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Hey /diy/
Lately i had this idea to try and sculpt a mask as the one in
>pic related
Never done something like this so i would like to have some advices and suggestions by you guys. Like: where do i start? What materials do i need? Tip For better results? Also if you have some video tutorial it would be great
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Lrn2 CAD and 3d print noob.
you could reply to any thread like this

>Lrn2 woodwork noob.

>Lrn2 lathe noob.

Old thread >>909451

>open source community

>buyfag buyers guide
Any number of Reprap kits out there

>basic 3d printing FAQs
https://opendesignengine.net/projects/vg3dp/wiki (lots of useful stuff)

>what kind of filament do I want

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Yay new bread.

I've been prototyping my clone of the HolyTrainer2, so I can lock up my sissy bitches and watch them squirm.

Pic related.
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1 MB, 3264x1836
CNC is coming along nicely. Just need the three steppers, and a way to cut the MDF. Can I use a jigsaw to cut curves and other shapes on mdf?
Of course you could use a jigsaw. Just be careful.

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I want off this ride.

Major car manufacturers are downsizing their engines, soon commonplace v8's will be relics of the past. What will the engines of the future be?


Just wake me up from this nightmare.
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V8s are relics. I love V8 engines but they have no place in the modern world. You can do as much or more with inline 4 cylinder engines with a fraction of the capacity of conventional naturally aspirated V8s.
By the time you have to worry you wont be driving anymore and you'll be taking a google drive powrered uber that doesnt even have a driver.
>hurr durr there's no replacement for displacement

File: 20160102_210906_Night-1.jpg (808 KB, 1677x2981) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How can I reduce the ripple in a dc circuit?

I tried making speakers but plugging them into my charger causes a buzzing sound.
The cheaper the charger the louder the sound.

I have this bunch of capacitors I can use.

The amp I used is a pam8403, if that helps.
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Define 'charger' for me, because I'm envisioning some wall-wart that maybe has a single diode for rectification and maybe no filter cap at all.

You need a full-wave rectified supply with a decently sized filter cap for audio amplification applications. Preferably an LC filter in it to make it as smooth as possible. Don't ask me to draw you one you can google it.
A charger outputs a voltage higher than the battery, and will usually pulse the voltage because this lets the battery get to a higher capacity and is needed to check the battery voltage to prevent overcharging in some designs. This means the equipment you have connected to the battery is jumping back and forth between the battery voltage and slightly higher charger voltage.

Adding a lot of decoupling capacitors will help a little, but the better solution is an LDO voltage regulator between the battery and equipment. The voltage output of the regulator will be constant...
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File: 20160103_081932-1.jpg (448 KB, 1973x1540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just a standard phone charger. Pic related.
I'm using a tp4046 to charge the batteries, a pair of 18650s.

So it's not from the high ripple of a cheap charger?

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Would this buzzbox be suitable For building a go cart?
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Buzz box? No you'd benefit from a quality hum station. Or you could even look for a second hand gassy blow hole.
Jesus christ 20 amp sounds really really low, I'd check if there's youtube videos first.

At least try for a mig/flux core to save yourself ALOT of trouble.
115-Volt / 20-Amp Stick Welder
Works with a standard 15 or 20 amp household outlet
Output range of 50-70 amps
Duty cycle of 10% at 70 amps
Dual heat setting - pre-set for 1/16-in or 5/64-in welding rods
Welds mild and stainless steel from 18-gauge to 1/8-in

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Hello /Diy/ i really love guitars , i am not that of a good player , but i really like comparing , testing , checking out etc . i saw a few projects on youtube the other day and decided to take up a new hobby but the thing is , i have little to no experience in this field , neither do i have any tools .
>what tools do i need ?
>what tips would you give ?
>what should i watch out for ?
id really love to build an electric , not a big fan of acoustics / classics
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Neck angle, neck pocket depth, fret placement, pickup placement, and bridge placement are the absolute most critical parts. You could make the most beautiful guitar in the world, but if those are wrong it'll sound or play like shit. It will be garbage and a waste of your time and money. Lmii sells fretboard blanks, but also offers a shop service for cnc slot cutting at custom scale lengths. I would assume at this point you understand what scale length is, what it effects, and how important it is. If not do a lot more research. The big thing about wood, once it's cut...
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what tools will i need ?
This might be easier if you were to list what tools you have.

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I'm in nz looking to find a speedometer for a Nissan Sentra 1991 hatchback what's some legit part stores? I've tried a pulsar speedometer with no luck :)(
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Here, let me google that for you... Nah, how about you just fuckoff?
Have you never heard of 'wrecking yards' or 'auto dismantlers' or 'auto recyclers'? How about 'Pick 'N Pull'? It's not like you're going to go to the dealership and buy a brand new speedometer for a 24 year old piece of shit Nissan. Google!
>2016: being this young and dumb

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Hello this seemed like the best board to ask. Does anyone have any idea whether this would support a 20 gallon aquarium? It would just under 175lbs filled with water, gravel, and ornaments. There maybe another 10 - 20 lbs in the shelves themselves.


Considering it is almost fully solid pine, the only issue I would see would be the thinness of the legs (if somebody where to hit their shoe hard enough) which I could compensate for by placing some cross bracing on sides. Would that...
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I personally wouldn't trust anything from Ikea to hold 200lbs. That being said it probably could but wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a proper table at a pet store?
Price wise it doesn't end up being too much of a difference for the better ones. I was interested in this one because it is solid wood and I can actually put it in my living room
Does it come with a wood back or the cardboard?

If it is pressboard, ditch that and get a piece of 1/4 or so thick plywood glue and nail/screw that on the back instead.

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Ahoy there, I'm planning to control an arduino mega through usb connected to a pc, the problem is that it needs to be approximately 150m long, I can't use wireless because it's under sea and I don't want to mess with radio signals, there are multiple motors that need to controlled with pwm and multiple sensors that communicate through I2c and a cam (but those are on the arduino side of course)

Would a usb power hub work, if yes, would any work or should I look for a specific one?
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>needs to be approximately 150m long
too long. look into rs232 conversion.
theres a few usb over ip solutions out there, theres a linux driver for it, but you would most likely have to write the packet decoder onto the arduino, as well as a usb parser.

i know a lot of people do fiber for underwater veichles. perhapse look into that
You could use one of these 2$ 433 MHz rf transmitter and receiver pair.
I bought a couple of these and they work great. With a proper antenna you can easily get 100m+

File: aa.jpg (96 KB, 1003x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I built a TV stand some time ago and it's served me alright, but I need to build a new one a little smaller (height requirements) and a bit sturdier (first one was mostly melamine mdf and L brackets, it's pretty sleek though if I do say so myself.)

I want to do something similar to this image, with a heavy/solid kind of wood. It looks kind of hilarious, but sort of practical, and simple enough to build. I don't know anything about wood though. I don't want to spend too much time talking to people at the hardware store, so I'd like an idea of what...
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Use pine boards

Glue and screw is plenty strong enough and what you should use because it doesnt need to prep any joint

Paint or stain really is a personal choice, just a cosmetic thing
I'm going to need at least two inches thick or so, looks like. I'm not seeing too many of those though, mostly 2x4s and 2x8s, and this stand is more like a foot deep at least.

Assuming I don't find more stock at the actual store, would I just be glueing two boards side by side?
>glueing two boards side by side

That is one way of doing it

Get a scraper or just razor blades to scrape/level out the surface if you want

File: ifeelthings.png (107 KB, 273x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>every time I attempt to decorate it looks shit.

Even the magnolia looks like pure white and too harsh. Fuck my life.
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Paint it yellow if you don't like white

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Can I build a LASER to destroy one skin cell?

How about just the DNA in a cell?
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>tfw can't tell if shitposting or not
It's important.

Thinking about skin cancer.
You can not DIY a laser with that level of precision. You could easily make one that burns off small patches though. If you wanted. For some reason. That wasn't insane. I mean, you can do self surgery with a pocket knife too, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

You can not target the DNA without damaging the rest of the cell. That requires higher wavelengths then a laser produces, like Xrays or Gamma rays.

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what are good sites or videos to srart learning about hydroponics? also interested in hooking them into using fish tank water
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The english wikipedia article is a good start. Using fishtank water ia called aquaponics

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Any tips on saving on electric?

>HVAC was replaced in 2014
>keep most lights off when I'm not in the room

What else?
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well it all depends
where do you live?
somewhere hot? ac is expensive, blow up a paddling pool infront of your sofa to steep your feet in to keep you cool
somewhere cold? wear a jumper. if your heating is even electric.

insulate your house. double glazing, blinds, heavy curtains. curtains over doors. how many rooms/floors? heat/cool a smaller area, live in a bedroom if necessary. keep other doors closed to help insulate from the outside

what electric do you use?
lights? switch to cfl/led when...
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Fuck. I guess your right, thanks though for the info
electricity is cheap, after the big saving things like adjusting thermostat and turning down water heater. your time is better spent making more money than saving on electricity

File: 48395835346.jpg (4 KB, 269x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guys, I am wondering how to make a custom anvil.

I have so many anvils as it is, but they're all pretty bland and uninspiring, so it's hard to bargain them to other anvil hoarders. I just want to be rid of them.

Any tips appreciated.
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>Anvil hoarding is now a thing.
Wile E. Coyote needs all the anvils he can get.
Don't customize your anvils. It will only decrease their value. What you need to do is find people who know their shit (aka blacksmiths. you know, poeple that actually use anvils) and sell to them.

Anvils are designed certain ways for certain reasons. They are tools, not collectibles. If you try to sell a customized one to someone who knows their shit, they will just laugh and walk away.

Unless your anvils are cheap cast iron capped shit that noone wants anyway. Then do wtf you want, they aren't...
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