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File: gears-2[1].png (10 KB, 804x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need to mount a gear to a motor with a D-shaft.

Where should I get gears like that for a reasonable price and low quantity? Most places I found want you to buy in bulk or want to charge $20 for a 0.5 inch diameter gear, which seems too high to me.
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Personally, I would probably just use a smooth bore gear with a set screw. Whats the application?
The only kinds of cheap mix & match gears are the tiny plastic injection-molded ones. All the others cost a lot of money--assuming you can even find someplace that will sell in small quantities.

If it is at all possible, switch your design to using cogs and roller chain. This is still a strong positive connection and is way cheaper than gears.
I take that back, it depends on the application and the size of the motor

File: 20151228_205739[1].jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: Post tools, objects, whatever /diy/ items you don't know are and get answered. Threads for simply identifying things get started so often and aren't needed

pic related, found it in my garage likely left by the previous owner. What is it? Would it be useful for a homeowner + hobbyist woodworker?
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this is a digital multimeter. the average homeowner could use this to check electrical outlets to verify function, test batteries, probe rectal temperature, ect. if at all possible, kill yourself with it. would be an excellent news story
More specifically, a cheap (around $20) multimeter with a temp probe currently plugged in instead of voltage probes. Might be useful. If there are some other probes around for it a common useful function would be the audible continuity function (red setting, lower right of knob) as it simply means the meter will beep when it sends a trickle of power all the way through something. Use for diagnosing broken power cords and the like.

File: fit.jpg (2 MB, 3008x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I recently applied for two apprenticeships, one as a fitter and the other as an electrician. My Dad said that if I got the electrical trade once I was skilled that I should look to pursue more training in elevator repair or security system installation/maintenance because they had a lot of money.

I didn't get the electrical apprenticeship but I did get offered the one as a fitter. I want to know are there any kind of "specialized" fields in fitting like in electrical work that I will (later in my career) be able to benefit from moving into?
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Security systems aren't that close to electrical in my mind. It's low voltage and a lot of shit work running wires in shitty conditions. Industrial/commercial electrical is a lot more fun.
Fitter here. I'm a fitter and while I enjoy what I do, the upward mobility - especially while remaining in the field - is so much better for a sparky.

As a fitter though you can specialise in specific types of machinery, manufacturer specific and become an OEM installer/commissioning tech.

Installation teams for my family's security systems company are primarily low grade electricians. Because it is really just pulling wire and plugging in. The difficult part is neat and efficient installation which is where the electricians line pulling experience comes in.

Any programming is particularly basic and if there are unusual faults then one of the few actual technicians will break themselves away from their desk and do some field work for once if the system is not remotely accessible.

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I'm at work on my own and I put the kettle and the toaster on at the same time and then the power stopped and the tv isn't working and neither are the other appliances.

I figured I'd just turn the circuit breaker but I go to the box and nothing is distinctly turned off, I've never seen this box before so I don't know what to look for out of the ordinary...
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Breakers don't flip very far when the pop. Your pic looks like a 220. Check the single 110 breakers, most likely a 15 amp. That if you're on an American AC system. Try to label them as you figure them out for next time. By checking, I mean flip them off, then flip back to on.

kek dw just fixed it, the power brick itself had an overload protection which I overlooked because I'm an inept mothefucker, ty for the reply
Is this a 120v fag problem? I've never had that problem with 240v.

File: Screenshot (45).png (167 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot (45).png
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I'm making my first foray into DIY by trying to build myself a nice new desk.

Pic related is my design.

Just looking for any constructive criticism or pointers on the design.
Also any advice concerning materials and joins would be greatly appreciated, too!

I'll post rough measurements ITT if anyone is actually interested, and FYI one end of the desk will be attached to a wall.
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Looks good op.
Don't know much about materials but you local hardware store might be able to help you out.
Also google.
Thanks, I'll look into it.

I had no idea /diy/ was such a slow board.
I would put a wood nosing on the front of the desktop and miter it into the side pieces. Figuring the desktop will be plywood or mdf depending on your budget.

A while back some anon posted a graphic showing how to cut and sew fur for a hat. I thought I saved it but I can't find it. Does anyone by chance have it?
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In soviet Russia you don't wear hat, hat wears you!
Not hard to google, please at least try nex time before wating 30 of MY seconds
I did google, but I wanted the image posted on the forum by the anon because he had a much more detailed pattern, and instructions on sewing the thing together.

File: 1228151830.jpg (163 KB, 845x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Litter boxes, cat facilities areas thread?
-how many cats share the box?
-What kind of box do you use?
-what kind of litter do you prefer?
-how often do you scoop the poop?
-how often do you completely replace the litter?
-what do you do to keep odors down? (aside from the obvious "keep it scooped out")

I'll start: When I first got my cat, I noticed she'd pee over the side of the box (it was a smaller box, not very deep) so after some research I decided to make a box that forced her to get IN the box (rather than "hover"...
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You know whats best sollution? Teach cat to pee and shit outside. No more litterbox.
File: PAL17-10786_a.jpg (30 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Scooping is for poors. Rotating basins and conveyor belts are for engineers.
take my money! it looks very small however

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Can I tap 1/2" stainless steel pipe by hand or am I in for a bad time?
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Not with that mastercraft shit you can't.
What would you reccomend
a pipe tap and die set to being with

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made this knife from old saw... do you like it?
can you recomend some more material for knife making
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Dear /diy/kes,

My home is being extensively remodeled (adding a 2nd story) and the old structure with T&G sheathing had some apparent water issues noticeable after being gutted.
There are no obvious indications of mold issues but are there any suitable products/coatings to apply to clean/kill/prevent mold growth to old wood sheathing now, before we close everything up again with possible added benefit of potentially preventing mold growth if there are any water intrusions in the future?
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I would just house wrap than siding. There are products like killz but if you don't have mold you should not have to worry.

Maybe wipe down with bleach let dry and paint with kilz drylok or something

Also if possible figure what happened the first time and make sure it doesn't happen agian. Seriously id watch my contractor like a hound if it was me. But this is more of I've had to fix too much bullshit at my job that our subs
fucked up.

I was thinking about painting over with Killz as well on some old spots on the old T&G siding but thought there were better products suited for this, thanks!

House was built in the 1940s and had leaky pipes removed in the late 1970s (been in the family) so I just wanted to cover all my bases while it's opened up.

I have every tool you could think of needing for hobby woodwork other than a band saw.

What bandsaw do you have? I've been looking at a 12" bandsaw for light moderate use.
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this is DIY, build one.

plans included
I've considered it and decided against it. Maybe in the future I'd consider it though.
Find one of CL for $50. Use it until it dies.

File: image.jpg (2 MB, 2448x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do any of you have a clue what this would be? Installed in a 1920s home in the U.S., about 4" diameter. Fastened to the door between kitchen and dining room.

Asking multiple boards. Nobody seems to know yet.
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It look like a vent for a smoker, perhaps it was just decorative?
> Fastened to the door
> Has Open and Closed written on it

Looks like a strange doorknob to me. Does it connect to mechanisms inside the door, or is it just a non-functional piece of metal bolted to the wood?
This makes sense. Looks like it could have been a check valve.

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Has anybody on /diy/ ever built a kit plane or homebuilt?

I recently learned about the long-EZ, and now I really want to try building one.
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You still need a pilot licence and a permission from gov to fly the plane that you build
Working on a pilot's license already.
No you don't. Please google FAR 103.

File: bullshitness.jpg (70 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey diy i never come to useful parts of 4chan, but im a young renter and we have a big roof leak that was fixed and 2 weeks later came back much much worse. What do?
>hole poking out of ceiling
>ceiling sags
>wall have big brownish spots of dicoloration
>carpets gross

how severe is this?
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Enough that you should be calling your landlord. Again.
Also if there is snow on the roof. Might have an ice damn forming
Open it up ASAP for mold remittance.

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If I wanted to start making some music as a side project and/or hobby. What type of program(s) would I need and how much would it cost? Would genre matter? What about recording equipment how much would that cost and what exactly would I need/ what is recommended ?
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Google these questions. It sounds like you have no fucking idea what you want to do. Asking giant general questions and wanting specific exacting answers is something a lazy fucktard does. Your music will probably suck ass.
File: 1373280841317.jpg (388 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 1280x960
A few years back when I played with making songs, I used Cakewalk Home Studio and it had everything for recording mixing down separate tracks of audio and MIDI.
You could use audio loops with it but it was not real easy to do.

If you want to make techno/loop music, then there is programs targeted at that--Fruityloops (now FL Studio) is a bigger one.

Plus there is freeware/Linux programs too. But they are usually pretty shit compared to the ones you pay for.


As I saw it, PCs are great for mixing down but aren't real good at the actual "recording" part. You can easily spend $2000+ trying to build a PC that has the input ports you want, runs totally silent AND has no lag issues when recording.
Nowadays you can just go spend $300-$400 and get a portable multitrack recorder (flash or hard drive-based) and it is way easier to use, is portable, comes with phantom power XLR ports and has no noise or lag problems at all. You just gotta copy the recorded files onto your PC for mixing down and adding effects.

{pic unrelated}

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