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I've been trying to build a computer for myself recently, but I am not a technology savvy guy so I have no idea how.

Anyone know how to build a good computer for gaming that's cheap and effective?

By cheap I mean something not $2000 and effective I mean I don't need 200 fps.

Any advice?
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Go to /g/ and install Gentoo
That PC reminds me of the 486s I used to get a hardon over in shops in the 90s. Reading PC Plus and imagining the possibilities with a whole 256 colours...

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Hey guys, I'm currently waiting on a dremel 4200 I bought, no idea what I'm gonna use it for, but I'm excited for the possibilities, any of you guys own one? What are some good projects to begin with? I really want to do some stone carving, can i work with any kind of rock? Any info at all is appreciated!
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>a dremel 4200 I bought
>no idea what I'm gonna use it for
i'm afraid you are going to have to put it inside your bumhole anon
None. There is literally not a single project I would ever think of using a dremel for before something else.
I didn't know what to do with my first dremel either. Ended up buying a couple of pieces of hard wood from home depot and carving a couple of tobacco pipes. That was back in '97. Still have the same dremel today. It's probably been through thousands of hours of use now. Almost certainly the best investment I've ever made.

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What's a good insulating foam to use for a cat shelter like this? Basically, I want to fill all the areas between boxes where I don't have sufficient whatchamacallit insulation so boxes don't move around.

Someone told me some of that insulation melts plastic. Sounds like bs, but confirm. I also don't want the cats breathing any hazardous fumes.
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some kinds of insulation eats pvc, you can't run electric wire over some insulation for example, specifically the hard board type stuff

you could use the horrible rolls of wire wool insulation type stuff, perhaps some of those airbags you get for packing parcels or stuff it with packing peanuts.
expanding foam?
Asbestos. And napalm.
Shelter for what? Stray cats? You're trying to over engineer this thing.

The vast majority of animals are more than capable of keeping themselves plenty warm on their own in cold air. What gets animals in the end is moisture which inhibits their coat's insulating qualities, or drafts strong enough to leach the warm air trapped by their coat.

A single wall box with a protected entrance to keep drafts at bay and a vent hole near the top to let warm moist air leak out is all animals need.

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So recently a paper came out that showed that mealworms can eat, digest and survive on styrofoam. I wondered if other species could do the same so I tried it out with the much larger and totally different species, superworms. Not only will they eat it but they seem to quite enjoy eating it. It makes for an easy DIY project since you can get the worms cheaply and locally in almost every city since most pet stores will carry them. With a few more worms, you could easily process all the styrofoam you use on a daily basis. check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS9PWzkUG2s
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Isn't that related to the idea of throwing worms and fungi that can eat plastics into landfills to break down trash faster?

Have you tried feeding them other garbage?
What do they break it down into
Smaller peices of styrofoam.

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1930s Brick with render.jpg
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Hey /diy
Just in the process of buying my first house and wondered what home improvements you would recommend - whether for this house or not.
Things like cavity wall insulation, air extraction system, changing locks etc.
Pic is related, its a house for sale which is almost identical to mine but in better condition internally and with a conservatory.

Here's the link to it if you want to check it out: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-52237609.html

TL/DR What changes to your house would you make if you could? What would you recommend...
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blasphemy. exposed brick pls.
aside from what you've already mentioned, trellis fencing and a gate as well as a basic alarm system wouldn't be a terrible investment. If you can get planning permission, put a steep roof on your garage and a mezzanine floor in there for almost double space. attic conversion mite b cool if there's enough head clearance. also make sure your boiler is in decent condition
Thanks for your reply
I'm not a fan of the render either but looking to target my limited resources on what counts, I would say that taking the render comes under aesthetics, unless you know of a good reason to be rid of it?
The whole garage likely needs to be replaced as it has white asbestos sheet roofing and is of prefab concrete construction which my surveyor thinks is likely to contain asbestos too - so can't put up shelves etc.
The house has an alarm thankfully, and the loft is mostly boarded...
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demo the front garden and pavement and do a proper one

demo the kitchen and re do it

external render has to go

wouldnt but a house with asbestos in it

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My computer chair is kill. Thus thing is only a few years old and the leather is all cracked and the padding is all gone.

I'm certain many of you spend a lot of time in your computer chair so what's the solution. I'm sick of buying a new chair every few years.

/diy/ myself a chair or just spend the money on a high end Herman Miller?
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Nothing lasts forever. That's the simple answer.
I don't think anyone is here for the simple answer.
i spend 10 hours a day in mine and go through a chair every year or so. there really isn't shit you can do aside from keep buying chairs. i've spent anywhere from $50 to $800 on a single chair and i can tell you they all last just as long so don't even bother spending a lot. they simply aren't built for heavy use

my current chair was $400 and now a little over a year later there's no padding left and i'm literally sitting on the piece of wood left over

Hey /diy/. I was wanting to make a costume with this sort of hat thing to it. Any ideas what it is called and how to make one? Posting in here because I didnt know if this is the right thread, but you guys seem to know how to make things. Sorry for the weeb pic. Only one I can find
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/cgl/ is pretty decent at this sort of thing

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Hey, /diy/.

Need to construct pic related, any ideas?

Don't know what parts to use, how to bring the main pipe down to an adapter for a valve etc.
Also don't know what sort of valve to use to inject the oxygen into the tube.

It's for a hybrid rocket, so needs to be fairly strong. No woods or plastics. Weight is not an issue.

Feel free to ask me anything you need to know.
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7 KB, 637x244
How it needs to look when finished building.
Weld it from stainless.
No welding tools.

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Hello /diy/. I rarely go here so I'll keep it straight; the key to my parents' bedroom snapped in half and is stuck in the keyhole, and we've been looking for a way to get the key out. My parents can go in and out of the room by the window, but that's certainly not convenient. Any way to get the piece of key out? Or any way to get the door open at all?
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don't really know how to get it out but you can probably open it with a screwdriver
Any screwdriver? And just turn the keyhole?
a flat one
and yes, than just turn it

File: PHOTO_20141121_230006.jpg (110 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to get into making armor and such for cosplay purposes. Im good with papercraft and can carve foam decently, but my biggest obstacle would be preserving my creations. How do I make them hard? I don't mean invincible, just something to make them more plastic like.

Whenever I ask the question, I get a million different answers. "Oh use Bondo!" "Use fiberglass!" "Papermache it!" "Use this 50/50 mixture!" So which is the best? I guess I'm more interested in how to make foam (styrofoam, spray foam, etc) last rather than...
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I would suggest multiple layers of laquer

Would I have to coat the foam in something before applying it? People say coating it in elmers glue or a similar substance is needed to fill holes.
If you have the budget, worbla or a similar thermoplastic would be good for finishing the props. If you have the know how maybe filling the underside of the workpiece with foam or something for stability and vacuum forming ABS to use as a mold. A basic vacuum forming set up is fairly similar to diy

Hey there DIY, I have a question for you guys. So I bought this Jiu Jitsu dummy at a yard sale, normally these are pretty expensive but I got it for like $25. It seemed pretty good except that it’s not completely filled in some areas so I figured I’d get some scrap cloth and beat it/press it into the dummy with a baseball bat and fully fill it. Well I tried for about 6 hours and could just never get the lower legs to fill to a point where I was happy with it. The lower legs were filled at the factory and are hard, but the upper legs no matter how much I tried to pack in...
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Err could never get the upper legs filled to a point where I was happy with it, the lower legs were fine*
I would install a fleshlight.

That said, look up how to stuff a duvet. I doubt you would struggle to fill it with 100kg of cloth by hand.
I'll take a look at that, but honestly I tried smacking it with baseball bats, shoving in more and more cloth with the tip of small wooden dowels etc nothing could get it compressed enough. I really think the shop press is the answer.

File: l_749008418_1.jpg (17 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm looking for a stationary motor with a drill chuck so I can attach a fleshlight...

Just kidding. I'm doing some brass lapping and shaping and it's becoming frustrating trying to use a normal drill in a vise with rubber bands on the trigger.


Cheap drill presses and mini lathes can be $75-200. But they want $400-500 for it.

Am I just searching wrong and there is a name I should be looking for it under? I don't know what to call it. Half a ghetto lathe? Bench...
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I have no idea what you're actually doing, but if a drill in a vise is working... Why not just lay a drill press on it's side?
They're 7sually belt driven and that can screw them up. Also that's much more expect then him taking apart a drill and switching out the trigger for a on/off switch.
You're looking for a lathe.

Research lathes for wood

I want to build a waterproof diy 3ft ship hull out of wood with an integrated camera to livestream my local coastline, how feasible is this? What can I do about range? And will an electrical engine work with such a big hull? What kind of electronics can I salvage at the local dump?

>why not a rc heli/quad
It wouldn't feel the same especially on still waters like at the lake
The build needs to be able to be controlled with high waves and bad weather so it doesn't get lost
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It's all about the waterproofing. Wood boats have very tight joint tolerances, so I wouldn't suggest that unless you are an experienced woodworker. Consider carving a block of styrofoam, then sealing it with bondo if that does not describe you. Range will be affected by the drag of the hull, the capacity of motor+battery you put in it, and the efficiency of the propeller you use; so find an RC boats guide and research best methods. RC boat expert does not describe me, so I stop now.
Hobbyking has cheap b-grade 3ah 6s lipos, might come in useful.
>how feasible is this?
It's not exactly rocket science
>What can I do about range?
It depends on a multitude of things, but you shouldn't expect more than 2km for controller range. It mostly depends on how you want to solve the streaming though, if you want to stream from the boat directly via 3G or some form of Wimax, you're not likely to get the 3km range. If you stream video using conventional 5.8G methods, then you upload the feed...
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File: cool_af.png (247 KB, 633x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if you dont think this is dope as fuck you can get the hell out
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I will use this info with all this snow we have in the midwestern us
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Are you sure this deserved it's own thread?
This is a slow board, and these one post threads just bump another more developed thread into oblivion.
I agree. Who comes here to see "dope vids"

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house bearing.jpg
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Alright metal workers, all of you know what a pain in the ass it is to remove one of these from a rusted auger shaft. It could fall right off in less than 5 minutes or you could fight it for hours on end. What is the most effective ways to remove a house bearing from a shaft? I've been tinkering with an idea of using flat bar with slots to insert chains, chains, hydraulic pump, and a plate to insert chains. The flat bar will slide behind the bearing when possible, the chains will be attached to both the flat bar and the plate,and the pump will be positioned between the...
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Spray with wd40, wait a little while. Warm up the casting with a propane tourch pretty good than focus the heat on the bearing, once the bearing is nice and hot, tap the 4 corners of the casting with a hammer. Basically a hot bearing/housing vs cold shaft will equal success.
50/50 acetone and ATF mix will free anything seized better than anything you can buy

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