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So this board is from an old AT&T handset phone. I noticed that the dip socket has what looks like these ferrite cores that every pin goes through. Does anyone know why that would be?
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i'm surprised there's even a machined socket in there. those phones were made with anything even slightly unnecessary cut out for cost.

was there even a chip in there?
Yeah there was. When I get home I can see what it was.
It also has nichicon caps, so cost wasn't apparently an issue

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>few days ago notice weird sound coming from vents
>go down to investigate, the HVAC fan was whistling (??)
>look carefully, refrigerant pipe is frozen
>open the duct and see the evaporator in a block of ice (air passing through small cracks = whistling)
>defrost it, check internet, go though the list:

>clogged air filter
I just changed it
>dirty evaporator...
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This Old House just covered that a few weeks ago, in that particular case the HVAC was oversized (too powerful) and had to be replaced.

Chek on youtube, that's where I saw it.
Yeah ... my house is from 1984 but the HVAC is from 2009
I bought the house last year but the previous owner died and his estate lawyer sold the house
This means I have no information about past problems (which should have had enough time to be seen)
I'll have to check the outside unit and compare to the size of the house and see if that's the case.
Then I'll probably have to get a more powerful fan (if possible).
I like cold and getting a SMALLER system is the last thing I'll do
A frozen evaporator coil means that its getting too cold.

Oversized units that dont get enough airflow over them can do this.

Appropriately sized units with obstructed airflow either in the supply side, or a malfunctioning blower.

Or the unit is low on refrigerant and the low pressure side is too low in pressure.

Call an HVAC guy and tell them your evaporator is freezing over. Common problem

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I accidentally spiller some oil based paint down my kitchen sink, the amount that went down probably was no more than 250ml, and I immediately ran the hot water tap for a few minutes.

I noticed the water was slightly slower to go down, and use of a plunger helped that, but now I'm worried about it it potentially making the drain easier to clog in the future, and haven't got a clue how I would remove residual paint from the pipes.
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Pour a little bit of acetone down the drain would be my first idea. If not that. Then a lye based drain cleaner should do it.. Really depends what ur pipes are made of.
>Really depends what ur pipes are made of.

They are galvanised pipes not PVC, I'm not sure how that affects things
It means the acetone won't eat through them, if that's something that happens. Not sure what the lye will do to the zinc/zinc oxide though.

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You know what should be a bigger Instructables meme? Wire hangars.

>has decent structural integrity with any kind of decent design
>easy to work with and only requires two sets of pliers to fuck around with
>is a nice heavy gauge single conductor wire for solenoids and heating elements and the like
>is something most people have in their house and don't have to order off Alibaba, unlike mint tins and neodymium magnets
>comes in a variety of vibrant colors to meme out with
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>is something most people have in their house
I make shit with those all the time, just made a phone holder the other day. I remember seeing on TV African kids making toy guns out of them too, never done that though.
>African kids making toy guns out of them
Had to be African kids. American kids would be arrested for this.

File: hdd-100021843-large.jpg (55 KB, 580x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/. So my hard drive just died, and I
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OP here. 2005 Laptop is being stupid..

I want to know if any of you have experience with DIYing recovering files off a hard drive or even repairing it? I backed up important files (thank god), but I would still like my hard drive back...
Died how? Clicking of death? Its worth its weight in aluminum then. Otherwise try popping it in the freezer. That might get you a few minutes of use out of it to get some files off. If its just bad sectors use a recovery tool.
No idea. I restarted my computer, then suddenly it wouldn't boot past the UEFI startup screen. I loaded an alternate hard drive fine, so it isn't my UEFI or motherboard. I swapped the cables, so it isn't the cables. I dusted it, so it isn't the connections either.

Been getting some pretty fucked up messages sent to a family member from this uk mobile - 07490973104 is there anyway of finding out who this belongs to? Would be much appreciated

Pic for attention
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Call your phone company and have them block the number.
the subject of the messages makes me want to find out who it is, to find out the truth so blocking would do the opposite
If its some really nasty harassment you can go directly to the police if there's no joy with the service provider and they'll pursue it

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Hey fellas. I posted the other day asking if anyone had experience with PEX. Well after trying to get under the house I've run into a bit of a problem. There's standing water under there that's not draining anywhere. I found pic related that looks pretty much what under my house looks like, except there's a lot more than the little seen here.

The reason I need to get under there is our washing machine isn't draining to the septic due to a break in the line halfway there (which happens to be in the middle of underneath the house). The drain links...
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a trench
drag a garden hose under there
put end of hose in lowest part
place brick on hose to hold in place
place other end of hose outside at a lower level than water
use wet/dry shop vac to start siphon
wait for water to drain

use heavy cardboard or light plywood or similar material to make a work path for crawling on
get under there and get it fixed
I'm guessing the tricky bit here is finding one.
>place other end of hose outside at a lower level than water

putting together one of these should be less than $20, just add a hose to intake water, and a hose on the other end to get it far away from house. or buy one for $30.
also, if you HAVE a shop vac, just use that.

If you can figure out where the water is coming from, stop it, and the water should drain...
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What's the coolest projects you'll done with a MCU?

Also, how do you personally control 7 segment displays? TTL/CMOS, an LED Driver (like MAX7219), charlieplexing, etc.
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cool clock, Ahmed.

You can get a micro with enough IO, or use multiplexers
File: IMGA0460.jpg (335 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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7seg displays have common anode or common cathode so charlieplexing doesn't work. Control multiple 7-segments like an LED matrix. 7 outputs from your MCU or a shift register to all separate inputs. Turn one on at a time very fast so it looks like a solid light.

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What material is this desk made of?
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File: 1438182588438-1.jpg (2 MB, 3648x2736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3648x2736
laminated particle board
Pure deskonium.

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Heya diy. My roommate just moved out and I'm moving everything around. I now have freedom with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and living room. Any deep cleaning tips? I spent an hour last night cleaning bath tubs.
I'll be running to the store later for any needed cleaning supplies.
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Also, am I allowed to get new carpet in an apartment I'm renting? After living here for two years now this cheap carpet is starting to get matted.

But you could always choose to just rip it all up anyways if you aren't scared of your landlord.
Just get a rug doctor if your worried about that carpet, or just some baking soda for and lye then wet vacuum it up

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Pokemon Go launching in Japan in Mcdonalds.

I would imagine they put pokestops inside all the Mcdonalds so people can sit and play.

Just wondering what is the solution for good GPS indoor for pokemon go?

How do they make the Mcdonalds receive GPS signal inside restaurant where I can sit down and farm the pokestop of that restaurant?

I saw some weekass GPS repeaters on the ebays for cars, which from its advertisement doesnt seem to bridge >3m, and has a signal strength of 1m.

Are there ways to diy a GPS indoor repeater or booster or whatever?
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If your phone isn't adequate I'd start there.
OP has a very good observation, GPS won't work if the signal is blocked by concrete, even with a good GPS receiver it'll need to be a few meters from a window depending on the height of surrounding buildings
But if I was running the project I'd over come this at the software level with pokemon appearing based on free WiFi unique to McDonald's premises
Interested in seeing some sauce on this
You phone doesn't only use satellites for determining your position. It also uses cell towers. This is why you don't lose location service under a dense canopy of trees as you would with a standalone GPS receiver.

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Hello all,

The dishwasher is busted. The other day it wouldn't start a cycle. I opened the door and closed again, and then it would start. That happened a couple times. This morning I couldn't get it to light up or do anything.

Breaker/fuse is fine. Outlet has power.

I took off the control panel, and I'm able to complete a circuit (or something like that) by pretending to latch the door. It will then perform a drain cycle, but no lights come on. The only thing it will do, when I push the latch down, as if I'm closing the door, is drain....
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make model of Dw and wiring diagram? what do you mean "light up"
It could be a bad door switch.
I had a problem like this too.

Turned out it was the outflow sensor acting up
File: dishwasher?.gif (575 KB, 500x271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's with all the breaking dishwashers?
Mine's busted too, seems it doesn't get water delivered through the hose. Which is weird since the faucet certainly is open. Still runs fine tough by using a water bucket.

Hi /diy

I have pic related inverter mig/arc welder. It said on the website it can tig, but i'm having trouble finding a torch with what looks like the right connection. Anyone know any more about welding gun/torch standards?
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Looks like the sockets are covered up in this picture so I can't really tell but I case you don't know, for using TIG/stick the torch and ground leads generally plug into the + and - sockets at the bottom (torch to - ground to + for TIG and polarity varies depending on electrode for stick). The socket at the top is a MIG gun socket so I don't think you'll find any TIG tirches for that ahaha. Also looks like it doesn't have a proper setting for "lift arc TIG" so you'll be doing...
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Had a look at the video, thanks very much.

Looking at scratch start stuff, i found this video: https://youtu.be/PPKstOZSZug?t=245

He has a "power lug" connected, is this looking like the best way to run the torch? I found one on amazon here:
Yep that'll work. You might also be able to get a torch that just directly plugs into your machine with a gas hose that comes off separately which could be more convenient and cheaper. Those lugs are best if you have a machine with permanently wired in electrode holder (stinger) or you have the stinger that came with it and you can't find a torch with a connector that fits. Chucke also did some more videos on scratch start very recently too that might not show up on searches just yet if you wanna check them...
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Ryobi Cordless 40v Hedge Trimmer.

Raving reviews, but I don't trust home deepballs.

Anyone have any experience with cordless chainsaws/trimmers? Are they good? Do you get decent life from one charge?
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Generally they are inferior to their corded or gas powered cousins. Corded is the best power to weight ratio IMO but gas powered ones are easier to move around.
File: LUzuxmr.jpg (82 KB, 1024x713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I see....I wonder though...cordless has no smog/gas, can turn on and off at a whim, and charges in 40mins.

Having two packs--is it possible to start one charging and using the other longer than 40mins so that when it's time to charge again, you are ready to go?

That's the real question.
My cordless hedge trimmer is great. Goes for a really long time before it dies.

It's petrol.

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My new job is testing LED lights for a company and I need to get some equipment to run a proper lab. The current power measuring equipment I have is two multi meters, one is a nice amprobe unit and the other is some no name junk. To meet the IES test standards I need units capable of measuring DC V and DC A with 0.1% accuracy with a 95% confidence interval.

So far nothing I've seen is able to meet this level of accuracy, I'm not really an expert in the world of high end test equipment. What do?
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Also I should add that I need the capability to see the voltage and current reading remotely from a computer about 8 meters away.
Get a pair of Fluke 8088As, a couple of long RS232 cables (they go up to 15 meters), use Flukeview and you're set.
>mfw it costs $1400 with a calibration certificate and the calibration is only good for 90 days, 1 year max

Can one unit be used for measuring both current and voltage? I can leave the test leads in and use the software to switch between readings?

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Trucks. Just made this push bumper and mudflaps out of scrap.
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File: 20160713_170014.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 5312x2988

if you have scrap and a welder, it's not that difficult. good job?
OK. You got 4 hours. Show me yours. Faggot

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Does anyone know of any youtube tutorials of how to make a wooden pipe without using a ton of different tools? I mean like just whittling a wooden pipe with a pocket knife.
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You need a drill, no idea why that's considered a ton of different tools.
How'd they make pipes prior to having an electronic drill?

Usually tutorials on youtube use sanders, clamps, custom bending rigs, etc.
Then you would use a manual drill? Are you retarded anon?

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hey /diy/! do you guys have any home made instruments? if so, what are they and how did you make them. i'll start. i made this drum kit with a suitcase, a tin, a sock, and a homemade bass pedal (will provide crude schematic if asked.)
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I made a banjo for a physics project. Used a cake pan hot glued upside down to a wok to create the resonating chamber. Created the neck with a metal bar from ikea furniture that slotted in nicely. The strings were made with dental floss (round) which I wound together using an impact driver.
I made a cigar box guitar
i've made a bag pipe from some hobo's scrotum

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on my way.jpg
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What sites does /diy/ defer to when theyre tired of "if i bought a container ship how long could i live on it" , "what cordless drill should i buy" or "how can i make all these old calculators into a faggot detector" threads?
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Basically just stop using the internet until I get desperate enough to come back here. Also, it's summer; everywhere's cancer.
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I go binge on YouTube video's or watch a download, I'm on the 5th season of "The Wire" right now.

File: 1468691411499-1765920831.jpg (2 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Currently broke down on the side of the highway.... coolant forced its way out of the cap od the antifreeze resevoir. Who knows when the last time it was flushed. We have a shitty mechanic at work....

What would happen if it was never flushed out? Buildup or something? Anyone know?
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pic inside needed
in order of things to check:

radiator cap (very common and cheap to fix)
evap tank cap
thermostat seizure
head gasket hole (ur fug'd)

so basically i want to turn these seat that i got from a renault megane gt line into use inside the house
the driver seat is gona be my desk chair and gona use a clio 3 rs ( clio 192) as a base for it
and the others i have no idea how im gona make a badse for them
basically what im asking here is some help with the bases for the rest of the megane salon
from people who have knowledge or have an idea for it
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these are the seats

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Norway's prison is literally a basement dweller heaven if it wasn't for one big problem: No internet.
Let's play a game, can come up with any DIY tricks to solve this problem? How would you smuggle internet inside a prison cell?
I know that a Norway prisoner once managed to hack their TV to get internet access in jail before he got busted, so there's definitely some tricks.
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Maybe a flash drive and an SDR? Connect to satellite internet with the radio and have the drive have software to connect and manage the connection.
what you need is a small portable communications device, maybe around hand-size, with a built-in screen few inches wide and the ability to send and transmit data via remote tower, or access point. Sound, video and the ability to play Pokemon GO all a bonus.


your question (should) be more, how to best to hide it - smuggling cant be much more difficult, when not easier, in Norway. Surprised none of your more famous prisoners haven't forced the court of Human Rights into installing Unlimited Innanet Access in their Playstation and Romperroom cell.
Something like a remote with a keyboard that you can like Bluetooth to the TV or maybe chrome cast if they allowed you. Maybe use an old sidekick phone as a casing for the tiny hd and such.

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I have an old broken iPod. What should I do with it?
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What ipod? How it is broken?
1 - Rig to vibrate
2 - Insert in pooper
3 - ????
4 - Profit!
A very old one, without a touchscreen.
Water was spilled on it. The screen and the HD are intact, but the circuitry is apparently all fucked.

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Hey /diy/. I want to lead a full on diy life. I want to make a living off my music, games, and art, and eventually buy some land in the middle of nowhere and build my own house. I need my stuff to be more financially successful so I was wondering if anyone had some diy promotion, business, and advertising help, as well as diy business advice. Any useful resources and suggestions very much appreciated, thanks!
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kill someone

you never will. get a job at biglots you fucking loser
*tips fedora*

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I have a spare length of box section and I am making a barbell stand like pic related. The stuff I have is 40x40x3mm and I'm wondering if anyone has a rough idea of the max weight it will be able to hold. Pic related is 50x50mm and states it will hold 136kg/300lb if that helps.
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Depends. Do you plan to weld it together, glue it together, tape it together or string it together with bailing wire? Do you have competency in any of the above? Geez, can you read the sticky you dummy.
>I am making a barbell stand like pic related.

You can clearly see where it's welded and where it's been bolted together.
I'd say it's not the metal that will come into question although most barbell stands use 60/40x5mm. It's down to how well your welds will hold.

File: 20160711_195230.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/,who all has injured themselves on projects recently?

I was drilling some holes for rebar for my house today and set my drill down. I turned and out of the corner of my eye I saw it tipping and reached out for it, only to end up grabbing the bit like 15 seconds after I finished drilling.

Dat sizzle and burnt skin smell
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welp tough it out or throw on some triple a antibiotic cream for a quic heal.
It doesn't hurt that bad now, tomorrow will be a bitch I'm sure.
>Dropped soldering iron on crotch
>whilst only in underware
>burned my dongle.

>Lexan glass fragment through fingertip and nail
>yanked it out

>unloading wire fencing off truck
>stray wire
>tore my...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread general.

Hi /diy/

I have one similar to pic related. I've managed to get the leaking jammed alkaline battery out. I'd use a mild acid to clean it but its aluminium and that would wreck it.

>Best substance to clean it with???

Sure I could just throw it out but /diy/.
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Soap and water and a brush. Unless you are using ph13 strong acid nothing too exciting is going to happen,you.might not even notice it doing anything to the battery gunk. Use a brass of plastic brush on the battery contacts if they ate damaged. The plating might be screwed already though. Bad plating will oxidize and present that as high resistance and make your flashlight dim.
How bad was the damage to the casing? If only minor you can use a mild acid and then rinse it with water.

Then use a mechanical means of abrasion to smooth out the damaged aluminum.
>The plating might be screwed already though

Seems fine. The leak was in the centre away from the end contacts.

>Soap and water and a brush.

Will give it a shot. May get a strip of sand paper down there on a wire driven by a drill if its too bad and give it a spin.

File: Battlebots_logo.0.0.jpg (133 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Season 2 of Battlebots started 20 minutes ago!

Its on ABC Right now.
We had amazing threads last season.
333 replies and 41 images submitted. Click here to view.
Take a bump.
Anyone know where I can watch it online outside the US? I managed to watch it live but missed the start.
The fights will be on youtube in a day or so.
Or you could torrent it in like 30 minutes once the public trackers have it up.

File: $_12 (2).jpg (38 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
$_12 (2).jpg
38 KB,
I wanted make my own set of window switches for my Miata. The stock ones are prone to corrosion, and can't pass much current. I want to replace the switches with some that are sealed, and run them to some relays which can push out more current, giving me faster windows. Most people have done this with toggle switches, which is easy enough, but I want to use something similar to pic related.

However I wouldn't want the ring to illuminate until I flick on my parking/head lights. I can't tell what this rice nigger is telling me in the listing, but I want...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Found a rice nigger with a better listing, LED on its own circuit. Threads done. Cheers anyway!

by the look of pic related, the LED wiring (+/-) is completely separate from the switching mechanism, (NC,NO,C), so the light on the switch will be on regardless of the switch state.

Also, does a Miata have dash lights that go bright when you turn your lights on, or with the aid of a light sensor? You might want to wire the switches up to those instead.
For some clarity, the picture has wired up the LED to only be on when the switch is active, by hooking its positive up to the switch output.

This this a momentary switch too, would it be easy to hook up one of those "extra push" functions that make the window keep going up until it reaches the top?

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That's a brown recluse.
Which part did you need identified?

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