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Hey /diy/. Need some help with a project. I have a small off grid solar system. No power on the property. A am a little strapped for cash, the problem i have is the battery is to large for the the solar array and its not getting a regular full charge. I ran a generator for 10 hours and used a dumb charger. It helped a lot and the battery has recovered somewhat. I can add another charge controller. The problem is thats fucking expensive. I need 120-130 amps going in an hour for 3 hours for a proper equalize stage. I cannot find a single source online of a high amp dumb charger...
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bump, so far it looks like 100 amps is about what a 6.5 hp engine can drive. I'd like to drive it without making the engine scream though.
This is neat. Keep an eye on this thread. I'll be back in a bit

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I want to start whittling but have no idea where to start, any help would be appreciated. I'm specifically interested in the tools I'll need.
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Big package of band aids. Then select your wood, then your knife and sharpening methods. Sounds interesting. I might try someday myself with the idea of working up to chainsaws and stumps.

You're also going to have to learn how to sharpen those tools.

But yes, whittling tools are a specific type of knife. The knife in your pic is not a normal pocket knife.

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I want to user a junker car seat as an office chair. Plenty of guides and tutorials online, but none of them consider the center of mass of a car chair.

Should the mount be dead center of the car seat? Further back? I'd appreciate any input on this
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heh im doing the same chair

i would say, a little bit off center, close to the backrest, if you want to keep the hability to lean back a bit, if you dont want that and you want it point fixated, just use a plate and bolt it down on the middle

for my project, i am making the feet by myself with some angle iron, i want to make a standard 4 feet chair cause i want to make it "lazyboy" style, wich means, the hability to lean back...WAY back, and have a feet rest that also pops out as the backrest leans back
>> 919684
Are you going to install wheels on it?
Do you know how much your seat weighs?
yes i will, as soon i get another set, cause the ones i got are not mobile, they are fixed

as for the weight, the seat by itself doesnt weight much cause its totally stripped, no padding n shit, but, its also smaller than the one in your pic, my seat came out of a Fiat...BUT, i do have a larger seat like yours, first ill finish this smaller one to test and see what needs to be mod/change for the larger seat

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I'd like to build my own soundboard. Never attempted anything like this, but I'd like to make all the circuitry and stuff by hand. Has anyone had any experience with stuff like this? Am I in over my head?

>pic unrelated
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What kind of sounds are you looking for? Simple beeps and sirens can be done with oscillator circuits using chips like the 555.

Almost any microcontroller can play WAV files because those are just a sequence of voltage levels you dump to a DAC to play the sound.

There are also some chips designed specifically for applications like yours. ISD1420 can record and play up to 256 different sounds so long as the total duration is less than 20 seconds. This was used in 90s toys like the yak-back and billy bass. SPO256 is an alaphone chip used for things like speak-and-spell...
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Mayhaps "soundboard" was ambiguous. I meant an audio mixer. 12 channels ideally with stereo XLR and 1/4' output.
File: Mixing_console.jpg (567 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
567 KB, 1632x1224
Do you mean a mixing board like pic related or a single-channel mixer? It's the same circuits either way. A mixing panel is just several single-channel mixer circuits combined so you get multiple outputs mixed differently. Potentiometers are arranged in a grid so the Y-axis is your different inputs and X-axis is pots controlling the different mixed outputs.

You want Stereo, so you'll need dual potentiometers. These are two separate potentiometers controlled by a single knob. You're working with...
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Creative ideas to do with an old guitar hero controller?
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put in ass
Play Dark Souls with it.
Give it to a poor fag, charity shop, thrift store.

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I want to build a wind turbine but braking is an issue due to tropical storms on the island i live on.

I was looking into a gear box when i thought maybe an electronic braking system would be able to more automatically regulate the speed based on the increase or decrease in speed while reducing the overall complexity.

there is a 1st power take off to a small generator, this is powering 2 electromagnets located in opposing fashion over a steel or other ferrous plate with slits cut into it. This will act as the electronic brake.

My theory is that with proper...
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So, you want it to increase load resistance (shunt) as the voltage begins to spike from spinning too fast? That will slow it down but how much it slows down will depend on how hard it is to turn while dead shorted and if the wind can turn it well enough while dead shorted. There's always a chance that a really good wind could still spin it faster.
electrical braking is problematic because the components have to deal with the energy as electricity
roller coasters use eddy current magnetic brakes which are simple and pretty much foolproof, the faster it turns the more braking force is generated so i'm pretty sure you set and forget a maximum speed and then it works out to some curve of windspeed against turbine speed but i'm happy to be corrected.
volt increase = increase in shaft resistance, yes

this is exactly my thinking

thanks for the input, i'll do some more reading before i commit

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hey /diy/, i got an electronics 101 question

connected a 3V battery, a 100 Ohm resistor, and a green LED in series. expecting I = 3 / 100 = 30 mA

connect an old "Fluke 29" multimeter, and it's current measurement reads "06.75 DC" (assuming it means 6.75mA)

am i doing something wrong, is the multimeter bad?
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Coin batteries have very high internal resistance, it's like you've put the100 ohm resistor in series with it. To calculate it short the battery with the ampmeter, then divide the voltage by the current measured.
You're doing the math wrong. Using I=V/R like that gives you the current that would be going through the resistor if it were connected directly across the battery with nothing else in the circuit.

The purpose of an LED series resistor is to produce a voltage drop so the LED gets the recommended voltage. When the LED gets the recommended voltage it will draw the recommended current.

If the LED is 3v 20mA (0.02A) and the supply is 5v then you need the resistor to drop 2v. Vdrop = R / I = 2v/ 0.02A = 100Ω. Putting a 100Ω resistor in series with the LED will...
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sorry, i should've been more specific. my 3V battery is actually two 1.5V AA batteries in series.

when i short them with the ampmeter it reads 0 on its "10A" setting and OVERLOAD on its 40mA setting.

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havin a /diy/ christmas tonight
wrapped all my presents
>my self
made all the food
>my self
gonna spend the holidays with all the people that love me
>my self

donna have a diy newyears also :)
>implying you didn't /diy/ the actual presents

that's the most important part
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I asked for a dremel 4000 and the hand attachment from my in-laws/brother-in-law. We /diy/ now

File: WIN_20151224_155423 (2).jpg (23 KB, 255x151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WIN_20151224_155423 (2).jpg
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Hey diy, i need some help, while fixing a T.V. i found a capacitor that it's not polarized and i fail at recognizing if it is a kind of capacitor i didn't knew about, and sorry about the resolution
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this is the other side
and yes it exploded
maybe some ant can help you decipher that

File: DSC_0009.jpg (1007 KB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Amateur here, how the hell do I drill a straight hole here?

All I have is a drill and a Dremel 3000 with some end tools and extender? whatever its called

Need to run a led strip through it.
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File: DSC_0006.jpg (3 MB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3840x2160
These are the tools.

I'm thinking of using the dremel with the extension
disassemble shelf or try drilling from other side
you want to drill through the vertical piece, right?
is there access from the other side?
can you drill on a downward angle? maybe on an angle from front to back?

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ayy /b/ros, i need someo basic help with electronics:
I have an arduino (80mA 4.5V output source) and I want to use it to switch a circuit ON/OFF
wat do
pic related, someone suggested it, but it doesnt work.
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Is the - (or GND) of your battery connected to the GND on your Arduino?
Check if you used the same GND with the arduino and the power-supply in the switched circuit.
Have you connected Drain, Source and Gate correctly?
Not a FET, an ordinary transistor

File: not a helpful description.png (14 KB, 408x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not a helpful description.png
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Fucking datasheets
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the web has changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. if you want anything of value now you gotta pay for premium, sign up, like, add a friend, fill out a survey, install adware, etc etc.

and it's Indians leading the charge, buying up useful websites to make home into cash cows. they're even greedier than the Nigerians.
You only go to those sites when you know the part number but can't find the datasheet anywhere else.

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Ok for a Christmas gift I decided to make a butcher block. I am just getting into woodworking, and this is my first project using hardwood.

Anyways, I got some hard maple and walnut;

>1x - 3"x24"x.75"
>3x - 5"x48"x.75"

>1x - 3"x48"x.75"
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File: v1v2.jpg (1 MB, 2978x3994) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2978x3994
I then came up with two different designs.
File: doc.png (69 KB, 835x865) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 835x865
I ended up going with the lower option, here is the final plan sheet. I generated it using CBdesigner. In the plan, I was going to do 1.75" thick, however at the last minute I changed it to 1.625" and after all of the processing, 1.5".
File: IMG_3326.jpg (504 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504 KB, 1200x1600
I got it all cut down on a table saw, they are all ~.75"x.75". I say approx because it is a carpenter saw and even with extensive setup work it still wasnt perfect. Anyways, here is it all laid up prior to gluing.

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What are you brewing bros? Just pitched yeast/cultures for a flemish red.
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Also have a picture of the pellicle from my other sour that I brewed back in September, it was just re-racked along with a culture of lacto and some Basil Hayden's whiskey barrel slices.
Is that right before pitching? How the fuck do you get your wort so clear at that point in time? Do you filter or use some finings?
Nah that was just after adding malt. I do pour the wort through a brewing stainless screen when adding it to the fermenter to remove hop trub and help with aeration.

File: hemisphere10-large.jpg (11 KB, 400x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sup DIY

does anyone knows how to do a cone like in the pic?

the exhaust on my bike has that part joining the mufflers with the pipes and i cant find them off the shelve, and cant figure out how to do them
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everything you want to make shapewise has been done in sheetmetal... scale the instructions appropriately...

practice in tagboard... it's a hell of a lot cheaper than sheetmetal...
or any of the dozens of other cone layout calculators
File: cone.png (17 KB, 432x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's the drafting method

circumference = 2 * pi * R
arc length = AngleDegrees * pi/360 * 2 * R

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