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Apologies for bad English.

I put a steel in the back of my phone and zip tied one neodymium HDD magnet to my car air vent for hold phone.

Everyone tells me this will break my phone but my phone is not broken. Are they stupid or is it me who is stupid?

I am only worry about compass and maybe speaker. It is galaxy S2.
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People are stupid and afraid magnets with technology.

You are right, there is some concern for your speaker and compass. your phone will use your compass as part of an inertial navigation system while using the gps, so test to see if that still acceptably and that you can use the mic, speakerphone, and speaker acceptably.
When the phone moves into and out of the magnetic field it can produce voltage spikes in the electronics. There are many factors involved. It really depends on the penetration of the magnetic field into your phone's electronics.

If the magnet is mounted on the car and the battery of the phone is right over the magnet when you take it on and off, there shouldn't be a problem. The battery pack inside the phone should protect the rest of the electronics from the magnetic field.

If the magnet is attached...
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Is compass breaking become permanent or just need calibration after? I am not sure how digital magnetometer works inside.

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My friend lives next street and we were wondering if it is possible to have a wireless network set up between our houses. I measured the distance, and it is roughly 195 meters (640 ft.). We thought maybe we could use 2 parabolic antennas and wi-fi, but I have no idea if it is even remotely possible. Could it work?
Pic related
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Yeah, I rigged one up in my last rent house (rural USA) and it worked. Lots of tweaking though.
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Yes, it is very easy to do. Just get 2 USB wifi devices, two 10 feet long USB extension cords, and 2 parabolic dishes (google "wokfi"). I use metal lamp shades like those used for heating lamps but you can something cheaper. Pic related. I don't have mine outside, they just aim at each other through several walls and it does the trick. For block walls you'll need to bounce it around them using some flat surface the signal can bounce off of. I had to do that for someone's wireless security cameras.

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I've been doing all my projects involving an FPGAs with Verilog, since thats the HDL I was taught in school but the thing is I've noticed virtually every project I see online is written in VHDL,
for anyone who's had experience with both is it just a better language for DIY projects? would it be worth my time to learn VHDL and use that instead?
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Its pretty much the same thing. CompEng here, I was taught VHDL in a Digital Systems class that was messing around with FPGAs but in another class we used verilog for something and I remember its pretty much the same, don't worry about that. Use whatever.
I still wonder why ever example projects I come across is written in VHDL
From my understanding Verilog is more popular in the US and VHDL is more popular everywhere else. I think VHDL is also more appropriate for scaling when producing ASIC, but I'm definitely no expert. The thing I hate about VHDL is that you have to change everything in about 3 or more places everytime you change something.

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putting together a new computer..first time.. everything i need is inside of it...and it boots up and restarts constantly...only staying on for a second or two...if i unplug the cpu power supply (the 12v plug in)..then everything seems to run ok..and it does the samething even with the cpu out and the 12v plugged in. any ideas?
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Did you consult the instruction manuals during assembly?
Did you install the little speaker on the motherboard? Does it signal anything? If so, did you check what the signal means in the manual of your motherboard?
Possible bad CPU, or your CPU is incompatible with your board. Check the list of approved hardware for your motherboard (should be able to find it on the manufacturer's website) to see what CPUs your board takes, and what BIOS revision you need for it to take them.

In some really shitty cases, your board's box will say it supports some new family of chips, but then the manufacturer puts an old BIOS revision on the board, so you have to get an older chip, flash the BIOS, then put your new chip in.
I put it together on https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/
and it said everything was compatible that i bought..i have an mother board asus x99-A usb 3.1 and a i7 5820k cpu

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Guys, I've got this motor on a snowblower and it will only run with the choke halfway on. Summer or winter, BTW.
I took the carb apart and put a rebuild kit in it. Then I bought a whole new carb.
Exactly the same thing! Not a bit of change with a whole new carb.
Any ideas? Thanks.
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Is the manifold 100% tight? Maybe it gets some air through the gaskets. Head gasket failure? Is the spark plug sitting tight - is the thread ok? Does it have good compression?
If nothing of above helps it may be a mechanical problem - the cylinder and piston rings could be worn out.
A lean condition is what requires you to apply choke. That's typically an air leak and you eliminated the carb by replacing it, but it can also be a mixture adjustment.

Example diagram, find your fuel mixture screw.


I suggest opening the fuel adjustment screw a quarter turn at a time and running the engine. You can start with the choke but of course the objective is "less choke, more fuel" until the engine runs correctly.
Dump the gas, check the in tank fuel filter. It's a replaceable part, but you may have issues finding one locally.Clean it if needed, refill with fresh gas.

Now check the small bowl below the fuel shutoff lever, make sure it's not full of crud, and make sure the fuel flows freely.(a 10MM boxend wrench will do the job for most carb work on common Honda mills.)
If it does not flow when moved to "on", remove the fuel cap on the tank. If it suddenly flows, you need to replace the cap, and the carb is likely fine. (Some of the Honda EPA/CARB complaint fuel tank caps are notorious for not venting properly.)

Otherwise pull the main bowl and make sure the float is not stuck and that there is not a bunch of crud in the bowl. If you have corrosion or similar in the carb bowl and it's obstructing the main jet, you're better off just replacing the carb as a unit.


The carbs on most of those Hondas are not really adjustable like an old Tillotson or similar. The base idle speed and to a very limited extent the idle mixture is all that you can adjust.

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Do you think a track saw can be a real substitute for a table saw?
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have a look at the triton work bench can pick em up second hand cheap and just need to attach a circular saw. Not sure how popular they are in northern hemisphere
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Nah. A table saw really is one of the cornerstones of a woodshop. Tracksaws are just a circular saw on steroids. If you need a basic, bulletproof table saw cheap just get an old 1960s or before Craftsman cast iron benchtop sawsaw. You can sometimes get them as cheap at $50 with a motor. That will get you started. No need to spend the big bucks on a cabinet saw if you are just getting started.

Black and Decker used to say you could do basically the same thing with a Workmate. I'm guessing the two have about the same level of usefulness.

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Mods are asleep. Post sinks.

(Also, home reno thread)
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Personally, I have no problem with champagne oak, but it's not my decision, now is it?

Kitchen re-skin, yo.

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I need help making a mouse pad for my Dad. I've been cross stitching for my holiday pressents. I'm planning one for my dad, but I want it to be utilitarian as well. How could I best create a mouse pad with my cross stitch pattern? I've seen some cheap possibilities with sanded plastics, but I want something nice for him. Does anyone else have any /diy/ gifts they are working on?
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Take a picture of completed cross-stitch and order a printed mouse pad.

The only good mouse pads are made from neoprene and have a rubberized backing.
There has to be a way to get the original in a pad. In going to get some frosted glass, or maleable thin rubber material from my hardware store. How could I make this? Glue it to some sort of backing?
What is wretces? Is it supposed to say wretches?

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IMG_1954 (for web).jpg
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looking for input on this idea
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ur a genious
your an geanius

did the jellyfish died

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Can you guys help me out?

I just moved into my new house in Minneapolis, which was built in 1939. I have this switch in my kitchen and I can't figure out what it's for. Underneath the metal cap, there is a spot to install a small lightbulb. Does anyone know what this does, or what it was used for? When I turn it on, nothing happens.
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what do the wires on the back look like?

....never seen one before.. but if I had to guess maybe the switch is for lights elsewhere in the house and the small light on the plate is to let you know that they are on...
It is a light to indicate the switch is on.
yes, typically a garage light.

I'm doing a statue cast out of myself just because I'm on vacation and don't have much to do, my plan is to cover my body with plastic film and use toilet paper + glue + water on it, first the front half then the rear, then once it's dried up I'd cast the front, then add the mold to it and cast it so the concrete kind of sticks together.
Thought you might find this amusing. Anyways, any advice/ideas? Will I need an assistant?
What could I use it for?
>dressing it up and freaking...
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>Toilet paper and glue
As your mold?

The human body has close to the density of water 1000kg/m^3. Concrete has a density of 2400kg/m^3.

The concrete will weigh 2.5 times your weight. Is your mold strong enough to support 375 lbs or more of liquid concrete?
Do it in sections. Make each mold in sections, just parts of your body. Then cast each section separately. When done you can piece these concrete pieces together. You'll be able to fill in any cracks and such. After that you'll have something you can either use to make a full mold in one piece leave it as is and use that as your statue.

Doing it in sections will make it much more manageable. You'll also be able to figure out better methods as you go along.
it would be pretty thick and partially buried in sand during the process
it's the easiest and most cheap option still

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I'm new to soldering.
I think I fucked up these joints, is there any way to fix them?
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You need a solder sucker yo, probably fucked the circuit tho by the looks of that shit.
That's not to bad. Just stuff aluminum foil into the damaged holes and microwave it for about 2 minutes or until the foil melts into the groves. It may take a couple tries.
it looks like shit

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How would you go about removing latex paint from a concrete driveway?
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pressure washer
construct a giant cat robot to lick it away.
This is more /diy/, but a 3,000 psi power washer will work it up with some time. A 4,000psi industrial washer will tear that shit up no problem

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Hey there, I am looking for advice on replicating these headphones, they arent much pics I could use for reference, the little parts that hold it together wont be a problem I think, finding something to do the "earbuds" is. I am thinking about looking for some cheap headphones with similar shape and size, what should I do, /diy/? This is my first time posting, so please be kind.
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Headphones 004.jpg
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Googleing it litteraly gave me enough picks to plaster my house in reference pics.
So what do you mean replicating?
Do you need them to actually work? An actual part for part replica?
Or do you want to look like a Nazi tank commander for your video game boner

Hey /diy/ I'm installing this after market radio into my car. The wires I need to connect have these plastic caps on them. Is is safe to just pull them off to soder them to the other wires. Also is it acceptable to just use electric tape instead of soldering? Many thanks
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The plastic caps are crimp connectors, you can just pull them off. Don't use electrical tape, it'll fall apart when the weather gets warm and your stereo will either short out or have strange issues. You should either solder and heatshrink or just get some more crimp connectors.
Just order a piggy back connector from your new radios manufacturer for your car. Plug and play.
Still gotta connect the wires somehowbro

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