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In looking to buy an air compressor. Many for trump work but also for framing and roofing on occasion. What do you recommend? Everyone I know likes Bostitch and Porter cable for the money. Nothing heavy duty, info home renos and like 90% of it is just for trim work.
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Sanborn air compressors are exceptional and aren't so expensive.
The only place that sells that around here is princess auto which is known as a place that sells "no name" products for a wicked low price.

Not that I have a problem with no name, it's just known for cheap shit.
Well Sanborn isn't no name crap so it'd be good investment. Where I work we sell a smallish Portable one and a big ass workshop one and both sell frequently and everyone has generally good things to say about them

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I'm building a fallout shelter. What's the best way to build a strong shelter whilst keeping the cost relatively low. I have 30 square meters to work with maximum as that's the limit before I'd need to get planning permission here in the UK. Feel free to make plans on paint or whatever and post them here.
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Seriously? You build it out of reinforced concrete underground or the radiation will still cook you, you dummy. There is no low cost alternative or it wouldn't be a fallout shelter.
dirt is an ok alternative actually.
water too i guess

they are both relatively cheap
Everything you need to know about building fallout shelters including examples is in the internet.

Why are you asking here? Yes, really. Too lazy to Google?

Check out the Internet Archive. When nuclear war was likely, the US government performed atmospheric nuclear testing and validated fallout and blast shelter designs. ("Duck and cover" wasn't a joke. If you are not too close to fry a blast wave can still spray you with broken glass and rubble just like a car bomb.)

Now go do your homework. It's interesting stuff and you'll learn some history.

Fallout shelters are not blast shelters. Fallout shelters do not need to be made from reinforced concrete. They do, however, need to be far away enough from blast zones to survive.

You need to study NBC warfare to figure out if building a shelter makes sense. If you live near a target city or base you are better off moving away from an attack as fast as possible and keep going.

The Cold War is over so the risk of strategic nuclear war is trivial. Your time would be better spent improving your life to understand what is LIKELY to threaten your health and safety. I'm a Cold War vet who spent enough time learning about nuclear war to laugh at noob prepping but know how to prep properly. (The result of that is I don't prepare for strategic nuclear war. I prepare for common natural disasters like hurricanes instead.)

If you want an excuse to build an extended basement workshop then do that instead. If you live in a tornado zone build a fucking tornado shelter which is not a fallout shelter. A fallout shelter can be a robust aboveground shelter with sealed doors and windows plus a filtration system and airlock. The military had portable kits for that purpose.

If the media made you afraid, read how they profit from your ignorance. You might want to get into the fearfag writing biz yourself:


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things done in desperation due to lack of materials or tools needed
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What is that? New to /diy/.
Welding filler rod stubs together to get a usable filler rod

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So my muffler blasted off my mower the other day, unfortunately leaving the threaded piece inside the engine, with only the small ring part that was inside the main muffler body protruding. Unlike the pic where it was removed properly.

Any attempts to budge it with a wrench or pliers have failed, no amount of wd40 had made a difference. Any tips or am I stuck with a 140db mower?
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Cold chisel or big flathead screwdriver to get between the thread and there mower. Good luck anon, also be aware that two strokes need an exhaust for back pressure to run right.
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>Cold chisel or big flathead screwdriver to get between the thread and there mower.

or chisel + hammer to turn the threaded piece
or hacksaw blade to split the piece and take it out
never seen a two stroke mower in the US before
Dremel and chisel, cut slot into male threaded piece, use appropriately sized chisel to unscrew thread.
This way you don't ruin the female thread on the mower.

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So I need one of these ugly machines so that I don't die in my sleep.

They apparently cost around $800 on average. Think it'd be feasible to build one myself, /diy/?
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Just die in your sleep. The world will be a better place.

Or lose some weight fatass.
What does it do?
No. Don't DIY something that could kill you.

Unless you are a mechanical engineer with access to a well equipped shop, anyway.

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Hey Diy, i'm kinda poor right now but I would like to make a nice gift for my girlfriend. I'm pretty good at drawing and writing.
I already made her a portrait and i thought about writing a poem... but we're not yet THIS close for me to be declaring love to her.
Any good ideas?

Pic unrelated
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Writing her a...poem? Are you sure it isn't time to just come out of the closet?
does she look anything like pic related, if so you should go purchase a ring and ask her to marry you.
Give her the fugggggg :DDDDDDDDD

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What's the dumbest thing you ever did yourself?
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I let my ex bf take a dump into my cunt
Decided to cut soft plastic with a dremel and a cut of wheel.
caught a chunk right in my skull.
holy shit op that is impressive.

Hey /diy/

How viable is it to buy a parcel of land for <$3k and build a cabin on it? Would I need a permit to do this?
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You need a permit to build a fence in a fair amount of places. So almost certainly.

Check with the the county office, breh. They'll tell you all you need to know.
>How viable is it to buy a parcel of land for <$3k
It will have to be someplace no one wants to live, and probably with no services on it, or otherwise the land would cost more than $3k. So either someplace thats shit or someplace that is out in the boondocks. That said, its entirely possible. Out in Oklahoma I knew a guy that was selling 30 acres of bare land for $10k. Only problem was you had to live in Oklahoma.

>and build a cabin on it?
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

damn, somebody laid a truth bomb

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um, why is a toilet wax gasket diarrhea colored? why couldn't they have picked a color that's not the color of shit?
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Delete this thread
It is a wax ring. Wax. As in the the material wax. Which happens to be wax colored.
why do you care about the color of something you will never see except when changing one?

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Why do Western-style saws even exist, when the performance of Japanese saws shits all over any push design?
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How do you use that inneficient looking pos ? Hack away?
It would make more sense to use an axe than that fucking thing. I bet Africans use that.
But that's its biggest strength. Because the pull stroke straightens the blade out, the blade and subsequent kerf can be made very very narrow. Push saws need a thick fucking blade to keep it from folding in on itself. They also barf out a pile of sawdust that you generate while they tire your ass out.

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Are there speaker specialist or tutorials?
I am looking for the basis, as I plan to keep inside hollow and add there secret small garden.
Will most likely build stereo speakers with 2 active subs built in and 3-way splitter for the speakers.
I aim to build decent sounding speaker.
Planned measurements: 30x30x130cm
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You will still be able to smell it
Police still check them.

Hiding pot in speakers isnt a new idea
Well I am not high profile person, and living in shady area, anything else you suggest tho?
gave me the idea of sticking weed into water proof bag and putting it into water cooling reservoir in pc case while using pastel dye since that stuff usually is non see through.

just make it like you would a normal cupboard or drawer. how ever, keep it sealed from where speakers will be. youll need tight tolerances or something to absorb vibrations or shit will shake open

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Hey so i am redoing the art on my skateboard, im going to write "ketsu wo taberu" in hirigana on the sides and middle, but what else would look good on this board (spray paint only)
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maybe a fedora if you can manage that with just spray paint.
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It means "i eat ass"

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Itt we post our terrible blueprints and guess what they're fuck we're tryna build.
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Sketch bot?
The* bad typo
Sex swing

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Hi folks
I have an rf31 mill wired for 230v with a nema 6 plug.
It will run on 115 with adjustment to the motor. I have by a 115 receptacle wired straight to the breaker. My question..
I don't want to replace the cord, and I don't want to add more breakers for 230v.
Can I wire in a nema6-20 receptacle into my 115v line and have my mil run happily provided I keep the hot and neutral matched on my plug?

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There's no reason it wouldn't work. A plug and socket are just that. They're different by design to stop you plugging 120v appliances into 240v sockets etc.
Thanks, yes you prompted me to check the motor plate at the back and it requires 22a @ 115v
11a @ 230v

Breaker box tomorrow then!

Thanks again anon
I'm wired with 12/2 which I believe is ok up to 20a sadly

Hi 4chan I think this may be my last resort. And I may of found something not even you can do.. So about two months ago my girlfriend was on facebook and see a picture of a light shade that cast's a shadow on the walls like a forest. And says I want this for my birthday find it for me. So I tracked it down to find there only like 30-50 of them made and cost about £4100. Now she knows we can't afford that not on a light shade. It was put to one side and now her birthday is coming up and it got me to thinking about 3weeks ago that maybe there some way to make one.....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>And I may of found something not even you can do..

Because of this quote. Basically being the youtube version of click bait. I demand anyone who reads this thread to avoid any answers until OP lurks more and how to write a proper thread post. Asking the questions he wants real answers too and that it.
I'm sorry im not shore what click bait is. I would think your trying to imply I want someone to look it up on YouTube to get view's. If that was the case would I not of put a link or name of the YouTube video ? As for asking the right question. Please is there blueprints/diagrams to make a light shade that will project a shadow of a forest on to my bedroom walls ?

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What's the best ratcheting adjustable wrench on the market?

I want to get my dad one, I'm am absolutely sick of using a regular wrench.
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File: PliersWrench10.jpg (253 KB, 1350x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No competition. They're also vise-grips.
How to round off your nuts and bolts the post.
there are NO good open-ended ratcheting wrenches
it's a meme tool that fundamentally -can't- be good

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Wired everything up and it doesn't work properly. With switch turned on the fan operates and light doesn't, with switch turned of the fan doesn't operate but light does.....da fuck.jpg??
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Single switch or one switch per channel? Does it have a remote and thus electronics or is it an old simple version?
Check your wiring
SPDT switch wired incorrectly?
(used when 2 switches control a light)

Hello. I made basic stepup from schematic picrel, and transistor eems not working, o-scope not showing switching, always is about same voltage as vcc 4V from li-ion. Im sure there is no shortcut, can anyone help? Did i fuged transistors with soldering?
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Op here, i also changed Ct cap from 200p to1n, no result, but there is some 0,75V sawtooth on Ct cap.
Can you post a picture of actual circuit, also have you tried using a spare chip?
File: Bez tytułu.jpg (223 KB, 739x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bez tytułu.jpg
223 KB, 739x654
it would be difficult to change chip, it's on small board.

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>Open house tomorrow
>Cleaning apartment
>Never use refrigerator
>Find really old leftovers
>Just a box of mold
>Black on parts, very pungent

Is this toxic black mold? Or just mold that happens to be black? Am I fucked? Is this a hazmat situation or can I just get it to the dumpster?

My landlord already doesn't like me so I want to get rid of this at all costs short...
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did you eat it or turn it into dust and snort it?


then you're fine, clean out your fridge you fucking autistic faggot
just hold your breath, wear gloves and quickly put it in a bag and take it outside
Watch out! Black mold has been blamed fpr everytjing from immediate death to unwanted pregnancy and paper cuts.

Of course is been linked to nothing unless you have bad asthma but do you really want to rusk developing a severe limp and have your socks not be as white as they can be?

Clean your fridge you baby.

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I've got two of these plywood things that I was told to paint black. Well, I figured that painting plywood is a waste of paint, so I decided to apply a wood veneer to it.
Apparently Home Depot does not stock wood veener (or plastic sheet), so I'm going to be ordering everything online. For that purpose, I'm here to make sure that I'm not missing anything so I can order it all at once.

I figure I'll need wood filler to cover the screws and the imperfections in the plywood, especially along the sides.
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*~10" x 13" x 2" volumes
>I figured that painting plywood is a waste of paint, so I decided to apply a wood veneer to it.

that seems like the opposite
Certainly but the room this thing is going in has some quite expensive finish to it.
This plywood thing already sticks out as it is, so I think plywood painted black would stick out quite a bit.

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Got a brand new box fan, but due to a pathetic design flaw, the vibration is causing one of the panels to make a constant tapping noise as it hits against the motor housing.

The plan is to get some get some long enough bolts, then tap the panel and supports to hold them steady.
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If it's a cheap box fan, just stick a folded piece of paper or cardboard between the pieces that are vibrating against eachother.
tried that, it didn't help
Having you tried taking off the furnace filters?

File: 53954d5543cc0.jpg (35 KB, 500x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do I fix my door that is hard to close? I literally have to body slam it to open it and pull as hard as I can to close it.

I have searched on google but only found some stupid toothpick "hack" but that does fuck all.
Thank you :)
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Is the latch hitting or the door hitting the frame? Pics if possible.

Also, if said door is on a store front try clicking it no less than 7,000 times.
Looks like it is hitting on the bottom. I tried tightening the top hinge but it did not do anything.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
Looks like trash but it's not being hit

File: 1466711334463.jpg (158 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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S00p /diy/
How do I make a GPS or Bluetooth tracker for my wallet and keys?
I don't want to order some fuckin 50$ kickstarter tracker and pay 50$ more for overseas shipping.
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You don't. Not for a wallet anyway. I don't think technology is there yet.

Consider one of the smallest GPS devices on the market currently would be a cell phone. And it will still be too big to fit in your wallet.
Well, what does /diy/ to find or prevent losing their valuables?
We don't lose our wallets or keys.

File: Part1.png (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Designed a desk and I want to know what are my options for the materials. $100-$150~ budget.

Also, what are some good ways to attach the legs so that they can be taken off easily for transport?
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I recommend you reclaim some good old oak planks for the surface. Take it to your workshop, plane, glue, plane you know the drill.

For the legs I recommend steel pipes, weld them together, I'm sure you know how.

For the leg attachment use long piano hinges, ideally steel ones that'll weld to the legs. By some springy clips to stop the legs folding when in use.
>1500+ dollar computer kit
>Seeks cheapest possible setup

Go to IKEA amerifag
Thought you guys were supposed to be helpful.

Why shit on me for no reason? Did I break when of your board rules?

File: 20160804_201929.jpg (4 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
Found <a href="http://blog.netscraps.com/diy/heavy-duty-solar-powered-automatic-chicken-coop-door.html#comment-36576">this project</a> and got it all wired, still having issues. Basically the first timer powers the actuator on and the other timer is supposed to reverse the polarity when it comes on. When the reverse timer comes on it only stops the actuator from opening, it does not actually close the arm. Double checked all wiring and it seems good. Diagram I used is on the blog link above and attached is the setup I am trying to get to work. Thanks in...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know the wiring is rough, I will finalize it once I know the system works. Timer on the left is the power on, timer on the right is for reversing the polarity.
You have the out of your timer wired to the wrong side relays don't work by flipping poles they work by on or of with a spring return so you needs a second realy to kill the first one
OK thanks!

File: Electronics.png (495 KB, 1475x709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to buy an educational toy for my child to teach her about electronics. Something to teach her but still kinda like lego.

Any ideas? Help?

I'm a dumbass that could benefit from it too lol
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As a child I had a 60-in-1, 200-in-1, and a 300-in-1. Depending on how small she is, you will want to supervise, but these are all good intros.
Can vouch for snap circuits.

What about sautering?

That's cool but dangerous for lil ones.

Should I get a kit where you build a calculator?

Is that too much?

Ello chaps, anyone here got any experience in making neon (or other noble gas) signs and sculptures?

I'm really interested in trying to make some, and I have some questions that I couldn't easily find on google:

1. What kind of glass are the gas tubes made of? Quartz? Silica? Pyrex of some kind?

2. What kind of torches do they use to bend and shape? Depends on the kind of glass I suppose

3. Is there a good way to get into the craft? I have experience sealing, backfilling, vaccuming, and forming quartz tubes, but nothing as intricate as a...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: bug-big.jpg (257 KB, 500x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 500x714
OK. So after a tiny bit more investigation it turns out that you can very well use quartz tubing for neon signs, it's just that people more often use soda lime or pyrex (borosilicate) glass tubes because of the lower melting point. Basically you don't need to have an oxy-natural gas or acetelyne torch to work it.

But the good news is that I have a lot of quartz tubes. And i have a oxy nat gas crossfire burner. Not to mention a shitload of Argon. So I think now I will just look into buying some electrodes...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: image.jpg (609 KB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is this fixable? The spot was less big yesterday, but like a dickhead, i took the monitor apart to try and see if i could see anything wrong and made it much worse. I think it has a LED matrix backlight
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>Is this fixable?

>made it much worse.
just not by you
any idea how?
how the hell did you do that?

take it apart and make sure the layers are like the good sides

File: 20160804_154340.jpg (123 KB, 500x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB,
I'll spare u the sob story
Bottom line is I wanna make a table for my uncle who's confined to his bed, pic related, for a large part of the day.
The table has gotta clip to the handles I circled, So I just need help finding a place where I can buy said clips. The handles have a circumference of 4.5 inches.
After that, finding a piece of plastic/wood to attach said clips to shouldn't be much of a problem.
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File: OverBedTable.jpg (296 KB, 1038x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 1038x1200
why not one of these?

The overbed table is a what I would go with. In DIY spirit though I think I would take a couple scrap pieces of wood maybe an inch thick something like 4x4 and use a hole saw approximately the same diameter as the handrail and cut them on the edge of those pieces. Fasten those to the base of the table and that takes care of one side.

The other side perhaps use the same method but have the semicircle cuts facing downward. For a better visual as you look towards the bed from the feet with the table in place the left side would have wood supports that look like a backwards C and the right side would be an upside down C. That setup would be something that could quickly be set in place and removed. If the supports are placed far enough apart you wouldn't have to worry about the table sliding.

For his safety it should be something that can be easily removed. If you need a more secure connection you could drill 4 holes-2 in each rail equidistant apart, and bolt a piece of rod through each hole. Drill 4 matching holes on the table and the table can sit right on top of the holes. The base can be coned out to allow the bolts to more easily find the holes with a step bit and a little bit of sanding with a Dremel cone bit.

Frankly the picture >>1033059 is designed for such things, but I am assuming for some reason this won't work for you (too small, no floor space, etc). That's all I have for now. First idea works if you don't own the bed, second idea is better if you don't mind a little modification to the rails.

File: image.jpg (3 MB, 2761x3681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
There is no fucking way this is normal right? My AC is leaking water like crazy. It's only 90 degrees outside and it's not very humid, wtf is going on? That's waaay too much water right?
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Dude, that's a hosepipe.
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 578x771) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 578x771
It's dripping like crazy from the pipe up here
>that's a hosepipe

You need to follow the water all the way to the source to have no doubt it's coming from your AC unit. Not a A/C tech, but it the many houses I've lived/been at i've never seen the drain pipe anywhere other than the side of the house into the grass next to the cooling unit

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