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Prove this isn't the worst trade
>Protip: you can't
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>being a drywaller is the worst
Not everybody can do it. A good drywaller is good to have and hard to come by. I take it pic isn't related. Get good at it before you bitch. Anybody that doesn't like their job without getting good at it first - give it a few years- and wants to bitch about it should just quit and do something else. Change your attitude and learn from your peers good or bad learn from it. Your working, keep it up
Dry wall, sheet rock thread? My parents just added an addition to their late life stage lake house. Concrete poured, framing done, roof done, electrical done. Today I drove 1.45 hours away and we hung up 500 sq ft of ceiling insulation, batting pink r-19. And then hung up a bunch of wall stuff. Then crawled up and sank the catwalk in. I'll be doing more work on that later. Not happy with it. They got the windows in and its all sealed up, except for soffit, and siding. Will be done tomorrow by the framer. Next step...
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Any suggestions on falling a tree for the first time?

I've used a chainsaw many many times but only cutting firewood that was already on the ground

>my life insurance is current
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Chain and come-along are your friends.

Cut as low to the ground as possible to avoid having Mr. Tree hop the base and cleave your leg off.
My first idea was to use my winch attached to a rope around a high branch with a very little pressure on it then just cut a wedge out of the tree and cut along the backside. Is this right?
Reading things like this make me happy I can afford to pay people to do shit like this.

Or at least afford to rent a jlg to take it down piece by my self

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Do they make a version of these that creates donut shapes instead of simply circles? Looking to turn some scrap vinyl siding into usable washers.
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They are called punches. You can get all kinds of dies for them.
Perhaps a gasket punch
Can't you just use that size and then a bigger size?

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I'm thinking of making YouTube videos, /diy/. What's a good place to get started? What's the best software to use?
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Windows movie maker
Well, I am currently helping my partner make video for YT. I am doing much of the actual physical work. So I am currently learning about 5 point lighting, making a decent white screen/green screen, diy-ing some softboxes (for diffuse lighting),

We use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and because we don't have good cameras we use our phones. One phone is the steady shot and the second is for close ups etcs.

Audacity for voice over work is good.

Always plan out your scene before hand.

Just look into good filmmaking practices. People expect quality...
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You can do lots of things with android phones, although sometimes you need to root them:
- Security cameras (not quality cams, though. also, not useful at night),
- Some kind of sensor,
- Tracking devices,
- Wifi repeaters,
- ...

Smartphones have:
- Wifi
- Touchscreens
- Cellular communications
- Internet
- lots of storage space
- Good amounts of RAM
- Good enough CPUs
- Good enough GPUs
- Great software ecosystems, with lots free or cheap software
and are cheap.

You could even install and run Linux on them,...
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You can't really dismantle and part them out because its all surface mount. If you can invent a smelter that can melt them down and separate all the minerals out into nice tidy piles you will be wealthy.

Also batteries, most are disposable by design so power supply is a problem down the line. Planned obsolescence they call it. then again, watching the degradation of windows retro tech may become more valuable as spook and backdoor hardware becomes more ingrained in the industry. These are sad days for tech really.
Yeah. I meant, hardware hacking as in using the hardware for things that were not their original purpose, but you don't even need to dismantle them to do something useful, you can take a phone and use them for other things without even touching the internal parts.

As I said, you need to root them most of the time. Even then, looks you can run a fake root and run programs:

The idea of this post was to find useful things...
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So, what can be done with android hardware?
To start, you can find a shitload of ideas by simply googling:

One can connect the phones in a network, through USB ("reverse USB tethering": https://android.stackexchange.com/a/6480 ), and use them to process data in real time, from pics, videos or whatever. The phones could be used as wireless APs for small rooms, and even used to locate people in a small room, something like
(although I guess this needs special drivers that support monitor mode). I also wonder if something like this could also be done:

The mics/camera/accelerometer/gyroscope could be used as sensors for many things, and one can collect LOTS of data, etc. For example, I just found this other weird use for the magnetic sensor:
and I read months ago that geologists were using cheap phones to detect and collect data on earthquakes:

On a related note, I learned a while ago that in android phones, the headphone jack can be used as a serial port:

So yeah, you don't even need to disassemble the phones... and the cheapest (new) android phones cost less than $50. Imagine buying lots of these phones, used, for $5 each. Much better than buying Raspberry Pis, IMO...

Are there groups/forums dedicated to this?

I made this thread because I really wonder if I could take advantage of the cheap hardware to get out of my shitty situation.

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Let's say I'm a semi-skilled welder. Let's say I want to make money.

What could I fabricate on a shoe-string budget with basic welding equipment that I could sell that peeps will want to buy?
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Dildos. Use some round blank stock, cut it to size, weld 2 nuts to the end. Voila! Oh, and then put it in your butt for safe keeping
Heavy duty tomato cages out of rebar. Any dipshit can build them and I made them and sold them for 25 a piece. They were made with a 70 buzz box
wow my tomato cages just broke this year, I guess I'll make my own. Suggestion for easy bending?

Are there worse human beings on this earth than car mechanics and car dealers?

Seriously, I'm having so much trouble finding my first car due to everyone always trying to fucking scam me.

Fuck! Maybe you guys can help me, maybe not...fuck.

I'm poor, please halp.
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Realtors are pretty terrible.

We have been getting cold calls (like 20 a day) for a week because we newly own our house in a good area.
>Realtors are pretty terrible.
Yeah I heard, you know why? They are desperate peeps.
there is an industry around this, but a lot of people don't even know about it. I think it's very strange.

They are called 'automobile locator services' or a 'car buying service'

Your bank or credit union might have someone they recommend. They will often pay the fees of the service if you get the loan with your bank.

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>questions that dont deserve their own threads

my question is:
how small can i make a hydrolic ram pump? i would like to make a very miniaturized model to test some concepts, but im concerned that the air pressure in the compression tank will never reach a decent pressure. im talking several cubic centimeters of space in there, a few inches tall.
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Anyone ever deal with a dog who marks his territory in the house?

Here's the deal: My dog is about 5 years old and was fixed when he was young. A year or so ago I took in a friend's dog while she was unable to care for him. Friend's dog began marking a couple spots in the living room (I'd clean it up as best I could).

That dog is now gone, but he taught my dog how to do this. The two spots are on the corner/leg of an end table and on the corner of my bar.

I recently purchased Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner to try. What I did was spray/pour the cleaner on the location then cover that area with plastic and plastic bags /duct tape to keep the area wet so the enzyme could get down into the carpet (and wood).

During the 2-3 days I was allowing the area to remain wet with the enzyme cleaner I noticed that my dog was still peeing in both spots! (the plastic on the floor next to the end table had obvious fresh urine on it and the bar that they previously peed on is separated with carpet on one side and linoleum on the other so the urine was also quite visible.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I need to repeat this process and keep my dog away from these areas until they're completely dry before letting him back in?
There's already one of these in the catalog
i searched QTDDTOA and came up with nothing

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Hi /diy/, I was wondering, I got a korg microkey 37, is it possible to make it into a cv controller for a korg monotron?
I've already checked the midi out mod for monotron but I'm wondering if its kind of easier in a way to make my microkey a cv controller and just sending the voltage to the cv pin of the monotron.
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A MIDI to CV converter would be more universal and less invasive, and there's probably plenty of existing published designs.

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Does anyone have experience with designing their own home security system? I don't have a huge budget and am not necessarily looking for anything sophisticated. Just something to prevent Home Burglary.
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copper tire iron? fancy
Experience? Not really.

But I'd like to talk about this regardless.
First up, could you be a little bit more specific regarding what you'd like to do here, basically the general scope of the operation.

Are you looking to basically just mix and match various purchased components? Would you like to fiddle about with electronics and build your own system from scratch?
You should clarify those sorts of things.

Then there's obviously the matter of budget and skills.
>Just something to prevent Home Burglary.
That is not a security system then. All they do is alert someone when someone is breaking in. Maybe its an audible alarm to scare them off, maybe its a call to a monitoring agency, maybe its just alerts you. To keep it from happening you need things like bars, shutters, security doors, etc. A sensor on a window and a bell aren't going to 'prevent' anything as they only go off after it has happened.

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Look at this refrigerator water valve. Is it in the OFF position right now?

Or is it only off when you turn the handle to the left, so the handle is perpendicular to the rest of the unit?

I know this is an incredibly retarded question, maybe the dumbest one this board has ever seen, but I could really use an answer. :/
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Are you planning on buying it? Then there's likely some sort of reference sheet.
Do you own it? Just blow through it or something to know which position does what.
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You really couldn't manage to google this? You thought making an entire thread and waiting for people to respond was a more efficient way to answer your question? Are you 12 and never seen a valve before? WTF is going on here?
File: another brand.jpg (17 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
another brand.jpg
17 KB, 300x300

I own it. It's embedded in my wall behind my fridge right now. But I just can't figure out which handle position means on or off.

And I suspect all these refrigerator water valves use the same structure, no matter the make/brand.


I've spent an hour trying to google an answer. But nothing came up.

I know how retarded I am, guys. I apologize. Feel free to ridicule, I deserve it.

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Thermostat recently broke. Been nigger rigging it by touching the wires. I want to get one of those new wifi nest units Honeywell also has one although I believe they need an extra wire as only have a red and white. Is this so? If that's the case how to I go about hooking up a wifi unit in my house?
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Depends on your heating unit. The easiest thing would be to run a new wire with 3 conductors. I'm pretty sure all wifi thermostats require a common as the power requirements are greater and a battery isn't enough.
>I'm pretty sure all wifi thermostats require a common

Don't believe Nest when they say you do not need a common.

My AC works fine without a common, but I needed ta common for heat.

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Hello, /diy/, my university dorm is set up in a suite format with two rooms on either side of a bathroom, but my roommates and I moved all of our beds to one room and all of our desks/computers to the other room as a work/recreation room.

I will only have a key to the bedroom side of our suite, and figured that over the break I could build a machine for fun and convenience which would allow me to automate the locking mechanism and be controllable from a phone or using NFC.

What I have to work with:
>raspberry pi
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how does the doorframe/bolt part of the lock work? It might be easier to unlock the door that way than by unlocking and twisting the knob. You know, like how one can unlock a stupidly installed door with a credit card or something.
I don't have access to the doors right now, but I've tried unlocking them with a credit card and it didn't work. Considering the high rate of theft among people who don't lock their doors, I'm assuming the university has installed doors that are a bit harder to unlock with cheap tricks than your average dorm room door.
>I've tried unlocking them with a credit card and it didn't work.
did you try from the inside though? also using a hook or L of sheet metal? really the test for this is whether or not you can shut the door while it's locked.

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I need some glue to hold my phone together, it's a Sony Z2 if that even matters.

I replaced the screen and it is held on with just its cable and double sided tape all around, which was specifically manufactured to fit the shape of this phone.

From the three generic chinese glue strip none really worked, because the phone is just slightly warped and the glue won't hold it in place and a gap will form between housing and display over the course of a few hours.

Question: What kind of glue (or double sided tape) is there that I can use in this situation?...
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You should be using 3m LSE film, as that's what phones are assembled with.

Clean and degrease the surfaces first.

If you need to fill a gap (I'd replace the bent component, myself), you could probably use layers.
I have the exact same issue with a Z1 Compact. The metal frame that holds all the componants is warped, and there is no real way to straighten that part. Not even sure it's replacable, I've not seen them on Ebay.

I have found Unibond Repair Extreme glue works quite well, it's flexible so will compensate for the warping, but still hold the screen in place. A little heat will loosen it enough to peel apart again at a later date.

My real problem is that aftermarket screens are no-where near as robust as the original Sony one.
Thanks. Yes I would like to replace the part or bend it back in shape, but it's the metallic body/frame that's bent. Tricky to bend back, and a replacement part cost almost half as much as I paid for the entire phone.

I do have the same experience with cheap replacement screens, backlight bleeding all around and super sensitive to touch.

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Anyone tried repurposing angle grinder with broken gears, like expanding the axis then putting it in a case, or should i just give up the idea and just junk it ?
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The gears are what give it it's speed. Without them, it's just a high torque motor. Potentially useful, but not as an angle grinder.
I guess you could put a belt drive on it and make your own lathe. why not just buy the two gears for it?

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