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I have this 2.4ghz antenna. What way is the antenna supposed to radiate? A OR B?
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Both I'd imagine.
Looks like a patch antenna. If the metal plate there is the driven element and the PCB is the ground plane, then it's A. If it's the other way around, then B. If I had to guess I'd say B (for the lack of an apparent feed point connecting the coax to the plate), but I'd need to see the other side - ideally in clear enough detail to see traces on the PCB - to say for sure.
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Hello /diy/. This is my first post here so I apologize if this is a repeating thread. I've been wanting to get into woodworking lately but have no idea where to start. I'm looking up schools but they're out of state or they're online schools and have bad reviews. Where do you guys suggest I learn some basic wood working skills? Where did some of you wood workers learn from?
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Schools for woodworking are if you want to be a professional cabinet maker or have a lot of time and money to waste.

Like any other skill, the best way to learn it is to just jump in. Get some books at your local library for technical info and watch some youtube videos for hands on info.

I learned in middle school wood shop. That was mostly safety oriented and machine operations.
Youtube has hundreds of woodworking channels
Some focus on power tools and some focus on hand tools
What do you want to do specifically?
>I've been wanting to get into woodworking lately but have no idea where to start.

A decent table saw with a cast iron top and a solid fence is the absolute best way to start and will encourage you to be creative, have more fun, and raise your expectations when it comes to your own projects. I played around with wood for so long without one and it was tremendously frustrating not even having a way to make a dead accurate cut. I might have quit altogether.

You can get an old Craftsman on craigslist or what not for $200 or less though honestly sometimes they don't come with riving knives and that's bad news. Basically, just get a table saw with a riving knife.

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People from /diy/, i need your help. I just started stick welding, but when I try to strike an arc it just sparks sometimes and can't get a nice arc going. Anybody know what the problem could be?

On the picture you can see my welding machine. The maximum is 160 Amp's and it's made for 230 volt. The diameter can vary from 2 till 4 mm.
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Might be a conduction issue

Make sure the connections are not isolated
Several factors can be at play here.
Are you on the right polarity?
What is the thickness of metal?
What type of metal are you trying to weld?
What electrodes are you using?

Some common mistakes. The usual, travel speed, angle and distance. Make sure you got those down pat.
partly it's because you suck, but mostly it's because your welder is the cheapest AC buzzbox that can be bought, these turds literally cannot keep a 6011 lit, and that's assuming you don't overheat it trying to arc up.

sucks to be you.

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First time poster
Never lurked

My girlfriend is weird and told me not to get her anything for Christmas even though she snapchatted me a picture of the wrapped presents she apparently got me. I wanted to make her something special because I'm poor and can't afford Sephora or anything like that.

>she collects garden gnomes
>her favorite animal is an owl
Should I sculpt an owlgnome out of clay or make an owlgnome plushie? How do I into crafts?
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check sticky
Maybe you l should draw her a picture of an owl or get her a poster of one.. Don't do anything with gnomes that's just weird
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This could be good. Potato pic related my wife (gf at the time) drew me this for my bday and now it's hanging in our home. I think it's dope.

File: DSC_3823.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I will use the money I saved to get a land and leave the "civilization", build some "organic" house and live there until I can. What should I learn? I don't want to die in the middle of nowhere, just try to rethink the way I am used to live... I cannot fight against the system, but I can make my own life.
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Build a strawbale house. I know in the US the is a community where you can help out for a week to learn how to build one.

I got the same idea but in Europe. Living off grid mostly.

Good luck my friend
thanks dude, It sounds really interesting, I will have a look. How did you managed it there?
>tfw I have epilepsy and need meds
>need insurance to get meds
>need job to get insurance
>can never live off grid

Feels bad man

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Anyone here familiar with Smooth-On? I've noticed occasionally when I'm using their moldstar 16 resin it turns opaque white, when normally it's clear. Does anyone know why this would happen?
Pic related, how it turns white at the top (the top was exposed to air, if that might be relevant)
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Do you put it through a vacuum before pouring?

Try just mixing it slower
Actually, you use pressure to prevent bubbles. 60 psi usually. You must use a airline drier on the compressor to ensure no moisture gets in, which can cause bubbles..
>Actually, you use pressure to prevent bubbles. 60 psi usually. You must use a airline drier on the compressor to ensure no moisture gets in, which can cause bubbles..

No, you don't. You degas it in a vacuum chamber, and then you MIGHT put it under pressure to cure if that doesn't produce satisfactory results.

Just putting it under pressure isn't going to help the bubble problem. It'll just make the bubbles smaller.

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I'm looking at buying a couple of utility knives. I figure a large (18mm) and small (9mm) breakaway will do me for just about everything.

Looking at NT Cutter instead of Olfa because metal and failproof locking. Specifically, NT Cutter L2000R and Pro A1. Pic related.

Better suggestions?
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Go to a hardware store and buy whatever they have on the shelf that uses standard replaceable 2inch blades
I've got a Stanley that takes those and I find it to be more trouble than it's worth. Changing or flipping the blades is a pain in the ass, the slider button is unpleasant and the blades wiggle/rattle. Because of that, I always end up passing over it for a pocket knife or something else.

I'm pretty set on a breakable blade knife or two, just wondering if there are others I should consider before NT Cutter.
ive only ever used the olfa but ive used it a shitton for model making (yay architecture) and ive never felt a need to switch to anything else. the 9mm is just too small imho so i always use the 18


is somewhat valid but you need to make sure to not buy shit blades. the olfa cutters all come with good (enough) quality blades but if you just go down to the hardware store and buy whatever dime bin shit it wont be worth anything. Those titanium coated blades sound gimmicky but they actually work rather well...
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File: IMG_20151213_164435.jpg (3 MB, 4176x2366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sup /diy/, the usb port fell out of my keyboard. It looks like a clean break, would i be able to solder it back in just like that? Probably a very elementary question, but I'm bad at soldering.
Pic shows the break and the USB port. I really need this to work, the keyboard was extremely expensive
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looks possible to re-solder but not if you're bad at soldering. practice on some broken or cheap electronics and first try to do surace-mount device soldering before your USB port
horry sheet man

you might be lucky and just set the thing on top, and heat each leg a little until the solder underneath melts

otherwise, practice on other shit as above or have a friend do it
first thing is you need solder braid to remove all the solder on the pads and the pins of the connector. this is to make sure it lies flat and fits the hole. next is a fine tip and very fine solder. do the 2 big mounting pads first to center all the pins, then the 5 pins. if you get bridges, remove with solder braid and try again. or dump some flux on the bridge, and heat. flux is magic at removing bridges.

also, know that the little connector will come off again in the future, maybe this time ripping out traces. if it were me, i'd solder a cable on permanently.

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I have a rat problem, and can't catch the little bugger. Any idea for a diy trap an bait?
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Box, stick, and cheese. Put a rock on the box so it doesn't go running all over with the box on it's head.
Your shitty picture is shitty
But if you have room, then a snare
Remove the wire from the back of a picture.
Loop on one end and thread the loose end through the loop. Secure loose end to fixed object
Make it small so only the head will fit.
Alternate method is to add a weight and a trigger
When rat sticks head in snare, it releases the trigger and weight lifting animal into the air hanging by the neck.
A snare is a killing trap, don't use if you have pets.
A 5 gallon bucket, half full of water. An empty soda can, a wire coat hanger, and some peanut butter. Duct tape.

Straighten the hanger as necessary to give you a relatively straight section that's 4 inches longer than the bucket mouth width. Cut this section off. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the empty soda can. Thread the can onto the hanger wire, so that the wire serves as an axle. Apply a generous band of peanut butter around the midsection of the can. Center this assembly across the mouth...
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I'm looking at buying a foreclosed house.

It has some pretty bad rot at a corner post. Per usual with South Carolina, there are no gutters. Splash back from the propane tank rotted the siding, and eventually rotted through.

How much of a nightmare would this be to fix?

I build boats for a living.
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Youll have to cut all of that away, and then replace the wood, which shouldnt be terribly hard. But Id go into the crawl space to look at the extent of the Rot
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you know the terminology for this piece?

I'm trying to look for examples online of the replacement.
Outer wall.

File: 1024x768vikinggot.jpg (83 KB, 693x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi i want to make honey Mead but not as usual,
the idea is make a 5-8% alcohol beverage with a perfect foam on top (like beer).
I'm thinking in use lecithin soya to make this possible, any suggestions?

Some old recipes
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I don't know about that but I just did this today, hope it works.

12 pounds of honey, 5 gallons of water (little less, desu.), and some dates.

I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm just going to forget about it for a year and see what happens.
if you want foam, add carbonation. allow to finish fermenting = no more bubbles/a bubble every hour or so, siphon and add a little more sugar/honey to ferment a little more and carbonate. Or use a diy sodastream or dry ice when bottling.

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pad to pc.jpg
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Post your current projects and what they are.

>Pic related.
I'm designing a simple desk for my new PC build. Body will be celery top pine and top will be Australian Hardwood.
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File: stand.jpg (333 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Clothes stand made from an inverted Ikea Frosta stool.

The wood is slightly bent in the middle unfortunately as I used a scrap piece I found in the garage.

I was originally looking for shelf brackets to use for the feet when I came across this idea http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/diy-shelf-brackets-made-from-i-63635 . The stool obviously came with a seat which I ended up using as a base. This helps keeps the stand bottom heavy and also levels out any unevenness in the right angle feet/struts.
Fiddling around in changing the pahse of aluminium. So far I have produced lots of slag. If work permits I'll continue tomorrow.

Uses waste oil as fuel. Diesel was too rough! I ran out of waste oil though. The diesel was meant for my flamethrower-to-be.... Used just a bit.
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I want to convert my wardrobe to a computer desk. I still don't know what material I will use for the top. Maybe buy a custom cut glass, I don't know

Hy /diy/ , i need some help :
I have an MSP430 microcontroller and with a thermistor i have made a themperature sensor . The hardware part is done but now i have problem at the code part , i didn't quite get useful information on the internet and i wonder if you could redirect me on useful sites or give some tips. Thanks :)
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It's been a while since I've used the msp430 but I'll try to help.
Are you using that nokia 5110 display?
If so, have some info/code that might help you.

Good community site:
Assuming you will be controlling some HVAC equipment with that thing, how are you handling the higher voltage? I was thinking of making myself a thermostat but my unit is all 120VAC controls which makes it a bitch
The display has 14 pins , it is not like in the picture . The project is not made for hvac equipment , but anyway I used a voltage divider between the thermistor and GND . It will just be plugged by usb in laptop .

The stairs are wood
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At the top of the stairs I would attach them to the walls. As you go down I would use those nice 4x4s as an attachment point. I would only put one in the floor at the bottom. Like pic related. Only at the very end. I'd probably only use a single pipe, not a double like my pic.
Where do I buy this stuff? How does it attach to the bottom stairs, screws?

I appreciate the help, I'm a total noob just trying to fix up my first house.

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Which do you prefer, DIY?

I have an AHP AlphaTIG 200x TIG welder. I prefer TIG because there's almost no spatter whatsoever and it's a very precise weld. Not to mention, you can work on practically every metal imaginable.

Here's my welder. I love it. It's so cheap for a TIG welder and performs fantastic on everything.

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Well this smacks of shill thread..
Well pulsed arc tig is superior in every way. Except for cost.
Tig. But I only ever got to use tig a handful of times.. Migs good too. Theres some drawbacks like really tight corners. But maybe theres a nozzle that can direct the gas a bit better so you can have your wire fed further out.

But I don't normally plan to work with mild steels and such. DOM. Stainless. cmoly. And aluminums. Im really into gokarts. One day when I got like a grand or two to drop on a setup I just might. But thats in the very far future/another life kinda deal right now.

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