts to a better fit, and i've gotten a great shape with pins, but i'm getting a weird bulb of material on the chest area like a ( ) between the two buttons. i've tried loosening up some fabric but it's not working. it seems to happen when i pin the armpit smaller
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File: IMG_20160103_164547.jpg (809 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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there is a picture of it
What you're doing would work if you were a guy.

Issue here is that women's clothes require darts and wedges to fit over the bust properly. That shirt likely fit well enough before you tightened it up. If you read up on bodice pattern making, or check out a fitted women's blouse, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Your options are to either add stretch panels to side or back (shirring, elastic panel, etc) or to add fabric...
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i'm a guy i have a larger chest... but not breasts...

Hello /diy/, are you known a method to make beer or whiskey only whit house stuff?,
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you need to do some research if you are placing beer and whiskey in the same category. Beer or wine are the easiest to make at home since they don't require any distillation.

In simple terms, whiskey is like distilled beer.

its not beer, but you probably already have all the materials
when i was 18 or so i built a stove top still out of an enamel stock pot, a coil of copper tubing, a meat thermometer and a 3 1/2 gallon bucket, managed to make some rocket fuel vodka and not poison myself

Hello /diy/ i have this beast: Conion C-100F and i'm thinking of modding it and replace the top deck with a bluetooth/usb player
I dont want to change anything cosmetically
I will hide the usb connector inside the cassette port and repurpose the cassette buttons to the bluetooth speaker buttons
I'll buy a cheap bluetooth speaker and crack it open and transplant it inside and connect the btSpeaker lines instead of the top deck lines
Is it possible? I dont want to ruin my boombox also i want it to have more functionality
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The buttons on a tape deck aren't simple pushbuttons. It's a fairly complicated mechanical system: Play button pushes the head into place and locks the eject button. Stop button pulls the head back and unlocks the eject button, etc. The actual electronic buttons are buried in the mechanical apparatus, so you can't just strip out the mechanisms and have a regular set of buttons.

You'll have to completely remove the tape deck, salvage the plastic bits that go on top of the buttons, then put those on a new set of pushbuttons on a new circuit board.
I was looking to do this project myself. I was just going to wire in an auxiliary port and stuff a blue tooth receiver. I still have a stack of cassette's
Maybe it's cuz I'm black, but this makes me think of growing up in Brooklyn in the late 80s. Godspeed :)

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Hi, /diy/. I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXePz7HJLgo&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DuXePz7HJLgo&has_verified=1

I felt this was pretty clever, but you can only use this technique in the day. Thinking about how to emulate this method, I figured the fastest way to do it would be to hook alligator clips to a filament (I was thinking of the bow-tie gum wrapper trick) and then touch the ends outside the cup to a battery.

My concern is the filament, however. Is there a cheap, easy to find material perhaps at a hardware...
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Your post violates board rules
No drugs threads.
I didn't think it an issue here. Sorry about that.
>Make the thread but say it's tobacco

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