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hello /diy/

i have to create something for the company i work in, please give me your suggestions.

i tried to draw what i have in mind. basically, i have to built a machine that will "hold" a silicone tube in it's size while i will paint its inner part with a paint containing a solvent that, in case the tube isn't hold in its position until the solvent it's totally dried, will deform the tube, making it basically useless.

in case the drawing is not clear i'm here explaining (sorry, english is not my mothertongue)

thank you
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op here

i was thinking to use something like this (see image) but i don't know wheter the vacuum power will be enough to hold the tube (the deformation strenght due to the solvent will be a lot.
If the attainable vacuum is not sufficient, then your whole idea is shit and you should consider pressurizing the tube instead.
I'd expect the primary problem with that hand pump is the low pumping speed. How much it matters depends on the dimensions of that thing of yours and how air-tight it is.
Rather than a single tube, make a double-walled tube with a perforated inner layer. The perforations allow suction over the entire contact surface, and can be made small enough that they shouldn't dimple the silicone. Access to a CNC laser would help with that.

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Hello /diy/nosaurs I have a question about this circuit board. I have included pictures inside to help explain. Basically I found a free 50" tv and I want to see if I can get it working.
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It was large item pickup in our neighborhood and someone was throwing away this 50" TV. The only exterior damage I noticed was the crack in the screen. It looks like someone hit it with a Wii remote. No biggie, figured I'll take it apart and look at the insides. If they're not rusted/corroded I'll just order the new screen. Found one from Sears Parts for $242 but I'll need to have the store order it and pick it up there. $250 for a 50" TV isn't bad at all so I figure I'll roll the dice.
They aren't repairable, throw it away.

T. Former tv repairman
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I started by taking everything apart

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First time poster here.

How would I go about building a musical instrument out of, say, an arduino, or maybe a console sound card? I can program (and made an ultra-simple software synth) but I've never done anything with hardware before. I'd also like it to be able to connect to pedals and amps. I can't seem to find much on this.
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Theres a thread about diy synth shit up right now you should really check the catalouge and read the sticky.
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>How would I go about building a musical instrument out of, say, an arduino, or maybe a console sound card?
there's tons of tutorials about how to use an arduino as a MIDI controller

arduinos don't work as synths themselves, because they have no DAC on board--you need a separate sound chip for that.
arduinos also don't work as DSP's because they are too slow. you have to add a chip to do that too.

the usual way to build a super-simple analog synth...
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You know so fucking much.

I´m retarded with this stuff, and i am a musician , it fucking sucks.

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Hey /diy/ I just bought my roommates old nook HD+ for $40 bucks, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it.
Anyone have cool ideas for what to do with a pretty good android tablet? I've got plenty of random hardware lying around, and a decent knowledge of computers/android operating systems. I was thinking of using is as some sort of media controller since I have a chrome cast, but that feels pretty unimaginative.
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I have that one. It can emulate Dreamcast fullspeed with Reicast. Get a good bluetooth gamepad like a steelseries stratus xl or moga pro. Don't cheap out on the controller. Then play you some Rez. You get another pad and presto, portable Powerstone. N64 emulation is also perfect on it, as is DS and PSP.
Damn, that's awsome
You can make an N2A card and make it act as an android device.

Hey going to move to a small place with the family because of this I have to live in the garage and I'm going to have my computer in it. I like my privacy and would like to keep the door closed while staying cool. I have a portable air conditioner that I would like to use but the problem is I have no open windows to set it up to blow the hot air out from the back. Don't know if shit works like this but if I set it up against the garage door will that conduct the heat like giant heatsink or am I retarded if so does anyone know a way to keep the garage at a decent temp without leaving the indoor open? Is there anyway of doing this without having to drill holes in the wall?
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Well you'll need to vent to the outside somehow else the cooling will be counteracted.

I don't think placing the exit pipe against the garage door is a bright idea, if you make it airtight on the door it won't do much.
Hot air leak from a non airtight seal will just counteract the cold.

You'll likely have to cut a hole in the wall for you exit tube end piece.
I don't think it'll work like that. Your garage door will only dissipate heat as long as it is hotter than at least one side. Airflow is the key for heating/cooling, coolers/heaters will need to put that exhaust somewhere. As a closed system, your garage will end up with hot and cold spots and eventually settle over time - not your objective.

Your best option would be to open doors during times of cooling, and close them during times of keeping that in. The next best option would be to minimize heat inside, so stop overclocking five pcs with fifteen monitors...
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Okay fair points but can I just make a long flexible tube? Like what if I create a tube to run under the door made out of plastic bags will the air actually flow through the tube to wherever my destination.

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hello /g/, im thinking of converting this old cockpit voice recorder into a gaming PC. Is it possible to get some good components in and still keep it looking like it did when i bought it? pic related is the one that i found on ebay
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This thing, where does it come from ?
Not helping but i'm curious. Maybe someone can help you if you post the specs.
Get us some measurements.
You should actually be able to gut it out keep the front panel as is and then just cut the back of it for the motherboard shield.

Personally until you get one on your hands or get us some measurements your in over your head (Measurements preferably in Metters but inches will do).
CVRs are 12,3825 x 31,90875 x 19,3675 cm. So ATX wont fit.

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What can you use instead of Tinfoil to make a connection in a device ?

I have a battery operated device that the AA batteries dont fit in properly and its not making a good connection with the springs and the contact points.

Sometimes I cant turn it on because the batteries are not positioned right.

I think I might need to shim it with some tinfoil, that way I can make sure its always getting a good connection.

Is there anything else I can use instead of tinfoil ? Like can you use something like Vaseline or some kind of a conductive Gel or Paste...
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Add salt to Vaseline to make it conductive.

I was thinking I could just dab the contacts with coconut oil or something but I dont know if its conductive.

The idea of adding salt might work but the salt crystals wont dissolve into the Vaseline like they would water.

I was brainstorming what to use and I was thinking maybe some kind of conductive thermal paste. I know that some types of CPU thermal paste can be conductive but most are not and I dont know what brands are.

Maybe someone knows of some kind of product that is a Conductive paste or gel ?
Clean the contacts with sandpaper, tweak the springs if necessary.
Salt anon was a troll.

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Hello /diy/! I need some ideas of something interesting/cool I could create with molten aluminium! As you guys have probably already seen before I have built a mini foundry out of a bucket and some plaster of Paris.

>Any ideas of what I could cast would be great!
>Something that can easily be carved from Styrofoam preferably

So far I've seen/thought up:
>Slingshot handle
>Whittling some figurines such as a dolphin for example from some...
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Not OP, but how do you keep air pockets from ruining casts in complex molds.
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ant nest.jpg
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Murder some ants!

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1 MB,

Wanting to make a wooden replica gun with blowback and ejection as a gift for a friend. I can't find any plans online; any tips or sources?
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Thanks. The main difference I see between what you linked and the video is that the rubber bands aren't visible in the video. I assume that would just be an issue on where the bands would be mounted?
Just buy him a real gun and paint it wood.

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Hey guys so I'm trying to make a high quality bluetooth speaker with awesome sound and battery life. I just need a place to start . I have a general idea but i would like some advise or imput

Here is some rare pepe for viewing pleasure
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his name isn't pepe wtf thats it's called sadfrog you fucking retard
Simplest tard-proof method I can think of is:

1. Buy bluetooth module with audio jack

2. Buy car audio amp and speakers

3. Buy car battery

4. Hook it all together

You'll also need to make a box for the speakers. Go research speaker enclosure design, you have to do it properly in order to get good sound quality.

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Is it worth it to buy a pile of junk to restore it? I've never done anything other than patch a few drywall holes, and very basic woodwork (built an ugly, functional desk for myself).

I would like to own a house, but everything is way to expensive. Only piles of junk are affordable, but who knows how much time and money can be sunk into them fixing them up by myself and/or hiring someone else.

Pic is going for $55,000, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1700 sq. ft., built in 1940. 3 miles away are homes on the market for millions.
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If your goal is to turn a profit, and you are not a general contractor, then no. The fees, inspections and permits alone to get major work done without suffering legally will cost enough to offset your profit, unless you can do those things yourself.

If your goal is to have a place to live, and hopefully increase it's value by making it a less shitty pile while you're there, then go for it. Just be aware that a fixer upper can be a HUGE project and make sure you have a day job that gives you the required free time.
I'm thinking more of the latter. I do contract consulting right now so sometimes I'm off for weeks before I work again. To be honest I'm lazy, and like it that way. I don't see myself working my ass off on a home during my time off.

I think I'm gonna rent forever. I hate moving, but I think I would spend a lot less time moving than working on a fucking house. Sucks shit is so fucking expensive. Wish I could have a fucking affordable home to call my own instead of moving every 6 months.
$55k. Expensive. Jesus Fucking Christ you have no idea how good you have it. I payed $220k for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. And it was cheap for my area. Not during the bubble or anything either. How the fuck is $55k more than you can afford? Do you suck dick for nickels or something? Right now a 15 year mortgage at 3% is like $400 a month. Thats not even a car payment for most people. I've seen cell phone bills larger than that. Quick smoking and drinking all you money, save up a few grand for a down payment and get...
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Hi /dyi/.
I'm currently trying to restore an old PAL SEGA master system and apparently the crystal in it has died since I can't get a frequenzy reading anywhere on the PCB. Since the system is PAL, it uses a crystal with a value of 53.2034MHz. Is there a way to adjust the frequenzy of a crystal that has a higher value? Because I can't find a replacement anywhere. Or is there some other method of obtaining that specific frequenzy?
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If you can find another xtal that is a multiple of that frequency then you can use a divider to get it down to the frequency that you want.

Imagine a high frequency crystal triggering a binary counter. Every time the counter outputs a 4, for example, then you use that pulse as your frequency, reset the counter, and wait for it to reach 4 again. Of course, you need logic chips that are fast enough to keep up with the actual xtal that you are using. Pretty simple really.
I'm actually having a hard time even finding a crystal slightly above the required frequency. But I also read that the sega master system divides this frequency by 15 for the cpu and 12 for the video out. So maybe I could just get two crystals feeding those frequencies to the chips that need them.
That would work to. It all comes down to what frequency crystals you can actually find, and if they are multiples of what you need. Where have you been looking for xtal so far? Digikey? Mouser? Arrow?

What is the best way to cool yourself without an AC? I can't have AC for reasons.
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ice cubes up the butt.
Your rectum is very susceptible to frostbite. I know this due to reasons.
what about something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxSLbpAwibg I've tried with some of those styrofoam boxes and dry ice.

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Previous thread >>1013204


>I'm new to electronics, where do I get started?
There are several good books and YouTube channels that are commonly recommended for beginners and those wanting to learn more, many with advanced techniques. The best way to get involved in electronics is just to make stuff. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

>What books are there?

Getting Started in Electronics Forrest Mims III
Make: Electronics Charles Platt
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic Michael Jay Greier

All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide: Kybett, Boysen
Practical Electronics for Inventors: Paul Scherz and Simon Monk

The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

>What YouTube channels are there?

>What websites feature electronics projects or ideas?

>Where do I get components and lab equipment from?

>What circuit sim software do you use?
This mostly comes down to personal preference. These are the most common ones though:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs

>What software should I use to print circuits?
Circuit Wizard
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First for afrotechmods is best but doesn't post enough vids

>eevblog is a cuck
Does anyone have a good workflow for exporting PCBs designed in eagle to a mill for isolation milling?

I'm looking at one of those cheap Chinese CNC mills for PCBs, I am in the preliminary steps of exporting a few of my shitty designs to gcode.

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Hey guys.
I'm trying to cut threads on a gun barrel, but I'm having some trouble holding it in the vise. The die needs a considerable amount of force to cut, and I have about one complete thread so far, but the barrel now just turns in the vise. If I leave the jaws bare, then it will fuck up the blueing on the barrel. I tried rags, and it slipped. I tried drilling some wood just smaller than the barrel, and cutting it down the middle to hold the barrel. That slipped too. Do you guys have any wisdom on this?
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Barrel for what?

Try putting a shaft collar(s) on it and then vise the hookey outa that
File: IMGP4375-1.jpg (42 KB, 1011x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That might work. It is the barrel to an IMI timberwolf (pic related). Im using it to make a homemade rifle.

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I want to make pic related, I know I can do it with $30 packs of steel pegboard off amazon but what can i use to make the rifle stands and pistol holsters?
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I really think guns do not belong in the hands of people who don't have a need for them.
Depending how good you design and build it, you could make little wooden shelves for the butt stocks to sit on. Design a way for the shelves to lock into the steel peg board and be sure to make some supports below it, because they will definitely sag and bend down quickly depending how well you make it. The edge that contacts the barrel or handguard should be something soft to prevent scratches. I've seen stores use felt, but that may trap moisture and cause rust during long time storage. Maybe there are cheap brushes with plastic bristles you could use. The pistols could...
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>I want to make pic related, I know I can do it with $30 packs of steel pegboard off amazon but what can i use to make the rifle stands and pistol holsters?

Shop fitting for pegboards. Wire loops that are locked in by the weight of the items on them.

Reckon the shorter loops would be good for pistols. One for the butt to rest on, one to slide over the barrel from above, locking it into place.

So i got this "broken" scooter for cheap and the only problem was that the electric start wires were fucked. I installed a switch on the solenoid and got it started up. After few days the (pic related) started fucking up. Now it can barely get a grasp on the fly wheel and it just spins freely. What wen't wrong? Is there too much electricity going to the motor or maybe the (pic related) wore out fast since too much electricity?
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Is that the starter drive?

Also what brand and year is the scooter?
Also the gear in the left looks like its beat a little on the teeth.
its fude and 2005
that pic is from google, and mine looks even worse

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I need some advice on making true 3d holograms at 120 fps. I figure I need 4 cameras positioned at F/B/L/R and then rotate/stitch the video together in an editor. Then, I would lay a 120 hz tn monitor flat on the table, put a holographic prism on it, and automagikally have it werk. Is this how you do it?
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>true 3d holograms
I don' think prism 3D is what you would call true 3D.
Heck, the closest thing I've seen to true 3D is this video:


I want to archive this kind of look for my office glas door. How is this done? Is it a flat-black-foil on the back of the door and plotted gold letters on the front side? Pic related.
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Graphic Designer/signage installer girlfriend says it's most likely a full height digital print on clear media, printed in reverse and applied to the back of the glass. There would be nothing on the front of the glass because anything that thin would not last unless sealed in. The lines on the lettering are too thin to have been cut from vinyl or foil, and foil is rarely used anyway she's telling me (because again, too hard to work reliably for smaller details)
Further, she says check out solargard UV clear print PC2 vinyl to get this done on. We know it looks like there is decal on the front and rear, but the shadow is most likely printed.
Thank you and your girlfriend, sir! I was sure there is sth on the frontside but as I looked closer it really looks like there are just printed shadows. Also it seems like the glass does not influence the color-brightness of the signs, thats why I thought it is on front. Sadly Google does not give me sth. for "solargard UV clear print PC2 vinyl"...

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pool filter.jpg
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To preface: I'm throwing a pool party tomorrow at 6 o'clock and this shit just happened. In dire need of help, anyone.
For the last few days, Chicago has been getting pretty bad storms, which caused a few very brief power outages. After the storms cleared, we noticed that the pool water was a lot murky-er than usual. We tried adding some chlorine/shocking the pool but to no avail, we finally noticed our filter system is completely off.
We tried playing with the circuits for about an hour with no luck, every other power source in the house is working.
Is there...
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Did you check the timer?
No, good idea i'll do that now.
The filter doesn't have power to it only the pump does. Need more info on your setup with model # or pictures

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Got this older chair, think it's faux leather. It has an odor to it, guess it's due to age, can't really describe it. Tried to scrub it with soap and water but you can still smell it after a while. Any ideas what I can do?
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Nvm it's polyester, just read the bottom
Is this the wrong subreddit

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Hey /diy/ I need some help.

How do I fix this? Is it fucked?
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The cstick ? Superglue maybe ?
This might be an option if you dislike the clit anyway. The caps are cheap.
Use PSP stick. That rubber nob that the 3DS comes with is shit. I cut mine out on day 1 of owning it.

File: SheakahSlatePainting.jpg (973 KB, 1500x1126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi !

recently I just finished this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJqTW_hf47Q

The slate Sheikah game "The legend of zelda: breath of the wild

This is my second 3d printing/painting (I am not well equipped, sorry for the quality of video/painting).
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Looks retarded
Looks pretty good. Better than something I could do.

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I'm a very forgetful person who often loses my wallet, keys, and other misc items and have to look around my apartment fro 15-20 minutes to find them.
I want to make a wooden box for me to fit all of this stuff in, with out without some sort of lid with a latch.
I have no idea how to work with wood, what is my first step?
Also any ideas? I enjoy video games and weight lifting so I'm wondering what "theme" I could get building this box.
Any reading I should do?
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Shouldn't be bigger than 6 inch by 6 inch or around that, forgot to mention.
Google is your first step. This is probably the stupidest post I've seen in a while. Seriously, you want us to pick a fucking theme for your lazy ass?
you want a wooden box? there are plenty of plans out there

the better option would be to make or buy a shelf with stuff holes

pic related

where to find the template for soft toys clemens spieltiere?
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No idea about that particular model, but try googling teddy bear pattern instead of template.

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My guitar amp has a power level knob for the wattage.(pic related) It causes frequent sound cuts and crackles when I make any adjustments. It's not the alarming "my fucking shit's gonna blow or already has" stuff. Just blatantly bad, watered down sledge. Found a dedicated forum for my series, sifted for 2 hours, find that this is a thing. So I'm gonna get in the chassey with some Deoxit d5 or just plastic safe switch/contact cleaner and hit the pot and everything else.

Basically, for how bad of an effect this has on my overall output, it seems...
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File: DSCN4936.jpg (121 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 1024x768
A common problem and a legit solution, the carbon track (black ring in pic related) deteriorates or gets dusty, which means the wiper (silver thing, arrow related) makes intermittent contact, resulting in crackling.

Unless the potentiometer as had a real rough, dirty life, you may find it needs replacing anyway. Cheap pots do wear out over time. The cleaner will help short term but it might be time to start looking or a replacement.

The only risk of damage to the amp broadly would be a transient (reads,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It is common problem with pots. An alternative to contact cleaner spray would be opening the pot for manual cleaning.
Either way, the results are usually good. You can also repeat cleaning, if the first try didn't work.
>and everything else
Also, don't. You just need to spray the inside of the pot. Find where its wires connect and blast in from that area, try to shoot some down the shaft as well. Run the pot back and forth from min to max a few times, hit it through the holes again to wash out the shit that just got cleaned off, give it 30 odd minutes to dry and you should be golden. May as well hit any other control pots while you're at it.

You do not need to hose down the entire...
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Sup diy. I'm a circuity retard, go easy on me.

I've had a stupid kid's toy for the longest time and it was just collecting dust in my basement. It's a series of four lights connected to a controller box, and when powered on, one light is lit up at a given time. The controller box has a microphone that will progress which light is lit up based on the sound it hears (bass notes / kicks / etc). After taking a pair of wire cutters to the mic wire and touching the wires together (without the microphone sensor in the line), upon releasing the wires from...
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Relay would work if you don't need high speed. If you do, try a BJT, or if you need more power, a MOSFET
Excellent, so how could I get it working with a MIDI cable running from my computer (USB to MIDI) to the relay?

My roomates and I have a well used front loading dryer that constantly grabs clothes between the drum and the front of the dryer which causes either burn or grease marks and spins the clothing item around, often stretching it. It also sounds like the drum is a bit loose and causes alot of noise.

Looking online it seems like most people get theirs stuck in the lint filter opening, but ours isn't the case.

We'd rather get a repair man or buy a new one only as a last resort. Does anyone know a relatively easy fix to this?
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They do have a set of rollers which will wear out over time, so it might bounce up and down, front and back- which in turn will pinch the clothes. Or its the front seal which is a bit worn out and has a gap, my bet would be worn rollers though
>front seal

buy a kit that comes with the plastic rim piece, felt, and shims
Thanks for the input, I'll take a closer look and see which it might be.

File: image.jpg (3 MB, 10000x6500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Battery-powered lawn and garden tools.

Do they really have the power to replace my 2 stroke and 4 stroke powered trimmer, blower, and mower?

Is now the right time to switch?
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I use the EGO lawn mower and EGO weedeater. I have the rapid charger so the mower battery is ready in 30 mins. If the grass is dry and I have it set at about 1.5", I can mow for about 45 mins. I mowed it the other day when the grass was damp and it gave out in about 30 mins.
The weedeater hasnt ever died on me mid charge. I love them both. Gonna get the edger soon
They have as much power as an asthmatic chemotherapy patient with anorexia.
That's funny, because mine cuts just as well as a gas powered mower.

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Alright. Making a start of my outdoor wood fired oven

Materials I have:

Rebar for reinforcing base

24 4 3/8" X 8 7/8" Hard fire brick for oven bottom

36 4 1/2" X 9" Soft fire brick for the vault part

Big bag of vermiculite

2 clay flue pipes.

The base will be cinder block with storage inside for wood etc, one side will be a basalt slab to do food prep on. The vault will be a half pipe and not a dome shape

I probably need some fire proof mortar mix, that sheet insulation material, and a metal frame for...
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I got the brick today /diy?

Youd better step up if you have opinions

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