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hey there /diy/-san!

ive got this old russian army helmet that i wanna use as a headset but it has this weird 5 prong connector. i assume theyre split up as 3 for sound out and 2 for sound in but idk how id check which is which.

if anyone knows what the connector is called or can provide a circuit diagram for this helmet ill suck your dick

>pic related
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>what is google, you lazy fuck.

..in saying that, never found the answer after 3 mins either, but, there's You Tube videos and all sorst of shit, somehting must b useful, maybe.

But apart from lack of exact orignal schematic, conisder following - would Russian Army zank drivers have headphones wired for stereo? Do you have the other corrosponding part of this 'weird 5 prong connector' to use the orignal wiring? Is there a mic attached already?

If the answers to all above are FUCK, NO! - then, take it apart (phones...
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File: Untitled.png (15 KB, 1008x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP get ready for some dick sucking.

That connector is a variation on a standard DIN connector heavyduty-ed up for used by drunk Russians.

The tow most outter pins are your headphones these are not polarised to you can turn them every witch way you like
The two inner are your mic out same as headphones no matter how you flip it
The middle pin is your grounding cable. The Russians didn't want to have their drivers or gunners electrocuted to death

Bad news tho, if you came here from >>>/v/ go back to the world of tanks circle jerk thread.

These have watchcase speakers. witch are high impedance. Witch means if you plan to use them for gayming you need a powerful (and adjustable) preamp for the speaker and mic.
Tanks have this old school engineering thing much like tube amps that things are paired from the outside in
Why doesn't your pic actually show the connector?

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Hey /diy/, so I'm trying to make some custom buttons out of hdpd plastic with my son as a fun little project to refurbish an old Gameboy, with the goal to use little to no money at all. Would it be possible to use play-doh as a mold for the buttons by pressing the design, and then baking it? Then after pouring some liquid hdpd and take it out without it sticking to the mold, or ruining the design?
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Seems legit, but sculpy/femo/whatever its called in your part of the world might be be a better moulding material. Test both and see which shrinks the last. I guess play doh would be better because it would be easier to break away from the moulded button once the HDPE set if sticking is the concern.

You could also experiment with brushing talcum powder or flour inside the mould to prevent the plastic from sticking.
Never thought about putting flour in the the mold, will try but suspect the flour will stick on the button, you think it could be washed off afterwards or just stay there forever?
File: 20151223_173846.jpg (370 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used talcum (finer grain than flour) as a release agent to resin cast pic related, some plugs for my ears. There is a very slight optical effect, but the plugs feel smooth to the touch. There wasn't a lot of talc suck to this when I pulled it and what was stuck on brushed off easily enough. Considering resin is runnier (reads, more easily conforms to fine details like grains of flour/talc) than HPDE I can't see you having any problems. Even if there is some fine surface detail you won't see it because the button isn't transparent.

I can't speak directly to flour, I only mentioned it in case you don't have talc on hand, but again, considering HDPE is kinda thick, I doubt it will be a problem. Just make sure you remove all excess talc/flour from the mould; Use a fine brush to spread it into the corners and brush out the excess then tap the mould on the table to make sure all but the finest layer remains. Should come up a treat!

How could you make your own inflatable mattress, cushions, etc and have them last a long time with actual use?

Make a styrofoam mold and surround it with carbon fiber and PVA? Would unstarched fiberglass be better? Use gasoline to remove the styrofoam?

There has to be an easy way to do it.
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It'd be easier to make a non-inflatable one.

I was looking at boat plans, and I was thinking very sturdy, long lasting inflatable mattresses would be just the ticket. Lightweight and very multipurpose. You could use it as a raft in the water, a bed in the ship, emergency lifesavers, and whatever pillows, cushions, and mattresses were left would be a slight deterrent against sinking... lol

A method to make ridiculously strong and long lasting inflatable items would be very useful in marine applications.

Plus, the industry NEEDS a way to make inflatable products stronger and more durable. I've never seen an inflatable thing last longer than a week or two with regular use. Not even mattresses.

So, how could it be done?
Unfortunately, making it sturdier also means increasing cost or increasing weight. Making it stronger is easy, you just make it thicker with the same materials or you use completely different materials that are far stronger yet far more expensive.

Nano materials are probably the next big thing for this type of use.

File: 1450831781-screenshot.png (302 KB, 721x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diy/

i need help to complete my transcript, i can't understand this video at 1min32 :


It's sound like :

Like at eleven o'clock in the morning , ??? weekdays you now, they are like two black usually there are just one black person or maybe two and there is like one chick, she's like « oh you know » ????????????????? Barbra Walters is on the show

I recorded it, here it is : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0J3zBhsVgmV

Thanks in advance, you're my last hope
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This is /diy/, not /dify/.

File: digging_a_pirates_cave_0.jpg (34 KB, 600x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So, is this a good idea to make as a plaything for children?

>inb4 shipping container
>inb4 >children
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I wouldn't make anything a plaything for a kid underground a lot of crap that can happen if you don't know what you're doing and even just 1 thing went wrong.
No, not at all.

Instead get some culvert pipe and make a small underground bunker with it. Use lots of ventilation. Keep in mind that these are not water tight and will allow water into them. Spraying them with DIY truckbed liner spray on the outside is the best thing you can do to water proof them.
No anon, the building of it doesn't involve and educate the children. Never just do something for a kid, try to involve them in the construction process, not only will it help their self esteem and actualization, but it will educate them and make them more self sufficient.

I suggest instead teaching them to dig viet cong styled hidey holes as well as how to construct man traps to get rid of anyone attempting to capture them.

Hey guys, I watched a video the other day to learn how to forge a basic knife out of steel. The problem is the guy used a belt sander to make the bevel on the knife. I have all the tools and ability to make the blade, but I don't know anyone who has a belt sander and I can't afford to buy one. Does anyone have some sort of alternative to make a bevel?
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You can look on Craigslist for used sanders. Also check auction sites. For example I got an industrial Baldor belt sander for 75 dollars (overkill for your needs but large is good!). You can also use a bench grinder if you must.

An angle grinder and a few flap discs can also work well for smooth metal removal. You can find grinders used too.

An angle grinder is more versatile than a belt sander and with cutting discs and other accessories can do many jobs.

Wear a face shield when using any grinder.

If you wait patiently and hit garage sales, flea...
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Will definitely check thanks!
For anyone wondering, this is the video.


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So for Christmas I'm making my friend a Berserk themed package thing and I need to make realistic blood splatter. My local Asian market sells pig blood but I'm worried about it leaving a bad smell or something. Any suggestions on how to make legitimate blood or would real blood be fine without any unpleasantness?
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i have no idea about pig blood but i think the reason you can eat beef raw is because there is no blood. if it gets blood on it you have to cook it.

i don't know if that is true or if it applies to pigs
but i wouldn't like to put real blood anywhere.

smear it with your own blood so you don't catch anything then clearcoat it
I'd prefer not to use my own blood. I don't suppose red food coloring would work?
Pig blood is pretty rife with parasites. You could use chicken blood. It's relatively safe in comparison. You can make passable fake blood with a corn starch recipe. I work in a haunted house and it's what we use for large-scale blood scenes. You'd have to google the recipe though.

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Does anyone have a good DIY cure for dandruff? I tried artificial lemon juice but that wasn't really working out for me.
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vinegar + water rinse. leave it in your hair for 5 minutes.
Depends on your hair really
I get dandruff from most shampoos except for like 2 brands I don't know why I don't like the price but hey it works and if you have extremely long hair like me combing it 2 times a day get rid of most of it
change shampoo
use fingers like a woman does when you are rinsing rather than just when applying will help but the right shampoo can stop it even if you pretty much jump out with lather still in your hair.

Is it reasonable to make your own highish quality headphones? Anyone have experience?
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Well depends on the tools and resources you have available.

The electronics are easy. 4(3 if your cheap) wire cable a stereo 3.5 mm jack (for most PCs or a 5mm if you use it for guitar amps or high end recording stuff)
And two decent 16ish ohm speakers (if you don't want to use a preamp). This sets the quality of the sound depending on how much dosh you want to burn.

The rest is just the casing. Now /mu/ would argue that this is a very important part. As here you will get sound leaking. Witch is...
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I've made a couple of pair of headphones, but the quality isn't really that great, its barely passable, even 30$ store bought ones perform better than the ones i made. The problem is, its hard to obtain low impedance wiring and sensitive speakers

hey all, i am trying to make a airsoft loadout of the guy one the counter strike source cover, can some of you help me find what his uniform consists of?
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better question for /k/'s qtddtot threads.
m,1 b,4,3 b,6,2 b,6,4

File: scroller_NEGSODDT_627_alt.jpg (4 KB, 350x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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new here but really need help need a medical alert dog tag and since im going to be stuck with it for the rest of my life i want a story or experience to go with it,

so i wanna make it out of tungsten(wolfram) i plan on casting it, while trying to researching i got more questions then answers
tungsten has a crazy high melting point 6000+F so conventional melting ways arent going to cut it, so what would be the best way to go about this?
which would be generally better buying tungsten rods and melting those or just buying tungsten powder?
i read that carbon is...
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Get a tattoo of your condition on yo chest? Gonna be cheaper than this fools errand you want to attempt.
not really into tattoos plus on blood thinners so 99% sure not even allow -doctor
your best option is to cast it out of a superalloy, haynes or inconel. as for tungsten is mildly toxic.
but if you really want """"muhh hardest metal"""" you can machine it from a billet of tungsten alloy.
or the last option is to have a specialized company stamp it from tungsten carbide.

this is a bit foolish though as these options cost roughly 500-2500 euros.

File: IMG_20151222_174629.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hello guys,

I want to sharpen all the knives I have. Normally I use some knife sharpeners from the store, those are abrasive metal plates where I rub the blades on.
But that takes some time. In my grandpas workshop I found this grinder. The left wheel is seemingly out of rubber, but still rigid.
Also I found a green block of something that looks like dried up clay. (more Pictures follow)

Can I use that grinder to sharpen my knives?
And is that green stuff the buffing compound?
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A more closer look on the wheel.
And the green stuff
Yes and yes. I sharpen lawnmower blades, knives, sickle, etc. on my grinder. I even form stain glass shapes via my grinder. Love my grinder.

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What androids are the cheapest and best for rooting and use of hacking?
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Phone model doesn't matter unless you need specific chipsets or have a minimum processor speed.
Otherwise, you're just looking at which version of Android it has.
Get a load of Aiden Pearce over here.
Seriously though what kind of hacking can you do with an android? I'm actually a bit interested
Maybe computer cluster?

File: 61Dwk0f29EL._SL1024_[1].jpg (114 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sup /diy/
I'm not very much into DIY but my dad is pretty handy. Is there any tool that I can get him as a gift that he isn't likely to have but will appreciate? He is a very pragmatic man, so he has most things in his toolbox already and doesn't think anything more fancy than that is necessary. Preferably something under $20, I'm poor and unemployed.

The nail holder in pic related is what I think I have in mind, more or less. Is it useful?
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I would be insulted if someone bought me a nail holder.
Is this because of some DIY pride that implies you don't need one? Sorry, I have two left hands, I don't know these things at all.

But if it is because it's too cheap or pragmatic, then I don't think my dad will be insulted at all - if he finds any use for it whatsoever, he will appreciate it.
How about something like this wristband? Do they actually reliably hold nails or what?
What does he do for a living? If he's pragmatic he'd appreciate tools for problems he may face on a day-to-day basis. You didn't provide any information and only showed pics of a couple of stupid gimmicks.
i.e. if he were a carpenter he'd shove that nail holder up your ass sideways, or get laughed off his site showing up with a magnetic wrist band. That's what a tool belt is for. Need context.

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Most websites create a white loading screen when you go to them. I want to turn those white loading screens black. How can I do this?
I found this shit http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16243105/google-chrome-override-white-blank-page-between-webpage-loads but Chrome said it can't read the manifest and the commenters said it doesn't really work anyway.
I'm a technologically inept retard on the verge of going blind so please help and explain it to me like I'm 5 please. Obviously I don't care which browser I have to use. Though I'd prefer Firefox, I guess.
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Ask this in >>>/g/

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