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Got my cheap headphones aux input stuck inside the headphones, what do /diy/?
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take it apart and fix that

what this gentleman just said

take it apart, then glue it back in place. there should be screws on the casing somewhere, if not, it might be clipped close, in that case just try to gently ply the thing open
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fix electric

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Who knows what this is used for? And what it's called
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Basin wrench
Install older style faucets under the sink easier
Thank you anon

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I need your help with what should I do with it. My room is too dark and I prefer the brighter light in my room than what it is currently. So I've been thinking about painting that dark wooden ceiling into the white or light grayish color. English is my 3rd language so I don't know how this type of ceiling is called or that shit that supports the roof. Anyway that straight wood that supports the roof would be painted in dark oak color, and the rest would be in light grayish color.
Do I need to sand it down or not? The ceiling wasn't touched for over 30 years,...
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Phone is fucking with me, this is wrong picture
Here you go, right one
that's a very nice wood finish, to paint over it would be a travesty.
II agree with >>1017721, don't paint that.

Do something like picture related to brighten the ceiling up. If you don't like it reversible and a lot less work.

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My sink is clogged, and I can't run the dishwasher because the sink gets full of water. When the sink gets full, it drips out through the bottom of the garbage disposal. I want to take the U pipe off the bottom and see if that's where the clog is, but I don't have the tool to do it. what kind of wrench do I need? what should I be looking for? what should I expect? I am practically illiterate when it comes to stuff like this, but it has to be done. I would appreciate some suggestions
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Damn, I remember being exactly there.
You need a pipe wrench. Pic related.
And make sure you turn it in the right direction, you can damage the pipe.
Have you tried running the disposal when it is full of water? 10/10 times my sink is clogged on the disposal side it's because the disposal has stuff in it and not the trap, either stuff that my wife added and forgot about or clogged with fiberous stuff like to much onion peel at once (it was a weak disposal.)
Yeah I've tried that. what happens is, the disposal side water level goes down but the water level in the other side goes up or vice versa

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Hey /diy/, I want to purify my home's air. I've heard moss is a good way to do that as well as being a nice ease into horticulture. I have a question though, I've blended moss up along with adding milk to the mixture and applied it to some pieces of wood I've found around my neighbourhood. How often do I water the moss? It's quite dry and I'm afraid to water it too much and get mold/rot.

Also, I believe the moss I've applied to the wood is pleurocarpous. If that's any help

Pic related (plate is kept in indirect sunlight)

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>being a nice ease into horticulture

you'd have to be really really bad to actually kill moss
Some constructive input would be appreciated!
Wild moss in a blender with milk and water, paint it on some kind of substrate. Wood, rock, whatever. If it doesn't hold moisture well (like a rock) use a spray bottle from walmart or something to mist it with water to keep it MOIST but not dripping wet. This is because moss is not technically a plant and has no root system and so can only thrive in damp areas. Keep it out of direct sunlight (or limit the direct sunlight) and around room temp. If it dries out it will either outright die or do dormant. Don't...
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What would be better - a set of screwdrivers or a set of removable heads for one screwdriver?

I'm working on getting a decent toolbox for home and I just have several regular screwdrivers so I'm wondering what you'd recommend. Obviously I'm not a professional and I'd be using those for small repairs and furniture assembling at home.
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Handle with multiple bits. Get a very nice handle that fits well in your hand. Bits are disposable. You will lose them, break them, and buy more. Make sure the handle accepts standard sizes. In my experience ratcheting handles aren't that useful. The old Easydriver is the only time I've liked a standard ratcheting screwdriver but they don't make them anymore and the knock offs are crap. Bit storage in the handle is also pretty useless. I like handles with solid cores. None of that rubberized plastic...
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Get a set of common size long shank Phillips and flat drivers. Maybe six of each.

And a set with a thousand small bits. Phillips, Flat, Torx etc in all the sizes.
Secret technique I just learned in the last couple years, watching Midway USA and Clickspring.

Get your box of cheap hex bits, and grind the straight slots to the exact size of your screws if you don't have one. Bits are cheap and replaceable. Or find the exact right bit and label it. Like I just labelled the bit for my 1911 stock.

Hex screw drivers are amazing and in most instances there is no reason to not use them. I got a hex torque screwdriver, as well as adapters for my big boy torque wrenches.

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Any help? Door needs to be closed due to it being a shared apartment and y gfs privacy.
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A) replace window with AC unit.
B) Buy dewars daily and flood floor with liquid nitrogen.
Rental so I cant do an ac unit :( I guess Ill have to get some fans but wondering what would be the best way to set em up
buy a portable AC unit you can take with you when you move. Relatively cheap, setting up takes 10 seconds and you can store it away when not needed.

This is assuming leaving the window partially open is not a security issue

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hey /diy/, CAD designer here.
i desperetely need a 3d mouse for my work, however they're expensive ash shit and i'm a poor student.
is there a way i can build one ? are there any cheap Chinese ones i could buy ?

thank you
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WiiMotionPlus/2nd-gen Wiimote senses x,y,z movement, plus pitch,roll,yaw.

Way too inaccurate.
thats not a bad idea, however keeping my arm in the air all the time wouldn't be practical.
dunno about the accuracy of that thing, i never used one.

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I want to install small video camera on a home window from inside to see what's going on outside, wireless.
ANy suggestions not expensive decent brand easy to install?
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Here ya' go, buddy boy.


its like you are new to the internet and never heard of GOOGLE

Get old android phone with partially broken screen (costs literally nothing)

Install security camera app on it.


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Hey guy /diy/generates! Helping my dad clean out an old shed behind a house he just bought, and there were several finned radiators in there. You know the ones for hot water, right? Basically a copper tube with a shitload of washers soldered on them? Well, my girlfriend is a pinerest addict, and she shows me stupid shit all the time, but I remembered a pool heater built from black PVC, and I got an idea. I have a pretty decent sized garage, (20x 24 ft) and I was thinking about adding heat anyway. Here is my idea: Take a plastic barrel, insulate the fuck out of it for heat storage,...
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>any thoughts

Paragraphs are underrated.
trying to do this from my phone because internet is still out from the last storm. It's a bitch.
Well there's your answer.

Anyone here woodwork pipes or know some good pipe resources?
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Not really, I know Briar and Bog oak where popular woods to make them out of though.
Not that I know of more than you, making a wood pipe is basically wood carving. The biggest thing about wood pipes is proper usage, care, and maintenance while using it. That way it doesn't get destroy or has it lifespan shortened.

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Hi, just bought a house and I can't get the fucking bed I just bought upstairs. I've found that there is a step I need to remove... if that's possible? What's the best way to do it without damaging it completely? I only have a hammer. Girlfriend gets home in 3 hours and I need it done before then. More pics to follow...
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The offending step in question
Step 1: Take hammer
Step 2: Spread your buttcheeks
Step 3: Insert hammer in butt
Step 4: Using butt hammer, place several holes in the drywall to get under the step
Step 5: Remove step

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First attempt at a sword.
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The setup
How long did it take?
looks shitty tbqh familam

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None of the grounds on any of my outlets work, and I was starting to get spotty power at two of them, so i looked in the service panel, and this is what I found.

I think the source of moisture is coming from a vent in an air duct that connects directly to the a/c evaporator coil, which blows tons of moisture and even liquid water out of it. I'm definitely going to seal that off.

As for fixing the ground/neutral buses here, I'm not electrician but i have a decent understanding of home wiring, though never tackled anything like this. Would it be feasible...
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>Or how else should I proceed?

Contact your landlord, or if you're the ho.eowner, contact a LICENSED electrician and get your shit up to code. Don't try to fuck with the bus. Don't try to wire anything yourself. you're endangering yourself and others that may enter your house.
This guy's a pussy.
Make sure you turn your main off first, unland the wires and strip them back a bit to get untarnished metal, throw in a new bus, bolt the motherfucker back together, coat it in No-Ox. Done.
That's what I was thinking, just thought I would get different opinions first.

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surfed through countless of humane mice traps but didn't find anything that works, any diy projects that worked for you?

I know all about the bottle on a bucket type of traps, but it's too big for what I need, thanks!
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You cant cure an infestation with just traps, you need to eliminate all food source and patch all holes/hiding spots as well as a comprehensive killing and deterring strategy ie poison and traps and maybe cats
Mattias Wandel built a mouse trap much better than the bottle on a bucket, he has a nice video about it.
File: quickdeathisbest.jpg (54 KB, 620x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its humane.

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Looking for some recommendations when it comes to gas masks. I know there are a good deal of surplus Israeli and soviet Russian varieties, probably some mixed in that didn't meet tolerances, but that's about it. Obviously I'd like something reliable either with easily available filters, or standardized modern sockets.

After dealing with some asbestos the other day, and that stuff used for walls that turns into a strong base when it contacts water, decided I ought to get something. Might as well go a bit further than a respirator.
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Its a rock it isn't phosgene gas
I don't follow. I ate a lot of kava earlier and am having difficulty turning thought to sentences. I'm sure people around here work on projects where they can't avoid generating vapors or some fine particulate shit they don't want in their lungs.

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A college kid had his foot blown off in Central Park on Sunday after stepping on a homemade firecracker, officials said.

“It was a homemade device. They probably tried to light it on Friday night, but it didn’t go off because of the rain,” a source said. “[Investigators] found wet matches near it. It probably just went off because of the friction of him stepping on it.”

Murphy said that when he walked up on the scene, Golden was lying on the ground...
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He didn't lose it, I see it in the pic. Fake story.
Just a prank, bro!
alt angle:

I wouldn't be surprised if he did and they just stuck it back in there till they got him to the hospital

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So I'm sick of bottling my homebrew and want to cut down or eliminate bottling by switching to a keg. Few small problems though. I have a minifridge floating around but it is too short to fit a standard 5 gallon keg. There are 3 gallon kegs available brand new but they're like 30 dollars more. But they're more portable, would fit in my fridge, and while it wouldnt eliminate bottling, it would significantly reduce the amount I need to do. So brewfags, is it worth buying the 3 gallon now and a 5 gallon when I can afford to upgrade the cooler or just buy the 5 and figure out another way to keep the big bastard cold?
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get a job so you don't sweat 30 dollars
Well it'll be more than 30 because I would have to buy a bigger mini fridge. so more like 170 bucks or so.
Get a standard keg, buy an old chest freezer off craigslist or wherever for mad cheap, make a keezer, never bottle again. Also depending on the size of your freezer you can add more kegs later when you have the money if you decide to ever make larger or multiple batches.

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I need help diy. I need it. I am literally boiling with red hot seething rage. Fucking geese. Canadian rat with wings. They have always been a nuisance, i live behind a small lake. They came into my yard today and destroyed my garden. All my cantaloupe and watermelon are dead. Shit everywhere. I need a way to make them leave and never come back. I can't kill them or use firearms. Its a protected bird and i can be arrested for discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a home. Cheap would be cool too. I thought about a bb gun. Not sure if it has the range. They can be up to...
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do you have a dog?

if no

do you have a remote controlled boat?

you will need to use one of these to chase them away with out contacting them for fear of the feds
Do canadian geese fear bird flash tape?

Put a net out seasonally to cover it?
60 feet isn't much. You can hit one from there with a weak BB or airsoft gun (maybe just not on the first shot--they aren't very accurate).

I'd say a pellet gun but then you run the risk of winging or killing one and you'll have to hide the evidence.

Alternatively you can just use bird repellent

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hey /diy/
i'm trying to build a drone.
i'm having problems with fan design/motor.

is there any software to help with the conception of fans (shape, lift, revolution speed, HP, etc ...) ?

my drone has 4 motors and weight about 5 kg.

thank you.
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You're not a pioneer, people have done this for a long time. Look up these subjects:
Motor kv
Prop dimensions

I have a feeling you haven't put much thought into electronics either, if you are planning to use an arduino or rpi just leave and come back a month later.
Why the hell do you want to design props for? Unless you're designing one to have mass produced in China, just buy them. They're going to get wrecked anyway. Nobody builds their own props.

File: P_20160703_134755001.jpg (475 KB, 2100x1183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I regular receive promo material from auto manufacturers but this one was different. A mobile video player with a few surprises.

lets take it apart for repurposing or spares.
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File: P_20160703_134808.jpg (481 KB, 2100x1182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: P_20160703_134819.jpg (404 KB, 2100x1182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It plays a 20min comercial
File: P_20160703_134836.jpg (370 KB, 2100x1182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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came with cable, 212mb storage capacity, plays up to 720p mp4 and avi

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I built a tube OD from a schematic I found online.

It was designed for 120v mains but I have adapted it to 220v operation since I live in a 220v country.

I have eliminated the voltage doubler section and used a full bridge rectifier and a single 33uf 350v cap and I am getting some kind of mains hum, which I believe is due to the filter section being inadequate. I think I need another filter cap, but I'm kind of a newb at this, so I'm pretty sure adding another cap just like this will not solve my problem. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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File: 1467552438734.png (125 KB, 1197x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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B+ will be closer to 310v than 210v
File: 1467552438734.png (125 KB, 1197x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1197x669
slight correction
I didn't notice you didn't show the cap - connected to ground.
just tried this. not getting any sound. weird.

File: 20160703_124001.jpg (874 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /diyers.

I was the OP from last week who posted asking for help with a curcuit with a 5v motor for a fan and 6 UV LEDs, running of a 9v battery.

I said I'd post some images of the build so yeh, a bit late, but better than never!
Anyway, the device is a nail polish drier/hardner for the missus so thanks to the anons in that thread who helped.
The device dries/hardens the nail polish about 3-4 times faster than the typical manic waving of hands with fingers spread out.
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File: 20160703_124109.jpg (991 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 20160703_124015.jpg (876 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
876 KB, 2048x1152
File: 20160703_124353.jpg (849 KB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
849 KB, 2048x1152
Yes the LEDs are not spaced apart equally and it was intended as it matches spacing between spread fingers.

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So I heard there are some modularfags here. As someone who has no soldering experience, where do I get started with diy eurorack modules? What sort of soldering iron do I need? I've watched enough youtube videos to know how soldering works, I just need to practice before I attempt to build something like a synth module. Where should I start, and where did you start?
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I use a cheapo 15 Watt soldering iron and it does the trick. Just make sure you can eventually find replacement tips for it. For practice, start with soldering components on a perfboard.
#1 mistake made by novices is not using flux.
What is flux core solder?

File: 725-6576_interior.jpg (38 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Picked up some Vinyl planks to redo the flooring in my bathroom.

However when i pulled up the carpet that was there i could see that the owner before me had at one point put tile down or something that required glue.

Now, i have sanded it down to where its fairly smooth but you can still feel slight bumps and there are a few low spots.

Nothing i would say greater then 1/16 of an inch.

I would go down further but im running into issues that the subfloor is MDF board and i am worried about making it worse if my sander gets down into it.

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Lay down some self leveling compound first if you're worried about it. Unless you seriously fucked up the subfloor I don't see it mattering but other than that a roll of underlayment first may be another option as well.
You could do a sheet of quarter inch ply, they make a kind specifically for underlayment that's smooth on both side. Or use acetone to take up the glue. Low points aren't an issue(assuming they're not large enough to affect multiple planks), high points are. Get a cheap wood chisel and a small hammer and knock them off. Plywood will only compensate for bumps so much, and it doesn't matter how good a sub floor looks as long as it's flat.

One option we have talked about was to put some 1/4 inch plywood down on top of the subfloor.

Since we took out carpet and carpet padding we lost a little bit of depth and that would raise it back up to be a less noticeable drop.

The issue is is that today (Saturday) is shot. Sunday we are going to my parents house after church to help them with some trim work so Sunday is shot.

Which leaves me with Monday morning to afternoon to get this done so i want my battle plan ready to crank this crap...
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Ive been a tattoo artist for 3 years+ 2 years of apprenticeship.

I tend to modify my machines , but i wanna try and build up a power supply, i got medium electronics knowledge and practice (laptops/amps)

I cand find any diagrams for the specific one i want ( with just the electric feed/ output to the power cord..wich is something i can get from guitar cables,cause my machines dont use rc cables)
and i dont use foot pedals, i like perpetual motion.
ahh too much bla bla

Sorry if i dont get myself clear, English is not my native lenguage.

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What kind of voltage do tattoo guns usually need?
its got an adjustable slider like in pic related (left/red)
commonly it can slide from 0 to 15,20.

but you adjust it at 7~9

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I keep a half frozen 1 gallon container of water on the carpet next to my bed to drink during the night. An sometimes next to the couch if my gf stays over. I can't sleep in the same bed with her, i have to sleep by myself.

I've been doing this routine for 5 years. But recently spilled about a gallon of water next to my bed, and next to the couch when I was passed out drunk or my covers knocked it over in the night.

I tried cleaning my carpet with those carpet cleaners you rent from the grocery store and it smelled nice the first day but the stink is...
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It is from the mold and becteria that the water gave life to, you will need to lift the carpet and scrape off the caked on becteria on the floor, and full strength bleach or other stuff to nuke the area, and then... stop spilling
The smell is never going to fully go away until you stop letting moisture infiltrate the area.

First thing first, if absolutely must continue to leave it on the floor then you need to devise a way to keep the condensation from running into the carpet. A cheap plastic tray from the dollar store of some shape should work just fine.

Second mix up at a 2:1 ratio a mixture of distilled water and distilled white vinegar into a clean spray bottle. Theres no point making it warm like most guides suggest since...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>can't sleep in the same bed with her, i have to sleep by myself.

Because you're a thrasher? Or just

>muh morals.

Just curious

Seriously though make a coaster

File: $_57.jpg (61 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB,
Hello what is your opinion on 853D soldering station, i want to buy one to work witn SMD components but i dont know wat to chose
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>853D soldering station
It's a good choice
I was looking at a similar one for regular home soldering and stuff because it looks neat and has a lot of features for only $100

As much as everyone shits on the cheap chinese soldering stations, I have an 852D+ and it works great.

That being said, there's some issue with it that can give you a tingle if you're suitably grounded...

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Any guides on house building? Going to buy some land and use the wood to build a house, any electrical guides would be nice too
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The 2016 NEC book.
Nope no one has ever written a guide for that, and if they have, it sure as shit wouldn't be on Google.
Thank fucking god im not the only one who gets this.

Anyone who wants to build any domocile needs to just get a copy of this shit. It walks you through every calculation you need from footing depth and width, to framing, and roof load.

Get it, read it, study it, learn it.

File: Good_project.jpg (73 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, I know you still interest in those things and I know you can help me with my new project. I want to make a new sound system for my working laboratory which allow sound experience: I want to use a processor (IMX6L) and some DAC/amplifier (TAS5760M) embedded in each speaker box to drive them. The ULTIMATE purpose is to manage the EQ and volume of each speaker via I2S.

Here on the next picture is my electronic arch, I got in hands the I2C configuration with a beautiful Nucleo F303 code. And I know how to send data to the DAC/Amplifier with an audio precision tool....
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Here is electronic arch. Any comment any suggestion would be great!!!
how many butts does she have?
2 {()} s?

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