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Hey /diy/, 2 questions:

So I have a longboard (pic related) that is 9 ply, and I love this thing. Only now that I've had it for a while, I wish it was lighter. My friend has a similar one that's 7 ply, and it's much lighter.

Is it possible to sand off 2 layers without doing damage, or something weird to the board? It needs new grip tape anyway, so I'd rather sand off the top so I can keep the graphic also.

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2 MB, 3264x2448

2nd question, the nose of the board has checked it's fair share of curbs while I was still learning, and as a result a large chip formed there (pic related).

Is there a way to repair this?

Thanks in advance
Glue and clamps or cut it off
The top and bottom plys are often made of stronger, higher quality wood because those layers take more abuse in terms of loading and weather. Best to leave them in place.

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Hey y'all, quick question that Google doesn't seem to solve.

My dishwasher broke so we bought a new one. We're trying to replace the old hoses with new ones but have no idea how to remove this one from the pipe. Any ideas?

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I have no clue

But from a quick look, it looks like there is a threaded collar right there at the end of the fitting.
You would unscrew the ring using the notches on it

I dont know the proper name for it
Also obviously you dont remove the crimped hose or the knob.
You have to do something on the fitting nearest to the wall to remove it.
I've not seen this before but it looks like it may be similar to a 'sharkbite' type fitting.
The hose is not removable so you have to remove the entire valve/hose assembly.
The water supply to the line in the wall must be off before doing this.

Can't you remove the other end of the flex line and re-use this line on your new dishwasher?

What country are you in?
How many stories to your house?
Which floor is this on?

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I was over my neighbor's and installed a new basement toilet for him today. I looked around to see if anything else needed some attention, and I noticed his furnace and hot water heater exhaust wasn't properly connected to his chimney. I think it was a 4 inch pipe mortared into the chimney, then a 4 inch wye connected to it which accepted the furnace and hot water heater. For some reason, the wye didn't fit the other pipe correctly and there is an air gap between the two at the bottom. Is there anything I could use other than mortar to quickly fix this for him?...
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Something like this?
Replace that plastic flex duct pronto. Real fire hazard.
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>Is there anything I could use other than mortar to quickly fix this for him?

Google 3M foil tape
available at hardware stores and Wal-Mart

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Anybody have some cool guitar (or not) amp or pedal schematics?
Just built the noisy cricket amp and want more.
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Bumping for interest. Anyone got a schematic for a delay effect?
bump, c'mon someone pls feed my addiction
pt2399 chip is your friend, google away and find something that suits your needs.

Hey >>>/diy/
I have a Samsung rsh1fbpe fridge and the refrigerator compartment fan keeps freezing over every couple a months, sometimes weeks. Anybody got any experience or tips how this can be fixed?
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Could be the door seal perhaps
>fan keeps freezing over

My fridge had some trash in the drain hole where water runs out during the defrost cycle, so it eventually collected to form a huge block of ice that never melted.

The solution was to remove the trash, obviously, but I went ahead and made it larger, which may or may not affect the operation of yours. I did this about 10 years ago and mine is still operating fine.
>made it larger,

derp. I made the drain hole larger.

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Hey /diy/, i opened up my receiver (kenwood krf v7010) because the display was no longer working when I finally got through to the display, I noticed pic related (burned spot). I've never seen a display like this, since it does not seem to be a regular 7-segment. can it be repaired or is it fucked ?
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2 MB, 3840x2160
Also, does one of you know what this display technology is called, so I can do some research?
its a vfd display, and i think the burned spot is ok on thoose, its the heating filament mark or something
Thanks anon, you were one helpful fellow. Since the display works, if I put some pressure on it, I think, the vacuum is somehow fucked.

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Is there a way to remove those Pikachus and Pokemon logo without damaging the paint?
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Buy a different one.
Sell it for big nostalgia and Pokemon crazy profit and buy another.
Are you retarded?

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Not sure if this is the place to post but here goes. I get really bad hay fever, and I've tried over the counter drugs and prescription ones. Nothing seems to help much, I want to try something natural. Does anyone have any experience in making something to alleviate the symptoms or methods that help. I figured someone on here must have sorted their own in a diy way. Ironically captcha shows me flowers ffs.
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Can someone link this gentleman the /diy/ brand air filter picture please
Live in a plastic bubble
Thanks /b/

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Hello /diy/. I want to make some metal rounded dice. Probably with aluminum or maybe copper.

I have some questions, maybe you could help me please?

1. I can make a complete square dice, no problem. Problem is making a "rounded dice" and making sure the edges are equal on all sides. How do you think I can accomplish this? (Maybe casting ?)

2. As on the image, I want to give a tint on the metals. Are there any good methods to get the desired product? I've photoshoped how I want the final to look like.

3. Balance: How do you think is a...
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One more thing. I'd rather not buy the metal die and tint them because I want to engrave a custom logo on the number 6 side like in the pic.

I suspect that the traditional way of making a rounded dice is to simply shove it into a lathe and cut out a spheroid.

But that's just me guessing.
Hmmm...I could put the square in a lathe and sand of the edges... I would have to be careful to make the top be exactly like the bottom, but maybe I can do something with that idea!

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OK /diy/ I'm trying to start building my own gaming computer. But everything us getting confusing. I understand GPUs and power units but the problem is that I can't decide which MOBO I need to buy. I know I want an E-ATX Mobo with an LGA 1151 but I want to make the right choice.
My future setup is
1xGTX 1080 or 980 ti
1x Thermaltake Core X9 E-ATX chassis
Water cooling system

But all that's left is the mobo. Recommendations?
I'd rather have advice from someone experienced then to fuck up as I try and build it
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ask /g/
Just decide what cpu, gpu, memory, etx, then decide what mainboard you want. Use pcpartpicker, it will help you match and decide.

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So I want to make a bottle house, more of a shed really but still not sure if its legal to make one in California. Any tips?
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Contact your local planning department.
Sp city hall or what? Should I expect to by paying for permits and inspectors?
Don't bother doing anything in California. As far as city hall goes unless you want to wait 6 months or more and ask for variances this is one of those beg for forgiveness scenarios and not ask permission. Unless your neighbors are assholes and or you live in an hoa, just build it.

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table dineioda.jpg
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Since the show thread currently active is all about electronics i am making this thread.

Also i would like feedback on this table i made.
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looks like you lost your motivation while doing the legs.
Well that sucks,
How do you think i lost my motivation?
Looks good OP

Simple and solid

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Does anyone here have any recomendations for a good pair of straight and curved Jewllers/Tin snips, I work mostly in 0.004" stainless but a good cutting range would be way better. I'm based in UK, which may limit options.

Pic related, my current brand of straight blades.
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Mine are 85F from Friedr Dick. While I've been happy with them, I haven't tried that many comparable tools, so take it with a grain of salt.

Maybe you should tell what's wrong with your current snips.
They seem well, Chinesey if that makes sense, they seem to blunt with less than a days hard use, it honestly feels like i spend more time rehoning and tightening my snips than using them.
I cut stainless (up to 5mil) only rarely so I can't really comment about the durability of 85F. No problems with 0.5mm and thinner brass, though.

So I'm going to make one of these, its basically just a log hollowed out and cut into slices with an led light in the middle. How do I make this so its not going to catch on fire when used? What sort of wood and led should I use to ensure its safe?
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use a bulb that doesn't get super hot? if you can put your hand on the bulb without burning yourself, you shouldn't have to do anything with the wood. just make sure you don't have bare wires hanging out and you are fine.
If you are using LED's then you should be okay, just make sure to insulate all your connections well so there won't be any shorts that can produce sparks and you should be golden.

I like the idea, do you have any links to how these are produced?
just fyi, they never look as good as the photographs; those shots were taken very carefully

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I'm in the planning stages of building some shelving.
Are there any good joints I can cut into pieces of wood to stick them together or should I just get some metal parts to stick on the inside and try to reinforce it.
I want it to be hidden from the outside but I'd like to make it sturdy. I'm mostly just using a circular saw and the blades way to big for something detailed but I got some free time would butterfly joints weaken it?
The shelf is going to be angled to cover the floor at a 90 degree angle sort of like L shaped to fit a corner so it'll...
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you've been planning on building a shelf for a few YEARS? are you mentally disabled?
No I been thinking of what to build in there for a few years. It started out that it was going to be a bed frame but the ceiling was too low.

Mostly I just want it to stand up to getting bashed. at with a hammer or something so I'm probably going to use plywood for the parts covering the frame.
Well the ceiling was the deciding factor, there is other shelving and drawers in there too that take up a lot of the floor space.
I don't really live there all the time I have to leave for months at a time. But like in terms of how much space it takes up I'm pretty set on this.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but /o/ didn't seem very diy oriented.

I had to change some valve shims on my bike, so far so good. Went to put it all back together and i can't get the camshafts timed properly. I align all the paint marks on the flywheel and camshaft sprockets, but when i go to tighten it up the flywheel mark slowly moves out of alignment.

pic related, my bike but not my picture.
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Instead of "bike" which means nothing, learn to post MAKE, MODEL and YEAR every first post when looking for motorcycle advice. None of the teencunt customs on 4chan mean shit to real mechanics. I never post motorcycle questions on 4chan but I'm a mechanic so I answer some.

4chan is not a motorcycle forum. I'm not being a dick pointing that out but if you are going to wrench, go to BRAND SPECIFIC motorcycle forums and where available, model specific forums.

Clymer, Haynes and Chilton...
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Not op but this is the best reply or even post I've ever seen on this site. To the point, frank, but helpful. Good for you anon, may we all better the world like you.
Tighten down the camshaft boots all evenly and slowly. Make sure the cam chain tensioner isn't in place until you're all done too. Also sometimes most of the time. A single link or two forward or back. Isn't gonna fuck anything up. Not saying you should leave it. But it really won't advance or retard the timing by anything...

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Hi /diy/, this knife I made using an old chisel is my first attempt at forging something. What do you think? Any tips to improve my work?


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Looks good, don't care for the blade finish though. Looks a little small and unwieldy with no guard on the tang as well.
how is it unwieldy?
I guess he wants to stab shit and that knife isn't made stabbing in mind. Dunno why he thinks it needs to be bigger.

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Anyone ever tried to build their own laptop?

I bought an old thinkpad the other day, and It's fucking amazing.

They really don't make them like they used to.
Anyway, I'll eventually want a better one (or this one will fail) so I'm thinking about making my own laptop chassis.

Any advice on that front /diy/?
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>Any advice on that front /diy/?

Stop, its not practical in the least bit
You just have to deal with the whole technology world shitting on you, with their non free, closed source consumer laptops with locked down bios and CPUS with backdoors in them.

Buy as many T400s you can, install libreboot and Trisquel to free yourself.
Yeah I bought a "select your own parts" laptop build from msi. Big waste of money.

Get a desktop for a self build and a cheap t400 for your office work on the go.

I thought I'd need a graphics card for work as I render models a lot, but in reality when you're out and about you just need a word processor and internet
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>Any advice on that front /diy/?
If you're cool with the machine being thicker than a girly lap top, then I'd suppose the build would be quite easy.

If I was going to do it; I'd select a low power Mu-ATX board as the basis-- as who wants to haul around an 80 kg back pack of lead acid batteries + a 2 KW inverter? fug, your 'lap top' at this point would be a component of a mobility scooter armed with solar panels and shit.

Next, I'd get some...
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Found this pretty awesome punch bag in a skip that looks like it's never been used.

I live in a small badly built house where the roofs beams would probably not support this bag being chained to them, let alone being used.

I'm looking for a secure way to use this punch bag it's about 6ft and maybe 45kg.I have also spent no money on this so far so would be great if I could keep it that way.

So any free secure ways to make this punchbag useable would be really appreciated!!
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Could you post any images of areas of your house where you think this may be supported? I'll see if I can put in some insight. Another thing I could suggest is if you got a ladder and then laid some sandbags on the bottom. That's probably the cheapest and shittiest way to do it. Unless you have some heavy timber or logs lying around that you could possible build a stand out of.
Wanted to stick it in that space right of the door, it's that one it can go in my garden buy thought it might get ruined after a while outside.
Pic with bag

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Hey guys, I'm struggling to find information on how to create a shape like this.

I'm an apprentice sheetmetal worker and I'm currently trying to make a smoke extractor for my forge. I've asked my tafe lecturers and the other guys at my work but they either don't know or don't care so I'm asking here.

I want to basically make a 45 degree angle range hood that looks roughly like the picture. It would consist of 4 sides and a top with no bottom to create a range hood style thing that I can attach onto my bastardised fume extractor...
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Heres my forge if any ones interested.
Sorry.. I completely missed out the specific question. I have tried this before just cutting at 45 but it didn't fit up (obviously). I'm looking for a way to calculate the specific angle needed to have the sides join up if say I know I want the perimeter of the bottom to be 600mm x 800mm.

I want to make the sides 45 degrees so I would just
/po/ should be able to help you. They work with paper, not metal, but the principle is the same.

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Hello /diy/nosaurs , this night i was given a gift from my family ,
~12 m^2 room in a basement
I would love to make it a recording studio
There are some problems however
>no floor , just soil
>one corner has water pipes which i have to cover up
>it isnt that soundproof
>needs acoustic work ( bass traps etc )
I would love to do everything myself also i have money for materials but dont want to waste a fortune on something id have to...
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So basically things i wanna know are , if you have any useful tips on how to make useful things instead of paying triple the price for them

Maybe list your skills.
>>one corner has water pipes which i have to cover up

Why? It's a basement. If you must cover them up I suggest making a removable cover for maintenance. People don't think of that but it pays off and doesn't need to a look like a cover.

File: 20160718_112628.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
Hey /diy/, I dun goofed and I need to recommendations on how to go about fixing this circuit board. It's part of a small keyboard I play. I accidentally plugged in a power adapter for 18v, where the keyboard can only handle 12v. It burned out this little fuse here, and customer support (which is overseas) tells me I have to buy a whole new board from them. In earlier models of this keyboard, it used to utilize glass tube fuses, and my board appears to have soldering points so I could just add a glass fuse housing. Should I DIY it, or just buy? the board to be safe?
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How much do they charge and how many other boards are there?

Only 22,156 types to sort through. Throw me a bone, man. Or a better picture.
The board is designed to take the small surface mount fuse AND the bigger old style fuse holder for glass fuses. Buy the larger fuse holder and a 12v fuse of suitable current and fit - easy as.

ebay 20mm fuse holder clip

File: 1467412891572.jpg (75 KB, 550x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what sort of things can a diy'er with all the standard carpenters tools buy to fix or alter for a profit with less than 5 grand. No pallets please.
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secondhand furniture?

I've refinished/fixed furniture for a profit before. I'd love to make a business out of it but don't have the space right now.
Interesting. Just sanding refinishing and replacing broken bits?

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Can someone tell me if this is a stupid idea?

My front bumper's tabs broke. Some have half ripped out like pic related, others it's just a slit that otherwise is closed.

Would it be a bad idea to use fiberglass to reinforce the slit tabs? What about using fiberglass to rebuild the tabs that are ripped?
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File: 1469583199535[1].jpg (42 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's what a "slit" tab looks like

i melted steel mesh into the plastic bumper for reinforcement - worked just fine

File: MK-2061.jpg (100 KB, 700x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello, i have this keyboard
>pic related

i use it mainly to goof around and to play every once in a while, nothing too profesional, the problem is, it doesnt has an audio output and i would really like to connect it to bigger speakers or to headphones.

>tl;dr I have this keyboard, which doesnt have a sound output, any idea on how to install one on my own?
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no aux on the back?
If it has a discrete amplifier IC you can tap into the output of the main IC.
no, no aux, just power input and mic

ill keep this in mind, i havent looked inside yet

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hi /diy/ i have been here a while and i asked myself why we don't have any thread that discuss aubout bioengineering.pic unrelated
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Because 90% of the people who come through here can't google "how to simple?" or get past the fact that storage containers are not THE solution.
Well what about the topic is in ur rot OP? You're not one of those "biohackers" are you...
I have the same opinion about the persons who can't google a simple how to.
but maybe a person with knowledge on this topic could come across this thread and could help here.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 237x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Greetings earthlings,

I was thinking about asking /biz/ about this but /diy/ is where my heart is at.

I am currently looking for a company that can produce a prototype of a plastic part i designed.
I dont fully understand how they calculate their prices and how much of a hassle it is to produce the moulds and setup the machine to produce a specific object.

My prototype being a tube like object and bigger than 30cm ( its like 40x40x40 ) already excludes a lot of companies.
Also the chinese companies i talked with say they keep owning the mould which...
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Easier to make dildos using urethane tbqh
Why would anyone make a dildo nowadays? That market already offers any kind of genital from various creatures.
Does it need to be one piece?
You can't really just go out to a manufacturer asking for a single item.
If it isn't too detailed or strong, you could vacuform it.
Other than that, the only thing that comes to mind is lost wax/PLA casting. Or, if you have the plans you could ask for the cost of having it milled in some cheap aluminum, machineable plycarbonate, or acetal.

File: pica.jpg (3 MB, 5344x3008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
some faggot scratched my car today. I need to hide it somehow, with a sticker, paint or whatever comes up. I don't have artistic skills, so what would you suggest?

Also I don't have much money for this.

btw, I'm not sure it is international but where I live this symbol stands for pussy.
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>I'm not sure it is international but where I live this symbol stands for pussy.

Never seen it before.
Hey, at least he did it on a panel that was already damaged
File: pica2.jpg (6 KB, 166x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 166x180
usualy drawn like that, pretty common

indeed he did, but still...
spray paint?
tape off the affected area
sand it down
get spray paint that kinda matches
layer it on 3 coats maybe?
clear coat?

File: Funktion-one-PA-System-7.jpg (85 KB, 1111x741) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB,
I am looking for drawings of outdoor speaker systems of rather bigger size (2xspeakers, 1xsub with ~1kW power in total), but all I've found are living room style casings. Does anyone have a website in mind?
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File: 1465064586518.jpg (40 KB, 497x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 497x403
i will bump that one
File: wos4.jpg (77 KB, 800x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 800x584
File: GD072174Wall.jpg (64 KB, 600x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 600x421

File: IMG_1057.jpg (4 MB, 5152x3864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
Any of you ever silver solder parts to your rifle barrel?

i removed the 3 blade sight from my Ruger Mini 14 (new heavy barrel design), and i want to fill the ugly roll pin channel left in the barrel. I picked up a 1/8" dia. hardened steel rod to fill it, propane torch and a roll of silver bearing acid core solder.

im no expert at this sort of thing by any stretch of the imagination, but Larry Potterfield makes it seem pretty easy. ill do a test first of course, probably solder a couple old wrenches together or something like that.

My main concern is,...
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I suggest you visit real gun forums, not /k/ which isn't anything at all. 4chan forums are just ways to find real resources and should NEVER be a first resort. They are only a substitute for Google.

Practical Machinist is an outstanding website. Gunsmithing is nothing more than specialty machining and fabrication, so many machinists work on firearms. Naturally a machinist does far more machining than a gunsmith, and brazing and soldering and welding are skills nearly all machinists possess because we need them.

Try "silver soldering gunsmithing site:www.practicalmachinist.com"...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

nice resource, thanks!
Get a fucking muzzle brake, you're guranteed to fuck up the barrel. You're talking about brazing, not soldering and brazing temps will soften steel and likely warp the barrel.

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